We have seen so much today about our deliberate attacks


on nature, and our failure to understand nature,


and build our societies in harmony with nature.



We have brutalized animals as something less in value


then us humans .



We do terrible things to them, even when we kill them


so we may eat and survive.



Joan and I went once to the managers at the


Shop Rite Supermarket and complained


because they had 1 lobster tank and had the lobsters


stacked on top of one another  7 deep.



His reply was well they're going to die anyway.


But where is the human minds ability to be compassionate?


We lost that .




We have brought the ravages of nature upon us because


of our inability to respect and love and thank nature.


The American Indians would treat the Buffalo


as a God that had given of itself so they  may live.


Many have no regard at all.









I told you some time ago about the cat at the


Nursing Home in Rhode Island



Oscar the cat who would be with people who were


about to die as if to guide them in their first steps beyond.



Oscar is a very special person from a parallel dimension


who knows the secrets of  physical death and the


transition into the parallel world.



Regardless of whether you like cats or not.



Oscar does not care because he was sent here not only


to do a job but to make people aware of the power given to


animals who are in our care.




google image


Oscar makes his rounds at the nursing home


just like any other doctor , nurse or attendant.




google image


The reason I wanted to go back to Oscar is because


I want to provide you with another recent story about animals in general,


and cats in particular, and how this follows up on


the human minds total ignorance concerning animals


and what their job is here on planet earth.





And if you will look in Oscars eyes again, you can feel his


message that he knows things about the other side that we don't,


and we should treat that knowledge with respect.




google image


I have an article from the Asbury Park NJ press written


by a veterinarian by the name of Dr Michael Fox.




Once again I do this to help get people to reconsider


their feelings about animals in animals and in


particular cats here.




Again I think you will find just how much this article


points to human ignorance and why we have brought so


much of this disaster down on our own heads.


This is a letter that Dr Fox received and shared with his readers.










asbury park press


It's amazing how things that we decide are worthless,


or a pest or nuisance, and we kick aside may actually be a form


of God in a disguise to see how humane and compassionate


we can be and if we are, receive a healing from it.



But so many who could be healed refuse it by their own ignorance.


Such is the nature of things and such is the nature of God.




And such is the nature of ourselves that no matter how


much documentation we can provide to people, they will not


listen because their tradition comes absolutely first  even


if it is wrong which in most cases it is.



I was listening the other day to people who were discussing


the supernatural and spirits and I wanted to jump through the radio


because they never came close to understanding that there


are no such things.




There is nothing supernatural. What we call supernatural is


simply the natural existence that we have deprived ourselves of


experiencing by our close association with religion.



What we call spirits are photons. Light beings. Intelligent light beings.




In order for us to understand all of the things we have prayed about, sung about,


had ceremonies and rituals about, we simply must acknowledge photon.



The invisible light that is the source of all consciousness and intelligence.




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