Together in this Hidden Meanings web site  we have

searched the lights in the sky and the words in the

ancient scriptures and we found things up there

referenced to down here.

We have considered things that happened in scripture

and we pulled up the symbolic meaning.


And just recently we looked at a most significant thing

that has happened upon the earth and for the first time

we took an actual event in our lifetime and looked for

its symbolic meaning.


By that I am referring to the destruction of the

World Trade Center and a very curious sign that

has risen out of the antiquity of Judaism.






Do you know what I am saying?

Its not simply to look at things written thousands of

years ago and then try to find what they mean.


Let us look at things written today and happening today

and try to find out what they mean.


Our work causes us to do whatever we must do to connect

to the great light and run as fast as we can from the

Kings of the Earth and their bombs, and their Bibles.


All the while looking for meaning in those things which

have already occurred and those things occurring now.





 In considering the connection between 9av and the

destruction of the world trade center there are 3 possibilities.


1. Possibly the religious fundamentalists who did the destruction

were following an ancient code of 9av.


2. This evolved out of a natural or planned cosmic phenomena.


3. This is one big interesting coincidence.


Let us take our time and look .

It is well worth the time ,and God knows what we are actually

looking at here.

Possibly something beyond our wildest dreams.





The worst of Jewish Tragedies occurred  on 9Av most

notably the destruction of both temples.


Tisha B’Av is the 9th day of Av. 

Av is the 11th month.


Tragedies that have befallen the Jewish people are

commemorated on 9 Av because so many coincidences

of destruction have happened on 9 av.


Both temples destroyed on 9av


Although this holiday is primarily meant to commemorate

the destruction of the temples it is appropriate to consider

on this day the many other tragedies of the Jewish people

which occurred on this day most notably the expulsion

of the Jews from Spain.






Jewish people commemorating Tisha B'1av ,9 av, 

refrain from smiles and idle conversation.

They  sit on low stools.


In the synagogue the book of Lamentations is read,

and mourning prayers are recited, and the cabinet

where the Torah is kept is draped in black.







You can find this web site at  Jerusalem In

Jewish Consciousness



Tisha B’av is the culmination of a 3 week period of mourning,

the last 9 days of which are particularly intense with observance

of many customs similar to those practiced after a

bereavement in a close family.

The day is marked publicly in Israel by the closure of restaurants,

places of entertainment. 


So Tisha B’av or 9 Av is a time of great sorrow.






 If you would like to visit that site,

click here The Ninth of Av


Here again are listed various events that

according to tradition were connected to

9th Av in Judaism.


Children of Israel would not be permitted to enter

the land of Israel.


The first temple destroyed


Betar the last fortress falls in 135 sealing the fate

of the Jewish people


The temple area plowed under

In 1492 the expulsion from Spain


World War 1 began which began the downward

slide to the holocaust.


And one traditional event of 9Av is the breaking of

the 10 commandments when Moses found the people

worshipping the golden calf.

A statement about the obsession with wealth.


 So 9th Av impacts very deeply on Judaism as a

time of great destruction and great sorrow.




So now we get to the curious part here which 

we have to split into 3 parts for consideration .


All of this is either a coincidence, intentional on

the part of those who caused the destruction,

or part of a cosmic plan.





We go to the first map.

This map can be found at the following address:

Strengthening Our Community


My description is given just below the map.


You see a map of lower Manhattan with Greenwich St.

running directly through the center of the

World Trade Center.


On the upper part of the map you see where

7th Ave turns into Varick St,

8th Avenue turns into Hudson St ,

and then 9th Avenue which turns into Greenwich

and runs directly through the World Trade Center.



Now 9th Av in Judaism means the

9th day of the 11th month of the

Jewish Calendar.


It has nothing to do with our 9th Av which

means 9th Avenue.


One is an ancient language and the other is our

contemporary abbreviation in American English.

They do not mean the same .


 But if we look at the ancient study of symbol and

the transference of language through symbol.


We develop  a picture of what occurred and draw a line to

ancient things to see if a connection is reasonable.


 In this case 9th Ave and 9th Av are in no way connected.

One meaning the 9th day of a month and the other

meaning a street.





You add Anti Jewish hate which we have here,

and great wealth as portrayed by the World Trade Center,

and massive destruction , and then on top of that, 

9th Av pops up, it suddenly flows into the realm of reason

to consider connecting the two.


At least to me.


Consider  9th Ave and 9th Av.


Not because they are  connected in any way on their own,

but because the other parts of the puzzle fit so neatly.




Have you ever done a jig saw puzzle?


Your standing with a part in your hand that does

not seem to fit anywhere.


But when you put some other parts together,

suddenly the piece that did not fit, fits perfectly.


That’s how this is done.



 So we can all agree that we do have a situation of

immense destruction, and a time of deep mourning.

Those two parts of the puzzle are there.


In addition we can agree on the fact that we have a

significant degree of Anti Jewish hate connected with the

destruction and mourning, so we add those parts to the puzzle.


The anti Jewish idea seems to be reasonable based on the

religious connections of those being held responsible


In addition to those factors, we have a symbol of the

Golden Calf or great wealth as symbolized by the

World Trade Center.



Let us follow 9th ave heading toward lower Manhattan.


If we follow it, the road itself runs directly through

the center of the World Trade Center.


The name of the road changes as it enters lower Manhattan

from 9th Avenue to Greenwich St.


If the name had not been changed, then 9th Avenue would

run into the World Trade Center and that is shown

by the maps we have studied.


We are not literalizing here.

We are doing a study in symbols, on ancient religious

documents and texts, and comparing them to see if we

have been able to fit pieces of an ancient tradition into

the World Trade Center event on 911.


Anti Jewish hate



A symbol of great wealth

9th Av



 You can find this web site by clicking HERE

Rabbi Moses ben Nachmanides also known as Ramban in

the 13th century claimed that encoded within the first part of

the Torah was a specific description of the lunar cycle.


Nachmanides claimed that the Torah was written like a

cylindrical helix containing  amounts of historical data

in a huge spiral.


He specifically pointed to the amazing repetitive

nature of the date Ninth of Av as example.


This date has enormous relevance to the Jewish world

because so many horrifying tragedies took place

along the corridors of time on that specific date.


So here we have a specific reference to 9th Av as

appearing in the text over and over as if pointing to

something very special.


As we read about 9Av and tragedy ,

notice the description above,

horrifying tragedies that took place along the

corridors of time on that specific date.




We certainly could consider the World Trade Center

to be a horrifying tragedy of the  highest sort and it

was carried out by those who are highly anti Jewish,

and anti Torah.


Since we are considering  9th Avenue as a symbolic

connection to 9 Av, let us look at the word avenue from the



Syllabication: av.e.nue

abbr. Ave. Or Av. A wide street or thoroughfare.


Here we see that the word avenue can be abbreviated

ave. or av.

A wide street or thoroughfare.


One interesting point that is not immediately connected

from an actual standpoint, but something we may wish to

put under the microscope from a spiritual standpoint is

the connection of Av or Avenue to the word advent.


Hang on to that.

Now let us go on to 9Av, and what I think is a most

convincing aspect of the connection to the

World Trade Center.


From the American Heritage

Dictionary Let Us look At The Word AV


It is the 11th month of the year in the Jewish Calendar.

So 9Av (for someone conceivably plotting an

event of destruction ) could be the 

9th day of the 11th month or 9/11.


We have 9th avenue or 9 Av  coming down from upper

Manhattan, changing into Greenwich street and going

directly through the world trade center.


And here we have just seen  that 9 av can

symbolically be presented as 911.




So there  is 9 av.  and 9th Ave.

We have, Anti Jewish hate, destruction,

mourning, great wealth, occurring on 9/11 on 9th Av.


And incidentally the flight number of the first plane

to hit the world trade center was 11.

Thus the number of the first plane to hit the world trade

center was AV the month of destruction,

and great mourning in the history of Judaism.


It is either coincidence, or known and planned this

way by the people who carried out the attack,

or higher intervention.


If it is higher intervention then everyone should stop

whatever their doing and consider that this entity called

God is extremely ticked off with us.




I find this to be almost beyond belief except it is true.

You can read the entire piece by going to

the web site by clicking  HERE


This is a historical piece concerning an attack against

Jews in York  England.

What makes it so interesting  is that it occurred in a

TOWER in YORK in 1190


The site at Clifford's Tower, the keep of York's

medieval castle, still bears witness to the most

horrifying event in the history of English Jewry.


On the night of March 16 1190 the feast of Shabbat

ha-Gadol, the small Jewish community of York was

gathered together for protection inside the tower.


Rather then perish at the hands of the violent mob that

awaited them outside, many of the Jews took their own lives,

others died in the flames.


This appalling event has become the most notorious example

of antisemitism in medieval England.


Yet it was by no means an isolated incident but rather the

culmination of a tide of violent feeling which swept the

country in the early part of  1190.


So here we have an anti Jewish attack and massacre

of people in a tower in York in 1190.


And we all experienced an  attack and massacre that

had anti Jewish elements against

people in a tower in New York on 9/11



 When we look at  the definition of the word Advent,

it is defined as the Second Coming.

It is also connected to the word arrival,

which would square with the coming of the  Messiah.


Symbolically  the 2nd coming or the return of the Messiah

is the coming to the earth of a new paradigm of thought,

a  new consciousness, a new way  of living, a change

from the accepted order.


One has to  consider as to whether the inclusion of 9 Av

or 9/11 and 9th Avenue as a coincidence points to a

radical change in consciousness.


When different energy patterns collide with one another

in the atmosphere the result can be a tornado,

or a hurricane or a change of season.


An energy upheaval occurs and then there is a change.



Something is going on around all of us.

Vibrations are different.

Feelings are different, outlooks are unsure,

fear is unsure, security is unsure.

Totally there is a change.


The event of the World Trade Center occurred in September.

The 9th month.

The time of Virgo, the Virgin giving birth to the child, the new way.

The new mind

The cosmic home of 4555


SymbolicallyJesus is born in the 9th month,

September the month of the Virgin.

And so the 2nd coming in all of this cannot be

eliminated from consideration.






 I am not looking for a man flying through the sky.

 I am looking for a new pattern of thought.

A new mind, a new consciousness, a totally new way for

earthlings to exist upon this planet.


Just as Pacal Votan predicted

And if this is the return of the Christ Mind, or the Krishna Mind,

or the Buddha Mind, it would be reasonable to consider

destruction of the Temple of Wealth as part of it.


 The 2nd coming of Jesus will be the elimination of wealth

as we know it.

The temples will be thrown down and the destruction of wealth

will be a prime event.

Look around you and see what is happening now.




 Consider this Biblical statement attributed to Jesus.


Matthew 6:24 Jesus says no man can serve two masters,

He will hate one and love the other.

You cannot serve God and mammon.


Go to the dictionary and look at the definition of mammon.


Riches, worldly gain personified as a false god.

Material wealth regarded as having an evil influence.


So the second coming that so many profess to look forward

to is Biblically a time when wealth and worldly

gain are thrown down.


Nothing was more symbolic of worldly gain

then the World Trade Center.



Also what is curious is that one of the commemorations

in Judaism of 9AV centers around the traditional story of

Moses coming down from the mountain and finding the

people worshipping the Golden Calf.


This caused Moses to throw down the commandments.

At ground zero where the World Trade Center stood 

workers removed millions of dollars worth of Gold Bars.


No one can be certain of all of these things.

But everything must be considered .

And the reason everything must be considered is because

there is so much in a religious, or spiritual context

connected with the event of the destruction of the

World Trade Center.







Jesus Christ as portrayed in scriptures was not

comfortable with possessions, or money.

We are very comfortable with it, and very

uncomfortable without it.


That is why  God Bless America concerns me.

We are appealing to a divine entity that does not

like the same things that we like.


God as portrayed in the Bible feels that we should

not be obsessed with wealth.

We will live better lives if we do not have wealth.

That's how the Bible portrays God's feelings about wealth.


So when we sing God Bless America, what if God feels

that the way he can truly bless us is by separating us from

our obsession with wealth.


Sure it makes things tough initially but according to the Bible,

God would feel that in the long run it would be a

great blessing for us.


And so down goes the World Trade Center.

Your asking God to Bless America, but God's feeling as

to what a blessing is, and ours may not necessarily

be the same thing.




 We get a pretty good look at God's thoughts about our

wealth as we look in the Bible and consider


Luke21:1  And he looked up, and saw the rich men casting

their gifts into the treasury.

 Luke21:2  And he saw also a certain poor widow casting in two pennies.

Luke21:3  And he said, This poor widow has put in

more then the rest of them


And then there was the story of the young man

who wanted Jesus to be his Lord.

He wanted to follow Jesus and would do anything

that Jesus asked of him.

Reminds me of today's born again Christians.


So he tells Jesus, you are my Lord, I want to follow you.

Luke18:22  Now when Jesus heard these things,

he said to him.

Your missing one thing, one thing you must do.

Sell everything that you have, and give it to the poor,

and you shall have treasure in heaven.

Then come, follow me .


Now if someone talks like that today, people would call

him a communist, or a socialist,  and go to church to ask

God to protect them from him.


And so what I am showing you is that the building

known as the World Trade Center and what that represented,

was not something that the Bible says would be

considered to be good.


Of course innocent people killed in the destruction

is another thing entirely.


But we are talking about Anti Capitalist , Anti American

Anti Jewish hate, destruction, 9 Av and the word Advent or

second coming that is connected to it.


If there was no one in the world trade center,

Jesus would have been the first one to bring it down.

Look at this


Mark13:1  And as he went out of the temple, one of his disciples

said to him, look at the beautiful buildings that are here !

Mark13:2  And Jesus said to him, Don't be obsessed with great buildings.

There shall not be left one stone upon another,

that shall not be thrown down


And so whether it be wealth or buildings, the things

that are important to us are considered negative,

and evil by Jesus and God.


That is why I cringe when I hear God Bless America.

We just might get blessed and we might not like it.


For as we can see Gods response would be.

Sell all of your national riches and give the money

to the poor , then you will be blessed.


So when you see 9 Av, Anti Jewish hate, destruction,

you wonder just what side God is on in all of this.


Keeping in mind that the hijackers prayed constantly

for God to bless them with a successful mission.


Their mission was very successful, does that mean that

God blessed them and now that we know how Jesus feels,

do we really want him involved in this at all?



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