Here Is What Is Happening

We read about it in books, scriptures, mythologies.

But what about when it actually happens all around us?

Well, here's what's happening.


McDonalds Removing Anti Biotics From The Chicken You Eat   

From Huffpost   CLICK HERE 


The History of Homosexuality ( It Is Nothing New) 

From Wikipedia    CLICK HERE


The History of Same Sex Marriage ( It Is Nothing New) 

From  DateHookUp    CLICK HERE


Entangled Photons Make a Picture from a Paradox  

From Scientific American  CLICK HERE



Physics Experiment May Prove  Universe Is  Hologram  

From Huffpost Science  CLICK HERE



Time Travel Simulation  Resolves Grandfather Paradox 

From Scientific American  CLICK HERE


Five Reasons To Suspect Jesus Never Existed  

From Salon News   CLICK HERE


First Time: Photons Seen And Not Destroyed   

From Huffpost Science    CLICK HERE


How Science Sells You On Meditation 

From Big Think   CLICK HERE


Was The Apostle Paul Gay ?   

From Belief Net   CLICK HERE


Bending Time & Space With Shamanism 

From Fractal Enlightenment   CLICK HERE


Photon Is The Evolutionary Driven Force Of Everything   

You Tube     CLICK HERE



How Bio Photons Show That We Are Made Of Light  

From Sorendreir     CLICK HERE



Scientists Warn We Are Closer To The Apocalypse 

From Huffington Post   CLICK HERE



German Scientists Invent Teleporter That Works  

From Raw Story      CLICK HERE



Image: Students at Visitacion Valley School in San Francisco meditate

San Francisco Schools Transformed By Meditation  




Sacred Geometries  And Their Scientific Meaning 

From Stephen M Phillips    CLICK HERE



What Was The Sphinx?     

From New Dawn Magazine      CLICK HERE



Why You Can't Smell Your Own Home  

From Huffington Post    CLICK HERE



UFO: Rendlesham Forest Incident  

From Wikipedia     CLICK HERE



Near Death Experiences & Edgar Cayce  

From Near Death Experiences  CLICK HERE


Thought Controlled DNA 

From Scientific American    CLICK HERE



Veteran airman Andrew Danziger claims to have seen a UFO

Airline Pilots Believe In UFO's 

From The Daily Mail UK    CLICK HERE


Building Blocks of Life Found 455 Light Years Away  

From The Daily Mail UK    CLICK HERE



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