It is light from above, specifically from Eta Carina

that is changing human minds, that is correcting mutant DNA.


Light also from Supernova 1987a coming upon the earth to bring

a whole new world to replace this one of violence and mutant DNA.


It is possible for you to enter within yourself and by collapsing

the wave cause the light from above to embrace the light within you.

Words? Yes


But now is there proof available for all of us to  see concerning

these things?

This page will provide you with proof to stimulate your

journey into the realm of healing light.


The proof comes from scientists working with light and

computers at NASA and their most recent news release

you will find here.



It makes absolutely no sense to talk about changing the

human state of consciousness to effect healing and correction

unless we can prove that such change is possible through light.

First the Biblical statement that God is not a man.

God is light.


Meaning that in dealing with the question of church worship

you must place into your mind the concept of worshipping

something that is not human.

Not a human being.


Worshipping some kind of thing.

A thing not as we consider a non entity. 

Thing as one might approach an extra terrestrial.

Another worldly type of entity that is not human.

And this non human entity dwells in the region of light.

 Ultra violet, infra red. Invisible light is where this entity

we call God dwells.


We have tried to attach all of the fatherly, and family, and

loving stuff that we as humans feel without ever giving a bit

of attention to the fact that this is a non human light being.

A supreme non human light being.


Here is the Biblical scriptures that state quite clearly what "God" is.

Numbers23:19 God is not a man

1 John1:5 This then is the message which we have heard of him,

and declare unto you, that God is light


So our direction is towards an intelligence that is not human,

that dwells in the realm of light, and that focuses itself in the cosmos.




Let's try to show comparisons between computers and the human brain.

The brain is much more sophisticated then any computer,

but there are comparisons to be made.


Both have logic circuits called gates and both have memory

systems connected to the word RAM.


As we all know the memory part of a computer is called RAM.

In the human brain the memory part is called hippocampus.

In the hippocampus is an organ called Ammons Horn.


You can find this in Stedmans medical dictionary.

 Ammon is an Egyptian deity whose symbol is the Ram.


Thus you have memory in a computer which is Ram and

memory in the human brain which is Ram.

Computers and human brains have some similar components

and reaching an understanding of that fact brings us to

NASAs latest finding.




A release dated April 28 2000 from NASA is titled

NASA Science News

Now, Just A Blinkin' Picosecond!


For those of you who like to see for yourself, this release

 was originally found at


Let's cover the main points that NASA has discovered that

support the theory that it is light that adjusts logic circuits

both in computers and in us.

The main points  of the article are as follows.


Page 1, Top:  NASA scientists are working to solve the need for

computer speed using light itself to accelerate calculations and

increase data bandwidth.


Page 1 Paragraph 1: We talked earlier in comparing

computers and the human brain about the

act that both have gates for logic circuits.


In this part of the NASA release it is made clear

that the light energy is to be used for

switches and gates in chips.

These are logic circuits in computers and in brains.


 Page 1 Paragraph 2 . Here is a quote from

Dr. Donald Frazier of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center.

"We have had to find a faster medium for the signals and

the answer seems to be light itself."


This compliments our theory that light from

Supernova and Eta Carina will cause the change in

human consciousness via DNA.


This is proof coming from NASA that light has the ability

to change logic circuits in computers.




 Page 1 Paragraph 3: Next we find references to photons.

In a billionth of a second, one nanosecond, photons of

light travel just a bit less than a foot .


Photons are angles of light , what you learned in

religion to be angels.

Angels being messengers and photons being

messenger particles.


Albert Einstein discovered that when light came

near a celestial body such as a planet it would actually

bend and enter on an angle.

An angle of light.


These photons within the body are known as Gauge Bosons

and they deliver messages cell to cell.


So Photons are angles of light which are messenger particles.

In religion we understood them as Angels of light which

are messengers of God.





 Page 1 Paragraph 3 of the NASA article states  

"Entirely optical computers are still some time in the future,

" says Dr. Frazier, "but electro-optical hybrids have been possible

since 1978, when it was learned that photons can respond to electrons


This is very important because it is saying that angles of light

can respond to the energy in atoms.


So inside of us we stimulate the electron of the Pineal  by meditation ,

and here is proof that angles of light from above,

messengers from above, respond to that stimulation.


If Photons are angelic messengers and they respond to electrons,

we now have proof that when we stimulate electrons in the brain

via the Pineal Gland, we bring forth a response from angles of light

 which are Photons, or more appropriately angels of light

 which are messengers.




If indeed light can impact on the logic circuits of computers,

that in no way suggests that it can also impact

on the human brain.


Where is there a connection between a plastic pile of

computer parts and the human brain.

in this NASA article a very important statement is made.


Page 1 Paragraph 4 ,We are focusing on thin films made of

organic molecules, which are more light sensitive than inorganics.

Organics can perform functions such as switching, signal processing

and frequency doubling using less power than inorganics.


Notice the reference to making the film for the sensitivity to light ,

from organic molecules.


NASA has found that in order for light to properly work the logic

circuits in a computer, there is a need to use living

tissue as the conductor.


Organic material.

Not silicone, but material that comes from a body just like  yours.


Let us look at a dictionary definition of the word organic

organic (r-gnk) adj. Abbr. org.

1. Of, relating to, or affecting organs or an organ of the body:

an organic disease.

2. Of, relating to, or derived from living organisms: organic matter.


NASA uses a thin film from bodily material.

Something derived from a living organism.


Here we have  proof that the organs in your body are sensitive

to conducting the photons or messenger particles

of light from above.





It becomes very interesting when we look in

Stedmans medical dictionary , and look at the word gate.


In a computer a gate is a logic circuit.

 Information comes forth by opening or closing a gate.


Stedmans medical dictionary defines the word gate as follows.

Gate: To close an Ion channel (in the brain) by

electrical membrane potential


An Ion channel is a channel or area containing Atoms that have

lost or gained electrons.

But the word that is interesting here is the word membrane.  


Let us look at Stedmans medical dictionary and define

the word membrane.

Membrane :A thin layer of pliable tissue.


If we look again at their report, NASA tells us that in order to change

the logic circuits of computers with light they are using

thin films of bodily tissue.


 We are focusing on thin films made of organic molecules,

which are more light sensitive than inorganics.

Organics can perform functions such as switching,

signal processing and frequency doubling using

less power than inorganics.


Certainly this proves that in order for light from Eta Carina to

change logic circuits which would obviously

change consciousness, it will occur via membranes or

thin tissues inside of our body which will act as the conductors.


This is now proven.



We have ancient texts which tell us that God is light.

We have been spending our lives trying to figure out

how God can change us, how God can heal us,

how we can communicate with God.


Change your thinking a wee bit and consider God as light.

We are about to prove through NASA that light can

actually act as a logic circuit .


When you see that, then consider the Biblical statement that quotes

God as saying, come let us reason together.


There are three items that are interesting as we study

this phase of the NASA release.

 Page 2 Paragraph 1  the NASA report says

With a reference to using light with computers a calculation that

might take a conventional computer more then 11 years to complete

could be performed by an optical computer (light) in a single hour.


Can you imagine such a thing?

A standard computer takes 11 years to complete a project

that a light computer can complete in one hour.!


Again back to the NASA report

 Page 2 Paragraph 4 We have also developed and tested nanosecond

optical switches which can act as computer logic gates..


So there is scientific proof that the logic areas of a computer,

and this would certainly apply to the brain ,can be run and be

changed by light which would could involve

the light from Eta Carina etc.


Here is a question that we who understand the science

of God will read with great excitement.


Photons are angles of light which are messenger particles.

In religious circles we call them Angels of Light, messengers of God.


Look what NASA says about them.

Page 2 Paragraph 5 Photonics development is booming worldwide.


That reference is to photons or angles of light or angels which

are now finding their way into the affairs of humans, worldwide


In other words the involvement of angels in the affairs

of humans is booming world wide.




The information contained in this report proves that light

involves itself with the gates or switching mechanisms in

the brain and uses living tissue which would take us to a

connection between light (God) and the human brain and mind.


We have suggested that the light that is actually doing the work

now is coming from the strange star Eta Carina.


Does the NASA report give us any room to substantiate this ?

On Page 3 Paragraph 1 the NASA report states the following,

Almost all current all optical (light) components require a high

level of laser power to function as required.


This is extremely interesting because again it takes us

directly  to Eta Carina.

From Eta Carina is an energy pouring out at a million and a

half miles per hour that is an invisible laser never encountered in


This is a NASA artists drawing of the Lasers in Eta Carina.


The last line in the text is most enlightening.

This natural ultraviolet laser is the first of its kind to be discovered.


If NASA is looking for a high level of laser power to change

logic circuits, you will obviously not find it more

high level then Eta Carina.

nasa image 



We find in our study of this NASA release an important statement.

It is light from above which will change the logic circuits of the human brain.

That is the the light from Eta Carina that will change DNA and

will cause a totally new human paradigm in line with

light beings from above.

Look at this statement from the  NASA release.

Page 4 Paragraph 4 ,According to Dr Frazier. this all optical (light)

computer component and thin films developed by NASA are essential

to the current world wide work in electro-optical (light) computers, 

and will help to make possible the astounding organic optical

computers that will be the standard of future terrestrial and space

information operating and communication systems.


Consider that.

Organic (bodily tissues) Optical (light) Computers.


The computer of the human brain is an organic computer and

here NASA confirms that it is light that will be the standard

for future terrestrial and space information.

Two words terrestrial and space.

Three more words, Organic, Optical, Computers.


You on earth, Eta Carina in space.

Your body , light ,and conscious change.

Lets define that word optical just to be sure.

optical (pt-kl) adj. Abbr. opt.

1. Of or relating to sight; visual: an optical defect.

2. Designed to assist sight: optical instruments.

3. Of or relating to optics.

4. Relating to or using visible light: optical astronomy.

5. Using light-sensitive devices. --optically adv.

Using light sensitive devices.


Earth, Body, Space, Light, Computer (Logic) = Eta Carina

We are talking here about logic circuits.



And how does the dictionary define that word logic.

logic (ljk) n. Abbr. log.

1. The study of the principles of reasoning, especially of the

structure of propositions as distinguished from their content

and of method and validity in deductive reasoning.

2.a. A system of reasoning: Aristotle's logic. b. A mode of reasoning:


The principles of reasoning. A mode of reasoning.

Isaiah 1:18 Come now, and let us reason together,


We sit  in meditation to bring our light into a harmony

with the cosmic light.

To come together so that the logic circuits of the higher

light may impact with the logic circuits of our brains.


NASA has told us that our electrons indeed interact

with photons or messenger particles.

To change the logic circuits.

To impact on our reasoning by light from above.


And what does the scripture admonish us to do.

Isaiah 1:18 Come now, and let us reason together,

says the LORD:





We have seen the admonition from the text supposed

to be God saying let us reason together.

Reason is logic.


God is not a man the same Bible says, God is light.

So how do you reason with light?

How can you become logical , with light?

The report from NASA is very clear.

Electrons are attracted to Photons.

Light to light.

Light to the computer.

Light to the brain.

Light to the logic circuits.

God to you.

Eta Carina carrying the light of God and the DNA of God to you.


The report from NASA becomes more specific

Page 3 Paragraph 7 , Logic circuits are the building

blocks of any digital system.

An optical (light) logic gate is a switch that controls

one light beam with another.

It is on when the device transmits light and off

when it blocks the light.


Can we take a little license with those words and consider

the switch that controls one light being with another?

And when  you are in meditation are you on ,transmitting

light and receiving light.

Does it now all make sense.?


We have a connection between the Bible calling God light,

and NASA saying that light or God can change intelligence,

consciousness, logic, and NASA telling us of amazing light

never encountered before coming from Eta Carina and

Supernova 1987a.


No longer do we try to think as to whether light can change

consciousness via the computer brain,

we now have proof that it can.


We also have the scriptures telling us that God whom

we have been praying to with English words is actually a light

being dwelling in a totally different realm and one who

only responds or can respond when one communicates via light.


Light to light. Electron to photon.



There are some interesting scriptures that speak of

making contact with this other worldly light being.


Jeremiah7:2 Stand in the gate of the LORD's house,

and proclaim there this word, and say,

Hear the word of the LORD, all you of Judah,

that enter in at these gates to worship the LORD.


Stand in the gates, and now we know what the gates are.


The word worship is an old English word that has taken the

form of a ritual of an emotional kind, but in essence it is

actually speaking of making contact.


In this scripture it is interesting that it speaks of standing

in the gate of the Lords House.

God dwells not in temples made with hands.


The Lords house is actually the mind or brain and here we

have a specific reference to the Gates of the Brain or

 where NASA has told us that contact from light is made with us.


And if this is true here is specific instructions to meditate.

Enter in at these gates to worship or contact the Lord.


The Bible says there are 12 gates to the city.

The human brain has 12 cranial nerves.

The12 gates of the heavenly city.


But for the most part, we do not follow the instructions

of the supreme light being.


We sing songs and we study words and we follow the

prayer books and we even read prayers

that other people write.


And what does the scripture say of these efforts?

Mark7:7 Howbeit in vain do they worship me,

teaching for doctrines the  commandments of men.


In vain do they worship.

Teaching commandments of men.


God is not a man.

God is light so another kind of activity must take place

for contact to be made.

Eta Carina is sending out lasers.

Supernova 1987a is about to send its light to the earth.

Amazing things are about to happen.


We see the scriptures .

We know that this is done when electron joins photon.

Light to light.

We know that because it operates within the logic circuits

or gates where both NASA and the Bible tell us that

reason can be found.


That is truth and that is consciousness.

There should be ample proof for you now to enter within

the gates of your city.


Collapse the wave to a particle by doing the watching meditation.

Stimulating the electrons in your pineal gland so that it may

attract the Photons or angels of light bringing messages

of a new life, a new healing, a new world, a new you.




We have talked much about Supernova 1987a.

The impending explosion is supposed to touch the earth

with its light.


But do Supernovas effect life on earth in any way?

Can we prove that they do?


This is from the Knight Tribune News Service.

I am sorry I do not have the date but it was around December of 1999.


I call your attention especially to paragraph 9 in

the news release below.

Exploding stars supplied Earths atmosphere

Telescope reveals 'fountain of  life'


Knight-Tribune News Service

ATLANTA -- A new space telescope has revealed the inner

workings of a stellar factory that produces enormous quantities

of oxygen.-- what one astronomer called "the real fountain of life.'


Scientists think most of the oxygen we breathe was generated

initially by a relatively small number of massive exploding stars

known as "supernovae."


Along with other elements -- the raw materials of. new stars

and planets -- this precious gas eventually spread throughout

the universe, including our own solar system.


"Such massive stars create lots of oxygen in their nuclear furnaces,"

Massachusetts Institute of Technology astronomer Claude Canizares

said yesterday at the annual meeting of the American Astronomical Society.


"It was explosions of such supernovae that permitted life on Earth."

Once life evolved on this planet, oxygen generation by bacteria

and plants became self-sustaining.


Thus, humans today are not dependent upon supernovae for oxygen,

although such explosions continue to spread it through the cosmos.


The ring-shaped remnants of one such supernova --

labeled EO102-72 --

were studied on' two occasions., last fall by NASA's powerful new

Chandra X-ray Observatory "


When it blew up, the giant star, 15 to 25 times more massive than

our sun, was 200,000 light-years from Earth in the

Small Magellanic Cloud, one of the galaxies closest to our own Milky Way.


(A light-year is about 6 trillion miles).


The brilliant light from the starburst reached Earth about

1,000 years ago, and could have been visible to the naked eyes of

people in Australia or South America, Canizares said.

Chandra, launched in July, carries an instrument called a

high-energy spectrometer that spreads out X-rays,

much as a prism breaks up a beam of light,

into a rainbow of different wavelengths.

It recognizes each element, such as carbon, oxygen or iron,

by its unique wavelength.


The Chandra images showed that about half the gas expelled by

the exploding star was oxygen -- an unexpectedly high amount.

Elements such as iron and magnesium also were manufactured,

but in lesser amounts.


The oxygen from this supernova alone would weigh as much

as 10 of our suns, and would be enough to supply 1,000 solar

systems like our own, Canizares said.


The gas formed inside the star, where nuclear fusion of primordial

hydrogen gradually built up heavier elements,

such as carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, sulfur and iron.

"Understanding supernovae helps us to learn about the processes

that formed chemical elements like those which are found on

Earth and are necessary for life,

" said Kathy Flanagan, another MIT astronomer.


"We have just seen a star rip its belly open and show

us what's inside."

Canizares said after the oxygen was "baked in the oven"

he added," it was made available to those of us who like

to take a breath."


The manufacture of oxygen and other elements in stars

continues to this day.

An enormous supernova exploded in 1987 and more are

expected every 2 to 100 years.


The last in our own galaxy was in 1602.

However, a huge southern star called Eta Carina 9,000 light

years away in the Milky Way may have already blown up

during the time it takes its light to reach Earth,

according to Stephen Maran, an astronomer at

NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md.


So there is scientific proof that Supernova do effect the

living things on earth with life giving elements,

and without them life could not exist on this planet.







This is from NOAO Astronomy Picture of the Day

In the text below, pay attention to the 3rd sentence

and the final sentence.


Astronomy Picture of  the Day

January 12 1998


Discover the cosmos!

Each day a different image  or photograph of our fascinating

universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written

by a professional astronomer.


The Keyhole Nebula

Explanation: The dark dusty Keyhole  Nebula, gets its name

from its unusual shape.


Officially designated NGC 3324, the Keyhole Nebula is a smaller

region superposed on the larger Eta Carina Nebula.


These nebulae were created by the dying star Eta Carina,

which is prone to violent outbursts during its final centuries. 


Noted and discussed as early as 1840 when a spectacular explosion

became visible, the Eta Carina system now appears to be

undergoing an unusual period of change.


An emission nebula that contains much dust,

the Keyhole Nebula is roughly 9,000 light years distant.

This photogenic nebula can be seen in the south

with even a small telescope.


The Keyhole Nebula was recently discovered to contain

highly structured clouds of molecular gas.


Molecular is DNA. (See Below). 

The second thing to take note of is the third sentence which says,

"These Nebulae were created by the dying star Eta Carina".


Eta Carina created a nebula that contains highly structured

clouds of molecular gas.

Highly structured  means DNA created for a specific purpose.


Let's go to the dictionary and look up molecular.

mo-lec-u-lar (m...-luk"y...-1...r) adj.

1. Abbr. mol. Of, relating to, or consisting of molecules.

2. Of or relating to simple or basic structure or form.

-mo,lec"u-lar"x-ty ('l2r"1-t n. --mo.lec"u.lar:ly adv.


Notice the definition of molecular as belonging to basic structures,

which would be DNA.

Let's go on with the definition


molecular biology n. The branch of biology that deals,

with the formation, structure, and activity of macromolecules

essential to life,

such as nucleic acids and proteins, and especially with their

 role in cell replication and the transmission of genetic information.

--molecular biologist n.


We see molecular biology dealing with macromolecules

essential to life such as nucleic acids and it specifically says

concerning their role in cell replication and transmission of

genetic information.


We were shown above that Eta Carina contains highly structured

molecular gas.

The definition referred to nucleic acids.

Lets look that up in the dictionary before we end here.

nu-cle-ic acid (m-kl"% -kP"-, ny~-) n.

Any of a group of complex compounds found in all living

cells and viruses, composed of purine: pyrimidines,

carbohydrates, and phosphoric acid.

Nucleic acids in the form of DNA and RNA control

cellular function and heredity.


DNA and RNA to control heredity.

Coming from where.

As you saw with your own eyes, Eta Carina.





Sunday March 5 2000    Section 4



By: George Johnson

Attached Picture of NGC 1999 a nebula in the constellation Orion

Reaching beyond earth, air, fire and water,

Aristotle insisted that the heavenly spheres-the realm of the

stars and gods-must be composed of something less mundane.


This ethereal fifth essence, or quintessence was the very substance,

medieval theologians went on to propose,

of which the angels themselves were made.


The whole point of modern astronomy is to banish such mystical

notions, proving that everything above consists of no-nonsense matter,

that we live in a material world.


But as was clear from Dark Matter 2000, a conference held late

last month in Marina del Rey, Calif, the quest is only progressing

because of science's willingness to stretch the very

meaning of the word "matter".


This once simple stuff is coming to seem as ethereal

as anyone could have imagined.


The word ethereal as defined in the dictionary means,

Of the celestial spheres; heavenly

Not of this world; spiritual.


That is a significant statement by the scientists that this discovery

does involve something from another world.


Despite hopes to the contrary, it now appears more certain than ever

that most of the universe is made from some kind of unworldly

"dark matter" that can pass right through ordinary matter,

leaving barely a trace.


Scientists are also coming to believe that empty space is pervaded

by an equally mysterious "dark energy". a kind of anti-gravitational

umph that is accelerating the cosmic expansion,

the explosion set off by the big bang.


With a sense of irony, some physicists are calling this

hypothetical new force quintessence-

a reminder that Aristotle wasn't so far off in believing that the

heavens are more alien and wondrous than meets the earthly eye.


Here is an amazing fact.

If you look up the word quintessence in the dictionary ,

you will find a connection to the word Pentecost,

and here we are talking about something from another world.

Coincidence ?


"The actual universe is far more interesting than the universe

of science fiction", said Dr. Lawrence M. Krauss, chairman of the

physics department at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland.


"Nature comes up with possibilities that no science fiction

writer would dare suggest".


With a foot in both worlds, Dr. Krauss is the author of

"The Physics of Star Trek" and "Quintessence",

a newly updated book about dark matter and dark energy.


Dark Matter was concocted to get around a disturbing fact:

galaxies spin so fast that they should have twirled apart eons ago.


Count the stars in the Milky Way and add up their heft.

The inescapable conclusion is that there isn't  nearly enough

gravity to hold the whole conglomeration together.


Astronomers originally hoped that something ordinary like

dim, burnt-out stars hiding in the galactic outskirts could

account for the missing gravity.


But attempts to find these machos, for

"massive compact halo objects", have yet to pay off.


Deepening the mystery, cosmologists have concluded that the

universe probably couldn't have evolved the way it has unless

most of the dark matter is not just dark but invisible-made

from exotic stuff that neither emits nor reflects light.

In the Bible the Book of Amos says, the day of the Lord is darkness

and not light, even very dark with no brightness in it.


What is this barely existing substance ?

Aristotle needed a hypothetical essence with just the

right properties to form the luminous heavenly spheres.


The theorists needed to come up with particles that were

massive enough to balance the scales of nature and yet

interacted only very weakly with ordinary matter.


Otherwise it would be hard to explain why the stuff

hadn't already been found.

Tailor - made for this purpose is the

"weakly interacting massive particle" or Wimp-

the paradoxically powerful rival to the Macho.

Wimp is weak or meek.


To separate itself from theology, science must find evidence

that it's creations are real.


At the recent conference in Marina Del Rey-the full title was

Fourth International Symposium on Sources and

Detection of Dark Matter in the Universe-

astronomers from the University of Rome defended a dramatic claim

they had posted on the internet earlier in the month:

that they had detected a wind of Wimps blowing through the

earth as it moves across the sky.


Is this what the Bible means when it says the meek

shall inherit the earth.

And since the word quintessence connects this to Pentecost ,

is this what the Bible means when it says,

the spirit descends to earth as a rushing mighty wind.?


Detecting a particle that was designed to be almost

undetectable is obviously quite a feat.

Other researchers immediately disputed the claim,

and a California team that has been diligently seeking Wimps

declared that it had found none at all.


And so the question of what accounts for the dark matter

remains appropriately up in the air.

Experimenters are also looking for other candidates,

like the axion , a lightweight, weakly interacting particle

(ghostlier than the famously ghostly neutrino)

that was originally devised for an entirely different purpose:


Unless there were axions, physicists realized,

an important theory in particle physics would contain a

glaring mathematical inconsistency.

Named after a popular laundry detergent,

the axion would blot out the stain.


Even farther out into the speculative realm is a very heavy

version of the Wimp called the Wimpzilla.

And farthest out of all is the so-called mirror matter.


While Wimps would react very reluctantly with ordinary matter,

the mirror matter would be even more aloof ,

apparent only through its gravitational pull.

Interesting here because as they call the essence mirror matter,

they locate it in Orion in NGC 1999 which

s the reflection nebula.

And in the Bible it says, we now look through a glass darkly

but then face to face.


Some physicists speculate about mirror matter

While its light is stuck inside what amounts to a parallel universe,

its gravity comes shining through, bedeviling the

astronomer's calculations.


This nether realm might also be home to the dark energy-

the quintessence needed to give a boost to the cosmic expansion,

explaining why its speeding up instead of slowing down.


Most scientists would rather find answers to the cosmic

mysteries without leaving their own universe.

But if this is not possible, there may be some consolation.

Our shining stars would look like dark matter to observers

in the mirror world.

If some kind of cosmic justice prevails,

astronomers on both side of the looking glass are

sharing the same deep sense of confusion.



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