This is about Uranus, and the present time.
It really is important for us to consider the implications.


First let us look at the Greek myth of Uranus.
It's a story , yes.
But it is based on astronomical activity.

Uranus the sky God was the husband of Gaia, mother earth.
The myth is telling us that Uranus has a deep interest in the
activities on planet Earth.

He would come every night and mate with Gaia, but he hated the
children she bore him.
One of the children, Cronus, ambushed Uranus and castrated him.
Uranus had to flee and leave his bride Gaia.

Uranus is the ruling planet of Aquarius.
Aquarius (the man with the pitcher of water) was noted by Jesus
as the sign of the Passover.

Pacal Votan identified this time (approx Dec 21 2012) as the point
of the great change.


In the Bible which was written in Greek, Jesus says the Kingdom
Of Heaven is at hand.
The Greek word for heaven is Ouranos which is translated into
English as Uranus.
Jesus in the text is saying the Kingdom of Uranus is at hand which
for all of us at this time, is correct.

Scripture not only speaks of  Uranus as the Kingdom of Heaven, but
also speaks of the bridegroom returning for his bride.

Having said all of that, I want to bring to your attention, a
development that builds on the ancient myths and legends.
I am providing a link for you to read a news release of November 16
Massive storms have been observed on Uranus.
The storms are brighter then anything ever observed on Uranus
in the history of astronomy, and scientists consider the origin
of the storms to be a mystery.
This is the link.
You will read where one of the scientists says, "seeing this on Uranus
is a new frontier.
Another said, "why we see these incredible storms now is beyond
anybody's guess".

Uranus is unlike any other planet. It spins in the opposite direction
of every other planet.
So suddenly the kingdom of heaven has become incredibly
Suddenly the bridegroom who was deposed via violence in the myth
is behaving with extreme violence.

And for whatever reason the myth originated, it did so, describing
a close relationship of the bridegroom and his bride, between Uranus
and this planet earth.

When or why the story was so developed, no one knows, but the
story teller today might write that the bridegroom is returning for
his bride, and he is determined to take her.

What did they know when they wrote this tale of cosmic chaos.
I am in no way predicting anything.
I am simply relaying what was written about Uranus then, and
what is going on with Uranus now.

Let me end by saying this.

Very few people in this world have any idea about this.

But you do, and for you, that is very special. 

You know something that very few on this earth do. 

The cosmic bridegroom is returning for his bride, and oh what
a wedding this will be. 

Bill http://www.hiddenmeanings.com/specialmessage.htm 

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