Why are you here.?

What will happen to you when you die.?

Is there a logical reason for evil.?


Nothing is presented here requiring your belief.

However, you may find logic concerning

the true meaning of life.





I want you to consider the nature of yourself and what

you are and will again become.


What I am about to tell you ,will not effect your daily

coming or going, and will cost you nothing.


I would hope that we can consider these things together.




You have spent your life listening to people tell you that you

have to be saved and that you have to make sure of your

salvation so that you can spend eternity in heaven.


It is  impossible for you to be saved.


The reason that you cannot be saved is because you

are a creation of the earth.


There is no God or universe that had anything to do

with who, and what you are.




You were created by a union of your mother and father.

 Only their exact chromosomes could interact to make you.


If they changed their mind at the last minute and decided to marry

someone else you would never have been born as the

person you are now.


Oh you would have arrived, but totally different then you are now.


There are people who live on this earth and they thank God

for giving them life.


God did not give them life.

Some of them have life because someone forgot to wear a condom.

Some of them have life because someone forgot to add correctly

and missed the time of ovulation.

 It was a mistake.


There are people who are alive today because they

were created by a rape.

Violence against a person led to a creation of another,

and they thank God for giving them life.


Human bodies are created by other human bodies.

They are engineered and structured as to what they

will be by chromosomes, genetics.


The color of the skin, the color of the eyes, the shape of the nose.

The diseases they will probably get are all engineered

inside of them before they ever see the light of day.



One day a little boy was Baptized and his parents

thanked God for giving him life.


He was Jeffrey Dahmer and he went around murdering,

and eating dead bodies.


Did God give Jeffrey Dahmer to the world ? 

Is this what nature intended?


Or was Jeffrey Dahmer an accumulation of madness that

infected his personality through genetics before

he was ever born.?



So what are you?

You are part of a tribe on the earth.


You will never leave this earth.

There is no place for the tribes of the earth in

any heavenly abode, or anywhere else.


They must live here, die here, and end their existence here.




The millions and millions of light particles that

flow down from the cosmos are seeking a body.


They are like the millions and millions of sperm

that flow up the vaginal canal seeking the egg.


Out of the millions and millions, only one will make it.




The photon particles flow through all of creation

and one will find a landing pad.

It finds the potential inside of the body of a female and

nests there.


It then provides energy, animation, and life to the body.


You are a photon of light that flowed down from above

and found a fetus with a Pineal inside of the body

of a female, and you nested there.

Good, bad, or indifferent, that is the body and that is the

tribe you will be attached to until that body dies,

and you can get out of it, and find another one.


So there you are as a particle of light nesting inside

of a body because the photon needs a body and

the body needs a photon.




There is a bear hibernating in a cave, and inside

of the bear a body is forming.


A photon particle streaming down is looking for a life source

and it finds it.

It is a bear.


For the rest of eternity that light source will be a bear,

here, or there, or somewhere else.


For once the light source nests, it becomes what it has become.





You are identifying yourself with the body that was put

together by your mother and father,

and the genetics of your tribe.


But you are a photon that energizes and gives life to that body.

You entered it after it was constructed and you will

leave it after it can no longer be sustained.


The car was made by Ford

You enter it and give life to it after it was constructed,

and you will leave it after it can no longer be sustained..


They take your car to the junk yard.

They take your body to the junk yard.

But in neither instance do they take you with the

car or the body.


And where will you go?

Your body, that part of the tribe known as

your family will cease.


You will leave it, but now you will have tasted the

human element, and you will hunger to find another.


You will not find a bear, or a cow, or a bird,

you will find a human being, and you will nest again ,

and again , and again.





In your next life experience.

How will you know?

What will it feel like?


Feel yourself now.

The exact same thing will happen again,

and again, and again.

You will feel exactly as you do now.


You will wonder if there is anything after this life, you will

wonder if you will survive death, you will be concerned

about your parents, and your family, and all of the things

you experienced, you will again experience ,but in a different

body that may be either male or female.


Some of you who are male have female tendencies

because your photon nested in a female the last time.


Some of you females have male tendencies because

your photon nested in a male the last time.


Each time your light source picks up elements

from your past experience.


There are times you feel as if you had been here before,

you have dreams of people, or places you cannot

remember in this existence.



So the photon which you are, leaves in teleportation at

the death of the body, and then moves quickly seeking

another body to nest in.


The photon (you and me) exit the body at the right

angular gyrus of the brain.

But as you exit,  you take with you feelings

and degrees of evolution.


You hover, and then are drawn to another female body,

and you enter in, and nest in another fetus.


That fetus is filled with chromosomes, and genetics,

but now you have evolved in previous lives

as light to a higher degree,

and you can make a difference in this body where you

could not make a difference before.


Everything evolves.

Everything grows and becomes stronger through time.


Light is no different.

It is neutral light.

Then it nests and it picks up an essence of experience.


It leaves, and moves on to another body and brings

its evolved light to a new experience.





That is why it is silly to want to go to heaven and

see your mother up there.


You have had thousands of mothers .


Which one do you wish to see?

You will have thousands more.


The next ones will be just as important to you as

the ones you have already experienced and the one

you know now.



And as you evolve you then will become photon

that will energize the universe, and be used elsewhere

in its construction and evolution.


Light from the galaxy  4555 is intelligent light populated by

beings who occupy bodies there during periods of rest time

before they return to the vast sea known as the cosmos to

find a body to restore ,so as to continue the evolution of

consciousness in the vast domain of existence.


It became  time to present the earth with a system

of science for civilization.


Thus evolved photons from 4555 are dispatched to a

particular area of the earth and find nesting places.

Then as human beings they find each others light.


Who were these initial evolved photons on earth?


They were called the ancient Greeks.

Plato and the rest.

In reality they were evolved light beings from 4555.


At their conclusion photons are absorbed back into the

universe returning to 4555 and are absorbed back into

the bodies preserved for them.


They do not find fetuses there.

The bodies they have there are preserved, and reentered

when they return, and stored when they leave.




Praying  to go to heaven is useless because heaven

is a form of consciousness which is available to each

civilization when it evolves through exposure to the

additional light patterns that come from above.




So you ask.

What went wrong?

How in the world did all of this fall apart?


It is scientific and the Bible addresses scientific

things mythically.

We look for scientific answers by looking at the

mythology of the Bible where it talks about fallen

angels having intercourse with human women.




The angles of light must impact the human body properly .

 If they do not, it is the same as causing an

electrical failure of some sort with a computer.

There is a breakdown.


You cannot get the information you need.

It may crash or it may give you bad information.


Something went wrong with the circuitry because of an

electrical failure, and it’s impact on the circuitry,

and the gates.


How is this shown to us in the scriptures.?




Genesis6:1 And it came to pass, when men began to multiply

on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them,  

Genesis6:2 That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that

they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.


This is mythology, so we have to determine what

are Sons of God, that intercourse with daughters of men.


Two concepts.

Higher thoughts (Sons of God) having intercourse

with the emotions (Daughters of Men).


In other words, where we should be taking our direction

from the right hemisphere, we are instead dwelling

constantly in the left.


When we do that we are having intercourse with

the daughters of men , human emotions.


Let us look a little deeper and see if

we can determine who these Sons of God were.


Jude1:6 And the angels which kept not their first estate,

but left their own habitation, he has reserved in everlasting

chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.




We see in that previous scripture myth the description

of fallen angels.


We can take that to a realm of science, and light, and compare

it to the problems that effect computers and their logic circuits.



A fallen angel is an  angle of light ,or angles of light, that misfired

or were received improperly, and infected or nested in human

females who then passed this on in the genetics.


In other words the original sin referred to in

scripture was  actuality a defect in the electrical connections

that impacted logic circuits in the brain.


From that point on it was obvious that nothing could be done.

No God, nothing could change that.


Nature had misfired and the entire program was in trouble. 


A person who has had a stroke, had an electrical malfunction

in the circuitry of his body.

That person is paralyzed on one side.


No God , nothing can change that any more then a God exists

who can change the effects of a hurricane.


Once it wipes out the town, the town or the house,

or whatever it is that was wiped out, is gone.


We saw a Biblical description of defective angles of light

that caused a problem in the circuitry of humans,

which in turn was passed on and on.

The human is thus not working as it was intended.


And the human was intended to be the conveyance for

photons so that light beings could exist in Gods realm

of love, and the senses.


Photons must have a body to experience such things.

But these bodies that occupy the planet earth are defective.

What to do ?



The logic circuits which were initially disturbed have

to be repaired.

Gates that were opened have to be closed, and gates that

were closed, have to be opened.


This can only  occur through exposure to new angles of light

that will correct the problem.

It cannot be done by asking some God somewhere.

It cannot be done by going to some church or reading some book.


It can only be done by watching within oneself and exposing

oneself to new angles of light which can cause the correction.

Otherwise it is totally impossible to correct the situation.


And how does the Bible itself state this?



Romans8:6 For to be carnally minded is death;

but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.  

Romans8:7 Because the carnal mind is enmity against God:

for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can it be.


So you see.

There is a permanent defect in the human psyche, which cannot

in anyway perform as it was originally intended.


It is necessary for the photons that nest in these bodies now

to be exposed to new angles of light that will cause a change

in the circuitry of the brain, and human mind.





Romans12:2 And be not conformed to this world:

but be  transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you

may prove what is that good, and acceptable,

and perfect, will of God.


So photons which continue to pour down from above will

continue to nest in defective bodies, and the struggles will continue,

until finally those bodies are submitted to new angles of

light where the corrections can be made.




That is your lot.


Now I am not saying that when your body dies you may

not be teleported elsewhere.

That is quite possible.


The light that animates your body is photon ,which is you, 

and you as photon cannot die.


That really is you, and it will retain what experience and

evolutionary growth you achieve.

But it does not have an earth personality.

That is reserved and limited to the human

physical element.


In other words when you are absorbed into a human body

you give up your quantum powers and knowledge.


That is the trade off, but it is the instinct to the photon

to be absorbed into a body and experience the senses.



You who are light will leave the body at its death,

and unless you are teleported elsewhere,

you will instantly seek to find another body.


When you do , you will be exactly the  same as you are

now except you will have different genetics to work with,

and though your family  will be different in appearance,

they will be exactly the same to you as those

who you love here now.




The movement of photon from body to body is described

in the scripture in talking about the form that nests in a

carnal state that is extremely defective.


Matthew12:43 When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man,

he walks through dry places, seeking rest, and finds  none.  


Matthew12:44 Then he says I will return into my house from

where I came; and when he comes, he finds it empty, swept,

 and  garnished.


Matthew12:45 Then he goes, and takes with himself seven

other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and

dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first.

Even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation.


There it is,

The photon, you, leaves and returns, but never dies.





This is a mythical way of describing what can occur as

the photon gathers from the body, and takes what it has

gathered to another one.


The photon brings what it has gathered, and couples that with

the genetics from thousands of years of evolution in a

particular family, and you can have a real problem


On the other hand.

If the defect is compensated for and the photon leaves in a

positive or neutral state, and seeks another body, what it brings

to the new body will be positive.


It will no longer be negative light but will be positive light.


All of this work is consistent with the attempt on the part of

nature to correct the habitation of light, so that beings of light

from above may have nesting places that are as creation

initially intended.



We have ventured were few have gone before in

discussing who you really are.

Where you came from and where you are going.


Many things were said in the first general reading of

the discourse on existence.


It is now important that we proceed step by step, to be sure

there is a general understanding of what was said.


For the present we must consider these things deeply ,

because the time of the cosmic change is at hand.


It helps nothing to rush through any of this.

It is much more productive for all of us to go through this slowly.



The first thing that we discussed earlier was the

question of salvation.


 I proposed that it was absolutely impossible to be saved.


This is something that brings me into a head on collision with

Christianity which makes salvation its primary goal.


My concern about the very concept of salvation is that it

includes us as the earth creatures we are, with all of our

desires, hopes , fears etc.


Salvation to most of us means that we , being the individuals

we are, with the identity that we have, somehow survive after

death, and there we are warts and all ,walking around a town

called heaven, meeting our relatives who have gone on before us.


In other words, the concept is that we transfer ourselves from

here to a place called heaven, which is evidently supposed to be

on some planet, and we go on in our life without all of the sickness,

and fear and hate etc.


Now that concept of salvation which is  justified for the most part

by religion, is not at all so justified  by the Bible.


Unfortunately religion wanting to keep us as loyal followers has

proceeded to encourage us along these lines.

Their promise is that we are going to be reunited with loved ones

who have gone on.


You hear people all the time saying they are sure that so and so

who died is looking down from heaven, or that one day we will

all be together again up yonder.



That is not what the Bible says.


Job7:9 As the cloud is consumed and vanishes away:

so he that goes down to the grave shall come up no more


In other words that identity, your body, is like a cloud

you see in the sky.

One minute its up there, the next minute you turn around

and it’s gone.

But notice, he that goes down to the grave shall come

up no more.


Psalms6:5 For in death there is no remembrance of you:

in the grave who shall give you thanks?

This line is addressed to God.

In death there is no remembrance of you.


So then if one goes to the grave and comes up no more,

and if the person who dies cannot possibly have any

knowledge of God, then how is it possible for someone to be saved?


The Christian will tell you that I quoted from the Old Testament,

and that Jesus came in the New Testament to make salvation possible.

But salvation of what. ?


Are there bodies in heaven, that are like bodies we have here,

so we may identify each other by our appearance?


Matthew22:30 For in the resurrection they neither marry,

nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.

What that means is you resurrect as photon, an angle of light.


Matthew22:31 But as touching the resurrection of the dead,

have you not read that which was spoken unto you by God, saying,  

Matthew22:32 I am the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac,

and the God of Jacob? God is not the God of the dead, but of the living.


So we see that life entities beyond the earth realm are like angels.

We have concluded that angels means angles of light.

Angles of light.



Which would mean that those who leave the earth realm, 

do so as photon angles of light.


Notice also that Matthew 22:32 says that God is not a god of the

dead but of the living.


It is necessary therefore to die symbolically while you are very

much alive, and to then ascend in the resurrection as an angle of light.


Remember the Zen saying, if you die before you die, then when you die

you will not die.

What that means is you die to the self in meditation.

You shut down the physical left hemisphere, and during your

meditation you dwell in the right hemisphere.


So basically  there is no salvation for the human being to be

reunited with loved ones etc.

All of the loved ones who have died are either in graves,

or in sharks, but not in heaven.


Why, because all that is in heaven are angles of light looking

to go someplace else and find a body.


Life does not have patience with people who want to hang

around playing harps.

There are too many important things to do.



Where is heaven?  Heaven is inside of you,

in your consciousness.

Luke17:21 Neither shall they say,  it's here!, or it's there! for,

the kingdom of God is within you.


There is no clearer statement that the concept of heaven

is consciousness.


Now you're all worried about not seeing your dead mother again.

What about the one you had in the life before this one?


You don't remember her do you, and it's always that way, life after life.






Consider the wars that rage between microscopic entities

and all of the wild sub atomic things that exist.

How is it possible given in the midst of all of this chaos

that life even exists.

I spent much time thinking of that .


What I had to consider was that at the base, or foundation of

all of this interaction of behavior, invisible and visible powers ,

there was one thing consistent, and that is consciousness.


I think therefore I am, as Rene DesCartes said.

I exist not because of my body, but because of consciousness.


And I understand that in order for consciousness to be able to

do what it does, it must have a body.


In order for my computer to work it must have gates,

it must have power.

But once it does, it transcends what used to be considered

as consciousness, and introduces something far superior in

the realm of searching, and understanding etc.


So then we look for a survival of consciousness.

But is this consciousness individual?


Is it your consciousness, or is it another's consciousness?


I mean, if the light that is the energy force within your body

leaves when your body dies, do you leave with it.?


Does anything leave with it or does it just leave.



Recently there was the teleportation of photon

which occurred in Austria.

Then last year a group in a California conducted a photon

teleportation and took it to a higher level.


The point is, that when they destroyed the photon's  properties

it left where it was, and showed up somewhere else.

It was the photon’s properties which were destroyed


Thus in you, your body would go nowhere but down,

but the photon or the inner light which you are would leave,

Your properties, which is your body is destroyed,  but you

turn up somewhere else.

Because you are photon.


So this is a rational, considerate, and scientifically accurate

portrayal of what happens.


You have photon, and electron, and atom inside of you, and

at the point of the death of the body, the photon or light source leaves.


Now the question is, does it take any part of your body with it?

The answer is no.


It does take accumulated or evolved consciousness in some fashion,

and that will be played out in its’ next encounter with a body.


But your body is a creation of your parents.

You are not a creation of God.

Or are you ?



Let us go back to the beginning.

It can become very graphic but we will forgo that part.


Your mother was, or is a female.

Your father was, or is a male.


In an act not unlike every other living species, the two of

them came together in sexual intercourse.


Sperm from your father swam up the vaginal canal of your mother.

Millions of them swam and one made it to the egg.


As a result.

A human body called a fetus was created.

God did not do it, your mother and father agreed to have

this intercourse.

It was totally between them.


If they had decided not to intercourse, then the you that you know,

and try desperately to hold on to, would never have been born.


You would never have existed if your mother and father had

chosen not to have unprotected sexual intercourse.


So it was their idea, their act, and as a result, a human body

begins to develop inside of the mother.

But you, the photon person that is going to operate that body

is nowhere around.


This is the way it happens in every species.

There are variations, but for the most part this is the way it works.

The body beginning to be formed starts to pick up chromosomes ,

genetics etc.


Glands start to form and one is a Pineal Gland.

You are nowhere in site.

A living body is being developed.


And you are a photon scurrying around looking for a new body.

Just like you shop for a new car.




When the time is right and the Pineal is formed,

this body being created inside of your mother can now be

penetrated by photon  which descends from above on an angle.


Yes it does come in on an angle due to the gravitational pull

of cosmic bodies it passes.


This was proved by Albert Einstein.

So yes, it is an angle of light, or if you prefer an angel of light.


Through your mothers Pineal, the photon (you) finds the

fetus pineal, and it enters, and nests.

The body is now animated, and will begin to develop on its own energy.

You the photon now has a body and are now physically alive.


The photon  that found the fetus pineal is not unlike the sperm

that found the egg.


Now the question is.

Are you the light that came into the fetus body, or are you the

body that the light came in to? 



The bulb burns out.

You throw the bulb away.


Do you also throw the light away with the bulb, or is it only

the bulb that goes into the garbage?


Of course the light does not go with the bulb.

Well when the bulb burned out where did the light go?


Using that logic, it is reasonable to consider that you are

not the body that the light entered, but the light that entered the body.


But had you missed by a few degrees you may have  found

a bear in a cave, with a baby bear forming, and in you went

and now you're a bear.


No you are not a bear, you are the light that entered the bear.

So now you have found a nesting place.

Your nesting place was as a human, and it will so ever be.




Two thoughts.

1. If you were teleported here for a particular mission, you

will complete your mission here as photon, and you will return

to another body elsewhere which is your original body.


Photons who are teleported here for a mission, enter a

human body and assist in the brain operation.


In other words you think you're alone in the body but you are not.

There are now two of you.

This is spelled out in the Hebrew Kabbalah


There can be no evil or bad photon entering you to assist,

because the photons spin and momentum must be in harmony

with your electrons spin and momentum, or else you will reject it.


2. If this was your first light experience as far as finding a

living body is concerned you were of the primitive

light consciousness.


So now the body begins to develop, and it is totally

out of your control.

The chromosomes and genetics do their things.


And a body comes out of your mothers body, and it is you.

Your skin color, the color or your hair, and eyes etc,

are all programmed into you by way of years and years

of intercourse going on between your ancestors.




You now undergo training.

You are taught by your parents, your school, your religion etc.

So the light that was you, is combining with the body,

that now gives you physical appearance.


The you everyone else recognizes.


But there is something very unique in the middle of all of this.


The way you think.


Some of it is programmed by your family, and training,

and church, but some of it is not.


The part of you that is consciousness, and has not evolved in

harmony with your family, and the society, and systems you live in,

but on the other hand has for some strange reason 

revolted against it, is the you we now have to consider.




There are two forms of consciousness here.

The light that comes into the body, and the union

of the light and the body.


You are here today.

You will walk, and talk, and interact with family ,and friends.

That consciousness is the union of the photon and your body.

You don't even think twice about it.

But there is another part that is pulling desperately within you,

to get you away from this, and to return you to another place.


There is another part of you that is conscious, and does not

share the consciousness that must wheel and deal daily with the

system we live in.


What is that?

Why is it doing what it is doing?


Why are you looking for what so many others refute?

The idea would be that there is something inside of you,

that has a different origin, then the rest of you.


The rest of you has an origin that is totally of the earth.

Every bit of you is of the earth.


One thing that is inside of you came from someplace else.



Thus if one would use logic, and think that consciousness is

tremendously important in carrying out our activities on the earth,

how curious that there is another aspect of consciousness within

each one of us that pulls to a higher realm, towards another world.


People who are under the thumb of religion or religious  training, 

push back any attempt to bring them towards this higher  light,

at the right hemisphere.


Although they acknowledge something is there, and they call it spirit,

they want no part of actually encountering it.


So what is IT?



IT is the part of you that came as an angle of light

when your body was being formed.

IT nested in your body and IT is the force that pulls

you to a higher realm.

IT is the reason that you are reading this  now.


So there is a consciousness attached to the magnetism

that entered into your body when it was a fetus, and this

consciousness is separate and distinct from the consciousness

which is evidenced in your daily activities.


That consciousness is fed by genetics, training, and earthly daily

experience, and it operates in the left hemisphere.


Before you are born, you are capable of becoming anyone.

It totally depends on environment as to what you become.

Rich, poor, stressed, relaxed.

It totally depends on others.


They are the caretakers that have shaped you into

what you are now.

But now you feel something inside tugging at you.


There is a feeling within you to return, home.




Matthew12:43 When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man,

he walks through dry places, seeking rest, and finds none.

Matthew12:44 Then he says I will return into my house from

whence I came ; and when he is come, he finds it empty,

swept, and garnished.


The scripture uses the word spirit.

That word identifies the photon that entered into you when you

were a fetus.

That is the only you that can possibly survive.


It will not hang around and go into a grave, anymore then the light

hangs around and goes into the garbage with the light bulb.


The next time around you will see the world through

a fresh pair of eyes.

You will live again, but it will always seem like it is the first time,

unless you have been teleported for a purpose.


Then you come under the direction of the universal  center .

The sub atomic natural phenomena. 


The body goes into a grave.

 It is not going to heaven or anywhere else.

 It is done, finished.


But we who entered the fetus now scurry through the right

angular gyrus and leave the body, eager for our next adventure.



The deep question then, is now that we have left the body

as a photon and will travel in wave form ,

do we have a consciousness, and do we take anything from

this body with us in the form of consciousness.


In order to proceed, we have to address one deep question

that to me lies as the foundation of all thought concerning life.

It is a one word question.


WHY ?  


Is there a rationale behind the fact that light enters into a fetus,

and then must stay inside of that person until the person dies,

and then the light is free to leave?


That is who you truly are.

You are someone driving a car known as your body.

The car will eventually wind up in the junk heap and you

will be somewhere else.


Why ?


David Darling in Zen Physics writes the following;  

Somehow through the act of observation, subatomic particles are

briefly summoned out of a kind of mathematical never never land

of potentiality ,and possibility, into the solid world of

tangible things and events.  


An observation results in the collapse of the wave function,

the instantaneous telescoping down of the probability spread

to a localized point ,a real particle. (You).


But what counts as a valid observation, who or what qualifies

as an effective quantum observer.

A human being, a committee of people ?


Darling states   "The Copenhagen interpretation is that the

sudden change in character or collapse of the wave function

is brought about ultimately by conscious observership.


The registering of an event, such as the reading of

an instrument in the mind.”


Did you get the answer?

Somehow through an act of observation, invisible

sub atomic particles become physical things.






The light leaves.

It leaves behind all of your family, they all cry,

they all will look forward to seeing you again

in the sweet by and by.


In the meantime you are totally under the watchful eye of the

command center known mythically as the

Great White Lodge.


They are observing your travels as a wave.

They will direct you and at the proper time they will make

the observation that will collapse you to a particle,

and send you nesting into a new experience.






There is no Great White Lodge.

This is a metaphysical description of the

light being control part of nature that

oversees all of this. 


The question is what has this photon

accumulated that will be beneficial

to the whole.

That is the essence of the Why.


You came down from above to correct a misfiring which in

ancient times was known as fallen angels intercoursing

with the daughters of men.


That is the way it is read in the Bible.

It simply means that there was an error.


An angle of light misfired and put into motion the defects

in the human brain that are still with us to this time.


The angles of light that have been streaming down here come

under the control of observers who will move such light to

build on previous experiences.



We talked about the Lincoln-Kennedy coincidences.

The Moses Martin Luther King coincidences.

How light patterns find their way into bodies and then act out

initiatives that are compatible with their names.


Trump Gambling,

Wynn Gambling,

Gates Computers,

Angstrum Angles of light etc.


It is consciousness and only consciousness that matters.

The universe is not sentimental.


You as photon are doing a job.

Many refuse to take part in it because they have been

overcome by the physical in the realm of religion.


Thus they miss, and they simply continue to leave one body

and enter another over and over and over again.


Hopefully in some existence they will find a voice who

will  tell them these mysterious truths.



Each time you enter into a new fetus you have a new mother.

Now we begin to see purpose.


Finding the way back to the correct angle of light,

so the defect which occurred thousands of years ago

may be corrected.

So how many bodies have you lived in?

How many mothers and fathers have you had?

How many grandmothers, and grandfathers, and brothers

and sisters, and friends, who were so near and dear to you.

Which ones do you want to see after you die?


They wont be there because you never will die as they

never have died.

One minute you are here , the next minute you are there ,

but you are always in existence.

You are always you.


You have a mom and dad, who mean so much to you,

and you have totally forgotten the other thousand you

had before, who meant so much to you.





We have found that where science has progressed the farthest,

the mind has but regained from nature that which the mind

has put into nature.


We have found a strange footprint on the shores of the unknown.

We have devised profound theories, one after another,

to account for its origin. 

At last we have succeeded in reconstructing the creature

that made the footprint, and  it is our own.


So each time the light which is us has been using one crazy

body after another, in an effort to pull the inner consciousness

to the point of light and restoration of the cosmic goal

for life and consciousness.


For the most part the effort has been thwarted because

of the various angles that have impacted the earth

from planets and constellations.


They have not been conducive to mental renewal until now.



Now is the time when all of your efforts for so many

thousands of years will find reward.


The very cosmos is presently aligning itself for the new

light forces that will blow open gates that were incorrectly

sealed at the time of the fallen angel/angle.


Dr Philip Berg in commenting on the ancient book of

Hebrew Mysticism known as the Zohar states the following.


The Zohar predicts that all inhabitants of planet Earth will one

day come to grips with the profound mysteries of our cosmos. 


On that blessed day in what has become known as the

Age of Aquarius, the individual will again seize control of his

sense of wonder and inquisitiveness, and thus armed will regain

a thorough knowledge of the exact nature of the universe

and each persons place in it.


This is the age of Aquarius , and the universe of

Uranus, Pegasus, Supernova 1987a, Fornax, etc is preparing

with all the rest, to bring down upon us on the Earth, the light

of rejuvenation, the light of reason, compassion, healing and love.


So you will have no concern about who you will be because

the job of light in humans will have been accomplished.


Light will continue to live but in a much higher form then

has been our lot because of the error of trajection.




You see, the observers who are the intelligent ones from 4555,

known as the  Great White Lodge, watch until the time is right.


Those who are evolving will have their lights collapsed at the

proper time and place, to reenergize a new life form to carry out

the evolution to the higher life plane.


Your meditation here is the key to your survival.

You will either learn it here, or next time, or God knows when.


 But why not participate now and begin this process for yourself.

That is the only reason why you are nesting inside of the body

you have now.

The watcher or observer is the critical part of all of this.

You watch within yourself to collapse the wave,

and create the particle, and associated activity within and without.


You are watched  by others to do the same on a higher conscious level.


Daniel4:13 I saw in the visions of my head upon my bed, and a watcher,

and a holy one came down from heaven;


None of this is simply going on of its own.

The watcher is the command center and you will be placed in

the next nest dependent on how evolved you become in this one.


You evolve by moving your energy back to the right hemisphere

in meditation.


Most of you have shown evolvement or you would not be

considering this in the first place.


You are here to function as an individual being, separated from the

groups that force their ways on the masses for purposes of control.


I cannot initially say which of you will be teleported to another

place altogether, or be returned  to regain entrance into your body

that is being preserved for you elsewhere.


No heaven for earthlings to ascend to.

Photon which is neutral leaving the body to take residence

either in another one or to be teleported back to a mother location.


At that point you will indeed recognize those who have

had earth experiences here.

But you will see them in a different form that is not familiar to you here.


In much the same way as in human circumstances, there are

groups that are dispatched outward from the mother together.


They then are collapsed at the appropriate time and place,

and then return to bodies preserved.


When this occurs they recognize others in that higher state.

They may then be dispatched outward to nest again

depending on the need.



There was  telescope constructed in Arizona.

It is the largest lens ever constructed.

It will open a new window on the cosmos.

It will show us light from the beginning of time.


Imagine, new light coming to earth from this tremendous

crystal lens which weighs 16 tons and is 27 feet across.


And who is the astronomer working with this lens .

His name is Roger Angel.


He is going to be bringing new angles of light to the earth 

and his name is Roger Angel.

In the article, this lens is referred to as Angels Mirror.


Now don’t think that it is a coincidence that his name is

Roger Angel any more then it is a coincidence that the

computers intelligence circuitry is called gates,

and the most powerful man in computers is named Bill Gates.


This was all designed by the ones who are coming, as a way

for you to see that someone intelligent set all of this up,

so that as the time got close you might begin to make a connection .


It was all pre arranged.

How ?


The angle of light that was going to bring this new lens at the

right time was dispatched to enter the womb of a woman named Angel.


The angle of light that was going to bring computer knowledge to

the world was dispatched to enter the womb of a woman named Gates.


There was a man who discovered the angles of wavelengths

by measurement.

The angle of light that was going to bring forth that discovery

of the angles of wavelengths was dispatched to enter the womb

of a woman named Angstrom.


Everything is organized and under control.


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