I wanted to make a couple of short comments relative to the

general discrimination against women.


Probably the most beloved document in American History is

the Declaration of Independence.


The most quoted phrase from that document is

all men are created equal.

The problem here is that when it said all MEN are created

equal thatís exactly what it meant.


 In 1776 women were not allowed to vote because they were

not considered equal with men.

In fact women did not receive the right to vote until the

19th amendment was passed in 1920


19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: Women's Right to Vote (1920)


And then for hundreds of years, black people , who were not

considered men or women for that matter were held in slavery in

the United States.

So there truly was not a whole lot to celebrate.

The woman's lot in this country and around the world has

been relegated to a position of submission and service to the husband.


I assume that is why over 50% of the couples living together

today are not married.

But where does this degrading of women come from.

It comes from the same place wars and killing come from, Religion.


These are some of the holy scriptures concerning women in the Bible.





These words are treasure to millions of people.

They bow to these words, they kiss the book.


But you know what?

In spite of the fact that it is in the Bible , it was never the intention

of God and it is not Gods word.


People who were anti women changed Gods word in order to

push their own agenda.

Obviously someone with a political agenda wrote this.


First  you see the Old Testament saying that whatsoever

opens the womb is Gods.

But then people in the New Testament changed it.

In other words what was written in the Old Testament and supposedly

Gods original word was changed to accommodate the anti female

boys club agenda of the middle ages.


And that Boys Club agenda of the middle ages became the basis

for the declaration of independence that all men are created equal.


Thus it is my opinion that mothers day should only be celebrated

by those who would condemn the anti woman statements of the Bible.

Those who uphold those words should not celebrate mothers day.


So out of the goodness of their heart the system every year

gives mother dinner at Dennys.


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