Recently  I gave a talk before a group .


For the most part it was an older group and they were very nice,

but there was one question in particular that I would like to comment on.


One gentlemen seemed to take a little exception when I presented the statement of archeologist Zeev Herzog of  Tel Aviv University in Israel that the stories of the Old Testament never happened.







READ ABOVE: This archeologist says that there are no Egyptian documents that say anything about the Children of Israel being in Egypt. There is nothing about the Exodus.


Scholars have never been able to locate Mt. Sinai, or the reality of the tribes of Israel in the desert.


Not one site has ever been identified that can confirm the Bible.


Professor Herzog sums up that the history of the Jewish people is probably fiction.


There are other scholars that would disagree.


Well they may disagree based on their faith, but based on archeological research as Professor Herzog says, there simply is no evidence.


As you can see he makes the point that research has tried to find everything and have found nothing.


But there is another voice that supports Herzogs findings.





I don't know how many of you have ever heard of Moses Maimonides





This is actually a portrait of him.


Who was he?




READ ABOVE: He was acknowledged to be one of the foremost rabbinical arbiters and philosophers in Jewish history;


Today his works are considered a cornerstone of Jewish thought and study.


In considering that Archeologist Zeev Herzog says the stories never happened, what does Moses Maimonides say




READ ABOVE: He says, every time you find in our books a tale the reality of which seem impossible, a story which is repugnant to both reason and common sense, then be sure that the tale contains a profound allegory veiling a deeply mysterious truth


And the greater the absurdity of the letter, the deeper the wisdom of the spirit.. 


Moses Maimonides Jewish theologian, historian, Talmudist, philosopher, and physician, 1135-1205


The statement in the upper part is of Galileo commenting on problems with the religious people ,and the fact that Biblical passages may contain a different sense, as he puts it.

But as you can see, Moses Maimonides who is considered the cornerstone of Jewish thought and study, comes right out.


When you read something that seems nonsensical

such as talking snakes etc, the tale contains a profound allegory veiling a deeply mysterious truth.


Focus on that phrase, a profound allegory.


In other words, it does not mean what it



So we have the archeologist who is Jewish and teaches at a university in the middle of Israel at Tel Aviv, saying the things in the Bible did not actually happen.


Then we have the Jewish Philosopher Moses Maimonides considered the cornerstone of Jewish thought saying  the Bible is allegory.


What does allegory mean?







READ ABOVE: Expression by means of symbolic fictional figures and actions. A symbolic representation.


Symbolic fictional figures.


That is allegory, and that is what the cornerstone

of the Jewish Faith said the scriptures are.


If that is not enough let us go to the Bible itself.




READ ABOVE: The story of Abraham and Sarah. The apostle Paul talks of that and alludes to other stories by saying, "which things are an allegory".


This  is one of the most famous stories in the Bible and its not true.


What tip does the Bible itself give that this is not a literal story?







READ ABOVE: Abraham falls down laughing about having a baby when he's 100 and his wife is 90.


He is a hundred and she is 90, and they're going to have a baby.


That's the tip that this is allegory.


Remember what Moses Maimonides said?




A story repugnant to both reason and common sense. It is allegory.


He's 100 and she's 90 and he gets her pregnant.


I  would say that qualifies.


Just as Moses Maimonides said, the story is a profound allegory veiling  a deeply mysterious truth and the Bible itself explains what the truth is.







The story is about Abraham who has intercourse with his wife's maid  whose name is Agar .


Where the Bible says which things are an allegory means that you have to look for a deeper meaning.


A symbolic meaning, and in the Book of Galatians the

explanation is given.




READ ABOVE: Two covenants are involved. Agar the maid represents the physical Jerusalem which is in bondage and Sarah represents the heavenly Jerusalem which is the higher mind.


So there we have confirmation that the story means something else other then the scripture words.


 It is allegory as the Bible says ,and  it defines for

us the nature of the story and what it really means.




READ ABOVE: On the left side you see the people and the places in the story. On the right side you see what they represent symbolically.


It is a story of the struggle between the physical 3 dimensional

side of the human being against the non physical invisible quantum or spiritual side.


This is the nature of every story in the Bible.


 They did not happen but they do happen.





Every one of us is Abraham whether we are male or female.


And in a figurative sense we intercourse with Agar and produce off spring in the realm of thought and actions that can be both positive and negative.


In our meditations we intercourse with Sarah and there is produced in the quantum world of what we call spirit, the child of promise.


Who in this case turns out to be the symbolic Isaac.






This is a quaint story about a family made up of Abraham and Sarah who had no children.


But Sarah had a maid named Agar or Hagar.


 When Abraham was 86 Sarah brought Hagar to him so they might have sex and Abraham might have a son because Sarah was barren.





You can see Abe here saying to Sarah, well if I must I must.


This painting is labeled as Sarah brings Hagar to Abraham.


If you notice Abe didn't waste any time putting his hand on Hagars shoulder.


Anyway about 14 years later God promises to give Sarah a baby even though she is 90 and Abe is 100.





This is the child of promise which is always given in the Bible to a woman who is either barren or a virgin.


 In other words it is a spiritual child.


So Isaac is born and becomes the father of the Jewish people .


But before this birth takes place Sarah tells Abraham to drive Hagar and her son, Ishmael away into the wilderness of the desert.




PICTURED ABOVE: The birth of Islam


There are two sides to this story.


The Hebrew side has Isaac being the father of the Jewish Religion and the other side has Ishmael becoming the father of the Muslim religion.


So the Bible portrays Ishmael in a negative light whereas the Quran portrays him in a positive light.





The problem with this however is the fact that the Bible as we have seen tells us this is an allegory, and that Hagar represents the physical realm and Sarah represents the spiritual realm or the Jerusalem which is above.


Once we can accept that this is mythology we then can unravel the story as a deep explanation of what goes in in the quantum or invisible sub atomic realm within us all.


A story which is about the operation of the human brain which is totally misunderstood by everybody, turns out to be a catalyst for slaughter between people that has been going on for 4000 years.


In other words, the events never happened but people have been killing each other as if they did happen.






We formulate our minds based on our physical contacts from birth.


Our parents, our school, our church, our government, our employers, our friends. This is Hagar.


We never bother with the inner higher mind which is accessible through meditation by separating from thought.


There is where we are barren because we have never gone there.


But regardless of the amount of time we leave it barren, when finally we will enter into our meditation and separate from thought and enter the place of absolute nothing, the child of promise will be born to us and will then lead us into a new higher dimension of existence.


That is what the story is all about.


It has nothing to do with people. It has nothing to do with sex.

It has nothing to do with Jews or Muslims


It is a symbolic story of the human mind and whether we are to be led in our  life by the physical 3 dimensional material realm, or the higher realm which appears barren to us when we separate from thought but is actually  where the child of promise is born.





That is what the story of the birth of Jesus to the Virgin Mary is about.


The very same thing. It is a symbolic story of the mind.


Everyone was born with the right side as a beautiful garden.


That is why children spin and tell us of their secret friends that we cannot see.


But we instruct them that it is only their imagination and soon they

become just like us and that beautiful garden of the mind becomes barren.


The Bible speaks of this place within us.


It is the place of meditation where we separate from thought where the child of promise is born and where so few of us go anymore mainly because we are consumed by religion.


Thus this place of meditation has become a wilderness.


A barren place that was once a beautiful garden because so few look

 within themselves. See what the Bible says.


And what it says is quite startling.








Do you see the words here?


Many pastors have made the pleasant portion

of the human mind a desolate wilderness because they have told people

not to separate from thought as Jesus instructed.

They have told people not to energize the single eye as Jesus instructed.


They have told people that the Kingdom of God is not within them as Jesus said.


And so the place is barren. Like Sarah.


But regardless of how barren it may be

when one goes there it will bring forth the child of promise Isaac.


That is the whole meaning of the many stories in religious cultures of virgins giving birth or those who are like Sarah and barren giving birth.


Thus if we read the story of Abraham and Sarah and Hagar literally as if it really happened then we have a version of the Young and the Restless or As the World Turns.


On the other hand if we understand this story as mythology we are aware that  if we will move into the wilderness of meditation and separate from all thought from the left side of the physical then the child of promise will come alive within us.


That is how important it is to understand these things not in the realm of history but in the realm of quantum or spirit.


This mythological pattern was even revealed in the teachings given through Jesus.







READ ABOVE: Jesus message was not for everyone. It was for those who would follow his instructions to seek within.






READ ABOVE: Jesus never spoke in public without what he was saying being symbolic.



So what do we have.





We have the archeologist from Tel Aviv University in Israel saying the Biblical stories never happened.


We have the man considered the conerpost of Jewish literature and

law Moses Maimonides saying these things didnt happen.


We have the Bible saying the classic tale of Abraham and Sarah is allegory and we have Jesus never talking but in a symbolic parable.


The Bible was written, in the center of Greek and Egyptian mythology, Alexandria Egypt.


All of the Bible stories are mythological. 


They mean something other then what they say.


The people never existed. The things never happened.


But the things do exist now and the things do happen now.


Let us look at a few.




Noahs Ark




Noahs ark never happened. But it does happen.


The ark is the right hemisphere of the brain where you go in meditation.


You take the two kinds of animals.


Meaning you take your entire physical nature

both positive and negative and seal yourself in the ark of meditation.


That ark will protect you through the external storms pounding on you and will

lift you so that you step out on to the mountain top having overcome.






Taking the unclean beast by 2 is a reference to the positive and negative nature and taking the clean by 7 is a reference to the seven chakras or seven seals.


The ark then rises up the spine to the mountaintop which is the higher mind.


The flood came upon the earth in 7 days which is another reference to the 7 chakras or seals.


You are Noah and the ark is your inner place of meditation.







The walls represent those parts of your inner being that keep you

 from the holy place which is the temple of meditation.


How can you  get to that holy inner place that is also the ark.


Think again about the 7 chakras or the seven seals and consider

 this scripture of Joshua.




There are other things to see here besides the number 7.






Notice that the trumpets are from Rams horns.


The Ram is the symbol of Amun or Amen the Egyptian sun god. It is the symbol of the power of enlightenment or the power of light.


The trumpet is the symbol of harmony that flows from the breath.


So we have the meditation with the 7 chakras or 7 seals causing the wall to fall that blocks us from the God side within us.


We have the power of the light or enlightenment that we receive from within the place of our breath.


That is what brings down the mythical walls. 


Now another clue to this as  meditative mythology is this. 




Again I refer you to Zeev Herzog of the Archeological Department of Tel Aviv University in Israel.



There were no cities there and no walls.


 Instead of dwelling on a story that literally is silly we consider its meaning and we then march around the wall 7 times in our meditation as the energy drives up through the 7 chakras or seals and the wall to the city falls and we are then activating the right hemisphere.






Now if you are prone to take everything literally I think even this one would be a bit much for you.


This man lived inside the whale 3 days and 3 nights.


The story is about us again.


We are Jonah.


We have an initial God connection at the right hemisphere of the brain  when we are born but because of the external physical attractions we run from the God connection and spend all of our time on the left side and try to find God in church.



The story has Jonah trying to run away from God by sailing on a ship.


That right there should tell you this is not a literal story.


When he gets on the ship a big storm comes up and the other people on the ship connect it to God.


God must be angry with somebody.


It certainly couldn't be them. It must be the new guy.


They throw Jonah overboard and as soon as they do the storm stops.


Now we are in the water.


This is the second stage of meditative consciousness, Earth Water Air Fire and the new mind.




Above are the 5 stages, so you can see that it is very important that we go into the water so we may come up into the air and then be touched by fire.


It is the true meaning of Baptism.


And the Jonah story is play on that same theme.






In this case, once Jonah is in the water he is swallowed by the big fish.



This is a clever story because God in ancient mythology is symbolized as a big fish.


Here is a bit about the origin of the fish God




READ ABOVE: Christians make use of the fish symbol but do not understand its origin.

It is Pagan from ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Chinese. Greek goddess was

worshipped on Fridays by eating fish and engaging in sexual activities.




Here we see the ancient fish God either Dagon or Ea and we see how the

fish symbol of God made its way into religious apparel.







So Jonah in the whale 3 days and 3 nights and Jesus in the tomb 3 days and 3 nights

are the same thing, namely being in the resting place of meditation where the change

takes place in Jonah and Jesus becomes the Christ, and we become enlightened.


They symbol of the fish actually comes from the ancient Vesica Piscis which is this.








The center area is the origin of the Christian sign of the fish as God or Jesus..




There we see on the left the vesica piscis which forms the fish sign in the center.


  On  the right is the Christian sign of the fish representing Jesus.


The vesica piscis is also the opening for the new birth as you see below.




READ ABOVE: Vesica Piscis, an opening to the womb from which

all geometric forms are born.



There are two major signs in the

cosmos revealed by Hubble that are the vesica piscis.








Here we look at Supernova 1987a which NASA has predicted to explode in a light

that will be seen on the earth during the day time.


The 7th Seal of Revelation will explode in a great light.




The second vesica piscis is seen in the Hourglass Nebula.






In this nebula spoted by Hubble you can see the eye in the center or in the

vesica piscis.


When we zoom in on the center eye or vesica piscis of the Hourglass Nebula

there is little more or nothing further to say.





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