I propose that the answer to that is yes.

And the one playing with it goes back to the very beginning.

The reason is to force you into dealing with yourself, and the

stories, and myths, handed down to you from the most ancient times.


Let me give you an example.


Your brain is a computer. Far more sophisticated then any computer

presently manufactured but none the less, a computer.


A computer's memory is called Ram.

You brain's memory is called the hippocampus.


I spoke to you before as to how the hippocampus of your brain is

the mythical Pegasus. 

If you missed that, let me know and I will go over it again.


But  now another mythical riddle concerning your hippocampus.

Your memory bank.


As I stated, the computer you're reading this on has memory

called RAM.


In the hippocampus of your brain  is an organ called Ammons Horn.


Ammon's symbol was   the RAM

RAM the memory of your computer

RAM the memory of your brain

Open the gates !


In your brain and in your computer, the logic circuits are called



There are 12 gates to the holy city which are the 12 cranial nerves

of your brain.


And who does nature give us as the most famous person connected

with computers, Bill -----.


Oh yes, someone has been playing with us and the more you understand


that everything you have gone to church about, or prayed about, or


read about is right inside of you, the closer you will come to the one


whose riddles present with you a game of life to figure out.



I am here and I will help you along the way.


It is interesting isn't it, which means it's also fun and that's the way the


riddler wants it.

You may want to call it God, that's fine. But it does like to play with you.


I call it, it, because there is no male or female next door in the parallel place.





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