What occurs at the time of death?

What happens to the human personality etc?


I have proposed that light which is Photon and is human consciousness,

leaves the body via the right angular gyrus of the brain

at the time of death.


Here is the first proof that life exists after death.

Photon is energy from an Atom.

Scientists destroyed, killed, a photon and it reappeared

three feet away.


If you haven't seen it, here is the  Associated Press release


This is the headline:



The first paragraph stated " Scientists have pulled off a startling trick

 that looks like Beam Me Up Scotty technology of science fiction."

In an Austrian laboratory scientists destroyed bits of light in one place

and made perfect replicas appear about 3 feet away.


This supports the concept that when your dwelling place is destroyed

by death, your perfect replica appears outside of your body and leaves

via the right angular gyrus of the brain.


According to the article this was done by transferring information

about a crucial physical characteristic of the original light bits called Photons.


Photons  which are visible light waves appear when the Atom has

been stimulated by heat.

You throw a switch, electricity heats the filament , Atoms get excited

and you have Photon.


You meditate.

Solar energy rises to the Pineal.  


The heat stimulates the Atom and you have Photon.

Atom being God in religious terms and Photon being Jesus or

the Son of God.


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Here is a brief technical review and then a breakdown in

spiritual terms  so you can understand what the

scientists have just discovered.




You have 3 Photons., A B and C.

The idea is to transmit A to C.


The researchers created B and C as entangled photons.

Entangled photons become one but are opposites.


They then entangled B with A.

The second step destroyed A but not before B took

on the opposite of A's original  characteristic.


The change meant that C had to change  polarization to

remain the opposite of B.

So C's polarization ended up the same as A.


A and C became one.

What is that all about ?

Consider this.


 A is you.

The Photon inside of your head. The part that goes on forever.


B is Jesus and C is God.

B and C are entangled.


 God and Jesus are one but opposite.

God is super. Jesus human.


B (Jesus) comes within us and entangles with A (us).

We become one with Jesus. This destroys our original state.

 (As the Bible says it is no longer I who live but the Christ in me)


Now since Jesus or B is part of you, God C has to change

polarization to remain an opposite of Jesus-B.

The opposite of B now is A.


So Gods polarization changes to A.

 Thus we become one with God A because of Jesus B.


 We move out of the human body to the realm of light.

 Interesting and now proved.


 Also think of the scripture that has Jesus saying,

no one can come to the father but by me.

The A photon cannot get to the C photon except

by the B photon.


This is amazing and true.




You are the sum of 46 chromosomes.

Twenty three contributed by your father from his sperm,

and twenty three contributed by your mother from her egg.


Those chromosomes take care of what you look like,

the color of your skin, hair and eyes, the shape of your nose

and even your intelligence.


You are born with the genetics which are the result of the chromosomes,

and added to that are, the traditions of your family, your church,

your friends, your job, your school, the government,

and social institutions you were raised in,

and by the time the neurons fire in your brain to respond to all of these,

you are finally a creature of the earth.


If your mother or father married someone else,

you could have never existed on this earth because only

the combination of their chromosomes could make you.


Just think of that, if either one of them changed their mind about

their marriage you could never have happened.


No other couple in the world could have contributed the

chromosomes in the exact order that made you.


So we are not created by God

 We are created by the people and the institutions of the earth.


This is an important point when we consider what happens after we die.

It is also important in considering who we really are,

and what is the purpose for our being here.


 If our bodies and actions are of the earth,

what part of us is not and what is the purpose for that parts existence.???




In the Bible, the tribe of Judah was positioned in the desert

at the East, at the point of the rising Sun. ( Numbers 2:2). 


They were the tribe of light. ( 2 Kings 8:19).  

The Bible states the number of people in that tribe.

(Numbers 2:9) The number is 186,400. The constant speed of light.!


So who wrote that ?.

Certainly not sheep herders.

 No, it was a civilization very wise who knew of the

 speed of light 5000 years ago



The heart of a computer are the logic circuits called gates.

All of the problem solving is done within the gates


 In the Torah, Moses was given 49 gates.

The 50th gate belonged to God.


The 50th gate is the ability to comprehend and understand.

It is the place of enlightenment which one must

seek through meditation.


Stedmans Medical Dictionary tells us that gating is a process

in which electrical signals are selected by a gate which

passes only signals that have certain characteristics.


That is in the human brain.

The gate of the brain, the place of understanding,

is only found in meditation.


Jesus put it this way in

Matthew 7:14, " strait (small) is the gate and narrow is the way that

leads to life and few there be that find it."


The gates open into the circuit which is the electrical energy

of the human brain.

When they came to find Jesus at the tomb the angel told the seekers,

" you wont find him here, you will find him in Galilee". 

The word Galilee means circuit.


He has left the tomb of the lower flesh and can now be found in

the place of the higher mind.


The circuit.

Through meditation the gate will open wide to you.




When we discuss life after death, it  is very hard for the

average person to conceive that it could be possible for a

human being to be transformed into another life form

and continue on.


There is no proof that this is possible. 

Oh yes there is !


An Atom of Uranium becomes an Atom of Thorium by

emitting an Alpha Particle.


Don't worry about what Uranium is or what Thorium is.

Consider that when Uranium emits or sends out something from

itself it immediately changes into a whole new life form.


So if it is possible for a certain chemical  form to transform itself

into another chemical form, why is it not possible for us to emit

light via the Pineal Gland at the time of death, and instantly

transform into a new life form ?


We have shown that scientifically it happens within the Atom,

and we are totally Atom.


Thus transformation to a new life form is not only possible,

it is a scientific fact in the chemical world ,now to be rationalized

as a distinct possibility in the life world.







The Hidden Meanings in the Bible and myths point to

obvious knowledge of an advanced civilization who wrote

these things in a coded way to await the time when we had

evolved to a point of understanding.


We have Hubble and rocket ships and all kinds

of advanced technology.


We cannot conceive how it would be possible for the ancient ones

to know of the things of science which show up in the Bible,

such as the splitting of the Atom, or the speed of light.


Look at this scripture from Ecclesiastes and understand.


Ecclesiastes 1:9 The thing that has been, is that which shall be,

and that which is done is that which shall be done and there

is no new thing under the sun.





Rene Descartes of France is the father of modern philosophy.

He said that the place in the human brain where God meets

us is at the Pineal Gland.

The bodies light receptor.


Do you suppose that Mr. Descartes was qualified to make

such a statement 200 years ago.?

Rene Descartes discovered the fundamental law of reflection in optics.

He also discovered the scale of incidence of angle and

the law of refraction.


He paved the way for the discovery of the theory of light.

Indeed he seemed eminently qualified to speak of the

Pineal Gland of the brain.


Of course Jacob in the book of Genesis did also.

In Genesis 32:30 he said, " I have seen God face to face

and I will call the place Peniel."




For those who take the Bible literally, every time there is

an earthquake it seems to be fulfilling Jesus Biblical words

that the end times would be ushered in by earthquakes

in diverse places. 


For those who do not take the Bible literally, this statement is

known to refer to a shaking down of old traditional

ways of thought.


To prove this point I refer to an interesting fact printed in USA today.


Measuring 8 or higher on the Richter scale...............1 per year

Measuring 7.0-7.9 on the Richter scale...............18 per year












The following article appeared in the

Asbury Park Press via Associated Press




Physicists say they have brought light particles to a screeching halt,

then revved them up again so they could continue their

journey at their normal 186,000 miles per second.


The results are the latest in a growing number of experiments that

manipulate light, the fastest and most ephemeral form of

energy in the universe.

Researchers eventually hope to harness its speedy properties

in the development of more powerful computers and other technologies

that store information in light particles rather than electrons.


The experiments were conducted in separate laboratories in

Cambridge Mass, by a group led by Lene Vestergaard Hau of Harvard

and the Rowland Institute of Science, and another by Ronald L Walsworth

and Mikhail D Lukin of the Harvard Smithsonian Institute for Astrophysics.


The results will be published in the upcoming issues of the

Journals of Nature and American Physical Letters.


Physicists who did not participate in the experiments said the two

research papers make an important contribution to understanding the

properties of light.

However, any practical applications are far off, they said.


"It's a real first", said Stanford physicist Stephen Harris who collaborated

on a 1999 experiment with Hau that slowed light to 38 mph."

These experiments are beautiful science".


In the last experiments, researchers took steps to not only slow light to

a virtual crawl but to stop it completely.

To do so, they created a trap in which atoms of gas were chilled magnetically

to within a few millionths of a degree of absolute zero and a consistency they

described as "optical molasses". Hau's group used sodium atoms,

while Walsworth's group used rubidium an alkaline metal.

Manipulating light's properties is a subject of intensely competitive research.

In July physicists in Princeton apparently pushed a laser pulse through

a vapor of cesium atoms so it traveled faster than

the conventional speed of light.



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