I want to take you back to the original report

I presented that first brought

my attention to Eta Carina. It is dated 1999



This was my first knowledge of Eta Carina.

The astrophysicist in charge of the Eta Carina project

was University of Minnesota Professor Kris Davidson.

I want you to study his name here and as we go along

you will understand why.

Kris Davidson led the Eta Carina project and

his statement that this is weird,

we dont understand, got my attention that

there is something here that may be

beyond human understanding.

Something of a great light with angelic wings.



According to Davidson every star is understood

except Eta Carina.

Then the picture of Eta Carina appeared to me

as a great cosmic angel.


For whatever reason I became obsessed with

the probability that Eta Carina

is the 7th angel of the Book of Revelation.


In other words, the book of Revelation, which is

Greek Mytholgy was speaking

of an astronomical event when it speaks of the 7th Angel,

and the event is fulfilled

by the astronomical appearance to us of Eta Carina.


Behind those cosmic wings is the brightest light

in the universe.

The wings cover the light that no man could

look upon and live.

They spread over that light as the angelic wings

spread over the mercy seat.

Described as something weird and something that

science did not understand.

Such power beyond anything that could be conceived.

It became evident to me that Eta Carina was special indeed.


The word Eta is the 7th letter in the Greek alphabet and

originally in Greek meant 7.

The form of Eta Carina is massive wings given the appearance

of the mythical angel.


Eta Carina was more and more appearing to me to be the

7th Angel of Revelation.


One of the early signs that supported my quest

was the completion

of the search for the human code, the DNA structure

in 2003 which was announced like this.


The Book of Life.

God has allowed the great universal secret to be open.

I pondered Eta Carina as the 7th Angel,

discovered in 1999 and the

Book Of Life opened in 2003.

I found this scripture.


Revelation 10:7 But in the days of the voice of the 

seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound,

the mystery of God should be finished, as he has

declared to his servants the prophets.


I was able to read this as in the days of the

discovery of the 7th angel (Eta Carina)

the great genetic code mystery of God shall be finished.


The evidence coming piece by piece was

encouraging me as I continued to

proclaim Eta Carina as the 7th Angel of the

Book of Revelation.


Let me tell you, those of you sitting here and

those of you watching on television,

this is the only place in the world that has publicly

declared Eta Carina as

the 7th Angel of the Book of Revelation.


Then I found this, to close the deal as far as I was concerned.


As I looked at the Book of Revelation, I found

something curious and coincidental

 that seemed to tighten the reality of Revelation

meaning Eta Carina as the 7th angel.


The passage had to do with the opening of the 7 seals

and the final pouring of energy

down upon the earth by the 7th angel.


Revelation 5:5.  And one of the elders said to me,

Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Juda,

the Root of David, has prevailed to open the book,

and to loose the seven seals.

So here we have a connection to the 7 angels

 of the Lion of Judah

which Biblically is Christ and the Root of David

which is the Son of David..

Then we see that the astrophysicist in charge of the

Eta Carina project is Kris Davidson.


So to gather information that would

substantiate my proposal that

Eta Carina is the 7th angel of Revelation,

we ponder Lion of Judah

and Son of David and the astrophysicist running the project.


Keep in mind, his name could have been

James or John or Peter or

whatever but it is Kris which is Scandanavia

and related to Christian

which contains Christ the Lion of Judah and Christopher

which also contains Christ. 

So we go to the last name Davidson.


I am not insinuating that this astrophysics

is Christ or God or whatever.


Just the name is part of the synchronicity that fits

 the connection to Eta Carina and the 7 angels.




Now the last name Davidson

We connect to the Book of Revelation.

The 7th seal the 7 angels, the first name

Kris, to Lion of Judah Christ

and the last name Davidson to Root of David.


These names could be any other in the world but they fit the

connection which would be a message that in

 the search to identify the

7th Angel there would be a connection to Christ

 and the Son of David.


Eta Carina, Kris Davidson, Eta Carina is the

 7th Angel of the Book of Revelation.


In the Book of Revelation it says that the

7th Angel took up a Vial and

cast it down upon the earth causing much chaos.

There is a power of some kind thrown down upon the earth

from the 7th Angel, which is Eta Carina.


Last week we looked at the newest pictures

of Eta Carina taken by the Spitzer Space Telescope

and while I admit we are playing with a face in the cloud

appearance here, nonetheless there is what

appears as an angel holding a vial. Let's look

Now as we look at it, I realize that when you

look at a cloud you can see things.


But in this case because of Eta Carinas connection

to the 7th Angel of Revelation,

I felt I would show you anyway and let you decide.


What I see is an angelic figure which appears

as a female sitting on a throne

holding something on her lap which could

be considered the vial the angel

picks up in Revelation to throw down on the earth.


What is so curious at least to me is you can

see this angelic figure as a

female and see the face and hair and wings

and see her sitting on a

throne holding something in front of her.


Now I may be a bit wacky and I guess you

have to be to work in all of these

various elements of mysticism and quantum.


I guess it was a day or two after NASA released

this latest picture of Eta Carina,

something happened.


Something strange and ominous and what had

previously been my solo voices

directing attention to Eta Carina suddenly

became voices around the world doing the same.





Now this is where it gets interesting and I will

show you why I set the stage

with Eta Carina for the previous moments.


One article I came across said that when

Eta Carina blows you will

be able to read a newspaper in the middle of the

night from her light.


But what happened here is that as they began to

esearch the activity of

Sn2006gy just before its explosion they found

the same activity presently

in Eta Carina.


And remember I am proposing to you that Eta Carina

is the 7th angel of the book

of Revelation who throws its power down upon the earth.


Since 1999 the only voice in the world connecting

Eta Carina as the 7th Angel of Revelation was here.

No one else in the world mentioned it.


I kept pointing to Eta Carina telling people to keep watching.

Now scientists from around the world are

focusing on Eta Carina.




From the New York Times


And again the New York Times points to Eta Carina


So what does that mean?

It means now that all eyes are focused on Eta Carina.

If I feel a bit vindicated then I am.


USA Today  gave us an artists rendering of

the explosion of Sn2006 gy


USA Today then gave this report.


The point that is ominous to me is the fact that

 now after we have

pointed people to Eta Carina since 1999, everyone is now

looking in that direction.


The Washington Post. 

As we read this consider Eta Carina as the 7th Angel of

the Book of Revelation.



The next part of this article will show you why

Eta Carina is now at the top of the list. All eyes on it.

Prior to the exposion of sn2006gy scientists

thought that supernova

had to go through a particular phase before they could blow.


So since Eta Carina had not gone through that phase as of yet,

it was felt there there was no immediate concern.


However the explosion of sn2006gy proved

the scientists wrong.


So you see now why all eyes, not just those at

Hidden Meanings are focusing on Eta Carina.

 It could happen at any time.

The 7th Angel is ready to throw down its vial upon the earth.


There is much more to talk about and new bulletins

about the 7th Angel

as Eta Carina are being received daily.


But I will leave you with this for the time being.

This is from MSNBC


Keep in mind we are talking about the

7th Angel of Revelation and we

also have lurking in the blackness of space the 7th seal which

is Supernova 1987a.


What happens when the 7th angel pours out the

vial upon the earth.


The reports are coming in daily now as everyone,

every news service is aware

of Eta Carina. Just as you have been here for over 7 years.


We will continue looking at this and keeping

you posted on every change.


In the meantime, gaze once again on the 7th Angel of the

Book of Revelation, Eta Carina.






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