When we speak of the nature of God, one thing

we all must admit.

We are in  forced to rely upon something called faith.


I have attended services of all kinds, I have attended meetings,

seen television programs.


But in every case where God is concerned, the bottom line is faith.

No one, in two thousand years of western recorded religion,

has proved one thing.


God loves you. God expects this or that, and this or

that is going to happen.

Again. no one has proof of anything.


Then we try New Age.

That is more peaceful I admit.

It is more nature centered, I admit.


But I  find a problem.

New Age people have a thing for writing paragraph

after paragraph of ramblings about spiritual entities,

light, comets, and beings, and wind up leaving you in

the same place as the original people.

There is no proof.


They all reach the same conclusion.

Their conclusion is:


Maybe all of this stuff is right, maybe its wrong,

but in any case I can't do anything about it so I will go

through the motions and whatever will be will be.




But here at Hidden Meanings, I began to look again

at the Bible, at Buddha, at Krishna and the Bhagavad Gita.

I studied Allah with Ahmed Hulusi.


And though there was a lot of interesting stuff,

we were still left to go home and think, maybe

I learned about how other people believe.

But there is no proof.


Nobody can prove God exists, nobody can prove

Jesus ever existed.

Nobody can prove that one thing in

the Bible ever happened.


But you get in trouble if you question it

so nobody says anything.

Its our faith.


Even the politicians are arguing about it.

Something that nobody knows even exists and

its a big deal in politics.




My revolution in this life was based on my need

not to follow other people unless they could

substantiate what they were telling me.


Don't tell me something is very important if you cannot

prove what you're saying.

At least give me a neutral source to back up what you say.


I don't want you to refer me to religious books to back

up your religious claims.

I don't want you to refer me to New Age books or people

to agree with your New Age claims.


If your claims are true then you should be able to back

them up using Neutral Sources who are not religious or new age.


Either it is or it isn't.

Unfortunately in our culture many people believe what is,

is what they wish it to be.




So we start from a premise that there are physical

animals and there is a planet earth.


We can prove that because there you are, here I am,

and we have cats and dogs.

We proved that.


That was pretty easy.

There are physical animals and there

is the planet earth.




The next thing we have to do in our search

to prove God etc, is prove that there is a universe for

 this planet earth, and us to fly around on.


We can see the sun, we can see the moon,

we can see the constellations, and other planets,

so there is no doubt about it.


There is a planet earth, there is physical life walking

around the earth and there is a universe.

We have proved that.







Now things start to get tacky.

God, angels, devils, UFO’s, aliens.


We start to tred in areas where there is absolutely

no physical proof of any kind.



People say they saw this or that, but cannot prove a thing.

So now we have to back off a bit don't we? 

Because our proof is going to have to be more

circumstantial then physical.

What I mean by that is, we are suggesting that something that

was part of a culture or written by someone thousands of

years ago actually refers to something that can be proven

by the things that exist on the earth today or in the cosmos.





Because all we have for proof is the existence

of the earth, and physical life, and the universe.


We have to begin to examine things under a microscope.

We have to spread out a jig saw puzzle and see if things fit.

It takes a lot of effort.


But our goal is to develop proof for what is.

Nothing anyone ever said in the past matters unless

there is proof to support what they say.


So whatever I say is simply an opinion until there is proof.

And if it is just an opinion, your no better off there then

in any other church or new age place.

More ramblings on with no proof of anything.




We take all of the old texts of the Bible, Krishna, Buddha,

Mohammed etc and say,

is any of this stuff relevant to anything?

Is there anything in it that can be proven?

The answer is no.


It is subject to interpretation.

Whatever the reader thinks it means is what it means

to that reader, but it does not prove anything.


On the other hand you can't simply discount those texts

because nothing has been proven up to now.

You have to rethink how you are using the text and say,

well maybe it means something that can be proven.


Let me give you an example of a Biblical text that says

that you can prove spiritual things by looking at other

things that are physical

Romans1:20 For the invisible things of him from the creation

of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things

that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead;

so that they are without excuse

There is a religious document that says that the invisible

things of God can be understood by looking at physical things.

Is this true ?

Can we prove this ?.


Well no one ever has, but none the less.

Its worth a shot.




But since we need some guidance , and since no one on

the earth has proven anything about God etc.

Where do we go for guidance.?


We have to take from things written by others whose

credentials can be proved by matching what they say

with things that we can see now.


In other words, we will follow the Bible and see if we

can prove things by finding physical things to back

up ancient words.


That's ok, but we live in a sophisticated society of computers,

and atomic energy, so how can we listen to people who wrote

when there was no electric lights, no cars,

no computers, no planes.

How could they possibly tell us anything ,and if they do ,

why should we even consider what they say?





There's a story of God (whatever that is)

removing a rib from Adam.

I certainly can not prove that.


Unless the words mean something else.

If this is a kind of mythology in which the words mean

something else then maybe we can do something with it.


The Bible says God speaks in parables, it says that wisdom

is understanding the words of the wise and their dark sayings.

It says the Old Testament is allegorical and it says you

should not be a minister of the letter.


Let's try it and not take all of this stuff literally

and see what happens.

See if we can prove anything.


God takes a rib out of Adam.

Lets say Adam is Atom.

Ok God takes something out of an atom and uses

it to make something called Eve, a female.


You know what?

We got somewhere.

Because, I can prove that.


Here we take an atom.

Remove an electron and make a positive ion.

Then we place that electron in another atom

and make a negative ion.

We have created positive and negative, male and female.


We have proof that if not taken literally, the fact in

the Bible was correct.

And something else.

Whoever wrote that knew of nuclear fission, ionic exchange

long before their time.


We can prove that removing an electron from one atom

and placing it in another causes the result that the Bible speaks of.


Since we have looked at physical things and saw how they work,

and connected them to spiritual or Biblical things we have then

followed the Biblical instructions for finding proof haven't we?

Romans1:20 For the invisible things of him from the creation

of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made,

even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse

We understand the Biblical thing by proving it as a scientific thing,

and it makes us also consider the intelligence of the writer

as one who was very advanced.




 In Numbers 2:9 it says that Judah had

186,400 people in its camp.

Judah is referred to in the Bible as the people of light.

186,400 is the constant speed of light.


What have we proved.

We have proved that in speaking of light, the Bible may very

well have been speaking of cosmic or interstellar light

because the interstellar speed is specified.


It could be a coincidence.

But since light and 186,400 are so specific

I think we should give the benefit of the doubt.

And .

The writer was someone who evidently

knew the speed of light.




The scripture says:

God lives in a temple not made with hands.

On the side of the human head is a place called the temple.

So let's consider the human head as the temple

The Biblical temple has an outer room, and inner holy of holies,

and the two are separated by a curtain or veil.


The human head has an outer covering of the brain called dura mater,

the inner most sensitive is called pia mater, 

and the two are separated by arachnoid which is

the web or veil or curtain.


We have an anatomically correct description of a human brain

written thousands of years ago in the Bible.

By not taking it literally, we have proven it correct.


And what about the writer?

How did the writer know of this so many thousands of years ago ?






It seems we have followed a pattern of considering

ancient writers as being an advanced race,

and their statements showing links between the physical

and the astronomical as being scientifically correct.


If an advanced race was writing this material

and they spoke of cosmic events,

they would obviously know what they are talking about,

I would think.


Someone who spoke of nuclear fission,

the speed of light,

the construction of the human brain, thousands of years ago,

would seem to be beings of exceptional knowledge at

a time when there was none.





When they spoke of a special happening in Revelation

it was connected with the white horse in the sky.

It means Pegasus who is the white horse in the sky.


Then found circumstantial proof developed as the first planet

orbiting its own star was found in Pegasus.

Then taking it a step further we found that Pegasus

in the sky was the same as the Hippocampus of the

brain which is responsible for memory.


Pegasus was a white horse whose father was Poseidon,

God of the Sea, making Pegasus a white sea horse.


Pegasus kicked the fountain on Mt. Hippocrene and became

sacred to the Goddess of Memory.


In the Brain is an organ called the hippocampus.

The word hippocampus means sea horse and

Stedmans Medical Dictionary says it is white in color.


The hippocampus is responsible for memory.

Someone in ancient times connected Pegasus with memory.

And then someone named the organ of the brain responsible

for memory as a white sea horse, hippocampus.


There is a hippocampus, there is a Pegasus and they

are both connected to memory .

Thus by looking at the physical we proved the Biblical



I feel that we have accumulated enough circumstantial

evidence in comparing contemporary science with ancient Biblical

texts to conclude that scriptures were influenced by an intelligence

that was far beyond scientific knowledge available at that time.


Does that suggest proof of God?

I would think that it does.


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