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In the Emerald Tablet writing, the UFO commander states “I built the great pyramid and placed in it secrets of magic science”. Magic science in this age would be referred to as advanced technology.



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Stephen Mehler who has done 30 years of archeological work on the pyramids shows convincing evidence that the Pyramids were energy sources and not burial tombs which would support the Emerald statement about magic science.


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In addition, the Emerald UFO commander was the leader of 8, reporting to the 8 officers or 8 deities from Hemopolis which was the city of 8. Science now shows that the great pyramid is not four sided as most believe but is actually 8 sided, being concave at each side which shows 8 sections instead of 4. The commander of 8 built the pyramid of 8. This information is documented on the Hidden Meanings website.




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How was it possible that while the rest of the world was still splitting rocks and selling sheep, there were brilliant minds in Greece teaching about the structure of the universe, anatomy, astronomy, science, philosophy, medicine, nuclear energy and quantum physics. Where did they come from?



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The Emerald UFO force landed in the Land of Khem, which is now Egypt. Forces fanned out from there to various parts of the earth. A group called Pelesgians came from the UFO landing site of Khem and touched down in what now is called Greece.




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In Greece, out of nowhere, Plato founded the first institution of higher learning. Now you know how they were so smart, and where they came from.




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It is known that the mystic Kaballah of ancient Judaism originated from the lands of Egypt and Babylon which is now Iraq.


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In the Emerald Tablets, the UFO commander speaks of 32 points of light for 32 thrones. The ancient Kaballah is called Hermetic Kaballah and the UFO commander who was known as Thoth to Egyptians is known as Hermes to the Greeks.


Considering the UFO 32 points of light, the Kaballah tree of life is founded on the 32 paths.




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The teachings of Jesus and the Emerald UFO commander are the same.


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Jesus close friend is John the Baptist who Jesus said was Elijah who had left the earth in a UFO (fiery chariot). Jesus also leaves the earth by being carried up into the sky.


The UFO commander as leader of 8, reports to the 8 deities or 8 officers, and is from the town of 8.


The name Jesus is given because in Greek IESOUS has a numerical value of 888.


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The Emerald UFO force called themselves messengers of the Sun, which makes a figure 8 as it moves through the 12 constellations of the Zodiac, and the life of Jesus duplicates the suns movement through the Zodiacal signs. The sun surrounded by the 12 constellations, Jesus surrounded by the 12 disciples.




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The name Hermes Trismegistus was never recorded historically until the appearance on the earth of the Hellenists.


The Hellenists were people from around the world who accepted the Greek culture, and took up Greek writing including mythology.



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The Hellenists referred to the leader of the Emerald UFO force as Hermes Trismegistus. The Egyptians called him Thoth. The Greeks called him Hermes.


The Hellenists said that Thoth and Hermes were one person. Hermes Trismegistus means thrice Hermes. Three persons in one. Hermes Trismegistus was also the Son of God.


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The Hellenists wrote the New Testament in Alexandria Egypt under direction of Greek Ptolemy’s who reported to Alexander the Great who was a Zeus worshipper.


The Hellenists originated the name Jesus which numerically is 888 from the Emerald Tablets, and also referred to Jesus as the 3 persons in one (Hermes Trismegistus), and the Son of God (Hermes Trismegistus).


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Not only did the Hellenists portray Jesus as the UFO leader, but also in addition they included the UFO stories in the Old Testament of Ezekiel. The Hellenists wrote the Old Testament called the Septuagint, which though denied by Judaism, as filled with legends and mythology, is the Old Testament used by western Christianity to this very day. In addition, the Emerald Commander had an inkhorn at his side according to the Egyptian book of the dead. In Ezekiel, the UFO commander has an inkhorn by his side.



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The Emerald Tablets speak of an invasion of the Earth by UFO’s. In the Bible in the Book of Ezekiel there is a description of an invasion of UFO’s.


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 In the Mahabarrata of Krishna which also contains the Bhagavad-Gita there is the most graphic description of UFO activity in any ancient document in history.


Not only does the book describe UFO activity but gives descriptions of the UFO’s which has allowed contemporary artists to draw images of them. Amazingly, when you place them side by side with today’s space ships of NASA they appear the same.


In addition, the Mahabarrata not only speaks of the UFO’s, but speaks of an attack from space on a city using nuclear weapons.




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According to the legends, and ancient stories surrounding the UFO landings by the Emerald force, as the force spread out to different regions of planet earth, some came to South America and were either part of, or originated the ancient Mayan culture.


This would explain why the Mayans were considered to be so advanced concerning things of the universe, astronomy, and time. 



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What is most interesting, is that Pacal Votan who was originally considered to be the Mayan astronomer who made the prediction concerning December 21, 2012, is pictured by an ancient Mayan stone carving as someone piloting a UFO.




We have placed that carving alongside of a picture of John Glenn in his space capsule training module, and they look very similar. Thus, we are left to consider that the December 21, 2012 prophecy was not a prediction of an ancient jungle tribal race, but rather a very advanced race from another cosmic place. A prediction of profound change. Are we experiencing that?



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As we have covered, the Egyptians referred to the Emerald Commander as Thoth, the Greeks referred to him as Hermes, and the Hellenists called him Hermes Trismegistus. The Romans called him by a name you are all familiar with, Mercury.


Now consider this. If you were writing stories based on ancient legends and you were in an ancient period yourself when there was no knowledge of UFO’s etc, how would you describe someone who flew around in a UFO extremely fast from place to place. You would do it just as the Roman mythologists did it. They picture Mercury with wings on his hat, and wings on his shoes. This is a mythical symbol of someone who flew in the sky extremely fast. This was a very popular portrayal that for a while was even on one of our coins. The dime.



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     The Emerald Tablets set the stage for Pacal Votan who told the world that its coming obsession with the material world and neglect of nature would bring forth a great change upon this planet.


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     A change that would be chaotic as some would fight against our interrelationship with nature,

     to protect their material interest


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    I receive letters from saying nothing happened in 2012. It was a time when we started to observe the changing climate and the concern of how much we were contributing to it.


     It is not just climate change that we are experiencing. Living in the United States all my life, I never dreamed I would see such radical change in this country from guns to politics, mass murders. Hate and fear between ethnic and religious groups.



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       A growing disregard for help for the poor and sick.


A   A  rejection of scientific concern about climate change.



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    Just recently a warning was issued in Hawaii about an incoming ballistic missile. People were in great fear for half hour until it was reported to be an error. Someone hit the warning button by mistake.


     But then I thought. Was it an error. Was it a mistake? Or was it as Carl Jung said, synchronicity. Coincidence with a purpose. Was this a warning from the light?




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    Pacal Votan warned us 2000 years ago. Is this the time when we must return to an inter relationship with nature or see our time of abusing it ended?



     Is this the time when love, compassion and concern for all living beings must be demonstrated or will we see our time as beings of life on this earth ended. Yes, it is.



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    Jesus told the story of the landowner who returned and asked, “what have you done with all of this that I have entrusted to you”. Well what have we done? Jesus said, “this is my commandment, that you love one another”. We’ll have we?



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