All of us who gather together to consider the changing world and the startling signs in the heavens above are given to consider the great mystery that so many in the traditions of religion have totally missed.


The eye.

The single eye.


The importance of the single eye is stated clearly in a Biblical Jesus statement.


Matthew 6:22.  The light of the body is the eye: if therefore your eye be single, your whole body shall be full of light.


In trying to analyze that scripture there has always been a great deal of discussion concerning the meaning of the term single eye.







If you go on the internet and look up single eye you will see many comments from Christian writers who never go near the possibility that the single eye Jesus is referring to is the pineal gland of the brain to be activated during meditation.


You see if they admit that that is what Jesus is referring to, then their whole approach to his teachings is destroyed, because they abhor anything that has to do with the methods of the East or meditation which rises above the thoughts of the mind.


They cannot handle that.


The Christian commentator will say that Jesus was not talking about the Eastern Single eye or the Pineal Gland, that he was talking about keeping yourself focused on one truth.


 That truth is Jesus and the Christian way.


 That is how they define the term single eye.


The Bible itself however, offers significant information to show that the term single eye was talking about meditation above the mind and activation of the Pineal Gland of the brain.


This is a very important, ground breaking study that we must do in order to bring to you the latest developments of the eye, and its connection to the Hourglass Nebula and SN1987a reported by NASA.








Jesus says, if your eye be single your body will fill with light.


Christians say he is telling us to keep focused on him , I am saying that Jesus is saying to activate the Pineal Gland in meditation.


First of all, when Jesus says if your eye be single your body will fill with light, how does the Bible define what God is and what  light is ?


Numbers 23:19.  God is not a man


So this entity we call God is clearly defined in the Bible as non human.


1 John 1:5.  This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.


Here the Bible clearly identifies God as a light being.


A photon.


So then we could turn that statement of Jesus concerning the single eye to read like this.


Matthew 6:22.  The light of the body is the eye: if therefore your eye be single, your whole body shall be full of God.


 I am connecting the single eye with the Pineal Gland.


The Bible connects God with light.


The Pineal Gland is the light receptor of the Body.


Jacob of the Old Testament has an experience with God and what does he call the place where this experience occurs.


Genesis 32:30. And Jacob called the name of the place Peniel: for I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved.


Jesus says if your eye be single your body will fill with light.

The Bible says God is light.


The single eye is the Pineal Gland of the brain.


Jacob sees God face to face and calls the place Peniel


So according to the Bible itself, the Christian commentaries about the single eye are wrong and Jesus was talking about the Pineal Gland of the brain and meditation through activating that Pineal.



The problem that Christianity has with this is that if they admit that Jesus is referring to the Pineal and speaking of meditation above the thoughts of the mind then they have to admit to the Eastern philosophies which they say are of the Devil and cults etc.


So they would rather protect their own traditions then encourage followers to comply with the teachings of Jesus Christ.






The word Peniel from the Old Testament, means face of God.


So the Bible is saying that that is the place where one comes into contact with the face of God.


 Keeping in mind that the Bible also says God is not human, God is light, it is saying that one comes in contact with light, or in this case God, via Peniel.


Here we see the Pineal Gland of the brain.



The Pineal is called the 3rd eye or the single eye.


Let us see how this is described by Wikipedia and then see its relationship to the Bible ,and the instructions of Jesus, and the experience of Jacob.






In the physical body the eye views objects upside down.


It sends the image of what it observes to the brain which interprets the image and makes it appear right side-up to us.


But the human body has another physical eye whose function has long been recognized by science.


It is called the 'Third Eye,' which in reality is the Pineal Gland.


From antiquity it was thought to have mystical powers.


Many consider it the Spiritual Third Eye, our Inner Vision


This is the mystical rendering of the Pineal, Third Eye or Single eye.


This seems to be in line with what Jacob saw, or what Jesus is talking about, as opposed to how Christian writers described the meaning as seeing good.


The true function of this mysterious gland has long been contemplated by philosophers and Spiritual Adepts.


 Ancient Greeks believed the pineal gland to be our connection to the realms of thought.


Rene Descartes called it the Seat of the Soul.


This gland is activated by Light, and it controls the various biorhythms of the body.


We have talked before about Rene DeCartes and his reference to the Pineal as the seat of the soul.


 But do you see what Christian people are missing when their leaders try to define Jesus words as not referring to the Pineal?


I do not want to suggest that everything in this Wikipedia article is accurate or for everybody.

Each individual is different.






While the physiological function of the pineal gland has been unknown until recent times, mystical traditions and esoteric schools have long known this area in the middle of the brain to be the connecting link between the physical and spiritual worlds.


Considered the most powerful and highest source of ethereal energy available to humans, the pineal gland has always been important in initiating supernatural powers.


This is what Jesus was instructing us to experience when he said, if your eye be single your body will fill with light.


Something that the Christian world knows nothing of because of their teachers.


Jesus was speaking of supernatural powers when he spoke of the single eye.


 He was not speaking about keeping oneself focused on Christianity.



Here is an artists rendering of this.


This is what so many have been missing by being misled concerning the teachings of Jesus Christ on the single eye.


There is another statement that this article makes concerning the Pineal or Single Eye that is worth looking at.


The third eye can see beyond the physical

as is looks out when we meditate or look for answers from higher frequencies


So Jesus said if your eye be single, referring to the third eye or the Pineal, your body will fill with light or with God.


 The true meaning of this  teaching  has been deliberately kept from Christians, and they have missed the opportunity to have a face to face encounter with God, as Jacob did when he called the place Peniel.


I do not want to suggest that everything in this Wikipedia article is accurate or for everybody.

Each individual is different.







To activate the 'third eye' and perceive higher dimensions, the pineal gland and the pituitary body must vibrate in unison, which is achieved through meditation and/or relaxation.


When a correct relationship is established between personality, operating through the pituitary body, and the photon person, operating through the pineal gland, a magnetic field is created.


The negative and positive forces interact and become strong enough to create the 'light in the head.'


The reference to the “ light in the head” is interesting when we recall Jesus saying if your eye be single your whole body will fill with light.


After physical relaxation, concentration upon the pineal gland is achieved by staring at a point in the middle of the forehead.


 Without straining the muscles of the eye, this will activate the pineal gland and the 'third eye'.


Beginning with the withdrawal of the senses and the physical consciousness, the consciousness is centered in the region of the pineal gland.


The perceptive faculty and the point of realization are centralized in the area between the middle of the forehead and the pineal gland.


This reference to concentrating at the middle of the forehead looks to stimulate electrons in the pineal gland, which when they vibrate can absorb external photons.


The external photons are what religion refers to as spirit.


The idea that  vibrating electrons can absorb photons is a scientific fact.


I do not want to suggest that everything in this Wikipedia article is accurate or for everybody.

Each individual is different.

For myself, I prefer simply entering into meditation and allowing nature to do the rest.








As human beings continue to evolve further out of matter, on the journey from spirit to matter back to spirit, the pineal gland will continue to rise from its state of age-long dormancy, bringing back to humanity astral capacities and spiritual abilities.

At certain brainwave frequencies, a sense of ego boundary vanishes.

In the theta state, we are resting deeply and still conscious, at the threshold of drifting away from or back into conscious awareness.

As the brain enters deeper states, our consciousness is less concerned with the physical state, our 'third eye' is active, and separation becomes natural. Many native traditions and mystical practices refer to the ability of 'seeing,' or being aware of energy fields at higher levels.

This abstract awareness is much more subjective and does not involve the normal level of mundane consciousness, which is mostly concerned with self-identity. This 'seeing' refers to the sight of the 'third eye'.

I do not want to suggest that everything in this Wikipedia article is accurate or for everybody.

Each individual is different.

For myself, I prefer simply entering into meditation and allowing nature to do the rest.



Consciousness is raised from an emotional nature into an illumined awareness when the pineal gland is lifted from dormancy. If the pineal gland is not yet fully developed, it will be in the course of evolution.

When our sense of ego and personality are set aside and we keep our mental energy intact, we can become conscious of the non-physical, our inner self, the subconscious, through different practices to activate the 'light in the head.'

That pineal gland is what Jesus was referring to when he said “ the stone that the builders rejected has become the most important”.

 It is the capstone of your existence as shown on the back of a one dollar bill.

Now let me show you a little further proof that when Jesus spoke of the single eye he was speaking of the Pineal Gland.



The concepts of the East is that the Pineal is lighted by electrical energy that rises up the spine through seven chakras.

Interestingly enough there is evidence to support the fact that the Bible is in total agreement.

First we look at the chakra system showing the seven energy locations at the spine.

At the top is the Pineal or crown chakra.

Now looking at that picture we go to the Book of Revelation.

Revelation 5:1.  And I saw in the right hand of him that sat on the throne a book written within and on the backside, sealed with seven seals.

Now the whole point of the chakra system is to convey the electrical energy up the spine to the Pineal.

So when Jesus speaks of the single eye, he is speaking of the system of the seven chakras, or seven seals, which is also confirmed  by the Bible in Revelation 5:1.

Finally when we consider the single eye and its importance, and the fact that the words of Jesus were not talking about being physically focused as Christian writers say, but being involved in activating the Pinea,l let us also consider the following scriptures of Jesus.

Luke 17:21.  Neither shall they say,  here! or,  there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you


Matthew 6:25.  Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life


Mark 13:37.  And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch.

Each of these statements relate to meditation and thus the single eye as the Pineal Gland.

 Let me show you a bit more evidence.


First from the encyclopedia.

The pineal gland is a small (8 mm in human) reddish-gray body located above the superior colliculus and behind and beneath the stria medullaris, between the laterally positioned thalamic bodies


It is responsible for the production of melatonin, which has a role in regulating the circadian rhythm.


Melatonin is a derivative of the amino acid tryptophan.


 The production of melatonin by the pineal gland is stimulated by darkness and inhibited by light.


Two things of interest here.


It is responsible for the production of melatonin. 


Melatonin is a skin lightener in amphibians.


That would give a little credence to the statement that if your eye be single your body will fill with light.


More important then that is the fact that melatonin is actually the light carrier of the body.


The other point as you can see is that the pineal gland flow of melatonin  is stimulated by darkness and inhibited or closed down by light.


So it is in darkness when the melatonin flows from the  pineal.


Considering that, let us look at another scripture. Another statement by Jesus.


Matthew 4:16.  The people which sat in darkness saw great light;


Consider that, Jesus says if your eye be single your body will fill with light.


The single eye is the Pineal Gland which only activates in darkness.


The same Jesus says the people who sat in darkness saw great light.


Is it not obvious what is being said ?







There is one more very important point that the encyclopedia makes about the Pineal or Single eye.


Additionally, it has been found that the pineal gland manufactures trace amounts of the psychedelic chemical dimethyltryptamine, or DMT.


This endogeous chemical in the human brain is believed to play a role in dreaming and possibly near-death experiences and other mystical states.



The Pineal manufactures dimethyltryptamine.


Let us go to the encyclopedia and define that.






Created during normal metabolism in low amounts by the human body (secreted by the pineal gland).


It also occurs naturally in many species of plants.


DMT-containing plants are used in several South American shamanic practices.


It is believed to be one of the main active constituents of snuffs like yopo and of the potion ayahuasca.


Do you remember when Jeremy Narby went to the Amazon to find out how they were able to combine plants to effect healing and the Shamans said that the plants told them how to do it?


Narby found that they would take ayahuasca.


Now we find out something totally startling.


The Pineal Gland secretes one of the main constituents of ayahuasca.


So here is the amazing fact.


Narby said that representatives of drug companies from all over the world come to the Amazon to learn about new drug possibilities.


And where does the information originate ?


 Through another drug whose main constituent is secreted through the Pineal, the Single Eye.


If your eye be single your body will fill with light.


How truly amazing is this?


Keep in mind Dimethyltryptamine is secreted by the Pineal Gland , the Biblical single eye and that is connected with the Jesus of the Bible.


Look what else the encyclopedia says about it.


Induced Dimethyltryptamine  experiences can include profound time-dilation, time travel, journeys to paranormal realms, and encounters with spiritual beings or other mystical/trans-dimensional modalities that, by most first hand accounts, defy verbal or visual description.


This comes from the encyclopedia.


The Pineal or Single Eye secretes a trace amount of this drug that can induce time travel and encounters with spiritual beings.






What is important is the fact that a substance from the single eye or Pineal Gland is scientifically connected with extreme mind trips into the universe of spirits and aliens.


Then, when we consider that, we also have to consider that for ages there has been references to the single eye as a spiritual conduit.


Now it seems that we understand why, because it contains a substance that triggers encounters of that kind.


It is not something that you meditate on, or think upon or pray about.


It is something that happens through the chemical and electrical properties of that organ.


When you see the eye, the single eye, the eye on fire , you now must consider the connection of that element that is in your head having a connection to encounters with light entities as we have seen from the encyclopedia.


The single eye now takes on a much greater meaning to each of us.


We also should have a greater understanding of the experiences that people had

as written in the Bible and other ancient text.





Let us look at the Eye of Horus



The ancient Egyptian myth of the cosmic battle between the solar falcon god Horus, and the sun eating serpent god Set, was quite evidently inspired by total solar eclipses as the British Museum's reputed Egyptologist EA Wallis Budge noted well over a century ago.


In this picture we can see the eye presenting the cup which would be lifes wine.


But there is more of the eternal message in symbol and religious scripture.


There are celestial bodies speaking to the universe of the eye.







The eye of the Hour Glass Nebula. 


Maybe now we have a better understanding as to why this eye is such an important  cosmic body.


The single eye or Pineal being the pathway to the other world.


We consider the Eastern Kundalini and the Biblical Revelation 5:1 which speaks of the activity of the 7 chakras or 7 seals culminating in the lighting of the single eye, or Pineal via electrical stimulation and resulting in Kundalini or an enlightenment and the visitation from the realm of the higher light.


With that in mind NASA has showed us Supernova 1987a with the two circles on the outside and the inner circle which is on fire



When we look at the total form of SN 1987a we see the two interlocking circles which form the third inner circle.


This form is an ancient Greek geometric pattern called vesica piscis, the fish.


This was the origin of the fish symbol representing Jesus.








The vesica piscis is arrived at by drawing a circle.


Then a second circle of equal radius.


The center of the 2nd circle lies on the circumference of the first .


The vesica piscis is the womblike area that is shared between the two circles.


The Vesica Piscis has been regarded as a Holy Symbol for thousands of years. 


It has significant mystical meanings as far as communication with the invisible light realm is concerned.


The vesica piscis is sacred geometry.


 Let me show you one other form of it and comment regarding its meaning.




 This Is From Introduction To Sacred Geometry By Charles Ghilchrist.



He says.



These two overlapping circles with a common radius, create the second enclosed form of Sacred Geometry.


 The ancients called this archetype The Vesica Piscis. (black shape)

ALL FORM, literally ALL the dimensional forms of this cosmos evolve from this football like shape . . .


The Vesica Piscis.

The Vesica Piscis is literally the womb of the universe . . . the ever unfolding Mother of Sacred Geometr


I want to show you what he says here which is very important.





The Petal in the center is very striking and interesting as you will see  next .


        "Striking more circles around the new points (E. F. G. & H. ) compounds the forms and creates the possibility of a never ending grid of Points, Circles, Vesica Piscis, and Petals entitled Nature's First Pattern"


"This  following Mandala (PCX4804) is also known as "The First Two Circles In Nature's First Pattern."


This pattern (NFP) naturaly evolves from two circles of common radius.


 In other words what you are about to see is the continuation of the vesica piscis to its ultimate."




"You see how the white petal in the center of the original two keeps propogating itself and you also see how the vesica piscis is an origin in sacred geometry."


It all started with the two intersecting circles.


That’s what makes the vesica piscis or single eye pattern of sn1987a so important to us with the NASA prediction of an eventual  explosion .








When we look at the cosmic eye in the Hourglass Nebula, as we pull back from the closeup to a long distance look what do we see.




We see again in the Hour Glass Nebula, the single eye, the vesica piscis.


The beginning again.


So now as we contemplate the eye and the meanings of these sacred geometric patterns, we have these discoveries by NASA showing us not only the cosmic eye and the center eye on fire, but in addition we have in both, vesica piscis, the beginning.


The new beginning.







Why this is so interesting to another dimension is the discovery of a crop circle which I will show you now.




Of course I don’t know if somebody human made this or if it was made by a cosmic entity.

 I do think it is worthy of note because of possible cosmic activity, and the prominence in our studies of SN1987a and the Hourglass Nebula.

 This was in St Bernard, Wiltshire in England.

 With what we have discovered concerning the substance secreted by the Pineal, all of the strange sights we have shared both in the cosmos, and in the earth via the crop circle, now take on a much deeper and more mystical meaning.

We cannot simply discard the single eye obsession over thousands of years especially in spiritual realms, since now we find that it does secrete a substance called Dimethyltryptamine which  has psychedelic qualities.



We have spoken of the Shamans of the Amazon Jungle.

This information comes from a piece called From Agony to Ecstasy written by Jimmy Weiskopf.

For centuries, the indigenous people of the Amazon River basin have used a magical healing sacrament known as yaje-or ayahuasca.

Once again the reference to what Jeremy Narby found to be the element that allows Shamans to have pharmaceutical knowledge.

But when you connect the ancient concentration on the single eye which includes, Jesus, and the Bible.

You then see the reason why Shamans use ayahuasca.

You also  find a connection to the Pineal Gland,  since the Pineal Gland or Single eye secretes Dimethyltryptamine which is the main component of ayahuasca.

We have Jesus saying if your eye be single your body will fill with light.

 We find that this substance ayahuasca, has as its main element the substance dimethyltryptamine, which is secreted by the single eye or the pineal gland of the brain.

Then why do the Shamans use this ?


For centuries, the indigenous people of the Amazon River basin have used a magical healing sacrament known as yaje-or ayahuasca, as it is called in the Quechua tongue--in order to see into the spirit world.


Here we get more detail on their reasons for its use.


Ayahuasca has also been used by Native shamans and curanderos (healers) to identify the hidden spiritual causes of illnesses and to treat the source of illness through direct intervention.


Interesting that they look for spiritual causes of illnesses.


 In other words what is going on inside of the mind, or personality that has caused or contributed to the disease.


Jimmy Weiskopf is not unlike Jeremy Narby in his interests to find out what was going on with the Amazon Shamans.


He says An army of anthropologists, ethnobotanists, intrepid intellectuals, and spiritual explorers have been trotting off into remote jungles in search of traditional healing knowledge.


This is quite consistent with what Jeremy Narby says.


 And it is true, representatives of large pharmaceutical firms go to the Amazon Jungle to see what is the latest discovery.


And I remind you that the latest discoveries have a connection in origin to the single eye of Jesus which is the Pineal Gland of your brain.


So Jimmy Weiskopf like Jeremy Narby went to the Amazon and also as did Narby, took Ayahuasca.


I will start by saying that Ayahuasca is a truly remarkable psychoactive vine.


After taking the drink many times, I fully agree with those Natives who say Ayahuasca is a living presence with a remarkably strong and vivid personality.


It is not unusual for the spirit of the vine to appear in one's visions and announce that it is a direct channel to a superior being-- God, Nature, Spirit.


I call your attention to this because this substance which has a human origin in the Pineal Gland, or Single eye, is the subject of Jesus statement that you will fill with light if you activate the Single Eye, and Jacob seeing God face to face calls the place Pineal.


Rene DesCartes calls the Pineal Gland which secretes the main component in Ayahuasca the seat of the soul.


Now Weiskopf makes a statement that we need to study because it brings us to our thoughts relative to the Pineal and Biblical statements that we have covered.


While Ayahuasca may resemble some psychedelics in inducing dramatic visual patterns and dreamlike images, I have come to the conclusion that the most significant Ayahuasca visions are not solely biochemically induced.


Instead, I suggest that Ayahuasca removes the physical and emotional blocks which keep us from seeing the spirit world around us.


In fact, once or twice-during those half-conscious, hypnagogic states that precede sleep-I have had brief Ayahuasca like visions that were not Ayahuasca induced.


 These spontaneous experiences--and the fact that some disciplined yogis and gifted psychics seem to have regular access to the spirit world--suggest to me that it may be possible to see visions without Ayahuasca.


Notice that, the most significant visions are not biochemically induced and it may be possible to see visions without Ayahuasca.


The point here is that the visions would be with Ayahuasca.


I am referring to the  Ayahuasca that is secreted normally through the Single eye or Pineal Gland of the brain.


Not with ingesting anything, but through meditation only.


Because as we know now, the component of Ayahuasca necessary to see what we call the spiritual world comes from the single eye or Pineal.


As Jacob said, I have seen God face to face and I will call this place Peniel.


Jimmy Weiskopf goes on to make an interesting statement about such visions.


 The question is, how does purifying the body help us attain ecstatic states?


Over the years, I have noticed that the people who have the most difficulty achieving ecstatic states usually suffer from hyperactive minds.

 Based on my experiences with Ayahuasca, I am convinced that much of their mental restlessness is a direct by-product of physical pollution due to chemical additives, too much food, and environmental contaminants.

 Once our bodies are purged of this excess garbage--through fasting, meditation, or purgatives-our hyperactive minds become calmer and clearer, allowing us to see, or at least sense, the spirit energy behind physical forms.

Now we are starting to close in relative to comments from one who has gone to the Amazon and taken Ayahuasca.

Who states that in his opinion it is possible to see the other side without ingesting the substance.

Combine this with the studies we have done over the years, as well as recently, that tell us that the Single Eye or Pineal Gland of the brain which secretes an Ayahuasca element is the contact point to God.


Here is a quote from a Shaman called Don Pacho.


"When I am drunk with ayahuasca," he explains with conviction and sincerity, "I fly up to the Milky Way and converse with the spirits, and they tell me how to cure.


Sometimes, in these visions, they show me a certain plant and the next day I go into the forest to find that plant and with it I heal the sick person."


People can say he’s high and this is nuts but keep in mind that these strange people have been proven to have pharmaceutical knowledge that they say is given to them by spirits.


Knowledge that they could not get any other way.


Knowledge that Jeremy Narby says truly comes from the unknown, unseen.


And that knowledge comes from a substance which is secreted by the Pineal Gland of your body.


What I found interesting from Jimmy Weiskopf was another description of visions which I found to compliment those I have myself seen during meditation states.







He describes a rush of figurative, geometrical patterns similar to those experienced earlier.


However, the patterns would now kaleidoscope into complementary shapes without losing their essential nature.


In our Tuesday evening meditations I often see patterns such as this and in addition faces of people that I have never seen before.


Faces that are extremely real.


It is interesting when you read of the experiences of others such as this, and then you have a similar experience in a meditative state, it becomes very meaningful.


Jimmy Weiskopf also makes a very good statement relative to visions and hallucinations.






Throughout this essay, I have deliberately used the term "visions" rather than "hallucinations."


Both may be products of the "imagination," but a hallucination implies the creation of unreal images that are the work of a diseased or malfunctioning mind.


In contrast, visions carry real truths and come from a healthy and inspired mind.


There is another point that Weiskopf makes concerning the belief of the Amazon Indians.


He says, According to many indigenous myths and traditions, all beings were originally endowed with paranormal abilities, but humans have lost these abilities due to "contamination."

It is easy to see how these visionary capacities, which were once vital, might be forgotten and lost in urban cultures that depend upon nourishing other kinds of talents and sensibilities.

In other words use it or lose it.

Jimmy Weiskopf is an American-born journalist who graduated from Columbia University, New York, and Cambridge University, England.

Having lived full-time in Colombia since 1977, Weiskopf is a member of the Colombia Foreign Press Association, writing for the Wall Street Journal, Time, Americas, and other publications.

He also writes regularly for the Colombian Post and La Prensa, a Bogota daily. He may be reached at Apartado Aereo 55820, Bogota, Colombia.



I want to show you have the Single Eye Pineal Gland is integrated into the Christian church traditions without even their understanding or knowledge.

It’s a strange thing.

This is a church called the Church of the Epiphany.


There are many churches around the world with Epiphany in the name


Epiphany is a religious Holy Day in Christianity. We can read about it here




Epiphany is one of three major Christian celebrations along with Christmas and Easter.


It is celebrated by most Christians on January 6 to commemorate the presentation of the infant Jesus to the Magi, or three wise men.


Roman Catholics celebrate Epiphany on the Sunday which falls between January 2 and January 8.


Epiphany is derived from the Greek epiphaneia and means manifestation or to appear.


In a religious context, the term describes the appearance of an invisible divine being in a visible form.


When you look at this definition which includes the appearance of an invisible divine being in a visible form, it seems to go right along with what we have studied concerning the connection between the Single Eye or Pineal Gland and the substance which is part of Ayahuasca.






a.A Christian feast celebrating the manifestation of the divine nature of Jesus to the Gentiles as represented by the Magi.

b.January 6, on which this feast is traditionally observed.


2.A revelatory manifestation of a divine being.

a.A sudden manifestation of the essence or meaning of something.

The actual appearance of God (as in the burning bush) or a moment of divine revelation may be called an epiphany.


So the word Epiphany connected to a sudden revelatory manifestation of a divine being.


This certainly would go along with what we have shared concerning the substances taken by Shamans which we find are secreted by the Pineal Gland of the Brain.


Now why am I talking about Epiphany when the focus of our subject is Pineal.





pineal gland

A small, cone-shaped organ in the brain of most vertebrates that secretes the hormone melatonin.

Also called epiphysis, pineal body; Also called pineal organ.


The Pineal Gland or Single Eye that secretes the substance connected to Ayahuasca is called epiphysis.


The interesting part of this is that the word Epiphysis in medical terminology though connected with the Pineal Gland actually means the end of a long bone.


It does not mean revelation, and yet it is connected to the Pinea, and Epiphany, and indirectly the substance Dimethyltryptamine which is the main component in Ayahuasca and responsible for extreme revelations and visions.


So it becomes most interesting as to how the word epiphysis which means the end of the long bone became another name for Pineal which is the Single Eye or as Rene DesCartes said the seat of the soul.


And of course the word appears in language connected to Epiphany which is a religious day commemorating divine revelation.


The church has no idea that this Epiphany they celebrate,is connected to a gland in their head which secretes a psychedelic substance.


Epiphysis is a bone that can be in any part of the body.


It has no connection to divine revelation other then through its name.


Until you get to the brain.







The epiphysis of the brain (also known as the pineal body) is seen as a small round structure between the diencephalon and the telencephalon.


You might say the connection is synchronous or synchronicity.


Coincidence with a purpose.


It leads me to the premise that the word Epiphysis is connected to the Pineal by a higher design.


By God if you will.


For the purpose of revelation concerning the higher order.






The word Pineal actually means Pine Cone.


That leads to some deep but natural elements.


Let us look at the definition of the word Pineal.


adjective, Latin pinea = a pine cone; hence, the pineal gland which is cone-shaped.







Now let me show you a statue that is in the center of Vatican Square in Rome.



Here in Vatican Square is the Pine Cone which is a symbol from the most ancient times and now we know why.


Now let me show you how deep into the Vatican this Pine Cone goes.




Here we can see the staff that the Pope uses  and what do we see right in the middle of that staff.

The Pine Cone.





There is another natural element of the Pine Cone that goes hand in hand with the Eastern understanding of Kundalini.


The premise of Kundalini is that the fire (electrical energy) rises up the spine to the pineal (pine cone) which causes the advent of new life.


In nature and in fact here in New Jersey in the Pine Barrens, there are Pine Cones that require fire to open them up since the seeds of new life of the forest are contained within the cone and can only be freed by fire.


I want to show you how prevalent the Pine Cone was in ancient religions and mythologies.







Here we will look at the staff of the Egyptian God Osiris.


Again you will see the Pine Cone.


It's interesting that you see the pine cone on the staff the same way that we

saw it earlier on the Popes staff.








Next we will look at the Assyrian Winged God Tammuz, who has a connection to Easter through the goddess Ishtar


Look what he is holding in his hands. 

The Pine Cone



Next we look at the ancient God of wine and revelry Bacchus.

At the top of his staff you see the Pine Cone.

So you see that the Pine Cone which turns out to be the Pineal, which is connected to Ephipany, and Ayahuasca, has a connection that goes back to the most ancient of times.

Religion and religious symbols still have the pine cone connection today, although its followers have no idea what it means.


Let me show you one more with the Greek God Dionysus.

Again the Pine Cone on the staff the same as the Pope.

So the tradition has endured for thousands of years and we know why.

Let’s look again at the Pine Cone at the Vatican .

This location is actually known as the Court of the Pine Cone.






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