Charon, The Dark Stranger

Of The River Styx





What Goes On Inside Of You

And Your Connection With

The Electrical Power

Of The Universe.


Charon, pronounced KAIR uhn or pronounced KAY rohn,

was the ragged old boatman of the Underworld

in Greek mythology.


He was the son of Erebus (darkness) and Nyx (night).

Charon ferried the shades (spirits) of the dead across

the Styx or other rivers of the Underworld.


The ancient Greeks buried their dead with a silver coin in

their mouth as payment to Charon for this trip.

Those who did not receive proper funeral rites were

forced to wander along the riverbank for 100 years before

obtaining passage from Charon.


Pluto is the planet of the dead.

The reason is that it becomes the most distant planet

and the last one before the underworld.


I struggle to the top of Pluto and then look

down and there is Paradise.


Pluto has a small grayish satellite orbiting around it.

It is called Charon.


Pluto is the gate to the underworld.

And one must be ferried by Charon to reach

this place of the Gods.

One must have a silver coin in ones mouth at burial.


Jesus was betrayed for 30 pieces of silver.

The number 30 is the number of the God Sin.

Sin is the moon God.


The moon represents the emotions because it reflects

what is shone on it.

Silver is the human mind.


Thus the silver coin in the mouth indicates that the mind

has been demonstrated to have been renewed by the words

that were spoken before the body died.


Hades, pronounced HAY deez, was the god of

the dead in Greek mythology. 


He ruled the kingdom of the dead, which

had the same name.


The ancient Romans preserved without change almost all

the myths about Hades and his kingdom,

but they called the god Pluto.


Hades was the son of Cronus and Rhea, and the older

brother of Zeus, the king of the gods.

In the Bible he is Lucifer.


In spite of Hades' importance to the Greeks,  

they did not devote any rituals to him.

Few myths involve Hades directly.


The kingdom of Hades was a neutral region reserved for

the souls of people  who deserved neither punishment

nor reward upon death.


The Greeks believed that Hades was drab and dull,

but not necessarily painful.


The souls of those who had led virtuous lives dwelled

happily in Elysium.

The souls of those who had sinned greatly went to Tartarus,

a land far below the earth.


The Greeks believed Hades was beneath the earth.


It had five rivers--the Acheron, the Kokytos,

the Lethe, the Phlegethon, and the Styx.

Each served as a boundary between the land of

the living and the land of the dead.



The Styx was the best-known river in Hades.

To cross it, a soul had to be ferried by Charon, a boatman.


He demanded payment, so the Greeks placed coins in

the mouths of their dead before burying them.


Hades' house stood on the shore of the Styx.

Cerberus, a monstrous three-headed dog, guarded the house.


After crossing the river, each soul was assigned to its

eternal home by one of three judges--

Aeacus, Minos, or Rhadamanthys.


Those guilty of serious offenses were tormented by

goddesses called Furies or Erinyes.


Styx, pronounced stihks, was a gloomy river of the underworld

in Greek and Roman mythology.

Styx is a Greek word meaning hateful.


The boatman Charon was often described as ferrying

the souls of the dead across the Styx. 

The gods took their most sacred oaths by the name of the Styx.


If they broke  such an oath, they were punished by spending

nine years in Tartarus, a deep pit in the underworld.


The Styx supposedly began as an actual waterfall in the region

of ancient Greece called Arcadia.

Its waters, which were said to be poisonous,

plunged down a steep gorge to the underworld.


See also


MARCH 15 1999


The Romans connected Pluto to Hades.


The appearance of Pluto once again as a gate to the

beyond took place on March 15 1999.


Pluto, pronounced PLOO toh, is usually the most distant

planet from the sun.

Pluto and Neptune are the only planets that cannot be

seen without a telescope.


Astronomers "discovered" both these planets by

using mathematics.


Pluto is about 39 times as far from the sun as Earth is.

Pluto travels around the sun in an elliptical (oval-shaped) orbit.

At some point in its orbit, it comes closer to the sun than

Neptune, usually the second farthest planet.


It stays inside Neptune's orbit for about 20 earth-years.

This event occurs every 248 earth-years, which is about the

same number of earth-years it takes Pluto to travel once

around the sun.


Pluto entered Neptune's orbit on Jan. 23, 1979,

and remained there until March 15, 1999.


March 15 1999, Pluto assumed its position as the gateway

to the netherworld.

But if one does not have the silver coin in his mouth at death,

he will wander on the dark shore.

If one has the silver coin he will be ferried.


Those who have been enlightened through Pegasus will go

on to the lodge or Elysium.

Others wills cross Styx to the house of Hades.


This is all mythical, symbolic language.

These are all symbols to allow you to understand.


Pegasus has already been accounted for In the universe

by the planetary discoveries .


This is found inside of you at the hippocampus, along with:

Supernova 1987a as Pineal.

Fornax as  the Fornix.

The temple as the brain, Dura Mater, Pia Mater, and Arachnoid.


Pluto opened the gate to the other realms known

as the netherworld March 15 1999.

And Charon now beckons  you.


 Do you want to cross.

 Do you have the silver coin for your fare.?


It is not to be thought of as the Hell of the Christians.

It is the place where wisdom can be found.


You may go into Hades and receive wisdom, but to retrace

the path to come up to the sweet air of heaven,

that is a labor.


There is a very strange story in Greek mythology

connected with all of this.


The initiate must struggle through the dark forest to find the

River Styx and the strange gray boatman Charon.


The forest is deep and dark.

It represents meditation, and the struggle to avoid the howling

and creeping thoughts of the mind which distract us and frighten

us from our goal.


We must find the golden bough because Charon will not allow

us into the boat unless we have the the golden bough.


Before you can get to Hades or to the place of the next world

where wisdom will be given, you must find a golden bough

growing in the forest on a tree.


Only with this in hand will you be admitted to the next world.





 It is also the mythical Golden Fleece.

The tree is your body.


Going into the mind is going into the great

wilderness of trees.

It is the place of the tree of life and the

tree of knowledge of Genesis.


The tree of knowledge being the left hemisphere.

The tree of life being the right hemisphere.


It seems impossible to find ones way to the goal because

of the dark deep thoughts.

I seek and sit in the darkness of the inner forest

and find nothing.



Suddenly in the dark forest will come two doves.

The birds of Venus.

The higher place of love.


They fly slowly within you and you follow them.

Sometimes the experience is so brief.

Just a glimpse.


You come to Lake Avernus, a dark foul smelling sheet

of water where there is a cavern where the path leads

to the deeper place.


That foul smelling water is the truth which is polluted

by the systems of the world.


But right there , where all seemed so low, and all seemed to be lost,

the doves suddenly soared up to a tree where on  a bough

was a bright yellow glean.

It is the golden bough within you.


Now you can move across the river to the other side

to the place of wisdom and understanding.


The seekers (you and me) find ourselves on a road wrapped

in shadows through which we can see frightful forms

on the other side. disease, care, hunger, terror, fear.


Our thoughts are dancing against the moons light.

Will we cross ??

Can we cross or will we turn back?


Finally we pass through all of the howling things dancing

and screaming, and we find ourselves unmolested, unhurt.

The fear did not touch us because it was only fear.


And we finally reach a place where an old man was

rowing a boat in the dark water.

A short gray man with a short cloak.


As he pushes his pole in the dark water, Charon ignores the cries

of those along the shore begging to go across.


They do not know about the golden bough.

We stare in wonder at Charon in his skiff..

There are two dark rivers that intersect here.




One of the rivers is called Cocytus, the other Acheron.

Now Charon in his boat with the mist curling about him

on the dark water poles his skiff and stares at you.

He raises his hand and beckons you to stop.


But then he sees the golden bough.

Charon allows you into his skiff.

You sit quietly.


Cerberus the three headed dog is barking in the

front yard of Hades.

You have to appease him with a cake.


This is the degree of compromise that we all offer the system.

 We live in it and take part in much of its nonsense.

 And the dog becomes quiet.



We pass the solemn place where Minos, Europas

son (moon) was passing sentence on some falling souls.

(More fear within us).

We pass the fields of mourning where unhappiness dwells.


At last in our dark meditation Charon poles the dark water

and we reach a division in the river.


From the left come horrible sounds, groans and savage cries.

We stare in terror at the left side.


In spite of our fear we held tight to the golden bough.

Charon pushed the skiff to the right and the quiet

dark waters touched its side.


Suddenly the sky brightened.

We came to a field of beautiful green,

with  trees and waterfalls of bright blue.



Here we found those who know.

Those who took the golden bough and

Charon ferried to this wonder.

We encountered all of those we knew and know again.


But to return we must pause at the stream of Lethe.

The river of forgetfulness.

No one can return here until you first drink of the water

of Lethe.


You see people who will be your relatives, fathers,

mothers, sons and daughters.

All drinking the water of forgetfulness before their

time to come upward.

All memories of the former times are gone.


All of us then come together and prepare to leave.

Calmly knowing that we will not know each other

when we get to the other side.


A few at a time enter the skiff and Charon

smiles with a sly grin.



The meditation that you take when you enter deep

within yourself takes you to elysian when you have

the golden bough which is the pineal.


The golden bough or pineal is now Supernova.

Eridanus is the river, and Charon waited at Pluto

until March 15 1999.


You don't remember your last trip.

Because you drank of the river of Lethe.


The experience in your last meditation when you

separated from your thoughts.

You were lost in the deep.

For you drank of Lethe.


All of these things are waiting for

such a short time.


Pluto at the gate of Hades.

Charon the ferry boatmen.

Elysia. Lethe.


The Golden Bough which is Supernova takes you to

Eridanus the river, and then to Fornax which is the furnace

lighting and bringing forth the light of Elysium to those

who have the bough within them. 


The white horse Pegasus (hippocampus) raising itself

in preparation for the one who sends forth the lightning.


The enlightenment from the hippocampus, from Pegasus.

All of the planets and constellations waiting and in

preparation and Charon grins.


Come here he says.




The first thing I want to do is respond to a very good

question that was asked of me. 

Recounting the story of Charon the ferryman who takes

you in the boat across the river Styx to Hades,

I stated that Hades is the Planet Pluto.


The doorway to the next world.

The last planet in line. ( March 15 1999).


Interestingly Charon is a small gray man who wears

a short cloak.

Orbiting Pluto is a small satellite which is gray

in color and is called Charon.


 A person  asked an  important question.

How could Hades be connected to Pluto when the planet Pluto

was not discovered until quite recently and the story

of Hades is very ancient.


I want to address that question now.


In ancient Greece, the God Hades which means the

unseen was also known as Pluto or Pluton, (the rich.)


Pluto was another name in Greek mythology for Hades

which is another name for hell.

The planet was discovered in 1930 by Clyde Tombaugh.


It was named Pluto and when it achieves the most distant

orbit it becomes the gateway to the next world including Hades.


In 1978 two astronomers James Christy and Robert Harrington

discovered the one satellite that orbits Pluto.

A small gray satellite that they named Charon.



Hades is Pluto in Greek mythology and Charon is the small

gray boatman of Hades or Pluto.


Somehow the planet that is the doorway to the next world

was named Pluto and the small gray satellite next to

it was named Charon.


It all came together just as it was ordained in the Greek myths.

These myths were written by those who knew of astronomical

things long before they had been discovered by people on earth.


This is a good reason for us to look closely at Supernova 1987a

and the Harmony of Apollo.



If the Greeks knew of the Planet Pluto and the gray satellite Charon,

does not the geometric pattern called the Harmony of Apollo indicate

that they also knew of the existence of Supernova 1987a

thousands of years before we observed it.


The single eye that will fill the universe with light and

at the same time, the human brain with light.



We have broken the glass ceiling and reached deep

inside to grab what we can of the origin of life

and its implications.


Not only its implications, and not only its origin, but its reason.

Why is there such a thing?

What in the world is it?

How is it a part of the universe?


Religion has been content to lull us to sleep with hymns,

and colorful stories much of which would be more at

home in Disneyland.


Talking snakes, talking donkeys, fish that swallow people

and carry them around in their stomach for 3 days.


The Sun in the sky that stands still, virgins having babies

(no Disney there of course).


But in all of this we have our heads focused to the preacher,

to the priest.


We are actually warned not to look to the universe

which is Gods cathedral.

We are warned not to try to consider that as part

of the great purpose.

We are warned to stay away from our inner selves.



Even though Jesus begs us to seek within,

they warn us to stay without and listen to them.


And so we who are so intelligent in the things that have

been provided for us in the mterial world, must seek

the actual reason and meaning of life via the superstitions of the religious.



Your body and your mind were created through a chromosonal

interchange during copulation between your

mother and father.


You look and act according to the genetic make up of them

and those of your ancestors who came before you.

You are  a product of the earth.


But inside of you there is electron and photon activity

which nested in your body when you were a fetus.

They have come to you from above.

They are the aspects of light that the Bible speaks of.



That is the part of you that is only nesting in this body and

will leave when this body can no longer support the light.

Not unlike the light of a bulb.


This part of you is called spirit but it is not spirit.

It is electron, photon.

It is part of the universe.

It came to earth from the universe.


This is your true identity and now you can begin to move to the center and reattach to your true mother and father.



In the East Atma means father-UM means mother.

Atum-Atom Mother and father .


This part of you cannot remain unattached from the

movement of the celestial bodies.

It yearns to once again be part of them.


It calls out as ET did in the movie,

Home Home.


The lower part of you is pulled by religion to listen to them.

They who have no idea of these deep things.


But that light within you which is yearning to be reunited

with the family of light pulls you to the stars and to the planets.




Now the celestial events are moving at a rapid rate and

they are stimulating that which is you, the inner light,

and the vibration is being felt deeply by each of us

who are willing to move to the center.


Things are being changed, a revolution is at hand.

Those celestial bodies which are known to turn things

upside down are now front and center.


And so we see how strangely familiar is the effects of Pluto

consistent with Uranus and indeed Aquarius,

and this great adventure is moving itself into place in the

heavenlys with Pluto and Charon having taken their place

as the doorway to the next world on March 15 1999.



And this week the scientists and astronomers on tv ,and radio ,

brought all of us to look and again prepare for the Ides of March

by announcing to the world that the scientific community is

considering downgrading Pluto from a planet

to something else.


They have not spoken of Pluto in years, but now they call

our attention to the doorway to the next world ready to

take its appointed place.



What is this all about in suggesting that these signs are so important.

The movement of planets and their positioning is so important.

They are  the angles of light that will impact upon the

world to correct the course.

To correct the inherent defect.


 How is this summed up for all of us to see in the Bible.

1 John1:5 This then is the message which we have heard of him,

and  declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is

no darkness at all .

Considering electro magnetism and the flow of angles of light

upon the earth is so important.




The question of God that you have followed all of your life

is revealed to you now.


God is light.

God is photon.

The connection between you and what you call God is via light,

angles of light from above.

Electro magnetism from the universe.


The Bible, written by the ancient Greeks who gave us so much

in astronomy and an understanding of the universe,

tells you that God is light.


The very light that comes streaming down upon the earth at the

proper time, at the proper angle, to correct defects.

To heal

To change the course of behavior, to give peace and new life.


This light is God.

1 Peter2:9 But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood,

a holy nation, a peculiar people;

that ye should show  the praises of him who has called

you out of darkness into his marvelous light:


Calling you out of darkness into his marvelous light means

pulling you out of deep attachment to the left side of the carnal mind

to the center through the Pineal, and then to the right side where

dwells inside of you the Kingdom of Light.



What draws you?

Your bodies are those of the earth, Of your mother and father.

 A fetus developed in your mothers womb and you were

nowhere in sight.


Then the photon light came on an angle from above and

entered the fetus.

It became you, photon and body.


The body to interact upon the earth.

The photon to move to the center and by collapsing

the wave to reattach to the mother light.


The Bible itself addresses this.

1 Thessalonians5:5 You are all the children of light,

and the children of the day:

we are not of the night, nor of darkness



Your bodies are children of your parents and your family tree.

But you, the you that I am talking to now, are a child of light.


You were not born here on the planet earth in some hospital.

You were born of light at a distant place.

As it says, you are all children of light.

You are photon



By moving in meditation to the center at the Pineal

you again make direct line contact with mother as.

This is how you rejoin your family.


Colossians1:12 Giving thanks to the Father, which has made us

to share the inheritance of the saints in light


Your inheritance is in light, photon.

Electro magnetism that flows down to the earth.

You must move to that place of light.

How important is this understanding since

Pluto made its move.


Ephesians5:8 For you were sometimes darkness,

but now you are light in the Lord: walk as children of light. 


Not as children of your parents, but children of the light.

So then why have we not followed this light through meditation?


Why have we had church and religion warn us not to

enter within ourselves and go into meditation?

Why have they warned us that if we go within ourselves

we will open ourselves to demons?


All of this was taught to us by religion, why.?

John3:19 And this is the condemnation,

that light has come into the  world, and men loved darkness

rather than light, because their deeds were evil.


That light has come into the world .

Where did it come from. How has it come?


It has come from above as an angle of light but it has been

ejected by the teachings of religion and we have all been

deprived of receiving it until now.


But now Aquarius is here, Uranus is here, Supernova is here,

Fornax is here, Eta Carina is here, and yes Pluto and Charon are here and it is time

to walk into the light.


The photons are positioning themselves to come for you.

 Your family is preparing for your return.

Angles of light photons are coming down as a giant hand

reaching for you.


Now we will begin to go where we have not gone before simply

because of the need to be ready.


The initiation is in the understanding, the enlightenment.

To become aware.





In the ancient text that go back to Sumeria there

is  the writings of one called Enlil Jehovah

and his brother Enki.


He knew that men who took of the Tree of Knowledge,

could become like Gods.

The tree of knowledge we understand to be the left hemisphere

of the brain, and the fruit of the tree of life being the Pineal.


This is supported by Genesis, or more likely sets the stage for

the story in Genesis.


Adam and Eve ate of the tree of knowledge, what was the result?

 Genesis 3:22 And the LORD God said,  the man has become as

 one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand,

and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever:


So just as Enki said in that ancient document , taking from

the Tree of Knowledge brings one to a point of enlightenment.

This is the movement of electrical energy up the spine and

then a coming together of that electrical energy with photon 

that comes down from above.


Enki was the one who was the guardian of the Tree of Knowledge.

He also had another name.

They called him Samael.


Samael is the one who will direct you either to the left or right,

depending on your knowledge of the code of IEOU which

consists of the symbol of 8, Azozeo, and 4555.


You will see in the Books of IEOU that once you name

Azozeo and 4555, and seal yourself with the seal of 8,

you will meet Samael.


You have never heard a statement from Samael .

But from ancient Sumeria you will now hear his words.


Nothing is obtained by wanting.

And nothing is achieved by relinquishing responsibility to a higher authority.

Belief is the act of believing ,for to be alive is to believe ,

and will is the ultimate medium of the self.


There is an ancient writing from Samael himself telling

you that you must be true to yourself.

You simply cannot desire something or an

improvement in your existence.


You must follow that light and phenomena within you.

You must not follow a group which will cause you

to give up your self.


Samael warns you not to do that.

Now Samael has a female counterpart. as in all aspects of life.




Samaels counterpart was the death goddess,

queen of the mysterious land of the Hyperboreans.


Her name was Samothea.


This all wise lady instructed persons in the arts, astronomy, and science.

Her student in the mystical place beyond the veil was Pythagoras.


So what Pythagoras learned, he learned from the strange Samothea.

The feminine side of Samael.


Let me introduce you to another word.



Anunnaki is the Star Fire.

This is the the Pineal gland  and Annunaki would

now also be Supernova 1987a.

We are way back into Sumerian mythology which predates Greek.


The Annunaki star fire was  also a flower or cup bearer

which was the transmitter of the rich food of the matrix.

This is the womb from which flows the nectar that is the

chrism or anointing oil.


Annunaki in this capacity was also called, the Rose of Sharon.

In ancient Sumerian

Sha means orbit,


Ra and On relate to light.

The city of On was also known as Heliopilis which was the

City of Light and  Ra is the Sun god.


So interestingly Sharon would mean  the orbiting or circling light.



We look to the Idea of March being March 15th of 1999 when

Pluto ascended to the farthest point from the Sun as the

doorway to the next world.


Accompanied by the gray satellite orbiting Charon

Known in the Greek myth as the gray boatman who would ferry

you across the  river Styx on the way to Elysium.


His name is Charon.

So we have if not Sharon, we have Charon.

The orbit of the great light.

The beauty or rose of orbiting light bears this resemblance to Charon.


In the Bible , the Messianic Bride speaks.

This would be the advent of cosmic consciousness.

Christ consciousness.


And what sign do we see related?

Song-of-Solomon 2:1 I am the rose of Sharon,

and the lily of the valley.

The coming of cosmic consciousness.


This coming of light  can ride on the wings of a great cosmic sign.

In the Bible it says on the very first page.

Let there be lights in the heavens and let them be for signs.


And what great sign took its place on March 15th 1999  Charon?

Charon is the satellite circling Pluto or Hades, the underworld,

the sign of darkness.



Anunnaki of Sumeria was the Pineal.

The Pineal secretes melatonin.

The word melatonin comes from the Greek melos which means black,

and tosos which means labor.


Melatonin actually means night worker.

Melatonin is the Hormone of Darkness.


Charon ferries us across the river to the House of Darkness

being Hades or Pluto the distant dark planet.


There is a very interesting resemblance, Sharon, Rose of Sharon,

Meaning orbit of light and Charon.


Taking us across the river past Hades or Pluto to Elysium.

And right in the middle of it , will be Samael.



Now we get to considering Pluto.

If we feel confident that the myth correctly identified

Pluto and Charon for us as was borne out in the discoveries of Pluto

in 1930 and Charon in 1978.

We then must also consider carefully what is said about Pluto.


We know that Pluto falls in  with Aquarius as a heavy impact

on the mind, and with Uranus, in that it turns things upside down.

It causes confusion and upheaval.

That is astrology, but what about the myth?


If the myth was correct in painting a portrait of Pluto and Charon

that we recently discovered, should not we also look carefully

to the myth surrounding Pluto to determine if possibly it might

provide us with some inkling as to what to expect.?


In order to understand what may be expected through Pluto ,

one would have to become a little familiar with what are called “

 The Elusian Mysteries” of ancient Greece.


The point being made is that when Pluto, is here and

Uranus is here, and Supernova is here , etc.

then the electro magnetic vibrations  from above become

right to influence great change in the human mind.


The Elusian mysteries were actually in existence about 1400

years before the Biblical account of Jesus.

They centered in the town of Eleusis.


These mysteries focused on interpretations of Natures

most precious secrets.

The Elusian mysteries were dramatized during different

parts of the year.


They were split into two groups.

One was the Lesser Mysteries and the other

was the Greater Mysteries.




In order to understand the mysteries one had to be familiar

with Greek mythology, which the Elusians interpreted esoterically.

In other words in the world of the invisible.


What we used to call spiritual but what we now know to be

the realm of the sub atomic.

Now what were they about?


They were about the very things we have previously studied.

You are a body that belongs to your family.

That is created here, exists here, dies here, and decomposes here.


But you entered that body from above as an angle of light, a photon..

That part is the part that is pulling you back to the center to

the point of the Pineal so you may realign yourself with mother light.


The Elusian Mysteries were totally concerned with  what we have discussed.

Let us look at their reasoning .


Their concern was with the unpurified soul invested with

an earthy body and enveloped in a material and physical nature.

Thus as a photon  light you entered and nested deep within the brain.


You animate the body but you are enveloped in a material and physical nature.

So as we clear the mist surrounding the Elusian mysteries we

find the story of Pluto.


Can we then use this story to judge what we may expect?

These are the mysteries.

The deepest mysteries, and they are about you and they

are the very essence of the Bible.


 1 Corinthians 2:7 But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery,

 even the hidden wisdom which God ordained before

the world unto our glory:



The mystery of Pluto contained in the Elusian Mysteries is

that of the abduction of Persephone by Pluto the lord of the

underworld also known as Hades.


Persephone is picking flowers and the ground opens up.

Suddenly the Lord of Death, Pluto appears in a chariot and

scoops up Persephone and kicking and screaming carries

her off to his underworld palace.


That would mean for us a coming of a time when those

who are going about the mundane (symbolized by picking flowers),

suddenly find their spirit or inner nature (symbolized by Persephone)

suddenly crashing in confusion and delusion.


Many people because of a unique alignment that time of year

experience this on a more gentle basis around Christmas time.  

It has to do with cosmic alignment at that time.



In this story, the soul is personified by Persephone.

What is the soul?

No doctor can find a soul because it is an invisible sub

atomic realm of photon or light  that rises to the point of the Pineal.

Your true home is Persephones true home in the higher realms.


Your true home is free from the bondage of material concepts,

yet here you are trapped within that which is material.


The Elusian mysteries portray your human or physical nature as a tomb,

a false and impermanent thing, the source of all sorrow and suffering.


 Plato describes the body as the sepulcher.

This is very important when we consider Supernova 1987a

and its direct fire line to Fornax.

And the Pineal Gland of the brain and its direct line to Fornix.


A sepulcher is a vault like tomb.

Fornix means sepulcher and furnace..




The fire from the Pineal in the brain moves along stria pinealis

to the fornix which opens the vault or sepulcher

and we have personal resurrection.


In the sky, fire from Supernova 1987a moves to Fornax

and we have the same result on a cosmic level.


The Elusian Mysteries explained the nature of the human problem.

The agony of the soul, or of photon, you..

You are trapped inside of that head.


You are surrounded by everything made by your family.

You have always been unable to express yourself as the

individual light that you are because you have accepted the

limitations and illusions of the human environment.




What the Elusian mysteries taught is that it is totally up to you.

You are no better off in this body or out of the body if you

have not found that center path to put you back into

contact with mother.


You must overcome the desire to be a part of this material system

instead of being a part of the system of photon.

The Elusian mysteries state that you will carry with you into

the invisible world those same desires that you cannot gratify here.


Jacob in the Bible.

He struggled with a man.

His thigh was put out which means he overcame the desire of the

physical and with that he became IS RA EL.


This elimination of desire has nothing to do with wanting money,

or a house, or a car, or fun or a vacation.

It does not mean that when it talks about desire.


It is talking about the desire to be part of them.

They system of the physical.

The system of the material.


To be afraid to step out of line because of them.

To be afraid to think in terms of light and cosmos

because of them.


There is this need or desire to remain a part of the cult,

the family, the tradition, and until you are ready to shut down

everything that they believe, and instead find that light you are

carried down into the depths by Pluto or Hades

 and you feel like hell.


The Plutonic personality is the personality that ties its

spiritual nature to the habits, and viewpoints of the

cults and systems of the world.


That means a collapse of many of the things that we have

cherished and held on to.

A cleansing is coming upon the earth.

The room must be cleaned out but that is not good news for the dirt.


To the Elusian mysteries birth into the physical world,

entrance into the fetus in your mothers womb,

was entering into the tomb into the world of the dead.


And the only true birth was that of the photon within,

rising out of the womb of your own fleshy nature.

You must be born again.


Born of the higher photon.

1 Peter2:9 But you are a chosen generation,

a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people;

that you should show  the praises of him who has called you

out of darkness into his marvelous light.


When one is ruled by Pluto that person is ruled by the dead.

That is the problem that comes down upon the heads of people

now as Pluto and Charon come into position that will herald

in the dawning of the light that will foster this tremendous

change of consciousness.


The Elusian mysteries said that.

The living are ruled by the dead.

 This is what they meant.


It means the majority of people are not ruled by their

living spirits but by their senseless and dead animal personalities.

That is the gross problem.


The light within, which is the true you has been ruled all of your life by Pluto.

Now is the time when the universe will feel Plutos power,

the Power of Uranus, the power of Aquarius,

for you to come up into the light.



We have discussed when the photon comes into the fetus.

It appears that the pineal gland forms in the 3rd month,

at that point the light can collapse as a particle and find its way to the nest.


The Elusian mysteries believe that it was at midnight when the

invisible worlds were closest to the earthly sphere and that souls

coming into material existence slipped in during the midnight hour.


My desire is that you have followed the twisting pathway upward

out of the abyss of your earthly dungeon called your body.




After following the twisting and turning passageways toward the light,

one finally received the honorary title of Mystes from

which comes the word Mystic.


This means one who saw through a veil.

The vision was clouded but the promise was that the veil

would be torn away in a higher realm of consciousness.


1 Corinthians13:12 For now we see through a glass, darkly;

but then face to face:

now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.

You shall know in light as you are known in light.





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