I was reading about Dr Alain Aspects work with

photons and wanted to share this with you.


Alain Aspect is from France


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We are going to consider two of us exerting

an influence on each other even in parallel dimensions.


In other words just because you cannot see your other you

does not mean you are not effecting one another.


But how?



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Something outside of the material world is communicating

and doing things.


And that something is you and me.

We are doing something to each other.


By each other I mean our other selves in other places.










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Consciousness itself. How would that be proven

or even considered in the

realm of the two photons light years apart

effecting one another?




Psychoanylist Carl Jung entered into the study

and applied his synchronicity idea.


He termed synchronicity as coincidence on purpose.


But what has that to do with our two selves separated

by light years and still effecting one another.








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Here Carl Jung speculates that consciousness could

travel at superluminal speeds


The superluminal movement of photons

which are you and me do not have to obey

the speed of light.


What has occurred to create

a coincidence is that our memory is not in this

case going backwards to consider what has happened.


But our memory has actually gone forward to consider

what has not happened yet.


Thus what we remember in the past is transmitted to our

other self in the present .


So you have one of you in the future, experiencing what

you have not experienced yet.


Your other self communicates this to your sub conscious

and so when it does happen it seems like something

you have already experienced.



We remember that which has not happened yet because

it was transmitted to us by our other self.


Thus when it does happen it becomes a coincidence.


Or Dja Vu




We think it really happened but it really did not happen

but simply was transmitted through consciousness from

my other self to this self.


So then when it happens I think its a coincidence because

I already knew about it before it happened.




Just like when you eat and you have nothing to do

with digestion.


Your bodily functions of all kinds take care of themselves

without your interference.

In the same way this function operates without your

interference or knowledge and

it is actually producing copies of yourself to the

left and to the right.


Very strange things go on inside of us without our knowledge.


For instance your being knows what you want to see even

when what you are looking at is not what you think it is.


Your being will simply allow you to see what you want

to see when you are looking at something totally different.



It is I Know ?








cambridge university


So here  you looked at words that were not what you were

saying but you knew what they were anyway and you did

not need any time to practice reading it.


What you saw was something different then what you

said but what you said was right even though the

what you saw was wrong.



Your being did not require you to train to do this or to

practice or study.

It does it even though you did not know it could do

it or was doing it.




This next article on atoms comes from a web site

called Technology Review and it has to do with the

makeup of the atomic structure of copper of

which I know nothing .

But there is something commented on concerning the

atoms in the copper.







We may not know anything about the atomic structure

of copper but again we see the reality of atomic twins.


Two of the same just like you and me.



Twins and that is why David Deutsch said if atoms have twins,

since we are atoms we must have twins as well.


There is no way to get out of it.


There are numerous copies of you and you know

that by what you think are dreams which are really

you being active when this copy of you shuts down for sleep.


You simply go on with the other copies that are

awake and active.


Have you ever thought, how old you would be if you

died here and then were in heaven or 

some other mythical place that religion has made up?


How old would you be?

Would your friends and relatives who have passed on be the

same age as when they physically died?



We try to consider these things with a primitive mentality .


We absolutely have no understanding of ourselves or

the existence we find ourselves in.


Take a look at the following article  and maybe it will convince

you to just go into meditation to shut up and stop trying

to figure things out.


This is from a web site called the Electron Centennial Page.













So when you travel into a different realm in space

the further you go the younger you will be.


You could conceivably go to a realm where you would

not age at all because the inertia would be so slow.







Your other self is already there.

You to the right may be older, to the

left  may be much younger.


It is awesome how we try to understand all of this

through religion and wind up s

inging songs,

and making up nonsense.


So if we take what we have seen today about ourselves.

The facts from a scientific stand point say that we

are two beings.


We are a human being making earthly physical

3 dimension decisions and we

are a light being whose decisions are made

automatically without any input from us.


Again the nuclear twins slide.

An alpha particle to the left or an electron to the right.


Done without anyone's knowledge or involvement.









And is the electron producing the element to the

right following the Jesus statement as given here.





Does nature do automatically what it instructs

us to do voluntarily?


Anyway it is obvious that things go on in us and

around us without our knowledge for an intelligent purpose.


Things happen that must happen either to extend the life of the

species or the universe itself.


Things seem to occur to correct automatically what

has been done voluntarily and is not this the idea put forth

by Pacal Votan concerning Dec 21 2012 that voluntarily

the race will become so absorbed with material and

industrial things that they will lose their

interdependence with nature?




In other words there is a point at which the invisible

intelligence we have seen as photon and electron itself

will do what must be done if the earth race does not?


In that case what could happen relevant to the great shaking.


What negative aspects could we experience of the great change?



I am not a gloom and doom person and as you know I have

always put forth the proposal that the great shaking that began on

Dec 21 2012 which we are experiencing now will save us and the

planet and restore us to a more peaceful and feminine style

rather then the material, violent and competitive style

we have chosen.



I am not here to frighten anyone and I would not move to

include this in my presentations in front of children

but I do believe that the people who choose to

consider these proposals are more mature then most

and so we can look at the negative

possibilities connected with the great change.





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