The message on this page is for now,

because the time of universal change is closing fast

upon us.



I know you have heard that before but I will bring things to your

mind that have not been brought before, and I feel that you too

will reach the conclusion that I have.

Now Is The Hour.





Now we take that one step beyond.

Going actually where few have gone before.


Exploring the meaning of life in a way that is beyond

the natural comprehension of things.


The things you are about to see  will seem  very strange

and beyond the things of the earth.


I will prove these things .


Most people will say it is impossible to prove.


It is of the invisible, it is of the cosmos.


But it will be proven to you if you suddenly feel inside of

yourself that this makes sense, this is logical, this is reasonable.


 In other words proof only can find acceptance inside of you.


There's a great quote someone made long ago.


To those who are willing no proof is necessary,

to those who are not, no proof is possible.


So proof is a judgmental thing that occurs as the information

makes it inside of you to your receptors.


Then your inner person will tell  you whether this is right or not.






As you go through this page you will see

proof that a person is photon plus material.


In other words your body is meat, bone and blood,

but something must operate it.


Something must make decisions for the body.

Something must develop ideas for it.


What you will find is that meat, bone, and blood, are not capable

of making decisions or coming up with ideas,

or loving or hating.


What you will find as you go along here is that photon

is actually personality, intelligence, and person.


Each electro photon is an individual personality,

capable of operating in a particular body.


There is dog photon, cat photon, people photon.


All capable of living and operating in those

particular bodies.


Photon is invisible light and the Bible tells us that God is light (photon)

and we are made in the image and likeness of God.


Celestial bodies we observe in the heavens are also emitting

electro magnetism which means that they are also beings as

much as we are, operating from different bodies

with a different purpose.


So forget about the bodies, and begin to understand the

individual photon personality which is distinctive in every

living thing that emits it, including not only human bodies,

but heavenly bodies as well.






The premise we are developing is that a body is just a body

until that body receives the photon that makes it a human being,

or a dog, or cat, or whatever it may be.


In other words, there must be photon plus body,

to become a human or animal living being.


In the same way that a car is simply a body until a

person operates it.


A house becomes a home when life occupies it.


So now you look at your body and say, I am a human being

because there is a photon which is me inside.


You have a body, an ant has a body, a bird has a body,

an elephant has a body, a tree has a body,

but all have a photon inside which makes them into living things .


The problem with all of this is that identifying that

photon as light leaves us kind of cold.


How can I be just a speck of light.


I can't identify with that.


How can we answer the question of life after death,

will we see our relatives etc etc?





We have created all kinds of stories about going to

heaven to be with grandma.


We have reached a point that when we talk of reality

it is most difficult for us to accept.


How can a beautiful person filled with life, expectations, desires,

hopes and fears actually be just a light particle, a light being.



We have a gutter guard on our house rain gutters,

and the contractor who installed them  had mistakenly left off a cap

at the end of a part of the gutter and a small bird built a nest in it.



What struck me is that as you look at a small bird you lose

sight of the fact that there is a light inside of that body,

an intelligence, a consciousness.


That small bird found the opening in the house gutter

and made a decision to build a nest there.



If the cap was left on it would have been impossible,

but it was possible and that small flying body made a decision.



Of course we did not close up that area until nature had taken its course.


The birds body itself , being so small and filled with blood,

bones and feathers could not make the decision to build the nest there.  


 An intelligence, a consciousness inside made the decision.



And so we realize there are many kinds of bodies that give off life and light.


Not just the kinds of bodies we are.



There are elephants, and birds and all kinds of strange things under the water and God knows where else.


Bodies that have life flowing in them and from them are conscious, they have an intelligence.


They make decisions.



And so I took this premise.


If our body has an appearance and a consciousness coming from it, who is to question another kind of body with a consciousness coming from it.


I mean coming from the bird is a consciousness.


The body is not like ours and the consciousness is not like ours

but none the less it is consciousness which makes it a person.


An individual. A being.


But you say, oh but we are higher beings.

Not to that bird your not. 


You crawl on the earth, they soar with the winds.


So for our discussion, there is a person in the bird,

In the ant, in the elephant, in the tree.



Different body then ours, different person then ours but none the less, there is a conscious being in there, there is a life force in there.


We know that because when the life force is gone,

there are dead bodies regardless of whether its ant,

elephant, human, or tree.


Make sense, accepted inside of you ? 


Then we have proof.


So let us carry this beyond ants, and birds and things that

crawl upon the earth such as humans, and look where our

redemption comes from according to the Bible.






This news article below speaks of light, electrical energy person

arriving on Earth after a journey of 11 Billion light years.

 It was from Eta Carina.


That would mean , that a personality, a person, identified with a

specific body has come to the earth for a specific reason as

outlined in the Book of Revelation.


 That person though not a human being, is a celestial being,

 An Angel, An angle of light.


The 7th Angel . Eta Carina


11-Billion-Year Old Gamma Ray Blast Found In Space




The afterglow from a cosmic explosion that occurred 11 billion years ago could give scientists a new way to measure the age of heavenly objects, astronomers reported on Wednesday.


The explosion , known as a gamma ray burst, was spotted last

January and it took investigators eight months to figure out

where it came from.


GRB 000131, as it is known, came from the southern

constellation Carina (the keel).


Before this the previous record holder was less then 9 billion years old, astronomers said in this statement.


Observations by a cluster of interplanetary space probes indicate that the gamma ray blast probably emanated from a monstrous dying star more then 30 times as massIve as the sun, scientists said in a statement.


What causes these bursts is not known, but they are the most


 powerful explosions in the known universe, according to Kevin


 Hurley, a physicist at the Universithy of California at Berkeley

and principal investigator of the gamma ray burst experiment

aboard NASA's Ulysses spacecraft.


The explosion the scientists detected is about 11 billion light years away.


A light year is about 6 trillion miles, the distance light travels in a year.


The light from this gigantic flash had traveled 11 billion years

before reaching the earth and suggests that these explosive

objects may provide us with the longest yardsticks yet for

detecting and  studying galaxies in the early univers, Hurley said

in a statement.


I want this to be reasonable to you.


 What has arrived here is electro magnetism from Eta Carina. 

This Eta Carina is a body.


It is a cosmic body but it is a body none the less.

It is a body that has never been seen before and

there is light coming from that body.


Light in the form of particles not unlike what our light.


And so if we can look at our body, the ants body, the elephants body, the trees body, and say, that is a person because there is a life force operating it, why can't we say that Eta Carina is a person, because there is a life force operating that?


And if that makes sense to you then you must agree that the

person or persons who make up Eta Carina have

begun arriving on planet earth.


That article  claims the arrival of this light or person from Eta

 Carina occurred January 1999.


That was the first person to arrive.


But there is more because someone else has also arrived to join

the person who came down to us January 1999.











Ann Arbor--April 8 2003

Two billion years ago, in a far-away galaxy, a giant star exploded,

releasing almost unbelievable amounts of energy as it

collapsed to a black hole.


The light from that explosion finally reached Earth at 6:37 a.m.

on March 29, igniting a frenzy of activity among astronomers



This phenomenon has been called a hypernova,

playing on the name of the supernova events that mark

the violent end of massive stars.


 With two telescopes separated by about 110 degrees longitude,

the Robotic Optical Transient Search Experiment (ROTSE)

will have one of the most continuous records of this explosion.



The optical brightness of this gamma ray burst is about 100 times more intense than anything we've ever seen before.


It's also much closer to us than all other observed bursts so we can study it in considerably more detail," said Carl W. Akerlof, an astrophysicist in  the Physics Department at the University of Michigan.


Akerlof is the leader of ROTSE, an international collaboration of
astrophysicists using a network of telescopes specially designed to capture just this sort of event.


The collaboration is headquartered at U-M and funded by NASA

and the National Science Foundation (NSF).


The  second ROTSE telescope in Fort Davis, Texas

was picking up the job of monitoring this spectacular explosion.


Here we see the arrival of another person from

Eta Carina occurring March 29 2003. 


Thus we have proof of two beings of light arriving from

Eta Carina which is the 7th Angel of the Book of Revelation.


To see the original on the Space Daily Web Site Please    







There are no  angels.

In the way that we were raised to understand the existence of angels, the truth is that they do not exist.


So in talking of the 7th Angel of the Book of Revelation we have to raise our understanding out of the myth to the truth, and begin to understand angles of light and electro magnetism as being consciousness.


That consciousness makes an angle of light an angel


In addition there is no Jesus in you ,there is no God in you,

these are words used to describe this light or electro magnetism,  that is life,


These are words to describe intelligence, consciousness.


Both in the universe and in you







In the same way  people came up with words (your name)

to identify  you.


Those people are the ones that created you, your mother and     father.


But that name only describes the body of you.


No one knows your real name, because the person you are inside

of your body has a name that is not of the earth.


You know it but you cannot recall it now because the circuit to

that area of memory is temporarily cut off.






Its like in your circuit breaker board at home.


 If energy goes off in a certain part of the house you go to

the board and you find a switch is thrown. It is off.


Well itís the same thing inside of you.

The switch to the circuitry of your true light identity is off.


When the switch goes off in your house, it does so because

something forced it to go off. It doesnít go off for no reason.


Usually the reason is quite serious and has to be resolved before

that switch can be reset. It is the same in you.


 Can I prove this?

 Does it begin to make sense inside of you?

 Then it is being proven.





So if you can effect others by the light coming from you ,

and others can effect you by the light coming from them,

what effect is going to come from this person known as Eta



And if we can look at the light coming from Eta Carina as a person , a life force, what about this.?









Let us consider who is the personality of Supernova 1987a

who is going to effect the earth with his/her light 

according to NASA.


Who is this and what kind of vibrations will be coming to each of

us through this electromagnetic personality?


  What does this person have in store for us?

  You make the comment on occasion,

  I donít know what he/she has in store for me.

  Well what about this person?








Who is the man with the pitcher of water?

The light being effecting the earth and the universe

in such a strange and different way.


What does this electro magnetic personality

do to the affairs on the earth.


Just take a look around.






And who is this?

The person who is turning everything upside down?


The person is Uranus whose name in Greek means Heaven.


As Jesus said, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand,

the Kingdom of Uranus is at hand.






The eye of the Hour Glass Nebula.

What kind of personality will this electro magnetic

power bring down to planet earth?



Look into that eye in a closeup ?




It's pretty exciting to realize that this nebula is also a body

with an electro magnetic personality.


 A person in the cosmos staring at you and me.







So now we see how important it is to understand

who we are and how we work.


As we do, we can then gradually understand who they are.

Persons with different bodies, but persons,

and persons with a mission, like us.


Everything is natural.


There are no angels as we understand, no God as

we understand.


No Jesus as we understand.


But all of this exists in a real and natural way

that is not religion or spirit.


It is real.

It is  electro magnetism and it is universal.







All of this is abundantly natural.

There is nothing religious and nothing spiritual about it.

It happens the same for everyone.

It is the way that the electro magnetic light (photon),

works in the body when both are operated properly.








Everything in the Biblical story occurs in the

Kingdom of God which is within you.



Jesus is born of a virgin.

In other words in virgin consciousness something

new happens in the human body.


When you are in meditation and there is no thought in your mind,

Jesus is born.


 When you separate from the thoughts of the mind,

 when you turn them off you cause an event to occur

 electrically in the human body.


Its like when your doctor tells you to do something that will

cause your body to have a positive reaction.

If you do this, this or that will happen.

It is the same thing.


This is simply a natural phenomena that occurs inside

of the human body when it is cut off from the activity

connection with the lower frequency.


It separates from thought, and when the inner electro

magnetic person (YOU), cuts off the activity to the brain ,

cuts off inputting to the brain,

then an energy inside of the body comes to life.


That electrical energy which comes to life is called Jesus.








We have been discussing together the

nature of human life.


We have separated out the two aspects of human life,

namely the body and the light.


The electrical element which we are and which God is

that lives inside of bodies and operates them.


The Bible that says you are the light of the world spoke a

deep truth of our real identity in the strange other world of light

where beings of light communicate, see, hear , speak,

all without eyes, without ears, without mouths.


You are active in that world continually when you put

your body to sleep and leave it to experience the

strange other side that you refer to as dreams.


Isn't that interesting ?


You are an electro magnetic field in your invisible state.


When you park your body at night it is like parking your car.

The ignition is turned off and you get out.


Your so called dream is not a dream at all.

It is a real, true activity taking place in

your electro magnetic state.








And so as we consider this element that most steer clear of,

we find ourselves deep in what many consider strange.


How could that possibly be?


How could Eta Carina be a person?


How could the Eye of the Hour Glass Nebula be a person?








We have a lot of trouble looking at a planet or constellation,

and even though we know that there is electro magnetism

coming from it, and electro magnetism is consciousness,

still it is not the kind of body we can connect with consciousness.


But remember, your body is not consciousness either.

It is the electro magnetism that operates your body and comes

from your body that is consciousness.


So the difference between you and a planet or constellation

is the form and size of the body.


The electro magnetism is the same, it is consciousness.


Thus though they have a different body, celestial bodies

with electro magnetism flowing from them are persons.


Yet we see it in a fly and think nothing of it.

We swat the fly and destroy the body so the light inside of

that fly leaves in a hurry to be part of another fly life experience.


Consider how many times you have killed the same fly.


But you see, you can't kill electro magnetism.

You kill only the body but that magnetism finds another one,

so get out your swatter, he's back.


Sounds strange ? 

When we can slither out of the grasp of religion we will find

that reality is much stranger then what so many people

consider strange.


Take for instance this latest news release.








Take a look at this news release.


Era of 'unborn mother' looms as scientists use

aborted foetuses to grow human eggs

By Steve Connor, Science Editor in Madrid


A quarter of a century ago the first test-tube baby,

Louise Brown, was born.


Now scientists have raised another startling prospect -

"unborn mothers".


The notion that children can derive from human matter that has

not itself been born sounds the stuff of science fiction.


Yet it has moved a step closer with research showing that it is

possible to extract ovarian tissue from aborted foetuses

for in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment.


But such a scenario raises grave ethical questions about the

possibility of creating children whose biological mothers

were never born.


Now this goes on stipulating reasons and ethics pro and con

but I did not raise this to you for that reason.


I simply wanted to show you that what people can consider

strange is simply because of their lack of understanding.


In the invisible world , the sub atomic world which they call

the spiritual world, absolutely anything is possible and those

possibilities can be transferred to the physical world.


So when we look at Eta Carina or the Eye in the Hour Glass Nebula and I say, this is a person.


One would be served well to listen closely.


But you have to listen to that which comes to you from the invisible.


Not from those who themselves do not understand.










KJV Numbers 31:9-10

9.  And the children of Israel took all the women of Midian

captives, and their little ones, and took the spoil of all their cattle,

and all their flocks, and all their goods.


      And they burnt all their cities wherein they dwelt,

      and all their goodly castles, with fire.


 Do you see whats happening here?


Cities and buildings destroyed ,

people taken captive and their possessions stolen.


They donít mention oil but if they needed it you can bet

it would have been taken too. 


And this because God wanted it that way.



According to the terrorists interpretation of God.



KJV Numbers 31:17-18

17.  Now therefore kill every male among the little ones,

and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him.


           But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him,    keep alive for yourselves.


Moses might have felt bad about killing innocent women and little boys and then young girls taken off to be abused, but hey, thatís what God wanted.


God told him to do it.


Politicians today believe God tells them what to do.


The Bible is filled with this idea of God telling people to

slaughter other people.


Thatís because it is ancient mythology and these wars are

used as symbolic lessons of the conflicts that go on inside

of the human mind.


This kind of  evil nonsense is not reserved for this side of the ocean.


We had people flying planes into the world trade center to please Allah.


As soon as someone says that God told them something you can

excuse yourself and get away from that person, because what

they believe is God telling them to do something, is actually them

doing what they truly want to do and trying to justify it.






You operate your mind, nobody else does.


God does not talk to anyone because God does not talk.

God is not a man , God is not human.


God is light and light does not talk English,

or German, or Hebrew, or French or any other language.







God communicates electrically into the circuits of your

electro magnetic personality, which you then

communicate to the body.


If you think God told you something then you can be sure

that it never happened.


You will never know if God ever told you anything.


All you will know is that one day some how you started thinking

differently and doing things differently.


People were uncomfortable with your new way of thinking.


When you feel that, then God has spoken to that invisible

essence within, the electro magnetic thing called spirit, you.








Nobody told you to think that way, you just did.


Somehow it just moved in that direction and you changed.


You changed from the way the earth people had been training you

and instructing you and your way now was to look

within instead of without.


Your way now was out of step with the religions and

governments of the earth.


Your way was flowing more in a natural harmony.


God had been tinkering with your stuff and you responded favorably.


But it was not your emotions that brought this on.


There was no advance notice that this was coming or

that God wanted you to do something or told you to do

something, you just began to do things, and see things, and think

things differently.


If someone comes up to you and says, God told me to tell you something. 


That person is telling you what  they want to, and in order to call

attention to their religious beliefs they attribute it to God.











When any President says God told me to attack so and so,

and so I am sending your son to destroy that so and so.


Look that person deep into the eye and know that they

are doing this violence and evil because they want to.


Because their group or party wants to.








If you go into meditation you are giving God permission

to change the switches and circuitry inside of the body you



When those circuits are changed you become different.


No one tells you or asks you. No one speaks or gives signs.


The change comes and you are aware.


Consider how you think now and how you thought then.

Then tell yourself either yes or know, God must have been

tinkering with my stuff. 


What's your answer, because that is the only way you will know.


Religion is filled with people claiming God told them this or that.


Close down the lunatics who use that reasoning to do

harm and open the lines of communication to the

holy ones of the invisible light.


Religion is evil lunacy







Who do you listen to.

Who should you listen to ? 


People who hear voices and receive channeled words of

knowledge that they should attack another person or country

because God said so?


Regardless of whether they are Muslim, Christian or Jewish,

it is evil insanity and a total disregard for life, nature, and reason.







You have read in the Bible about fallen angels and

that is exactly what we are reading about.


Fallen angels who are making the earth a violent mess.

And so your decision will have to be who will you follow,

fallen angels, or the higher angels.


The fallen light beings, or the higher light beings.


You arrived on this planet earth as a light being.


An electro magnetic consciousness, an intelligence,

looking for a body that you might experience and sense,

and live totally, both in the realm of consciousness and in

the realm of the physical.


But when you arrived the light beings who had come before

you had already fallen into total subjection to the left side,

to the physical, to the lower.


They totally cut themselves off from the right side,

from the higher from their heritage in light.


And so these light beings, fallen angles of light, fallen angels ,

had sexual experiences with one another and produced

other bodies as they were instructed to do.


But the other bodies which hosted new light beings

such as you and me were already corrupted.






Disturbed genetic structures, a total revulsion against

the invisible light and a mania for the physical.


The instructions brought to the earth outlining how to live in a body and co exist with nature, were prostituted to satisfy the fallen light beings need to control and do battle.


And as you occupied a body, when that body was prepared fully

to self exist outside, you immediately came under the direction,

and instructions of fallen angels, fallen and disturbed angles of

light and they passed their horror on to you.


People, governments, Presidents, and Kings, institutions of

learning, etc etc.


They all set standards of living that were formed from the

lowest elements of existence.


They twisted the ancient directions.


They taught that the Jesus light inside all of you became a physical man that God had to torture to death in order for you to be saved.


A blasphemy against God became a doctrine.








And the world was plunged into the cancers, the diseases that ravage, the wars, the greed, the violence, the destruction, and as the fallen ones evolved they became wise in the things of the lower and they were able to develop more and more sophisticated weapons to kill each other .


They plunged you and everyone who has followed them into the

darkness of the mind to the point where all you were ever able to

utter within yourself is that, this isnít right.


Something is wrong, you are not happy.


Whatís the purpose in all of this ?


Why do people act the way they do?


That's the way you feel, deep inside, as you wave the flag.








The answer is because their instructions concerning life

come from those who have fallen.


Those who knew better at one time long ago, but those

who chose to go a different route in order to control and profit.


So what are you, who are they?


All are light beings.

Fallen light beings that scripture refers to as fallen angels.


Angles of light that penetrated too deep into the lower ether

and lost their connection to the mother light and now have no

concept of their true nature or the true nature of life.








 There is no Jesus in you, there is no God in you.

 Inside of you is stuff, gooey, bloody, bony stuff.


But all of that gooey stuff needs an intelligence to operate it,

just as your computer needs an intelligence to operate it.


Scriptures were written many thousands of years ago by

the advanced ones of light.


They wrote mythically so that when the earth tribes had evolved

to that point of understanding, the hidden truth could be

revealed and understood.


When I say advanced ones of light I am talking about

intelligent electro magnetic personalities from a higher realm.


Think of them as aliens without bodies.

That may make it easier to understand.


Aliens without bodies.


And the way they wrote was to take natural electro magnetic

activity of the body and of the earth and of the cosmos and

give each names representing Gods and Demons and all the rest.


So you hear of the spirit and the soul, etc and actually what is

being referred to here is the electro magnetic activity that

operates bodies.


So indeed God is an electro magnetic field.


Now before that upsets you remember that in

Numbers 19 the Bible says God is not a man.


God is not human.


Then 1 John says God is light which means God is the supreme photon.


So  perfectly natural occurrences were described in adventure stories .


Unfortunately most of the world is still looking at the story

and not at the meaning.


There is where it all went wrong.


Cults from various parts of the earth began to interpret the

ancient myths literally and declared this or that doctrine in order

to control their followers.






Where did all of this mythology come from?


It was really impacted into Judaism in Christianity in 300 BC

when the Old Testament became a Greek Document

called the Septuagint.


The New Testament was always Greek.


So way before the time of the Christians there was the

Greek Old Testament which was influenced both by Jews and



Those Jews who came from Palestine and

settled in Alexandria were called Hellenists.


They were fluent in the Greek language and literature

and religion and mythology.


That is why the Jewish Messiah has a Greek name.


That name has the numerical value of the mythical sun which is



Those who were Greek with a Jewish ancestry wrote the stories,

and so they wrote of Israel in their myth and their

hero was the Sun god.


Entry into the earliest Christian communities involved giving

up one's wealth to the common society of Christians and

living communally and equally with others.

These small societies were at first entirely composed of other

Jews, so the bulk of the laws and practices of these communities

were derived from Jewish law.


But some Jews entering these communities were Hellenized. Jews.

They were fluent in Greek language and culture and considerably

less invested in Jewish life and law.








So consider for yourself, how do you write a story about what

happens inside the body when certain activities are practiced

that put into motion electrical changes that impact the brain in a

most positive way.


In other words, the inner life force when shut down causes a

gradual change in the brain and thus provides the light operating

the brain and body a higher physical life.


The light is able to enjoy the senses and the experience but does

not have to experience the constant violence, sickness etc etc.


There is a way to change the brain so that  additional circuits

become active in it which in turn raises the entire life experience.


So sitting down to write about it, the story focused on Israel and

Jews and a Greek Messiah and the job of the mythologist was to

find a way to dramatize the story so that when the evolution of the

mind had taken place in the Aquarian age, people would be able

to decode the hidden meaning.


Thus shutting down thought or turning off the life force in

 meditation became the crucifixion of the Sun god on the cross

 which is the body with arms outstretched.


The crucifixion is on Golgotha which means skull which

takes us to the brain.


Also on Mt Calvary which is a Latin word calvaria which

comes from the Greek cranion which means cranium or skull.


So this crucifixion is of the mind.


The lower which is Jesus is crucified in meditation by the

absence of lower thought so that the higher which is Christ

might sit at the right hand of God which is the

right hemisphere of the brain.





The Jesus Story Is

The Story Of

The Sun And The Mind


Born of a Virgin.


Of course when the mind is shut down, there are no thoughts ,

the mind is virgin and the energy which will rise up to the brain

to the right side can now be activated.


The virgins name is Mary. 

Which is Marra which means bitter.


It is in the womb of bitterness,

the negative, violent, carnal mind, where this birth takes place.


No room at the inn.

The busy mind cannot accommodate such a birth that must be

in total silence and darkness.


The stable, in the place of the animal.

The physical, the place of animal instincts, is where this

new life force is born within us.


The shepherds.

Watching their sheep is watching your thoughts in meditation.


The wise men coming from the East

Is wisdom coming from the right hemisphere of the brain.


How can wisdom come from the right hemisphere of the brain?


When the meditation electrically energizes circuitry there

which is presently shut down, you then begin your reunion with

the invisible light civilization from whence you came.


And so when the mind is stilled in meditation, this energy

begins to rise toward the brain.


In the same way that the sun also rises after the winter solstice

to sit at the East or right side on June 21 the summer solstice.


That energy lying deep in the solar plexus is the electrical energy

that travels up the nerve centers of the spine.


It then impacts the right hemisphere of the brain and when it

does, it activated circuits that change the whole manner of

physical existence.


Those circuits can only be activated when meditation shuts

down thought and allows that energy to rise upward ,and then to

the right side of the brain.


Nothing else can do it.


And so the story of virgin birth, crucifixion, passover, the whole business, is speaking about a very normal activity that goes on in the human body when instructions are followed.


Those instructions of the Biblical Jesus are take no thought,

practice the single eye, seek within yourself, watch.


These are the things that activate the energy on its upward journey to sit at the right side and activate the circuit.


Mythologists called that wonder working power Jesus.


They called the higher consciousness on the right side

the throne where God sits.


Its all a story in symbols but it is absolutely true.


If we will understand the stories, we will put in motion something

that is built into every body, that will turn on the circuit of

happiness and love, which presently is so many is closed up like

an old deserted electrical panel.


Oh and about the circuit.

Remember when the women came to the tomb in the story to look

for the risen Christ? 


They asked an angel where is he. They said Galilee.

Why did they use Galilee, because Galilee means circuit.










The entire Jesus story plays itself out  perfectly.

But honestly what you want to know is about you.


What are you?

You are still a little uncomfortable with being light,

but what should reassure you is when you understand

that you are light and light is conscious.


Light is consciousness. You are consciousness.


So when you leave the body it is consciousness leaving the body.


When you enter the body it is consciousness entering the body.


Consciousness remembers when not attached to the physical brain.


When attached to a physical brain consciousness submits to the physical control and then can only remember when the brain allows it to remember.


But when consciousness leaves the brain it then regains its

cosmic power and remembers all things.


It gets very interesting.


It is so hard for me to try and describe for you your true nature because it is almost impossible for you to consider yourself without a body.


When your body turns off at night and it shuts down in sleep ,

you get out of it and the experiences you have are all without a



The meat in your head is not capable of conceiving those adventures.


They are real.


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