Let's take what I think you will find to be a very interesting look


at Greek Mythology as we consider the story of Narcissus and Echo.



The story gives us a very good insight about mythology,


and how the strange stories were written in deep


symbolic terms to relate natural conditions of the earth,


cosmos, and living beings.





 The story is about Narcissus who was so enamored by himself


that the Gods finally had to send him to Mt Helicon


where he would be alone and have time to ponder


the error of his ways.



Women were chasing after him because he was so good looking,


but he absolutely refused all of them saying that he


would never take a woman unless she was as beautiful as he.








There was a girl named Echo and she was a blabber mouth .



The gods were so tired of her chatting away all of the time


that they changed her to where she could only


repeat things other people said.



She was desperately in love with Narcissus


but he wanted nothing to do with her.


So when Narcissus went off to Mt Helicon,


Echo followed him there.





Echo would hide in the woods


so that Narcissus could not see her.


 He just was constantly staring at his own reflection in the water.



Whenever Narcissus would yell out for someone to help him get out of the woods,


 Echo would reply, the woods the woods.



Finally Echo ran to him and he pushed her away.


He said she was no different then all of the other girls


who chased after him and kept saying I love You , I love you.



Echo replied I Love you, I love you.



She went back to the woods and Narcissus just


continued to stare at his reflection in the water.




Narcissus began to waste away .


He grew very weak and knew he was dying.



Just before he died, he yelled out Farewell Farewell.



 Echo replied from the woods Farewell Farewell.



Finally after a long time, the Gods sent


messengers to find Narcissus.



They went to the spot where they knew he had been constantly


staring at himself, but instead of finding him they found a lone flower.




The Narcissus became the result of the person Narcissus constantly look at himself.








The beautiful point of the story is that when one separates


from the physical realm and spends time looking within oneself,


the obsession with physical life gives way to a oneness with nature.


That which is man made, becomes that which is God made.








Echo became lost in the woods and she thus becomes one


who will answer whoever calls out to her in those desolate places.


Try it yourself. She will answer you.


But there is much more to the story .









It is a very complex story about the nature of life.





The story's roots go deep into what has become a world wide


tradition of  holding  the female at a lower social


 and religious level then the male.



It even finds its way into the current problem of


religious people and their bizarre activities in the sexual


 abuse of children, particularly young males.










The need on the part of so much of the religious community in


many religions to avoid females has its roots in


Narcissus and the very ancient subject of homosexuality.



Narcissus is also related to that phenomena which


was very prevalent in ancient Greece and Rome.



 What is interesting, is to see how Narcissus and the


anti female attitude, as well as the Narcissus connection


is carried  deeply into religion and is found there to this present day.










What is so interesting is how the church has adopted


the Narcissus in so many of its functions connected


with life and resurrection.


 There is more to this then just the fact that it is a pretty flower.



It is connected with the fact that religion not only


considers the female to be physically weaker which is honest ,


but intellectually and spiritually weaker which is not honest.










Why is it that the Declaration of Independence said all men


are created equal at a time when women were not allowed to vote?


 The reason is that the independence only applied to men.








The daffodil (which is the Narcissus) has been adopted by


both the American Cancer Society, & the Madame Curie Society,


for whom it symbolizes simultaneously hope & disease.



The Greeks today call it N. tazetta Dakrakia,


"Little Tear Drops," as this flower's association with


grief & death is both exceedingly ancient, & modern.



In this particular case there is the sadness surrounding


the story of Narcissus, and the eventual pining away


type of death, as well as the hope that Narcissus


 never relinquished until the end.









There is the other part of this story which is much larger


as we look at the male female structures in society


both civilized and uncivilized.





Narcissus is fundamentally impotent or sexless,


though erotically appealing to goddesses or nymphs,


& even to the more masculine gods.




We are reminded that Cybele's boy companion Attis,


born of an almond tree, was like Narcissus sexually incapable,


indeed  he was literally unmanned.




 The frustration of Attis with his own sexuality


is graphically presented in the part of the story


where he takes a sharp stone and castrates himself.




 He cuts off his genitals and then utters these words.


"Ah, perish the parts that were my ruin." [Ovid, Fasti 4.240]








Such sexless males seemed to originate in a very early


level of myth when the Mother Goddess, being Absolute,


had no actual consort, at a time when the male principle


was at most a companion, son, or a priest


who had unsexed himself.



This self castration was an extreme case of celibacy


but it was celibacy none the less.



The ancient story of Attis unsexxing himself is today's story


 of the religious abstaining from touching women.



Narcissus is another example among several of a beautiful


young man who spurned sex.



As such, his myth has much in common


with those of Adonis and Hippolytus.



All of these are dying and reborn divinities that become


the foundation of religions throughout the eons.



Narcissus dies to the flesh and becomes the flower.








This includes even Jesus where Christians coopted the daffodil


(the Narcuissus) as well as the lily as symbols of death & Easter resurrection.



But what they do, they do with no knowledge that this


is also a deep symbol of the homosexual trait originated


with the earliest myths.


To them itís just a pretty flower.


 They really have no idea who or what Narcissus was.



He was someone totally obsessed with the beauty of


the male form and his only salvation was to focus deeply on himself


and be transformed into a flower of nature, into a spiritual being


as opposed to a physical being.



Here you will see a demonstration of that in an


individuals description of church Easter services.











For Easter, St Peter's in Rome,  had a cross of daffodils.


Following a discussion of Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ


(David and Nick had been to see the film with a small group of friends


appropriately enough on Good Friday) and at Holy Communion,


everyone was invited to pick up a daffodil and add it to the cross of daffodils.



In actuality that cross is the Cross of Narcissus.


 Narcissus who spurned the female for the beauty of the male form.


Who died to the physical and resurrected in new form of the spirit.



He loved his own reflection , then turned into the flower baring his name,

ignoring the erotic desires of Echo all the while.









In another  part of the story there is an interesting exchange


between Narcissus and Echo I wanted to share with you.



Narcissus becomes so lonely in the woods and cry's out.


Whose here ?




Echo answers from the woods.  Whose here ?






Echo answered with all

her heart in the same words, and hastened to the spot, ready to

throw her arms about his neck.



But it was all in vain.


He left her, and she went

to hide herself in the recesses of the woods.


From that time forth she lived in caves and among mountain cliffs.



Her form faded with grief, till at last all her flesh shrank away.



Her bones were changed into rocks, and there was nothing left of her

but her voice.



 With that she is still ready to reply to any one who calls her,


provided you will understand that Echo will have  the last word.








Echo had a large presence apart from the best-remembered


tale of her downfall for loving Narcissus.



 But most revealing of her original nature is an ancient


Greek assumption that she was Persephone's personal messenger


(as Hermes was the personal messenger of Zeus),


and flew upon her dark wings between the living world & Thanatos


bringing perfect knowledge to and from the underworld.



 In this we find again the real nature of Echo,


whose lips are veiled, for the secret knowledge cajoled


from her is incorruptible.








This Echo is, then, the same as the Jewish Bat Kol,


"Daughter Voice," who brings news from God & repeats it verbatim


in her soft womanly voice directly into the hearts & spirits of humanity.



 In times of need Bat Kol can be heard to speak from out of a fiery light.



 Echo is also encountered in Vedic religion as the


Goddess Devaduti the Divine Messenger, feminine power of communication


without whom even the greatest of gods is mute.



From the lingering bits of a largely forgotten mythology,


it seems probable that Echo worship regarded Her as the


"spark" that dwells within each of us,


that which Narcissus never understood.








All the Greek words for Spirit or Soul are feminine words,


and  so in Greek myth the soul is often personified


as a nymph or goddess,



Psyche as lover of Eros being most famed of these.


Not coincidentally, in Semitic & Sanskrit languages too,


the words for Soul are invariably female names.










 The last great flourishing of Soul worship in


western religion was classical Gnosticism.



 Among Gnostics, a central idea was that Sophia


(the Mother-goddess Wisdom) spun out from herself,


without need of a consort or male



She was  the whole of the life-force of the world,


diminishing herself to become infused into the material world,


the energizing power of all life.



 Such belief remains current in India among Kali worshippers.



So the diminished Echo is still really that earlier Creatrix trying


to call out to humanity, to Narcissus, striving to correct the


Error of Sophia, & liberate us from the world of matter by calling us back


into the pre-created universe of light & unity.



But because she is fused to us,


we can never quite perceive her as anything but a reflection


of ourselves, an echo of our own voices, & we are undone


by our own vanity & remain snared in the material realm.








Narcissus grew up incapable of relations with the opposite sex,


absorbed in his own beauty.


 All such gods from Attis to Dionysus have a homosexual history,


& Narcissus was courted by Apollo, & by the River-god Ameinius.



As it turned out, Narcissus not only rejected all women,


but was also incapable of relations with men,


& sent Ameinius a sword which for all intent & purpose meant


"Go kill yourself."



Ameinius did so; he committed suicide on the doorstep


of the house of Narcissus.








And we do know a single defining moment about


the rituals for Echo at the Demeter Festival.



When Echo received prayers, her worshippers would call blessings


into a deep niche which was immediately beside a niche wherein


Demeter was enthroned, & from out Echo's empty niche or cavern,


the blessings would be called back three times to those who adored her.



These early stories provided the basis for the celibacy


concepts that flourish in so many religious groups.



But it transcends that to an actual frustration


 and degrading of women ala Narcissus.



Narcissus pushes Echo away and says, donít touch me,


 I would rather die then touch you.


The Bible echo's (excuse the pun) his words









1 Corinthians 7: 1.  Now concerning the things about which


you wrote to me: It is good for a man not to touch a woman.



You have to keep in mind that when the mother Goddess was in charge.


The male was nothing.


Just a sexless companion because she needed no sexual partner.


Males were not even allowed to inherit anything.


There was a degrading of the male.



Now it is reversed in much of society socially, and in religious institutions


both physically and spiritually.








But what is the reality here.


What is the true essence of all of this.


Whether it is female superior to male or male superior to female


there is a lack of balance.



 The entire life operation is incapable of operating properly


 because there is no equality.


There is no male female or positive negative balance.


When it is missing in our electrical appliances they will not work.


Obviously you see the results of it not working in our social and spiritual worlds.


 They donít work.



Religion has never been able to separate the physical and the spiritual.


The visible and the invisible.


To them it's all male.








By New Testament times, a Jewish man was usually the

lord or master of only one wife at a time.


 But the image of woman suffered from the stress that

postexilic priests placed on ritual purity,

hich, to quote Leonie J. Archer, made women,

due to the blood of menstruation and childbirth,

"unclean for a large part of their lives.


" Hellenistic Jewish writers began expressing the

 same contempt for women that made the views of the

 Greeks on gender, in Giulia Sissa's words, "distinctly unpalatable."


 Thus the Jewish philosopher Philo (first century B.C.E.)

identifies man with mind and reason, and woman with

irrationality and the senses.

"A silent wife," says the apocryphal Sirach (second century B.C.E.),

 "is a gift from the Lord" (26:14).

The Jewish historian Josephus, a contemporary of Philo,

 puts it succinctly:

"Women are inferior to men in every way" (Against Apion II:201).





When religion says we are created in the image and likeness of God


they consider god is a man.



 A fatherly figure with a long beard.


They have never been able to understand that to mean that God is light.



Invisible electro magnetism, and so are we.


Therefore we are created in the image and likeness of God

in the invisible sub atomic world of mind consciousness.



But instead, social institutions have taken the original myths


and totally misunderstood them, and applied physical,


rather then spiritual aspects to the stories,


and for thousands of years the living beings of the earth


have taken part in foolish bodily concerns that are totally irrelevant


 in the true essence of God and spirit








The mythologies of the male and female, whether it be Adonis or Narcissus,


and Echo of Persophene or Athena and Apollo speaks of interaction


of mind and emotions, body and spirit.



The two are separate entities and must not intercourse


with one another for life to be lived as it was cosmically created.



There is the higher mind which is the right hemisphere or God part.


At one time that was symbolized as female, the Goddess.


 Now it is symbolized as male, God.



The higher mind is where we dwell during meditation.


We are to take no thought, to separate


from the thoughts of the lower.




 In other words, we are to save ourselves for the bride of the right side.


We intercourse with her in meditation.



Since the times of the Goddess, the higher was female and  the lower


 was male.



Thus the physical left hemisphere of the brain was male and


the right hemisphere which is the spiritual side was female.



Whichever symbol is used to represent it, it is the lower physical mind which becomes


obsessed with physical things.



 That is Narcissus.


In order to overcome, the fear, the hate, the lust, etc. of the lower mind,


one must meditate by concentrating on ones self.



Totally separating from the physical or lower mind.


The male is avoiding the female, or the female is avoiding the male.



It depends on which


culture or God or Goddess perception is being used.



   One thing for sure the lower mind, left hemisphere,


is always going to be the non God part.



 It is also referred to as the carnal mind and there is an excellent


description of it in the Bible as it relates to our study here.







Romans 8:7.  Because the carnal mind is an enemy against God:

for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can it be.



The Bible did not incorporate the meaning of left male and right female


but simply refers to the


carnal mind (left side) as being outside of the law of God.



Now religious people will say, oh no, women are respected


as mothers and are part of the family, but that is not true at all.



Women in most institutions of religion and government


and business are relegated to 2nd class levels whether


it be in church, in job pay, in business promotions.



So you may say that one day it may change back and the Goddess


will be in charge and the man will be 2nd class.



You will have the same problem.


You will have the lack of balance.



 There is an absolute necessity for the woman and the man,


the female and the male to be partners,


to be equal in all aspects of life for life to exist as was


 ordained by God or Goddess.








The overall problem is the lack of understanding of the


ancient myths by the ignorant ones of the dark ages


from whence came organized religion.



They simply read everything literally and thus attributed


the same power to the physical which is meat and bone,


as they do to the invisible spiritual which is


cosmic photon power of conscious mind.



You can see to this very day that the ability of the


male and female to coexist other then for


the purposes of sex is very weak.



Fully 50% of the marriages that take place break up.



And it is Christianity that appeals for married people


to stay together and keep the family together,


yet it is their very power that has worked throughout


the ages to minimize the importance and stature of women.



These are the same people who scream out against abortion


but will not allow contraception.








It is obsessed with the physical.


 They cannot deal with gays, they cannot deal with sex,


they cannot deal with entertainment.


 They can only deal with themselves as objects of perfection.



Their need is to look deeply within themselves


until they change into that which is the true flower of spirit.



Where we have come  in our evolution to balance male female,


positive negative, yin yang.













 It will take power to restructure the electrical properties of


positive and negative, yin and yang and


male and female.



It will take electrical power to actually change


the electrical make up of the human brain mind


to increase the female which because of the power


of the physical has decreased it.


It will take this.



The Seventh Angel, Eta Carina






This great change is what is spoken of even in the Book of Revelation


which has spawned the double helix nebula as the Book of Life.









It speaks in Revelation of the woman


Revelation 12:1.  And there appeared a great wonder in heaven;

a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet,

and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: 

 5.  And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations

with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.


Now in this case the mythical element shifts.

The woman is the spirit.

The man is the physical mind rejuvenated or reborn of the spirit.


 The carnal mind which is enemy to God is changed by the spirit

or the woman who gives birth within us to the new

Christ mind which replaces the carnal mind.


 The result is that one lives in the physical element ,

and enjoys all that it has, but is ruled and guided by the non physical element,

so that there is the end of the war, and violence, and hate,

that rules so much of the world and has done so for eons.


The degrading of women in so many cultures of the world

including this one, is a sign of a much deeper human problem. 


The degrading of ones own self by connecting almost

totally to the physical or male element and

neglecting the invisible interior female element.


 No matter what people do, no matter how hard they pray,

no matter how often they go to church,

until they come to grips with the female within all of them

they will never find the happiness or the heaven they seek.


No matter how hard you try to start your car,

no matter how many wonderful technicians assist you,

until the female is connected equally with the male that car will not start.


 No matter how many switches you switch to turn

the lights on in your house, no matter how many electricians you call ,

until the female is connected with the male you will live in total darkness.


 That is what has happened to the world.

The light has gone out.




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