The most recent developments related to  our work are exciting, exhilarating, and scary, to a certain extent.


I say scary because any great change moves us away from what we are accustomed to, and brings us face to face with what we have done, and what is being done to us in order to correct the things we have done (in this case) to the earth.


Let me begin today be reporting to you that two of the celestial powers that we have been following closely here have suddenly begun to draw attention.


Eta Carina and Supernova 1987a.


The reason both of these are important in this work is because I have shared with you the premise that Eta Carina is the 7th Angel of the Book of Revelation, and Supernova 1987a is the Cosmic Kundalini, Gods single eye on fire.


The evidence is building on the activity of Eta Carina in kind of a circumstantial way.


 The evidence on Supernova 1987a is obvious to everyone including NASA.


Let me get right to it and show you Supernova 1987a as it looked in 1987 and as it looks now and then we will begin to go into detail.


This is a very very serious time..


 I gave you the report from science as to the possibilities of this fiery eye several years ago , and now its happening.


Letís go back to a document that we first looked at concerning Supernova 1987a several years ago.


 This scientific prophecy  will be a lot more meaningful to you then any you will find in the Bible.


Though you will not be able to read the text you will be able to see that this is from Hubble Space Telescope News and it talks about the Supernova beginning to take shape.


Just below this picture, we have magnified the important parts for you so you can see the comments clearly.




This as you can see is from the Hubble Space Telescope News.

It goes back to around the late 1980ís and talks about Supernova 1987a.


Lets get some close ups of the above NASA memo so you can read it and see for yourself.

In particular please read the 3rd and 4th paragraphs here.




Here we see that the first prophecy was that the inner ring would collide with

the debris as early as 2002.


 The next statement is that the gas is expected to soon glow at thousands of

degrees causing a final burst of light visible on earth in 2005.


Well as you will see further down in this report, something has happened here in

2004 that suggests this prophecy has been fulfilled.







I donít want to leave out the synchronous situation here. 


Synchronicity is coincidence with a purpose.


Basically the word means that the coincidence has a purpose attached to it.


There is an intelligence behind what happened that we know nothing of.


Why have I expressed the point that Eta Carina is the 7th Angel of the Book of Revelation.


Eta Carina to me  is the 7th Angel of the Book of Revelation  not only because it looks

like an angel and the word Eta is the 7th ,  letter in the Greek alphabet,

but because in the scripture the 7th angel is connected with t

he Son of David and the astrophysicist in charge of the

Eta Carina project is Kris Davidson.


It simply provides compelling reasons for us to monitor Eta Carina closely with the thought that indeed this nebula may be the very thing the Bible was referring to in speaking of the seventh angel.


In the case of Supernova 1987a  we have the blossoming of the single eye, the third eye.


The eye on fire.







Now remember what we are talking about here.


We are not talking simply about a celestial astronomical event.


We are talking about a cosmic Kundalini .


We are talking about the single eye of God on fire.


We are talking about the cosmic third eye lighting up and the effects it is going to have on you and me and planet earth designed by God.


Let us first look at Supernova 1987a.

This is the eye on fire as it appeared in 1987.




I showed you a few moments ago the NASA report saying  that the activity concerning Supernova 1987a the cosmic Kundalini, was to take place between 2002 and 2005.









  SN1987A  1987

Here you can see where just one part of the ring is lit.


Now let us look at the latest picture taken by Hubble 2004


 SN1987A 2004


You can now see the prediction of Hubble scientist George Sonneborn fulfilled.


The Biblical statement in Matthew 6:22 says "if your eye be single your body will fill with light".


 Let us look at the two pictures together, in the beginning and now.


Then think to yourself, why has this happened, for what purpose is this happening ?



1987                      2004



Let us get into the detail here but please keep in mind what I am saying to you.


 This is the eye of God on fire.


There is another eye of God as you know which is the Hour Glass Nebula.


That is the all seeing eye.


 This is the cosmic pineal, this is the cosmic third eye and what happens inside of a  persons brain  when the pineal lights is what is happening in the cosmos now.


To try to lesson confusion, let us take a quick look at the hour glass nebula.








You can see the same pattern in the Hour Glass Nebula of the intersecting circles which  we also found in Supernova 1987a


Now we will see a close up of the all seeing eye in the hourglass nebula.




So here we observe the all seeing eye of God.


And we now have the third eye of God on fire.


The single eye that Jesus referred to in Matthew 6:22.


 And something spectacular is happening just as was the prophecy from


NASA Hubble Scientist George Sonneborn.


Let us go now to the NASA announcement concerning the developments in Supernova 1987a.







Supernova slowly reaching full bloom.

Hubble reveals dramatic new phase of stellar explosion.

By Roy Britt

Senior Space Writer

Updated 3:27pm ET Feb 19 2004


The most dramatic stellar explosion witnessed in centuries just

got more interesting.

 New images from the Hubble Space Telescope

show a dying star's "ring of fire" entering a new phase of brightness.


The remarkable event is the only one of its kind ever recorded by telescopes.


Astronomers first saw the star explode-an event called a supernova-in 1987.


It shone as bright as 100 million suns for several months.




Scientists have seen no other supernova evolve over time with anything approaching this sort of detail.

The ring around 1987A should continue to brighten for a couple of decades, Kirshner said.


The bright spots will merge as the debris is engulfed by the shock wave until it creates a "ring of fire," he said.

Watching the evolution should help theorists understand how and why stars explode.









As we have shown most recently, the human brain and the cosmic brain are the same.


As you can see here the web configuration in the human cerebral cortex is the same as

the web configuration in the universe.



                                                         THE UNIVERSE              HUMAN CEREBRAL CORTEX



In the same way that the universal brain and the human brain are the same,

the universal pineal body (single eye) and the human pineal body

(single eye) are the same


That is why it is so important for you to understand that what is happening

with Supernova 1987a is indeed a cosmic Kundalini.


Let us connect Supernova 1987a with us and see how this works out.






 What we are going to do is try and compare the positioning of Supernova 1987a by

drawing a line from it, to the constellation Fornax.


There is a reason to go from Supernova 1987a to Fornax which

 will explain to you in just a bit.


Now just look down at the map and you will see I have circled The Large Megellanic Cloud.

 It is exactly where Supernova 1987a is located.

As you can see it is in the constellation Mensa.



We are going to look at each constellation that the line goes through on the way

to Fornax and see some strange coincidences, because we will find connections

to ancient scriptures, and to the eastern idea of Kundalini which is the fire lighting up

the pineal gland of the body by traveling up the spine.


This will serve to provide compelling evidence that Supernova 1987a is the same as

the pineal gland of the brain , on fire, and that now is the time of Cosmic Kundalini,

or the great awakening.


As you can see when looking at the map below, the line from Supernova 1987a starts in the constellation Mensa, then goes through Dorado, Hydrus, Reticulum, Horoglium, Eridanus and then finally into Fornax.






I am proposing to you that Supernova 1987a is the same as the pineal gland or

signal eye of the brain, and that as the pineal brings forth individual

Kundalini and enlightenment, Supernova 1987a will bring forth

cosmic Kundalini and enlightenment.



 On the map above we saw that if you follow the straight line from SN1987a in

his particular trajectory it takes you

to the constellation Fornax.


In order to see the importance of a line from Supernova 1987a (the cosmic pineal)

to the constellation Fornax we will have to

look at the human brain.


When I drew the line on the map from SN1987a to Fornax I was not just picking a direction out of the air.


The direction I chose is important to you especially now.


In order to see that we will have to look at a medical report on the human brain below.






Here we see the human brain.


But in order to see the connection between the single eye, in this case SN1987a ,

and Fornax on the star map, we will have to get in closer .



Look where it  says it ďIts sides are formed by the optic thalami and are limited above

by a delicate band of white fibers, the stria pinealis".


The word stria means a line.


A line going from the pineal, but to where.


Let us look at the rest of that sentence in the picture below..



Continuing from where it says the stria pinealis, which runs along the

junction of the mesial and upper surfaces of the optic thalamus to

join the anterior pillars of the fornix.


So in the brain the line is from the pineal to the fornix.


Do you see now why if I propose to you that Supernova 1987a is the cosmic pineal ,

how important it is that there is a straight line going from it to Fornax ,

and how wonderful and mystical it is that there is a straight line

going from SN 1987a to Fornax?









Here we see the line from the cosmic pineal SN1987a and where does it go.


To the Fornax.


So we have the brain line going from pineal to Fornix (Fornix meaning the vault)

and the cosmic line going from SN1987a which is now on fire to

the Fornax meaning furnace.


Now how do we know that the Fornix and the Fornax are the same entity as

we seek to understand this Cosmic Kundalini ? 











 What I want to bring to your attention as you look at the following, is that the

 star in the Constellation is called Delta Fornacis. 


Do you see that, Delta Fornacis.



So the star in the sky that the cosmic pineal lines up with is Delta Fornacis.


We thus have the line in the cosmos going from SN1987a which is the cosmic

pineal to the Fornax, Delta Fornacis.


 Now we turn to what is inside of you.


How is the line from the Pineal to the Fornix described ?


What's the first thing you notice here.


The Fornix is referred to as Delta Fornicis, and the star in Fornax is referred to as Delta Fornacis.


 Also notice the word triangular?




The triangular subcallosal plate of commissural fibres resulting from the converging of the right and left fornix bundles which exchange numerous fibres and which curve back in the contralateral fornix to end in the hippocampus of the opposite side.

Synoym: commissura hippocampi, commissure of fornix. delta fornicis.

hippocampal commissure, psalterium transverse fornix.



So we have a pineal in the brain on a straight line to Delta Fornicis.


We have the Supernova 1987a pineal in the sky on a straight line to Delta Fornacis.


 And please keep in mind  that the Pineal in the sky  is now lit up as we have seen.










Hubble Finds Farthest Galaxies Strangest Yet
By Tariq Malik
Staff Writer
And Robert Roy Britt
Senior Science Writer
posted: 11:10 am ET

09 March 2004


Astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) unveiled the deepest look into the universe yet, a portrait of what could be the most distant galaxies ever seen.

The new image, called the Hubble Ultra Deep Field (HUDF), includes objects that until now have been too faint to be seen and includes ancient galaxies that emerged just 700 million years after the Big Bang from what astronomers call the "dark ages" of the universe.


"This image is the deepest view in the visible that we've ever taken, where an object about as bright as a firefly on the Moon would be visible," said Massimo Stiavelli, of the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) in Baltimore and the UHDF project leader.


Stiavelli said the new image is six times more sensitive than previous deep sky surveys and four times better than even Hubble's last faraway looks, the Hubble Deep Fields (HDFs), taken in 1995 and 1998.


"It has these extra colors with extra red shifts, which leads you to the end of the dark ages, something you couldn't do with the HDF," he added.


The HUDF field contains an estimated 10,000 galaxies in a patch of sky in the constellation Fornax, a region just below the constellation Orion, that appears in an area of the sky that appears largely empty if observed by ground-based instruments. The image is about one-tenth the diameter of the full moon and took Hubble one million seconds to take.

 To cover the entire sky with such detail would take the HST one million years, astronomers said.

Folks what more can I say.

 I could not have written the script any clearer.

I did enlarge the font and color the word Fornax to make sure that you saw this.

Certainly you have to consider this as confirmation.







Delta is a triangular shape.

In the brain, delta Fornicis would be delta looking up.



Delta Fornacis in the sky would be delta looking down



Now when we put the two together we see why this is so very very important

with the pineal or single eye or SN1987a lighting up connecting to

Delta Fornicis in us and Delta Fornacis in the sky.




 It's really not the star of David.


 It is the star of Delta.


Now we understand its importance as the cosmic Kundalini is taking place.


This is why,  the evidence connecting SN1987a to the pineal gland of the brain is so compelling and so important.


 Especially  when we see how the cosmic pineal has changed from 1987 to now. 








Now that we have documented for you the compelling evidence that Sn1987a is indeed the cosmic Kundalini and takes its place as the cosmic pineal gland.


We return to the cosmic map tracing its journey to delta fornacis in the universe, which will duplicate the journey within the brain from the pineal to delta fornicis.




We start at the Large Megallanic Cloud being the location of the cosmic pineal, Supernova 1987a.


Gods single eye.


The eye on fire which is obviously  now moving towards a cosmic Kundalini.


First to understand the Large Megallanic Cloud.


Megallan was an explorer.


His first name was Ferdinand and in 1520 he sailed through the tip of South America  in what is called now Megallan strait.


It is in the constellation Mensa which means Table Mountain.






This was named by a Potrugese Astronomer  whose name was Abbe Nicolas Lacaille.


He did much of his work in Africa and named the constellation he discovered after the mountain he worked on called the Table Mountain.


Mensa means table.


If we look at this through synchronicity we could say the beginning of the energy of Gods eye locates at the table of the Lord on the Mountain.


It's not a stretch because in honesty it is exactly what it is.


The origin of Supernova 1987a, the cosmic Kundalini from the Lords table on the mountain. 


We are following the line from the single eye on fire.


 In other words a direct line through constellations in the universe to match that with the energy known as Kundalini that flows through us.


As you look at the map you see that the line comes through two constellations ,

one is Dorado and the other is Hydrus.




Hydrus is interesting because the word means water snake.


The serpent in the water.


It is the spine as it becomes the serpent Kundalini with the electrical

energy traveling through the spinal fluid.


Dorado is a similar connection since it is the fish.


 It is actually the fish of gold or the gold fish, or the sword fish.





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