I will propose to you an  explanation  of how the angels,


spirits, God, Jesus etc etc enter within us .


You don't have to have faith to understand this.


It is a work of nature and entirely normal.





How does that entity communicate or make contact with


the human brain, or how does the human brain,


namely we, make contact with it?



You can pray till the cows come home but there has to be


a scientific way that this can happen.



People will say, well it's the power of the spirit or


we do not know the ways of God.


That is simply a way of saying, I don't know.





The truth is that the ways of God as far as life on planet


earth is concerned is based on electricity.



God has created the human brain so that it can receive


information and communicate information electronically.



That is not a maybe.


That is a fact, and something that we have to accept if we


really want a mature approach to this thing called spirit.






Electricity comes in many forms.


We are talking about  is radiation.


To radiate means to send out waves.


Let us define radiation




Notice above that light is electromagnetic radiation and


the Bible specifically declares that God is light.



Thus what we call spirit is a transmission of information


from a source into a destination. Radiation.







When people go into church, they are trying to make


contact with aliens.



They are trying to make contact with the sub atomic world


of electro magnetic radiation.



They are praying for aliens to come to them.


They are praying for the supreme alien to come to them


and change them and provide for them.




Have you ever thought that when you went to church


you were seeking contact with aliens?


You called it God or Angel or Spirit or Holy Spirit,


but what was that you were praying or singing to?


Let us define alien and see if it fits.





The description fits.



What we consider to be an alien is what we go to church


to attempt to make contact with.


It is what we go to church to sing about and pray


about and preach about.



A form of life existing outside of the earth and its atmosphere


We made up names like God and Jesus and Spirit and Devil


and all that stuff but what we are really talking about are beings


from another dimension, aliens.



We have given the aliens names .


Names connected with our own experience.


Here you will see how we came up with the word


God and the word Devil









That is why we ourselves use mythology to call


good God, and evil Devil.



In that way by putting names on electromagnetic energies


of light we create a drama.




Unfortunately we take the mythical stories and names literally,


and convince ourselves there is someone named God and someone


named the Devil.




By convincing ourselves that these are people we park ourselves


inside of a Disney like existence where just like the little children,


the things that do not exist become real to us.



Probably the key error has to do with another person that


we have invented to turn us away from the reality of the


essence of light. The Angel









The key here is the word angel taken from the Greek Angelos,


which means messenger.



We have an angel of light which is Gods messenger.



Then we see that in science there are messenger particles,


and an example of a messenger particle is a photon.



Are what we call angels in reality photons?










The above is from Smithsonian/NASA.


I would think we can consider them credible.



We have clarification that angled light is photon.


If angles of light are photons then it is important to put


together the key information we have seen in the


last couple of slides to reach a determination.









The first statement here shows photon to be an angle of light


The second statement shows that photon is a messenger.



The word Angel means messenger.




Is that enough to say that a Biblical Angel of light which is


Gods messenger would be a photon angle of light


which is a messenger particle.



Let me show you how Albert Einstein determined the


photon messenger particle to be an angle of light.









You can see light traveling in a straight line 


not effected by gravity.



Newton taught a bending process of light in the universe and


Einstein came up with the definite angle of light because


of the effects of gravity and black holes etc.



So there you see the light that comes to the earth  on an angle.


To tie this up securely let us look at a comparison of the


words Angel and Angle.









First we see the word angel defined in the way we


have been taught. A kind and loveable person etc.



Notice the word from the late latin angelus and the Late Greek angelos.


From Greek  messenger. So we have an angel of light being a messenger.



Next we look at the word angle. and the interesting point is that we see


it is taken from the Middle English word angel.


So the words angle and angel are connected firmly here.


Let us look at the next slide and see another origin of the word angle.





Here we see the word angle from the Latin angulus which is the same


Latin origin as the word angel.



Therefore I propose to you that there are no such things as angels of light 


which are messengers of God or good, but there are things called photons


which are angles of light messenger particles.




So if a person is touched by an angel they are actually touched by a photon.


But even the word photon is a creation of Albert Einstein.


In other words even that word photon has man made origins as does the


word Angel and Angle.





There are no words in reality, there are only words that we make up to


try to identify different sources of energy and for the sake of this work


we now know that the photon is an alien element which is a messenger


and comes to the earth. That's a fact.



When we go into meditation or when we go into church for that matter,


we are not trying to be open to a visitation of an angel, but rather


to be open to a visitation of a photon which is light and according


to scripture an element that will make significant change in our


electrical brain to raise us to a higher understanding and life force.



We have been talking about angels of light here, photons. Light.


And that is what we call God.



We have changed the approach to the element of the higher mind


or God or Angels from something requiring faith because


we  really do not know, to something that is real,


scientifically accurate, requiring no faith because we


understand that this is the exact way creation molded the


electromagnetic universe to work in harmony with living things.



The question would be how do we as electrical beings,


allow the higher photon or higher electro or alien energy


to enter within us as directed by the mythological text of scripture.




How do we make contact and are we just making contact


with an electrical current devoid of any intelligence ?


There would not be too much sense to that.



We could stick our finger in a socket and get a jolt that


would not necessarily be an intelligent force.




First we have to determine that the photon force we are


opening ourselves to is intelligent.



That it is made in our image and likeness.


That it truly is what we call spirit, or God or Angels.



I want to take you to page 88 in a book written by Gary Zukav


called The Dancing WuLi Masters, an overview of the new physics.


This is the cover of that book




What is contained here is what we are looking for.


The proposition that photons, angles, or angels have consciousness.


In other words they have a cosmic mind as we do and are


able to think and make decisions  and when in bodies transfer


their decisions to bodies.


So lets look.



The premise here is that in laboratory experiments the photons


were about to make a decision as to what path to travel when


flowing through slits in a board set up to block their path.





So we have an intelligence here. These photons somehow know.


They know something so they are conscious.


Just like we know something.




If we are driving and see an obstacle in the road, we know it is an


obstacle and take evasive action.


This is what the photons did in this experiment.




So what conclusion does Gary Zukav reach?




So the conclusion that angles of light photon messengers,


or if you please Angels of Light messengers of God are conscious


and know what is going on and can make decisions.



This is interesting and should get you to realize that you are


also light made in the image and likeness of God and you make


decisions and know things not with your brain but with your


consciousness which is in the realm of light.


So we are organic and photons or angles or angels are organic.


And what does organic mean.




The conclusion being reached in the laboratory is that


photons are living organisms.


They are interconnected. They are alive and they are conscious.



And so when we open ourselves in meditation we are


receiving the photon which is the Biblical angel and it is a


conscious intelligent entity that can raise us to a higher mind level.



Keep in mind that when we discuss the Biblical God there is a


specific definition in scripture as to what God is.


This is most important.




What this means is God is photon.


The ultimate alien life form. King Photon. The Kingdom of Light.


The Light Of The World.


And we are created in its image thus we are photon .


Invisible light consciousness that operates within bodies.



Now realizing this is not religious, not spiritual,


but scientific reality, how do we make contact with the


higher photon and how do we allow it to make contact with us.


Let me show you a scripture that is significant.




I previously explained the involvement of the ram and the


unleavened cake and the Nazarite.


But here I want to move forward.


What we see is the priest making a wave offering.


Consider that he is waving.


To who?



You would say he is waving to God. To Photon.


Thus the Bible is indicating that we can get to the


higher realm of God etc by making a wave offer.



But how?


Do we run into the street waving a hamburger or what?





Let us look once again at John Cramers Transactional Interpretation.


This shows you how the sub atomic entities communicate


with one another.


This is scientific fact and John Cramer is one of the worlds


great physicists.





What is the first thing you see here?


The offer wave. The wave offering.


In other words what is in the Bible about the wave offering


is how the invisible higher realms communicate with each other.



And since we are also of the light,


it is how we communicate with them.



It is with the scientific fact of the wave offering.



It is an electrical phenomena and let me tell you


it is the only way to make contact with the higher


photon and for the higher photon to make contact with you.



As we look at this quantum reality.

This fact of the invisible world we live in, what do we see?



At the top we have a wave offering,

in the center we have a confirmation wave, and at the bottom

we have a transaction.


That is easy enough to understand.

It's a wave like an ocean wave.


So the first thing we read here is of E sending out an offer wave

For our purposes here, let us give names to E and A.



Let us call E Jesus.

Jesus in the Bible stands at the door and knocks waiting

for us to open the door and let him in. 


E (angel of light) Jesus knocking on the door, sends out an offer wave   

This is picked up by an absorber. (us).

We pick it up via the pineal gland of the brain in meditation.


We then send an echoing confirmation wave by stimulating


the electrons in the pineal gland.


This is not something that you do.


It is something that happens on its own in meditation.



In our meditation we stimulate the electrons in the pineal


which attract the photon or angels from above.



The offer wave and the confirmation wave cancel each other


out everywhere in the Universe except in the direct path


between the absorber and the emitter.



When I reply with my acceptance wave you then cannot take


the angels offer wave from  me.


It only works on that direct line between the angel and me.


You have to go get your own.





I stand at the door and knock, if anyone will open the


door I will come in etc.


That is what its all about.


So we have the wave offering from God or Jesus,


we have our wave offering in response and then


we have the transaction completed.



The key is to understand that this wave offering from


the higher to us can only be returned by us when we are


flowing in harmony with the electro magnetic force


through meditation.


The wave is a wave just like an ocean wave.




But what you do with that wave is up to you.


Turn your back on it and it will crush you.



Not because it is against you but because it is a wave


 just like the wave in the ocean. It is coming.



You can flow with it in meditation so that the wave offering


from the higher is returned with a wave offering of your own.


In essence you are riding in harmony with the wave on your


spiritual surf board.




So the spirit or God or whatever you are comfortable with,


radiates an energy which acts as a stimulus to produce an


abnormally large vibration inside of us which we call the


Baptism of the Holy Spirit or Kundalini.



It is an electrical stimulation which we have tried to define with


religious words but will only understand it when acknowledge


it for what it is.


Electromagnetic radiation which in essence is God.





As the Bible said, God is light, thus God is electro magnetic radiation


which stimulates reaction in us for our brain to change frequency.


So now you know how this works.



People in religion have been asking Jesus to come


into their heart and for the holy spirit to enter them etc ,


and now we know what these elements are.




They are electro magnetism whose stimulus can cause a


vibration inside which in turn places you in a position


to receive the spirit or Jesus .



So the next question would be how do you do it.


How can you take part in it.


Scientifically the higher waves are heading for everybody ,


every living thing.



The question is, who will be responsive to the wave by


seeking within and flowing in harmony with its power.



Let me show you the scientific description again


from John Cramer.



Saying words or going to church wont do it.


You have to forget about it from a religious perspective


and think about it from a scientific perspective of bringing


the light which is God which is electro magnetism into you.


How is that done ?




When an electron vibrates it attempts to radiate by producing a

field which is a mixture of a retarded wave into the future

and an advanced wave into the past.


This energy or wave heads off into the future (towards us)

until it encounters an electron (us) which can absorb the energy

being carried by the field. 


Now here is the important key and it is why in meditation

we focus at the forehead to stimulate the pineal gland of the brain.



The process of absorption involves making the electron

that is doing the absorbing vibrate.


Thus if we are going to absorb the angel of light we must


make the electron of the pineal vibrate by concentrating on it.



This is reality.


The unknown reality that religious people have made into


non existence by clinging to the symbols and the


mythological descriptions of these quantum facts.



The specific instructions from Jesus about entering within yourself


and stimulating the single eye was to allow you to take


part in the wave offering and complete the transaction


with the strange particles of spirit that pop in and


out of existence in the blink of an eye.







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