William Crookes was born on 17 June, 1832 in London.




He studied at the Royal College of Chemistry and

became one of the most important scientists of the

XIX century, both in the field of Physics and in Chemistry.






In 1861, he discovered the metallic chemical element thallium.



This led him indirectly to the invention of the radiometer in 1875.



He later developed a vacuum tube (the precursor of the X-ray tube)



His studies of cathode rays were fundamental in the

development of atomic physics.



He was knighted in 1897 and received the Order of Merit in 1910.



He was also a Fellow of the Royal Society, becoming its

president between 1913 and 1915












I ask because Sir William Crookes claimed to have

brought a woman back from the dead in a seance

and took her pulse.




He stated that this was not spiritual but rather

scientific, and in this page he proposes that telepathy

really happens because it is scientific.


The comments of Sir William Crookes will appear

in this color font.
















If telepathy takes place we have two physical facts-the

physical change in the brain of A, the suggester, and the

analogous, physical change in the brain of B, the

recipient of the suggestion.


My Comment

As we follow along we will have the suggester as A

and the recipient as B


In other words, someone outside of you will be A and you

will be B







Between these two physical events there must

exist a train of physical causes.


My Comment

My feeling of that statement is that if there is to be a

telepathic contact between two people, there must

be a force between  them that makes it happen.


In other words, I perceive that William Crookes is saying

if there is such a thing as telepathy, it has to be a scientific






Such a sequence can only occur through an intervening medium.




What I believe William Crookes is saying here, is

that the telepathy from one brain to another has to

have something to receive the signal and then

make it possible for it to reach others.




For instance. A television signal is transmitted from the source.

You cannot see it because you cannot reach the

frequency which it travels on.




The medium in this case would be a television set,

which aligned to that frequency , receives the signal

and then makes it available for you to see.




In the case of telepathy that would be from a deceased

to a living being on earth, the medium which is the

television set in the above example, turns out to be a

person who is able to somehow receive the transmitted

signal from the deceased and make it available for you to see.


That person would have to be able to operate on a cosmic frequency

that we cannot.


That does not mean that one must have a medius to receive from a

deceased person. If you are able to reach a cosmic frequency that

it will flow directly to you.






All the phenomena of the universe are presumably in some

way continuous, and it is unscientific to call in the aid of

mysterious agencies when, with every fresh advance in

knowledge, it is shown that ether vibrations have powers

and attributes abundantly equal to any demand-even

to the transmission of thought.




My Comment

I read this to mean that Sir William Crookes is saying

that there is no need to call upon Gods, or Angels, or

things of that sort when this type of communication

is scientific.


He is saying that everything is continuous meaning it

is constantly operating and touching every thing in




He then goes on to discuss ether vibrations.

Ether is the invisible air.



He says there are vibrations in that ether that have

powers that can even accommodate transmission

of thought.






The structure of brain and nerves being similar, it is

conceivable there may be present masses of such

nerve coherers in the brain whose special function it

may be to receive impulses brought from without through

the connecting sequence of ether waves of appropriate

order of magnitude.




My Comment

Sir William Crookes is saying that there may be nerves

in the brain that have a special function of receiving

impulses from without the body.


Some people have talents that others do not. If we consider the

medium in a seance, that person might have receptors in the brain

that picks up frequencies above the normal and thus they can see

and hear things others cannot.


Of course this makes the other suspicious of the medium but is it any

different then a composer who can create great music that the rest of

us cannot?


Is it any different then an artist who can draw things that the rest of us



They have access to frequencies that we do not. Then why would it not be

possible for a seance medium to have a similar abiltity.


Or for that matter, for you to have that ability.

















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A bit earlier in this study I provided you with the statement

of Sir WIlliam Crookes giving his opinion of how an external

force could be received into a recipient.




Of course William Crookes is talking about his

materialization of the deceased Katie King.


google image




If telepathy takes place we have two physical facts-the

physical change in the brain of A, the suggester, and

the analogous, physical change in the brain of B,

the recipient of the suggestion.



My Comment

So we have the suggester as A

And the recipient as B




This of course takes place in the invisible quantum

world according to William Crookes.




But now 145 years after William Crookes made this

statement, Physicist John Cramer comes

along and confirms it.





I have provided you with the credentials of Sir William Crookes,

and now I present the credentials of

physicist John Cramer.






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Sir William Crookes in 1871 said that in the invisible realm

there was a force that he called the suggester

to another mind that he called the recipient.




This is what Physicist John Cramer said in 2011


google image



Let's call that first electron of John Cramer the suggestor

of Sir William Crookes.



Then let's call the second electron (us) the recipient.



So just as Sir William Crookes said 145 years ago,

the invisible suggestor looks for a recipient.





Now how did Sir William Crookes say this happened 145 years ago?


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It is known that the action of thought is accompanied by

certain molecular movements in the brain, and here we have

physical vibrations capable, from their extreme minuteness,

of acting direct on individual molecules, while their rapidity

approaches that of the internal and external movements

of the atoms themselves.





So William Crookes said that vibrations in the atom structure

or invisible quantum world can have a direct effect on individual

molecules in people like you and me.


Thus because of the vibrations between the two,

communication is possible.






What does Physicist John Cramer say?


google image



Physicist John Cramer confirms in 2011 what Sir. William Crookes

said in 1871.


You hear people say they want to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Well as we see from Mr Crookes and Mr Cramer, it would be necessary

for the impulse called the Holy Spirit to vibrate and then for the

individual molecules within us to vibrate in response.



If Sir William Crookes is proved right about that statement

as to how invisible forces contact each other, should we

not also consider that he may be right concerning

the materialization of Katie King from the dead?




Below we will look at the quantum transaction that supports

the 1871 statement of Sir William  Crookes




john cramer




Sir William Crookes said

If telepathy takes place we have two physical facts-the physical

change in the brain of A, the suggester, and the analogous,

physical change in the brain of B, the recipient of the suggestion.




Let's look at John Cramers diagram above and identify the

emitter at the bottom as an external invisible being we call the

suggester, and the absorber at the top as William Crookes recipient.


In other words when the emitter begins to vibrate, the molecules within

William Crookes could pick up that vibration and begin a communication

between the two.  The invisible quantum emitter and the visible and physical

recipient William Crookes.




Let's go a bit further and call the emitter at the bottom the

medium in the seance, and the absorber at the top, the deceased.




Maybe Katie King




So in the seance the medium or emitter sends out a

wave by vibrating electrons to the recipient or the deceased.




Now below, let's see what happens.



google image


Above we are at step two.



The absorber who would be the deceased Katie King responds

to the emitter, the medium by  sending back a confirmation wave.


As I said earlier, the medium would have to be able to touch the

frequency that the deceased is operating on.


If so, when the deceased Katie King vibrates a reply, it is picked up

by the medium.




The two have made contact.


You may be trying to get in touch with someone deceased.

According to this, you send out a vibration through meditation

as an offer.


If that vibration is picked up by the deceased then an acceptance

vibration is sent back to you and if you pick it up then you have

made contact with the deceased.





Finally we reach stage 3 below.



john cramer



The energy and momentum is transferred.



The emitter medium and the absorber deceased (Katie King) are one as

the transaction is completed via a wave function collapse.



As we see above , energy and momentum is transferred and in this case

it is from the deceased Katie King to the medium in the seance.


So what so many say cannot happen, absolutely does happen scientifically

and in the slide above you see the quantum transaction yourself.


This is known by physicists as a very normal occurrence.





Again what did Sir William Crookes say?


google image




If telepathy takes place we have two physical facts-the physical

change in the brain of A, the suggester, and the analogous,

physical change in the brain of B, the recipient of the suggestion.




Sir William Crookes who said this 145 years ago,

and now has been proved to be correct,

also said that the materialization of Katie King from the dead,

actually happened.


And if what happened is the vibration or molecular movements went

from one consciousness to another consciousness, then based on

the Quantum Transactional Model I have showed you above, this

type of contact is a scientific reality.








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