You might have heard this many times but yes,

too many people are blind to understand these truths but…..

with God it’s possible.

Watching your video, i just kept saying, I knew it.

Anyway, I wanted to establish something like this in my own country

and community. I am not afraid to speak all of these truths.


Let me know if there is that possibility that your church can

be established here.


I am a public speaker so relaying your messages to the people wouldn’t be hard.

Anyway, hope you will receive this message. 





Dear Bill and "the Nurse",

I have watched your you tube productions that are almost

twenty years old and I am so glad you recorded Bill's teachings

because it has opened my eyes to a new understanding. 

I just want to say thank you both for your dedication and courage

to bring forth a message I only wish others would embrace. 

Thank you so much!




 I really enjoy your perspective and what obviously is revealed to you..

I would say remember.. when you is

it will keep showing up for you that way.

Your comment or question I see many things.. in your work.

Ramtha.. JZ Knight speaks in detail the

pineal gland.. and offer great learnings 

"wHAT THE Bleep do we know  

Many participate in similar vision and you add your

own special insight to the Bible.  Thanks Bill



Between your wonderful videos and Santos

I'm in heaven!

Well not quite, I need to work to get a kundalini; at least I now know it can all be done within.

Thank you so much for exposing the truth so interestingly, it is just so important.

Lots of love,  Adam



FASCINATING!!!! Convinces me even more that the chemtrail spraying is

about blocking the sun's frequencies in an attempt to prevent the full

awakening of Christ Consciousness.


They're spraying aluminum, a known frequency blocker.

It's in fluoride, antiperspirant and other sources and look at the rise in

Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and Autism...misfiring of neurons/communication

in the brain...frequencies being blocked


Ive googled this.


Rulers of this planet have always attempted to keep people out of the sun,

especially at critical times of certain solar activity.

 In modern times, first it was sunglasses.


And never look directly at the sun...I'm a sungazer...the blindness scare is a scam.

Then the scare of any sunlight exposure and push for sunblocks containing

damaging chemicals.


Thousands and thousands of years of sun exposure and suddenly it's

dangerous and yet with all the sunblock used the skin cancer rate continues

to rise...anyone else see what I'm seeing?

Thank you for your wisdom Lisa

From Lisa



This is fantastic about 2012 but what about all these

weather and the planet x .

If u don't know then look up the keyword - planet x .


It bothers me and makes me feel like there is no more hope for

ahead so when i read yours it makes better sense


What i want to know is are we able to survive through

the last four years or is there a way to save ourselves or is it that I

misunderstood or not finish reading about making it to 2012.


Please let me know. thank you

Bills Response

Thank you very much for writing.

My approach to planet X is that position I take on all claims.
There must be proof by non aligned scientific scholars.

I have never found anything from NASA or the scientific community that
confirms the existence of Planet X.

Below you will see the report on Planet X from the

Wikipedia Encyclopedia

Today, especially on the internet, many claims that

have no validity are made.

But we will see


Planet X disproved

Harrington died in 1993, having never found Planet X.[7]

That same year, Myles Standish used data from Voyager 2's

1989 flyby of Neptune, which had revised the planet's total mass

downward by 0.5 percent, to recalculate its gravitational effect

on Uranus.[16]


When the newly determined mass was used in the

Jet Propulsion Laboratory Developmental Ephemeris (JPL DE),

the supposed discrepancies in its orbit vanished.[1]


Also, to date there are no discrepancies in the trajectories of any

space probes (Pioneer 10, Pioneer 11, Voyager 1 and Voyager 2)

that can be attributed to the gravitational pull of a large

undiscovered object in the outer solar system.[17]


Today the overwhelming consensus among astronomers is that

Planet X, as Lowell defined it, does not exist.


Lowell had made a prediction of Planet X's position in 1915

that was fairly close to Pluto's actual position at that time;

however, Ernest W. Brown concluded almost immediately

that this was a coincidence, a view still held today.[18



The bee's have returned to nature...
they have that natural instinct...

Also, they won't have anything to do withthe gentetic-altered food...

they have returned to nature...they no longer want to be

"kept" by the "Keepers"...

Back to nature, that's where they've gone...from where

they came, to do what they are supposed to nature...

not for man to control...not to worry they are here in

beautiful California...buzzin around...happy bee's,

in happy trees and flowers.

Dawn...for some reason speaking for bee'



After reviewing this data .....possibly a new son (sun)

is to appear in the cosmos. Ikes!



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