We have been discussing together the premise that the Bible is not to be taken literally.

In Newsletter 1 I provided scriptures that point out quite graphically that the Bible is allegory,

parable, and dark sayings.

In addition I provided you with the startling information from the University of Tel Aviv in Israel

that after hundreds of years of research of all kinds, not one thing in the Bible can be confirmed

to have actually happened.

So if we can agree that the Bible means other then what it says,

let us take a look at various stories and see just what reasonable conclusion

can be reached as to what it actually means.


Adam is actually Atom.

Taking a rib from Adam is taking an electron from Atom

Placing that electron into another atom creates Eve through ionic bonding.

Adam /Atom becomes a positive ion and Eve/Atom becomes a negative ion,

and we have positive negative, yin yang, male female etc.

Life began by the splitting of the Atom/Adam.


The Garden of Eden is located eastward which means it is on the right.

The right side is sacred to  God (according to scripture).

It is the 90% we do not use.

That is why we must tithe or give the 10% in meditation. 

The Garden of Eden is that part of the brain mind we enter when we separate from thought  in meditation.


To understand the serpent you have to take a look at the human spine.

That’s the serpent.

It represents the physical left side as opposed to the right, or spiritual side.

The point being made is that when you are in the garden (or right side in meditation)

you cannot take thought from the left or physical side (tree of the knowledge of

good and evil.

Eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is simply using the left

or physical material side.

You must separate from thought  in the garden, and only by abstaining from the

tree or the knowledge of good and evil, (the thoughts of the left side) can we do that.

Once we do take from the thought side we are instantly out of the garden of Eden.

Only when we are separated from those thoughts are we in the garden

taking from the tree of life.



The story goes that God told Moses to speak to Pharaoh and Moses wasn’t up to it.

God told Moses to take the rod he had in his hand, throw it down, and it became a serpent.

When he picked it up again  it  became a rod.

The rod is a symbol of the spine.

That which supports us, the physical, intellectual part of our being.

That which we depend on. God says throw it down.

In other words separate from thought, in meditation.

When you do, the serpent appears.

The serpent being the symbol of the spirit or Kundalini.

The winding electrical force which moves up the spine to the brain.

Whenever you wish to regain control, simply bring your thoughts back to the left and

the serpent changes back into the spine or physical nature or as the Bible puts it, the rod.


The story is that Peter was in a boat fishing, he saw Jesus walking on the water.

Peter came out of his boat and also walked on the water as long as he kept his eye on Jesus.

When he looked down, he sank.

To consider this, you first have to understand that this is a Greek document.

In Greek there are 5 stages of consciousness.

Earth, which is the lower mind.

Water, which is the 2nd stage, reached in meditation.

Air the 3rd stage where one separates from thought.

Fire the 4th stage where one makes spiritual union and the Renewed Mind

or Christ Consciousness which is the 5th stage.

We are Peter.

The boat is our lower mind or stage 1.

Seeking Jesus we enter the water which is the meditation state or stage 2.

As long as we keep our minds free of the thoughts of stage 1 we will walk on the water

or rise in consciousness.

As soon as the thoughts from the lower mind enter into our meditation, (we look down), we sink.


If you followed the above description relative to walking on water,

then this one should be easy.

The scripture says we shall rise to meet Jesus in the air.

Air is the 3rd stage of consciousness.

When our meditation lifts us above the earth or lower mind, we go through the 2nd,

which is water as shown above and then rise and meet Jesus or the Christ consciousness,

which is the 3rd stage or air.

Air is the Greek reference of absence of thought.

Where Christians believe that rapture is actually flying up in the sky to meet Jesus,

what it really means is rising in meditation to the third stage of consciousness which

in Greek writings was air.



The Bible is clear that every child of promise is born to a woman who is

either a virgin or of a barren womb.

Jesus to Mary, Jacob to Rebekah, Isaac to Sarah, John to Elizabeth. Etc.

The virgin or barren womb is the Pia Mater of the brain.

Pia Mater means tender mother.

It is there in our meditation which takes us to the center that the virgin mother

within gives birth to the child that will grow within us, sacrifice himself on the tree

which is our body and take us in a right ascension to sit at the right side of God

in the higher realms of the brain mind.

There are many other explanations of Biblical tales given to the world in deep symbols

so as to reveal the essence of life and our place in Gods wonderful plan.

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