This page will exist for one purpose and one purpose only.

It will be a site for people around the world to gather in prayer and meditation

for the needs of those names listed




If you have a need or know someone who has a need that you

want people world wide to pray and meditate over , e mail me.


My e mail address is


Just give me the first name of yourself or the person you are writing for

Also the state or country they are from.

Nothing more. No last names, no e mail addresses, no details of condition.


Names will be left on the list for six months.


If you wish to renew the listing, let me know at the end of that time.


In January names from July 2017 will be deleted

If you wish for the name to remain on please let me know.




It makes no difference what religion you belong to or what God you follow

It makes no difference if you don't believe in God.

You can still send light to someone.



Glance over the names of a particular day

Then close your eyes.

Hold your breath for a few seconds.

Then if you would like you can go on to another day.

You don't have to study or read the names.

You don't have to say anything.

Just scroll down the names in a particular day.

People all over the world are working with these same names.



Just hold in your mind that these names are real live

people, walking around somewhere.

These are not just names but real people that need your light.



Just below the names you will see comments that people have written in

concerning results of the world wide prayer list.



If the persons need is resolved, let me know so they can be deleted from the list




Once Again This Is How The Prayer Is Done

Go to the day of the week

start at the top of that day





Close your eyes and hold your breath

for  A  FEW  seconds


Remember each name is a real person

who needs your help in prayer & meditation






Aleem, Toronto, Canada, 1/9/18, Tuesday


Betty, Fredericksburg Virginia, USA, 1/9/18, Tuesday


Francisco, USA, 1/9/18, Tuesday


Genevieve, Illinois, USA, 1/9/18, Tuesday


Grigori, Siberia, 1/9/18, Tuesday


Janina, Illinois, USA, 1/9/18, Tuesday


Kenneth, Illinois, USA, 1/9/18, Tuesday

Leo, County Cork, Ireland, 8/22/17, Tuesday

Lucia, New York, USA, 8/22/17

Madeleine, Romania, 8/22/17, Tuesday

Marian, Illinois, USA, 1/9/18, Tuesday

Michael, Florida, USA, 8/22/17, Tuesday

Rod, Illinois, USA, 1/9/18, Tuesday

Rosemary, USA, 1/9/18, Tuesday

Russie & Dave, Louisiana, USA, 8/22/17 Tuesday

Ursula, Illinois, USA, 1/9/18 Tuesday



Cliff, Florida USA, 8/2/17, Wednesday

Gayle, Florida USA, 8/2/17

Juanita, Florida USA, 8/2/17, Wednesday



Cathy,  USA, 8/17/17 Thursday




Afra, Ontario Canada,  11/10/17,  Friday

Annie & Reji, India,  8/187/17,  Friday

Brittany, USA, 8/18/17  Friday

Carisa, Toronto Canada, 11/10/17, Friday

Danica, 11/10/17, Friday

Delilah, 11/10/17, Friday

Doreen, United Kingdom, 8/18/17 Friday

Ingrid, Guyana, 11/10/17, Friday

Jenny, County Cork Ireland, 8/18/17 Friday

Jim, United Kingdom, 8/18/17, Friday

Lucia, New York, USA, 8/18/17, Friday

Mark, Alabama USA, 8/18/17, Friday

Max, 11/10/17, Friday

Michael, 11/10/17, Friday

Miles, North Dakota USA, 8/18/17, Friday

Milton, Brooklyn New York, 11/10/17, Friday

Nick, Ohio USA, 11/10/17, Friday

Noel, Guyana, 11/10/17, Friday

Peter, Kuala Lumpur, 8/18/17, Friday

Pia, Australia, 11/10/17, Friday

Rheese, Australia, 11/10/17, Friday

Shawn, 11/10/17, Friday





Elaine, New Jersey USA, 11/11/17, Saturday











Thank you so much for adding Rodney to your prayer list.

After his chemo and radiation for throat cancer, he is now cancer free!

We appreciate your prayers so much! 

Roger and Peggy


Hi Bill Thank you for putting Janice on your prayer list,

unfortunately she passed away a few days ago,so you can remove her from the list.

thank you again, Wayne


Robert, Burlington, Canada            

Rob had a massive cancerous tumor removed from his colon/rectal area.


While recovering from this operation he had an inflamed gallbladder and gall stones lodged in the ducts....Had

 gallbladder and stones removed....then he was dealing with a condition called sepsis...while being treated for

 this condition he complained about his legs hurting and within a few days of this surgery....blood clots in his

 legs moved upwards...The doctors said that they almost lost him on a couple occasions.

So I am convinced we would have lost him had it not been for the prayers.

He is at home recovering from these ordeals and in time he hopes to return to work.


Marsha has recovered from surgery, chemo and radiation for breast cancer and is doing well.   

So please remove Marsha's name from your list.


DIANE, ONTARIO, CANADA        11/23/15

Initially I couldn't eat because I was nauseated most of the day and the weight just dropped off.  It took three

 months for the diagnoses and a few months to repair the gut.


I am no longer having stomach issues caused by stress (Robert is my son) and with the help of an Holistic

 Doctor my diet was changed .... mainly no cows milk, no gluten and no soy.

So please remove my name from your list.
I can't thank everyone enough for taking the time to send love and light our way.  Thank you so much for your


Bill thank you so much for having this prayer list available because prayers definitely make a difference.






Hi Bill 


thank you and everyone who prayed for Patricia from Bethlehem PA.


She spent several months in the hospital then rehab and


is finally recovering at home.

Love and light








You may remove Tony's name from the list he passed away on Friday.


Thank you







Please remove Lauren of Texas from prayer list.  She is well. 

Thanks to all.










Please remove Tim from Missouri,  Wed. List.  He is well. Thanks.








Hi Bill

You can now remove Joanna, South Lyon, MI, Thursday from your list.


Her situation has been healed.


Thank you and all those who are praying for each other.










Hi Bill,

Thank you for placing Vidita on the list.


My heartfelt gratitude for everyone's prayers.


You can take off Vidita from the list now.


She passed away last month.


It was for the best.


She was barely a year old and was undergoing dialysis thrice a week








My son Aldo was placed in the praying list last June.


He has come back to the house and ask for help, He says, he is ready to give up drugs. 


Sr.  Donahue, how can I thank  you enough for all the help and all of the people out there in the list.


We will start his detox as soon as possible, pls keep him on the list.


I will continue to share information regarding his development.


Amigos Thank you










From Linda


Hello everyone, Noah in Ohio was diagnosed with an incurable brain skull abnormality,


today we found out he won't need surgery because it is small at this


point, he's 12 years old and will be seeing a neurologist regularly to watch for changes.


Thanks to all the people who prayed.


You may take him off the list,


and again, thank you all!









Thank You so much

Mary is doing much better but still has some hurdles to overcome.


I will continue to update.







To Bill Donahue


I was amazed to see Nita from Ohio out and about this weekend!


Thank you all, she went from being told she must stay in a nursing home


for "a long time" to being able to attend class walking by herself and smiling!


It's so good to see the sparkle in her eyes again!








To Bill Donahue


Thank you to everyone that prayed for Kayla, she is doing much better now






Hi Bill,

I sadly regret to have to ask you to remove Marjorie from Prince Edward Islands's

name from the Universal Prayer list.

She was listed on "Thursday's prayer day.  

Sadly Marjorie lost her quick battle with cancer and passed away on Thursday August 21st.

I would like to thank you for every thing you do with your web site and videos




Bill and Joan,


 B.J. from Missouri was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer.

The worst kind. I just recently found out that three weeks ago, the

 doctors told her the tumors were completely gone!

I want to thank you and everyone who participates on this list.

I will continue to  meditate on this list for others.

You  may remove her name. Thank you.






Please remove:  Basil - Tennessee - USA -


Was diagnosed two months ago with leukemia and


told he had  four months to live.


Last week was told by doctor he is well!







I placed my 73 yr. old brother Frank's name on the light list. the very first day you posted it. 


He had internal bleeding for a  week.


The DR. wanted to remove his colon.


He refused the surgery because he has late stage Diabetes which has


rendered him homebound.


He said he'd rather check out then wear a bag.


The bleeding stopped on it's own the next day  after I posted his name on the light list.


He still has MERS Infection though. Going on 3 weeks 


They moved him to the hospital yesterday. 


I'm going to put his name on the list again.





Hi Bill,

I did not see Zaber's name on the list for prayer and meditation but within

10 days a darkness lifted after many years of  tortment.

So pls remove his name




Dear Bill,

Jeff from Oregon (Saturday) has seen much improvement

in his difficult financial bind.  Things are going

much more smoothley and he is happier and more


Just wanted to give that feedback with

gratitude but also if he could remain on the list for

prayers for his continued well being for now.





Please take Ifegwu off the list   All is well. Thank you.





Bill and Joan, I am doing really great.

Surgery was at 7am and I was home by 10:30 am.

The drain came out on Thursday and staples will come out on Tuesday.

I was told I do not need chemo  as they found no  cancer cells in the sentinal node.

I have to see a medical oncologist  to see what the plan is that I do not have a recurrence

 in the left breast.

Joan, remember that I told you about seeing on the internet about radiation 

for breast cancer and a chance that you can  affect your heart and lungs even though

the radiation is directed at the breast only.

Well talk about syncrinicity.

Two days later while at the beauty parlor I picked up a magazine to read and

lo and behold it told the stories of three women

 who chose lumpectomies and had different stages of cancer..

They all had the radiation directed at the breast and all three  developed heart failure in time.Wow.

I know the universe was letting me know that I made the right decision and having the masectomy

was better as no radiation  would be involved.

Try to get the May  issue of Womans  Day and you can read it yourself.

Everything you say Bill is true and I thank you for all of the messages you get out to people.

Love ya,Lynne





Good Morning Bill,

I am happy to tell you that Laura received a very good report from the surgeon yesterday.

The cancer was contained to the colon and was not found to be in the lymph nodes

which was the reason for concern.

She will see her Oncologist on Tuesday and I will let you know if Laura needs

any treatment or follow up.

Thank you and Joan and our extended family of Light Watchers for all the light,

love, healing and peace that was sent our

 way through this challenging time.




Dear Bill!!!!   Thank you for all your efforts.....

I would like to update you on:  Dawn from New York on the Thursday meditation list(5-29-2014)...

Dawn was scheduled and cancelled for surgery on monday and wednesday....

the surgery took place on

 week late on a THURSDAY she was discharged from the hospital and admitted into rehab!   

All infection has left her body, her rehab was  supposed to take 6 weeks...

she is headed home after just 2 weeks!  

Please keep her on the list, she still has a lot ahead of her, but with everyone's help she will do it! 

Thank you everyone!




WOW ! Knowing a bit about the power of this kind of prayer I wasn't too surprised

that I received the news about Randys

 recovery even before he was scheduled to be prayed for!

You notified me that his prayer would start on Monday and  today is the Wednesday before it !

So it is 5 days early ! !

I knew that it was an emergency so I purposefully requested  that these prayers be made retro- active!

Therefore it is important to keep him on the list, just until the coming Monday,

 JULY 6, 2014. My experience tells me that in order for it to be retro-active, it must actually occur!

I pray that all our  prayers work as well.

 I will update this next week. Randy from Indiana and all of us thank you!





Thank you very much for your help. The problem has been solved.

Alexandru from Romania




Hello Bill and Joan!  I have an update on:  Thursday: Dawn in NY (5-29-2014)!!!!!!

I'm not sure how much of this you want to post, but her progress continues

to amaze everyone and especially her! 

Home  from rehab and not expecting prosthetic results till November,

she was told today, she will be outfitted and walking by

 the end of August, and will be able to walk freely without walkers,

canes or support by Thanksgiving!!!!!!

Thank You  Everyone!  

Please keep Dawn on the list for just a bit longer while she overcomes the last few hurdles!   

Peace and Love




Please take Randy in Indiana from the prayer list, he's doing well!

The dire fever broke  and he was in shape to have the surgery and now resting.

Thank you to all!




Hi Bill,

You can remove me from the Prayer List.

It is pretty amazing that the prayers worked so fast.

It is a long story which I will not get into except that I lost my job at the end of May

by the son of the owner whom I was a close friend of who past away about 2 years ago.

There is a lot to the story but I had a lot of not hatred but let say anguish as I am 65 years old.

The great news is, within 2 days of asking you to add my name to the prayer list,

the anguish is gone and I am a lot happier person now.

I am so thankful to you and all who prayed for me.

All the best




Thanks for all the prayers!

Please take Erica from Florida from the list,

she was able to enjoy the July 4th holiday with her family.








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