I want to study in a totally different way the current disaster

in the church, of priests sexually molesting young children.


The situation grew to alarming proportions  when it was revealed

that a Father Shanley was actually one of the founders of NAMBLA.


The North American Man Boy Love Association.

Please refer to Time Magazine

April 22, 2002 edition, page 44, the article "IN PLAIN SIGHT".


He is seen in pictures making speeches with the NAMBLA

banner behind him.


And though his superiors in the church knew he was involved deeply in this,

whenever he was transferred he was given glowing references as

an outstanding, and holy priest.


 I want to  take this story beyond where anyone else has considered it.

 I am looking to see if this great universe is directly involved in revealing

 this sordid secret ,so that the way may be cleansed.


Follow with me and consider this for yourself.



 There is a question we all have to ask.

For thousands of years this practice of adults having sex

with children has been going on.


Then why all of a sudden does it explode, and what does it foretell

about the rest of our civilization in line with Supernova 1987a,

and Eta Carina ,and the rest of the celestial bodies aligning themselves

in this great age ?


 When things occur as I am about to show you, we can say ,

oh well it's just a coincidence.


We then have to consider the word coincidence and say , yes,

it is a coincidence, but is it a meaningful coincidence,

is it synchronicity ?


Is it a coincidence that has been brought upon us by a higher ,

supreme force,  for a purpose, and if so, what's next ?


We have this awesome picture of the most powerful church in the world

experiencing an exposure within itself of a  depraved sort.

The sexual molestation of children by those who are revered as

holy and representatives of God.


One of their own was a founder of the  organization that promotes such

relationships between men and boys, NAMBLA.



So what is the coincidence, or what is the synchronicity involved

in God related people, having sex with children.


And why is it so curiously connected to the time we are living in now,

and why should this  encourage all of us  to look to the invisible

powers to answer the question.






The story  is of a small boy named Ganymede who is abducted

by the god Zeus to serve as cupbearer and lover to

Zeus and the Gods.


That boy is rewarded by the Gods and is placed in the universe

as the constellation Aquarius, the man with the pitcher of water.


We are entering the Age of Aquarius.


 A time of change, a time of revolution, and invention.

Controlled by Uranus it is a time when traditional values

are turned upside down.


We have seen so much of that through the years  as great nations

such as the Soviet Union are totally transformed, and other

amazing things have  occurred before our eyes, such as the

discovery of the human genome.


But our subject is that of children being sexually molested

by religious people.


And so we focus on the age, we focus on the constellation, and as

we anticipate changes to come from other celestial bodies, we

look to see if we can  connect this knowledge of children ,

religious people , and sex, to another celestial body?


And maybe, we will be able to understand  why this was destined to

be made public throughout the world now.


We are living in the age of Aquarius.

So let us look at Aquarius as defined by the dictionary.




A·quar·i·us (-kwâr“¶-s) n.

1. A constellation in the equatorial region of the Southern Hemisphere

near Pisces and Aquila.

Also called Water Bearer.


2.a. The 11th sign of the zodiac in astrology.

Also called Water Bearer.


b. One who is born under this sign. [Middle English, from Latin, water carrier,

the constellation Aquarius, from aqua, water.

See   AQUA.]






What we want to do, is look at this from the standpoint of mythology

because none of this ever happened, but the mythology of it describes

a connection between astronomy and anatomy.


 Between the universe and the mind/body.


When I say none of it ever happened,

I mean that to understand mythology one must understand the symbols

used to connect a story both anatomically, and astronomically.


 God did not abduct a child for sex.


But the story is telling us that the human condition is one where

the religious exploit children accordingly.


This practice of sex with children was very much accepted in

ancient Greece and Rome.





Aquarius is a constellation.


It is also a Zodiacal sign.


Aquarius is called the water bearer.


This is also the Man with the Pitcher of Water as

described by Jesus in the Bible.


KJV Luke 22:10-13

10. And he said unto them,  when you enter into the city,

there shall a man meet you, bearing a pitcher of water;

follow him into the house where he enters.


11. And you shall say to the owner of the house,

The Master wants us to ask you , Where is the guestchamber,

where I shall eat the passover with my disciples?


12. And he shall show you a large upper room furnished:


The instruction was, when you see the man with the Pitcher of Water

go to the upper room and prepare the Passover.






The upper room is the mind, the man with the pitcher of water is

the Age of Aquarius, and the Passover is the movement to a whole

new consciousness that will destroy old traditions.


So let us put this in the form of an inquiry into the Man with the

Pitcher of Water, and see if there is a relevance to our subject at hand ,

namely the molestation of children by the religious.







The situation as it occurs when religious people molest children,

is that the children say nothing, because they are warned that what

they are doing is for God, and as long as they say nothing they

will be rewarded.


When the children become adult they are more prone not to believe that,

yet it is still hard because the priest is so highly revered, and the family is

deeply entrenched in the tradition of the church.


But did something cosmically happen that caused this to break

wide open, and expose the institution and  its leaders,

and bring such shame upon them?





Let us look at the definition of the word catamite.


cat·a·mite (k²t“…-mºt) n.

A boy who has a sexual relationship with a man.

[Latin catamºtus, from Catamºtus, Ganymede, from Etruscan Catmite,

from Greek Ganumds.]



A Catamite, is a boy who has a sexual relationship with a man.


 Now notice above the next word Ganymede from Greek Ganumedes



Here we are introduced to another mythological character,

Ganymede who has a sexual relationship with a man.


A very special man.


Ganymede in addition to being a mythological character is also a celestial body.


Ganymede is a satellite of the planet Jupiter.


Now let us go back to the dictionary and define the word Ganymede.



Gan·y·mede (g²n“…-md) n.

1. Greek Mythology. A Trojan boy of great beauty whom Zeus carried away

to be cupbearer to the gods.


2. One of the four brightest satellites of Jupiter and the eighth

in distance from the planet.


Originally sighted by Galileo, it is one of the largest satellites in the solar system.

[Latin Ganymds, from Greek Ganumds.]



The celestial definition identifies Ganymede as one of the four

brightest satellites of Jupiter.


The mythical definition is of a boy of great beauty who was carried

away by Zeus to be cupbearer to the gods.


 Ganymede is literally molested.


Molested by Zeus (God).


He is the cupbearer or water bearer to the Gods.


Let me tell you the history of this.



Here is the first case of what could be considered a child being

molested by the religious.


Mythically of course, but the suggestion is there.






The term Catamite that we looked at a minute ago is a direct translation

of the Latin name Catamitus. 


cat·a·mite (k²t“…-mºt) n. A boy who has a sexual relationship with a man.


[Latin catamºtus, from Catamºtus, Ganymede, from Etruscan Catmite,

from Greek Ganumds.]


 You can see the word Catamitus. 

 Catamitus is a translation of the Greek name Ganymede as

you can see above.



The Greek myth of Ganymede is of a young Trojan prince

who legend says was the most beautiful boy in the world.


 One day while he was out watching his fathers sheep,

the God Zeus spied him and fell in love with him instantly.


 Zeus sent one of his sacred eagles down to carry the boy off.

He was brought up to Olympus where he became Zeus’ lover

and cupbearer, and server to the gods.


As he grew into manhood (so the tale goes) ,he was placed into the

universe as the constellation Aquarius , the man with the pitcher of water.

Ganymede was placed into a sexual relationship with the holy ones.


Yet he was only a child.



The myth of Ganymede was extremely popular in Greece and Rome

where it was used to justify the common practice by adult males

taking young boys as lovers.


The current nightmare is nothing new.


And keep in mind, Greece and Rome where this all started,

are the geographical locations of where the most involved

church was founded.


In the Middle Ages the term Ganymede became a term for a

young boy engaged by an older male for the purpose of pederasty 

which is man-boy sex.


The term for that young boy is still catamite in our language.

It was the way that the religious of the day justified sex between

adults  and children.


This myth has taken upon itself a form of catalyst to bring forth a

cleansing upon the earth.


Today we have the situation of men who were molested as boys

coming forward, and the question is, is this a much bigger event

coming from God.


Because this is the time of the child who was forced into sex

by the holy ones.

Now as a man, he is opening the door to an evil secret ,

allowing all of us to see for ourselves.

The Art and Myth of Ganymede

Ganymede was the most beautiful of mortal men and the son

of the King of Troy during the Trojan war.


Meanwhile Zeus the king of the Gods of Olympus was

in need of a new cupbearer. 


His previous cupbearer Hebe the daughter of Hera had taken a

fall during her duties.

Zeus took the form of an eagle and abducted the boy from the Trojan plain.


In Olympus Ganymede became  Zeus’ new cupbearer and as the

Greeks were wont to do, his lover.


He was eventually placed in the stars as the constellation Aquarius.






The Age of Aquarius came upon us December 21 2012,  and in reality

the age of Ganymede, the child  who was forced

into sex with the Gods.

The child who was molested by those connected with God.


That child is now the Man with the Pitcher of Water, Aquarius,

and the man has come forth to tell how he was molested by the religious,

and the men of earth have come forward to tell how they were

molested by the religious.


Thus the myth and the power of the universe has awakened on

earth the story of Ganymede .


The molestation of children by the God people, and it has burst

forth in all of its ugly reality as a fulfillment from the heavenly,

of cosmic power interceding directly into the lives and

traditions of the earth.





As those of today who have molested children have

taken the form of holy men.


It was instituted into religion thousands of years earlier

The Young Ganymede With The Zeus Eagle

 That eagle as we know now was Zeus, representing the religious.


Here we see Zeus as the eagle  carrying off the boy Ganymede.

It could easily be a cleric of this day carrying off a child for

the reason of sexual gratification.  




 Is there intelligent interference in the affairs of the

 earth from above?


 Was Carl Jung correct in saying that in many instances coincidence

 is synchronous.

 In other words it is intended for a purpose?


 So what is the synchronous coincidence here?


 We are living in the age of the child who was molested by

 the God beings.

Ganymede the boy, Aquarius the man.


As the child was used to justify sexual molestation of children,

the man Aquarius is used to cry out  to the universe for justice

for those children, and it has happened.


So the question is.

Is Aquarius (our present age), the age of children molested by the religious?

Is Aquarius as the man who was molested as a child, the catalyst and force,

 for the revelation of this deep age old secret.


Attorney Irwin Zalkin spoke from his office in San Diego, Calif.,

Zalkin sued the diocese on behalf of some of the victims of now

defrocked priest Stephen Kiesle.

A letter obtained by the Associated Press and bearing the signature of the

future pope shows then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger resisted defrocking Kiesle

who had a record of sexually molesting children after his case had languished

four years at the Vatican.

The 1985 letter was typed in Latin


SAN DIEGO — Attorneys for nearly 150 people who claim sexual abuse by

Roman Catholic priests made nearly 10,000 pages of previously sealed

internal church documents public Sunday, revealing at least one previously

unknown decades-old case in which a priest under police investigation

was allowed to leave the U.S. after the Diocese of San Diego intervened.


The files show what the diocese knew about abusive priests,

starting decades before any allegations became public,

and that some church leaders shuffled priests from parish to parish or

overseas despite credible complaints against them.


In at least one instance, the files included documented abuse by a priest

whose name had not before surfaced in any lawsuit or criminal case,

the Rev. Luis Eugene de Francisco, who was originally from Colombia.


Police investigated de Francisco for allegedly abusing children,

but the diocese convinced authorities to drop the case if the priest would

return immediately to his Colombian diocese and

never return to the U.S.

"In early August 1963, Father was placed under arrest by the civil police

of the City of San Diego for violation of the State Penal Code,

" then-Bishop Charles F. Buddy wrote the Colombian bishop in the Diocese of Cali. "


At that time, arrangements were made between this Chancery and the

civil authorities of San Diego in which, if Father left the United States with the

promise never to return, the charges against Father would be

set aside by Civil Law."


Buddy wrote that de Francisco had crossed the border at Tijuana, Mexico,

and was "directed to return directly to the Diocese of Cali."


DeMarco said the papers in the files were the first time attorneys became

aware of de Francisco.

No one filed a lawsuit, the church never revealed the complaints and it's unclear

what happened to the priest or if he is still alive, he said.


Church files indicate he also served in Florida and Texas before arriving

in the San Diego diocese, where he worked with migrant workers in

the Coachella Valley about 150 miles southeast of Los Angeles.


"You have won a reputation as a zealous worker and devoted to the poor,"

Bishop Buddy wrote the priest in a December 1962 letter.


"On the other hand, the 'incidents' at Indio were more serious than first

presented to me, especially inasmuch as the police have made a record of them.

You know how word gets around, so that you be certain that the police here will

be on your trail. ... It will be more prudent and more secure for you to return

to your own diocese."


Donna Daly, a spokeswoman for the Diocese of San Diego, did not immediately

return a call on Sunday and no one answered at the main diocese number.

Maria Roberts, an attorney for the diocese, did not immediately respond

to a message left with her office on Sunday.


Another case outlined in the files involves the Rev. Robert Nikliborc,

who was sent to a psychiatric treatment facility in the 1950s after the diocese

received complaints, then became director of a Roman Catholic residential facility

for troubled boys called Boystown of the Desert in Banning, Calif.


Boys who lived there filed lawsuits against Nikliborc and were part of the 2007

settlement, DeMarco said. The priest died while litigation was under way.


In a 1956 letter written to Nikliborc while he was at a "special retreat,"

Buddy referred to two incidents involving the priest without describing them,

and said Nikliborc must decide whether to stand with God or against him.


"The fact is that your defects on both occasions were reported by lay people,

who gave absolute proof which you could not gloss over or deny," Buddy wrote.

Still, he held out the possibility that Nikliborc could again celebrate Mass.


The papers also contain documents from the files of Rev. Anthony Rodrigue.

In 1976, a group of parents at Rodrigue's parish in Heber, Calif., complained he

had molested their children, according to court documents.


The priest was sent to a psychiatric facility in Massachusetts for treatment

but was put back in ministry despite the recommendations of those

who treated him.


Rodrigue later admitted he had molested between four to five children a

year over a span of 22 years, said Irwin Zalkin, an attorney for the plaintiffs.

About 30 people filed lawsuits against the diocese alleging sexual abuse

against the priest, who died within the last year, he said.

"He was probably one of the most prolific abusers in this diocese. ...

And they knew about this guy from his days in the seminary

but kept him in ministry," Zalkin said.

Attorneys are still trying for the release of an additional

2,000 pages of documents.


The release of records is biggest so far in a U.S. church case,

said Terry McKiernan, founder of the website Bishop


The website collects and publishes internal church papers that have been

released as the result of litigation on clergy abuse nationwide.


"I think as we absorb this, it will shed a lot of light on these issues.

It's amazingly rich," McKiernan said. "

These documents are providing a window into the California experience

that we haven't had before."


Lawyers for plaintiffs have been trying to get similar internal church documents

from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles for years, but have not had success.


That diocese settled with more than 500 plaintiffs in 2007 for a record-breaking

$660 million in a settlement agreement that also called for the

disclosure of priests' files.



The Associated Press.

It is not necessary to add any words to this report.

Sex Abuse by Clergy a Global Problem

The Associated Press

NEW YORK (AP) - Canada, Australia, Ireland, Britain, France,

Germany, Mexico, Poland.

It may be the American cardinals who are headed to the Vatican,

but the Roman Catholic Church has faced clergy sex scandals around the globe -

with the most widespread problems in English-speaking countries.

No one knows whether those nations actually have more molester priests.

Some observers suggest that victims in English-speaking countries -

along with journalists, lawyers and prosecutors -

just have more support if they dare to speak up.

``This is not just a problem in the American church,

but American society is acting much more rapidly and openly in dealing

with this than other societies around the world,'' said the

Rev. Thomas Reese of America, the U.S. Jesuit magazine. ``

That's what makes it so visible.''



Canada has faced devastating sex abuse scandals.

Indians in that nation have filed 2,500 compensation claims

over physical and sexual abuse at boarding schools run by the

Oblates of Mary Immaculate, and the order filed for

bankruptcy protection last week.



Also, Archbishop Alphonsus Penney of St. John's, Newfoundland,

became the first prelate to resign for poor administration when

he quit in 1991 after more than 20 of his clergy were

charged with molesting boys.



Australian cases began surfacing in the late 1980s,

and during the past nine years at least 50 priests and brothers

have been sentenced for sexual offenses.

One of the worst involved sex rings at four Christian Brothers orphanages.

Barry Coldrey, a Christian Brother who aided government inquiries,

said he received Vatican pressure to stop releasing

material about his findings.



In Ireland, the church faces

``the greatest institutional crisis in its modern history,''

the Irish Times editorialized last week.

An estimated 3,000 victims at church schools and orphanages will

share $110 million in compensation under a January deal,

with the church paying perhaps a fourth and taxpayers the rest.

This month, the government began preparing an unprecedented investigation

into church conduct, though Catholic leaders remain vague on whether

they will hand case files to police.


The church has launched its own in-house probe.

Twenty-one priests were convicted of molestation between

1995 and 1999 in England.


There, as in Ireland, bishops have set up a child-protection office.


By SHAWN POGATCHNIK, Associated Press Shawn Pogatchnik, Associated Press

DUBLIN – A 1997 letter from the Vatican warned Ireland's Catholic bishops

not to report all suspected child-abuse cases to police —

a disclosure that victims' groups described as "the smoking gun" needed to

show that the church enforced a worldwide culture of covering up crimes

by pedophile priests.


The newly revealed letter, obtained by Irish broadcasters RTE and provided

to The Associated Press, documents the Vatican's rejection of a 1996 Irish church

initiative to begin helping police identify pedophile priests following Ireland's

first wave of publicly disclosed lawsuits.



Associated Press

A 2,600-page report, published Wednesday following a nine-year probe into

child abuse by Ireland's fading Catholic religious orders,

painted a damning portrait of a system that protected child-molesting

church officials while consigning generations of Ireland's

poorest children to misery.


The Catholic religious orders that ran more than 50 workhouse-style

reform schools from the late 19th century until the mid-1990s offered

public words of apology, shame and regret Wednesday.


But when questioned, their leaders indicated they would continue to protect

the identities of clergy accused of abuse — men and women who were never

reported to police, and were instead permitted to change jobs and keep

harming children.


The Christian Brothers, which ran several boys' institutions deemed to have

harbored serial child molesters and sadists on their staff, insisted it had

cooperated fully with the probe.


The order successfully sued the commission in 2004 to keep the identities

of all of its members, dead or alive, unnamed in the report.

The commission said overwhelming, consistent testimony from

still-traumatized men and women, now in their 50s to 80s,

had demonstrated beyond a doubt that the entire system treated children

more like prison inmates and slaves than people with legal rights

and human potential.


The New York Times describes the horror of what happened in the

reformatories run in the Irish republic by Catholic orders:


Tens of thousands of Irish children were sexually, physically and emotionally

abused by nuns, priests and others [ie, brothers, the major offenders]

over 60 years in a network of church-run residential schools meant to care

for the poor, the vulnerable and the unwanted


Irish Bishop Resigns Over Sex-Abuse Scandal

Bishop Donal Murray's  speech to colleagues and curates in the western

Irish city of Limerick left no doubt that he was resigning because of an

Irish government investigation's damning findings about his time as an

auxiliary bishop in Dublin from 1982 to 1996.


Murray had been widely expected to resign following last month's report

from a government-appointed commission.

It ruled that Murray had handled reports of child-abusing priests "particularly badly" —

and condemned his failure to crack down on one particular abuser,

the Rev. Thomas Naughton, as "inexcusable."


Convicted twice of raping boys Murray transferred Naughton to new

parishes despite receiving reports that he was molesting children.

Naughton since has been convicted twice of raping altar boys.


The investigation found that four other serving bishops and five retired bishops,

including Cardinal Desmond Connell, played a role in a decade of cover-up.


The 720-page report found that dozens of church leaders in Ireland's

most populous diocese kept secret the record of child abuse by more than

170 clerics since 1940.


Second Irish Bishop Resigns Over Sex Abuse Scandal

Bishop Jim Moriarty was not directly criticized in the Murphy Report,

but was a member of the Dublin archdiocese leadership for more than a

decade before it put proper protections for children in place, he said.


Moriarty said he "should have challenged the prevailing culture"

of protecting the church rather than children when he was an auxiliary

bishop in Dublin from 1991 to 2002.


Two more Irish bishops quit over sex abuse

Dublin Bishops Eamonn Walsh and Ray Field offered an apology

to child-abuse victims as they announced their

resignations during Christmas Mass.


In some instances it was found that offending priests

were reassigned for duties in parishes in the United States.



Continental Europe has suffered fewer public cases,

but they have still been embarrassing.

For instance, in 1995 several former high school boys charged

Austria's primate, Cardinal Hans Groer, with molestation.


He went into exile amid thanks from the Vatican for his service;

no full explanation or apology has ever been given.



Poland's Archbishop Juliusz Paetz, formerly part of the pope's personal staff,

denied priests' allegations of past sexual harassment but resigned in March anyway.

``The time when we could pretend that there is no such problem has just ended

before our eyes,'' said the Rev. Tomasz Weclawski, head of the theology

department at Poznan University, where the case surfaced.



This week, the Pope accepted the resignation of Auxiliary Bishop

Franziskus Eisenbach of Mainz, Germany, who was accused of sexually

abusing and injuring a woman during an exorcism.


Prosecutors lacked enough evidence to pursue the case but the Vatican

asked Eisenbach to step down, adding that did not mean he was guilty.



In France, the secretary general of the bishops' conference says nearly

30 priests have been convicted of molestation over the past decade.


That prompted the bishops to set new guidelines in 2000, pledging

abusive priests will not be shielded from the law.

But last year a bishop was convicted for doing just that, the first time in more

than 150 years that a prelate was found guilty of a crime.

In nations such as Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland,

few or no cases have been reported.



In Italy, however, if instances do occur ``it's almost impossible that a

priest would be accused,'' given the nature of the country's heavily

Catholic culture, said author Giordano Bruno Guerri.

Archbishop Giovanni Tonucci, the Vatican representative to Kenya,

said he knows of three or four abuse cases the past six years in east Africa.


The Rev. Livingstone Kanyike, chaplain of Uganda's Makerere University

said priestly misconduct in Africa ``has more to do with women than boys.''

Dominic Emmanuel, spokesman for India's bishops, expressed a typical view in Asia:

``The sex scandal is limited to the western countries.''

But Chongsuh Kim, religion chairman at Seoul National University,

cautions that the fact South Korea has no known cases

``doesn't mean that such abuses don't exist.''

Why are there scandals in America? ``

The United States is more open about sex,'' he said.



When Mexico's hierarchy met this month, church authorities first said

 that nation had no abuse cases - then admitted it did.


 But Archbishop Sergio Obeso told a news conference evidence

of crimes won't be given to authorities.

``Dirty laundry is washed at home,'' he said.





What I want to do  is to get at the root of this activity from a perspective

not considered by the media or the world in general.


This is not pedophilia.

 Pedophilia, or adults having sex with children is a disorder,

 in which for some reason an adult is stimulated by a child,

either male, or female.


Since we are discussing sex with children, one can consider this pedophilia,

but actually it is not, because this is separate.

It involves religious people, representatives of God, having sex with children.


What is the word for that?

The world wide concern here is not pedophilia in general,

but religious people having sex with children.

Not only for sexual gratification but also because of religious beliefs.


There are various approaches one can take to this.

1.     It's just a few people making it bad for the majority of good religious people

2.     These things occurred 10 to 20 years ago. Not now

3.     This is something very secret and strange that is an actual

part of the religious heritage of the western world.

Number 3 would be outrageous if true because it is something that has

not even been discussed by anyone in the media before.

Is this activity of religious people having sex with children,

known and approved by a secretive religious tradition, and if so why?


When we get to the root of this, will we find that the implications are,

that it was an approved activity within the secretive religious

cults that practice it?



Suddenly this explodes in the approach to Aquarius,

the age of  the child Ganymede who was sexually molested

by the holy ones and who became Aquarius.


The reason for the explosion is two fold.

1.     We entered the Age of Aquarius

2.     The current culture has zero tolerance for this, while in the past

it was either accepted or ignored.


We see the religious scattering to meet with the press and declare this

will never happen again etc, but would they be doing that if they

had not been caught.?


Would they have brought this to the attention of the public and the

authorities on their own?


The obvious answer is no.



This was not looked upon by the religious as something bad,

in fact it was considered something good.

Thus no sin.


It has its roots in the Ganymede mythology of Greece and Rome.

In addition Father Shanley, a former priest,  who was a founder of NAMBLA

declared the rightness of an adult child sexual relationship as a way of

freeing the child from inhibitions etc.


So just as he declared this as a positive thing, the ancients declared sex

with children as a positive thing, and it was the involvement of the holy ones

(Zeus and the Gods) that became the foundation for this approach,

and it came to the western world from the foundation of our social and

religious culture, Greece and Rome.


The religious transfer people who do these things, and they do not

report these activities to the police because within their secret society

it really is a good thing for the child, as it was for Ganymede,

who became Aquarius because of his service as a child lover to the Gods.




 cat·a·mite (k²t“…-mºt) n.

A boy who has a sexual relationship with a man.

[Latin catamºtus, from Catamºtus, Ganymede,

from Etruscan Catmite, from Greek Ganumds.]

You see the word catamite which is a boy who has sexual relationship

with a man connected to the word Ganymede who was a boy abducted

by the God Zeus as cupbearer and lover to himself and the Gods.


That’s the key here. The child served the gods.


And it was considered a good thing.







Let us look at the root of  catamite , the child who has sex with an adult .


Cata: means to strike down.


Cata is down, decline, breakdown

Catacomb down and hollow


Ganymede : A boy as an object for a male


Ganymede as a young Trojan prince said to have been the most beautiful

Boy. Zeus fell in love with him and kidnapped him to Olympus perhaps

As a lover but certainly to serve as cup bearer for the gods.



Now here is our heritage:


In Rome boy lovers of adult males were known as

Ganymedes or Catamite.


Perhaps cata in catamite denotes the kidnapping or separation

of Ganymede from a natural environment.



We see cata as striking one down or lowering one from a natural environment ,

which of course is done with the molestation of children.



Now let's look at the word mite.

Cata is lower, or breaking down from a natural environment.


But what is mite?

Mite means small.


In church they have a mite box which is placed somewhere where people

 can place their pennies or change and the money is used for church

purposes and  called a mite box.


The word mite is also used more often in England to suggest a small amount.

Just a mite.

Or that was a mite unfair.  So the word means small.


Think of the word termite. Something very small.

Then we have the word catamite meaning to bring down out of the

natural environment something (or in this case), some one very small.


A Child.



Let us look at the word Pederast, boy love


 Pederast  :Boy to love.

Pederasty: Male perversion to find sexual pleasure in boys.

Ganymede,or the beautiful boy and cupbearer and server of 

Zeus and the gods of Olympus.

Ganymede may denote pederasty.

 It was the habit of adult Greek males to seek young boys as lovers

which they justified by the stories about Zeus and his love for Ganymede.


From the same place where the Bible originated, Greece,

came the justification for adults seeking young boys as lovers.

They justified it .


It was good because it was of God.

It was good because the children were serving the gods.


The children were serving Gods representatives.

A priest is considered a representative of God on earth.



What we are presenting here is not pedophilia,

but religious sex with children, and the reason why these people

are transferred  to continue this practice and  not reported

to the authorities , is because it is in this secret society

looked upon as a good thing.


 At least it was for thousands of years before Aquarius

the former Ganymede blew the whistle.


 Now all of a sudden (because they got caught),

to the holy ones,  it is a bad thing.


Why would they think it is ok to have sex with a child or boy?

Let us look at Ganymede and we may see a reason.





In antiquity before the arrival of the patriarchal solar gods.

(Patriarchal means father or man image) the task of preparing

and serving the nectar of the Gods ( I will leave to your imagination what that is )

belonged to the beautiful Hebe Goddess of eternal youth

and daughter of Hera the Great Mother.


 When Zeus conquered the throne of the gods he forced Hera to marry him

 and then constantly humiliated her with his infidelity.


 As a sign of his supremacy he took the young Hebes task away

from her, using the fact that she had fallen as his excuse.


There we see the first example of the religious degrading of women.

 Woman in religion never really has recovered.


The Bible is filled with admonitions against women talking in

church or in any way helping, but she is is required 

to simply stay quiet.


As we study why sex with children or boys became acceptable,

we see the first sign.

The lowering of the status of women.


In her place he put the handsome Ganymede with whom

he had fallen in love.

The love of Zeus for Ganymede and that of Apollo for Hyacinthus

were the first examples of male love in the Greek religion.



 Notice the word religion in that last line above.

This is  not pedophilia.


This is a religious practice that allows one to avoid contact with women

who are thought to be below the status of the male.

Here is where it gets very interesting.

In the case of Ganymede this form of amorous passion accentuated

the victory of patriarchy (man/father) over matriarchy (female/mother)

because of the independence that the man acquired in

obtaining pleasure without the help of a woman.


Now we are starting to see something very curious  here.

Something in the religious belief that adds to our understanding

of why the holy ones who violate children  are not turned over to the police,

 and yet are  transferred from place to place to continue their child molesting .


This is in religious history, an accepted way of the male obtaining

pleasure without the help of a woman.



Let’s take this out of mythology and the ancient Greek culture

which actually wrote the Bible, and into the Bible itself.


This is a Biblical quote from the Apostle Paul

1 Corinthians 7:1

  1.  Now concerning the things whereof you wrote to me:

It is good for a man not to touch a woman.


It goes on to say, to avoid fornication, a man should have a wife.

But primarily the Biblical perspective is, that it is good

that a man not touch a woman.


So then if the religious cannot touch a woman and they

cannot refrain from sex, what are they going to touch?




So you see the problem for the religious.

They are trained that woman is sub-servant to man. 

That the sub status of woman comes from God.

That none of Jesus disciples were women.


They are admonished that a man should not touch a woman.

Then on top of that , the foundation of this heritage from

Greece and Rome, justified as from God, includes the sexual

relationships of men with boys.



Having been the guardian of the intellectual and the priestly life,

women were now relegated to the condition of unpaid domestic

workers and procreators of children.


 I want you to see that phrase, guardian of the priestly life.

Servers of the priests were no longer women but now were

replaced by boys, including altar boys.



Let me show you how deep into tradition this activity came.

Have you heard of the Vienna Boys Choir.?

You see them most often around Christmas time.

They sing with very high voices.


When the churches in Europe originally were forming choirs,

they could not get sopranos from women because women

were not allowed on the altar.


So they got young boys to sing, since they were able to hit the

high notes and did not violate the condition of women on the altar.


Just recently a scandal erupted in Princeton New Jersey with accusations

of teachers molesting boys, in the local boys choir.

In addition we have the scandal of Europe involving the

Popes Brother and a boys choir.




Zeus gave the young man immortality and placed his image among

the stars as the constellation Aquarius.


1.     Why did the religious take boys for sex , (aside from the question of pedophilia.)

Because the  Bible tells them that man should not touch woman,

and also because woman was severely downgraded in stature in antiquity.


2.     Why was this situation not made public or reported to police,

and why were the people doing this transferred from place to place

with good recommendations ?

Because this activity was justified via ancient tradition from

Greece and Rome, and by the Zeus Ganymede story associating

child sex with God, and the representatives of the Gods.



Let us see how this was further distorted, and look deeply at how

this situation can be interpreted by religious people

who justify it.


Ganymede  the cup bearer of the Gods has ever been a symbol

of Aquarius in Greek mythology.


 We find in the name Ganymede the explanation of his office.

Gany is derived from the same root as the Sanskrit Ganga or Ganges.

The Ganges is the principal sacred river in India.


The first part of the name Ganymede therefore,

refers to a sacred river or cleansing stream.


Mede is an old form of mead and refers to wine,

honey, sweet drink, or one made of manna.


 It is clearly analogous (similar) to the cerebral esse which

forms the basis of all the fluids of the body.



 When you connect that statement of bodily fluids, to the

sexual content of all this, and the current situation of religious

sex with children, it becomes a literal mind blower,

and one that is so difficult to  pursue any further.


Is this what the flow from the man Aquarius means,

and what the flow from the boy Ganymede meant.?


 Let us read further.

Callirrhoe is a latin word meaning beautiful flow, therefore being 

the perfect rhythm, while Dardanus means produce of 

Jupiter and Electra or an electrical current.

These two names are similar to a beautiful or perfect fluid

endowed with the fire of life.


 What does that mean ? Or should we not ask.


Note: The water of Aquarius indeed flows into and through Vishnu

the Southern Fish of Pisces.


 Out of antiquity has come the answer to the question,

why religious do not choose to touch women,

and why they truly find this activity to be of God,

and how bizarre as it may seem , both Ganymede as the child flow,

and Aquarius as the man flow, may indicate something beyond what

anyone has ever considered in the past.



As we look at Supernova 1987a what do we see.? 

nasa image

We see a supernova seed a galaxy with all the compounds of new life,

 but can we envision a sacred relationship to our universe that

tells us how to live ?


Instead of creating a sacred relationship with our universe,

we have created sacred relationships with groups ,and people, who fight ,

and bomb one another, and carry out these horrible acts with children.


To overcome all of this horror we must turn to consciousness,

because the changes coming upon the earth are in the form of

messages to consciousness.


Messages that come from above via Photon,

which is the messenger particle.


Messages from Supernova 1987a, messages from Eta Carina,

messages from Uranus, messages from Vela, and messages from

the man with the pitcher of water who was molested by the holy ones, 

Yes, messages from Aquarius.


Messages that open the door on the evil which we are seeing now ,

and messages which open the door to Gods healing,

which we are seeing politicians with distorted understanding trying to block.


In this age of invention, in this age of Aquarius, the messengers

have sent down the information that has led to the understanding

of the human genome,  and set the stage for the healing of the most

horrible diseases, but the ignorant still stand against God,

thinking they are doing right.


As the Bible says, they call good evil and evil good.


You and I must be open to the messenger.

We must receive the message which  will actually prepare the

way for the coming of the supreme light, the Lord God.


The cleansing has begun.

Aquarius has brought forth the truth of Ganymede and the

cleansing is coming upon the earth.


The cleansing is being brought by the messenger.

The photon. 

The light beings, and you and I must be open to their message

by our meditation.



Malachi 3:1 Behold I will send my messenger and he shall prepare

the way before me, and the Lord whom you seek shall suddenly

come to his temple even the messenger of the covenant whom

you delight in, behold he shall come says the Lord of Hosts.


As the message from Aquarius has come to earth to cleanse it of

the rape of the child by the Godly ones, the message also has

come to the scientists to bring forth healing , and most important to you,

 the message has come to you to bring forth the beginning of

the new consciousness.


Are you connecting to the cosmic network to receive your message?

Are you visiting the cosmic temple (which is your mind),

to receive the messenger?


We have gone through all of the aspects of the messenger being light,

of the temple being your mind, and of the Lord of Hosts being

what we refer to as the holy Ghost.


I hope it is clear to you .



As you can see here, this has been a dirty secret for a long

long time and it goes way back before the 1950's.


Feb 23, 2004

Monsignor: Some Catholic Priests Once Believed Having Sex

With Young Men Was Acceptable

The Associated Press

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (AP) - The interim head of the Diocese of Springfield

said the sex abuse scandal that has rocked the Roman Catholic church

in recent years stems from a belief once held by some priests that

having sex with young men was acceptable.


Monsignor Richard S. Sniezyk said that as a seminarian and a young priest

in the 1950s and early 1960s, he heard of priests who had sex with young men,

but "no one thought much about it."


"They did good ministry, they were good to their people,

they were kind, compassionate, but they had no idea what they were doing

to these young men that they were abusing,"

Sniezyk told The Boston Globe on Sunday.


"It was that era of the '60s - most of it took place from the mid-'60s to the

early-'80s - and the whole atmosphere out there was, it was OK,

it was OK to do.


"Certainly that atmosphere is not present in the church today," he said.


Sniezyk will head the diocese until the Vatican names a replacement

for Bishop Thomas Dupre, who resigned Feb. 11.


He said he was stepping down for health reasons but the move came

amid allegations he abused two boys while a parish priest in the 1970s.


When he was appointed interim leader on Feb. 13, Sniezyk said the church

should acknowledge that in those decades an "old boy network"

protected priests suspected of sexual abuse.


"We have to come clean," Sniezyk said then, recalling how as a young priest

he heard rumors of "cliques of priests" who molested young churchgoers,

yet were protected by church and legal officials.


Sniezyk, who was ordained in 1962, said he never witnessed any abuse.


The Rev. James Scahill, a priest at St. Michael's Parish in East Longmeadow,

disputed Sniezyk's comments.


"He's saying priests were that lame in the brain not to know this was wrong?"

Scahill told the newspaper. "Any sensible person would know this is evil."

AP-ES-02-23-04 1142EST







Accused U.S. Navy Chaplain on Leave Reinstated by Vatican

The Associated Press

DETROIT (AP) - The Vatican has reinstated a U.S. Navy chaplain as an

active priest after he was placed on administrative leave amid

sex abuse allegations, Detroit Roman Catholic leaders said.


The Rev. Brian Bjorklund, 64, was suspended last summer over allegations

he molested a 17-year-old boy in his early years in the ministry.

He was ordained in 1966.


Vatican leaders say the alleged contact was not a violation of

church law at the time, though it is now.


News of Bjorklund's reinstatement comes four days before the

U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops releases a national report on

sexual abuse against minors over the past 50 years.


Bjorklund began his career as associate pastor at

St. Alfred Parish in Taylor. He became a Navy chaplain in 1988.


Police were notified of abuse allegations last year but chose not to

investigate because the statute of limitations had expired.


The archdiocese launched its own investigation in July.

AP-ES-02-24-04 0634EST












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