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Christmas is over. The songs and decorations have been tucked away until next year. 

But as we finish putting Christmas away, we all look southward to Washington D. C.
and wonder what this dramatic change will do to our lives
and lives all over the world. 

Pacal Votan told us in 600AD that substantial changes would occur
to our lives around the time figured by studies to be around December 21 2012. 

We all have seen Votan's words fulfilled in dramatic changes including
climate change, but none of us ever would have predicted the change of
having Donald Trump as President of the USA.
If anything confirms the prophecy of Pacal Votan this is it. 

Now hang on.

As I sit here and ponder the great change barreling down upon us I for some
reason felt a need to share with you things that have influenced me over
the years that were written by others. 

I make a point not to follow anyone and I encourage you to do the same.
I discourage people who want to follow me.
There is only one you should follow and that is the one light that exists within
every human being in existence. 

That light will lead you in the way you are to go.
But written words have touched me down through time and I thought
 I would share some of them with you.


In 600 Ad Pacal Votan said this about the great change to come on earths
civilizations around December. 21 2012. 

"Pacal Votan said humanity would become disconnected from the laws of
the natural world and we would fall ignorant to our
sacred interdependence with nature." 

"He foretold of our technological society and the severe damage that would
result as great change came to the earth because of our divergence from
natural law in exchange for materialist values.

I have spoken much about Pacal Votan and there is little more that I can say.


Here is a man who was expelled from this country because of
his cult practices. He died a short time later.

 He was surrounded by strange people and yet I found him to be one of
the great writers on spiritual values.

 One of his amazing comments was when a follower asked why he was so aloof.
The follower wanted to get closer to him.  

Bhagwan told the follower to approach him as you would a star, from a distance,
stars are beautiful from a distance but when you get too close you will find
that the star is just mud and gas.

In his book Tao The Three Treasures he spoke of those who try
to find the meaning in spiritual experiences. 

"He said, if you pass a rose bush and start thinking about the rose and its meaning.
As you start thinking the mind jumps in and the rose is lost.
The mind creates a wall of words, concepts, and before long you cannot
even see the rose any more." 

"He said that trying to find meaning with everything is a constant obsession
and disease of the mind.
Your experiences do not need a meaning.

"Let the experience penetrate you, and suddenly something stirs within you.
Something has arisen." 

 "The experience has caused a crack in the wall of your mind
and a ray of light penetrated." 

"Don't worry about the meaning.
In seeking the meaning you will miss the meaning because
the experience is the meaning. 

A deep inner embrace is the meaning." 

So I would not get closer to him then his words, but as you can see his words were precious.


The most respected and brilliant scientist of the 19th century. 

His discovery of the vacuum tube set the stage for the X Ray. 

He spent time researching life after death.
He reported he had brought a woman by the name of
Katie King back from the dead. 

People were shocked that such a brilliant scientist would say such a thing. 

He was called before the British Parliament and they said, 

"Sir William, are you saying it is possible for a woman that has been dead
for a long time to  physically appear with you?" 

William Crookes reply was,
" I did not say it was possible, I said it happened."

I have done a lot of work on the Hidden Meanings web site on Sir William Crookes.


The late Joseph Campbell taught mythology at Sarah Lawrence College
for over 30 years. 

He also did many television programs on the subject with Bill Moyers. 

The Bible is pure mythology and Joseph Campbell explained it with these words.  

" Mythologhy is writings that explain inner spirit with words".
Image words must be used because there are no text words
to explain nothingness."  

"He said, when you get older and your life is running away,
you turn to your inner life.
But if you don't know where it is or what it is, you'll be sorry." 

"When the west dropped its understanding of myth, the stories
and their relevance to life were lost.
When that happens you lose all connection that these stories
give to your own life." 

"So myths, parables, symbolic stories are stories of our search
through the ages for truth.
We need for life to talk to us. We need to touch the eternal. 
We need to understand the mysterious to find out
who and what we are." 

"People say that we are all seeking a meaning for life.
I don't think that's what we are really seeking.
I think that what we are seeking is an experience of being alive." 

"Myths are clues to the spiritual potentialities of human life.
What we are capable of knowing and experiencing within."


In reading Joseph Campbell's words we can see how important mythology
is to the Bible and our inner walk with light.

If you can help me with this work, I would be grateful.