George Gershwin wrote a song many years ago that went like this

It ain't necessarily so. The things that you're liable to read in the Bible 

it ain't necessarily so.


When I speak and say that the Bible should not be taken literally, I receive comments

that I am being Satanic and that the Bible is Gods word and must be taken


I will offer proof to you that the Bible cannot be taken literally

and it is not God's unerring word.


           The Bible most read throughout the world by far is The King James Bible.

            It is the initial translation from Greek into English.


            If you open the King James Bible you will see that many words are in italics.




PSALM 38:16

For I said, Hear me, lest otherwise they should rejoice over me when my foot

slippeth, they magnify themselves, against me.


To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.


   There is a reason for this which has to do with the Bible writings being formed by people.

             People just like you and me.

  In translating the Bible from Greek to English the translators found that the

  same words in Hebrew and Greek had different meanings.


            So what they did was put into the text what they thought the besty interpretation

 would be and they put it in italics to show that it was not in the original text.

We have two points here

          We have Hebrew and Greek scripture using the same words that may mean

          two totally different things.



          Then we have interpreters coming along and translating the Greek into English and 


          well we think that it would be best to reach this conclusion as to what was 


What they were saying by writing in italics is,

" This is not what the original says but 

           we think that this is better and easier
           for you to understand


           So there is your unerring word of God being changed by people trying to make it 

           easier for you to understand and Christianity saying it must be taken literally 

           because it's God's word. 


           Not when somebody with a pen starts changing the words. 

           When that happens, then what you're reading , ain't necessarily so.

           So now here are The words to George Gershwins song.


           It ain't necessarily so, 

           It ain't necessarily so, 

The things that you're liable to read in the Bible, It ain't necessarily so.

Li'l David was small, but oh my !, Li'l David was small but oh my !, 

He fought Big Goliath who lay down an' dieth ! Li'l David was small, but oh my !

Oh Jonah, he lived in the whale, Oh Jonah, he lived in the whale, 

For he made his home in that fish's abdomen. Oh Jonah, he lived in the whale.

Li'l Moses was found in a stream. Li'l Moses was found in a stream. 

He floated on water Till Ol' Pharaoh's daughter, 

She fished him, she said, from that stream.

Well, it ain't necessarily so Well, it ain't necessarily so 

They tell all you children The devils a villain 

But it ain't necessarily so !

To get into Heaven, Don't snap for a seven, 

Live clean don't have no fault 

Oh, I take that gospel, Whenever it's possible, But with a grain of salt

Methus'lah lived nine hundred years, Methus'lah lived nine hundred years, 

But who calls that livin' When no gal will give in, 

To no man that's nine hundred years


I'm preachin' this sermon to show, It ain't necessarily so


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