THE TWINS 







There are two factors that one should consider today if one is truly interested in survival  and what place he/she plays in the grand scheme of things on planet earth.

 1.      The very strange synchronous events that have taken place in front of our eyes over the recent times.

2.      The information science is providing concerning their discoveries into the area of what would best be described as Clouse Encounters with the Shadow and the Twin.

When you get as close as we are now to uncovering the deepest , most significant universal secret of creation , you have to begin to feel the presence and involvement in your daily life, of that activity, of that secret place.

Its sort of like tracking an animal in the jungle you know.

You may suddenly come face to face with what you are looking for.

Are you going to be prepared to deal with that?

When you begin to come very close to the Shadow and the Twin what will you feel, what will you experience, what is their purpose and do you really want to find out.

And who is the shadow, they or we, and who is the twin, and are we all really the same.


    First let me explain synchronicity.

Synchronicity is a word that was coined by Carl Jung who was a famous psychoanalyst of the early 1900's. It means coincidence with a purpose.

You know, when something happens and you might say, "boy that was a coincidence. If that didnt happen I would have been in trouble," etc. etc.

Carl Jung would say that the coincidence was actually directed by an unseen entity. In other words the coincidence occurred for a specific purpose, it was intentional.


 9/11 AND 1190 ?

As we all know on 9/11 there was an attack (anti Jewish in nature) against the twin towers in New York, USA. Well in 1190 there was an attack (anti Jewish in nature) against Cliffords Tower in York England.

Was that a coincidence, or was it synchronicity ?

A coincidence on purpose.

A couple of months later Flight 587 crashed into New York while on its way to Santo Domingo.

587 was the year the Jewish Temple was destroyed and Santo Domingo is a city which is located on a river called Ozama.

Coincidence or synchronicity ?

A coincidence on purpose


For the most part we pay no attention, or have no idea that there is any connection between what happens in front of us and what is happening in the realm of the invisible .

The realm of the Shadow and the Twin.


 We are invisible beings.

Only our bodies are visible but we are not.

No one can see you. They can only see the body that you use.

The body without you is meaningless junk. You without the body exist in the realm of the shadow and the twin.

 If you are invisible in a body that make things happen, then why cannot someone who is invisible and not in a body make things happen.

Did you ever think of that ?

Read that line again and think about it.

What's the big deal about being invisible , we all are.

Only the bodies that we use, are visible.




The people who flew into the world trade center were invisible beings in bodies.

 They caused great destruction.

The people who attacked Iraq were invisible beings in bodies, they caused great destruction.

 Everything that you see was put in motion by an invisible energy. An invisible being in a body or an invisible being not in a body.

Our training from infancy has been that there must be a body .

We teach about spirit but believe none of it. If we believed any of it we would consider synchronous events, coincidence with a purpose, especially at this time when your very insides are on edge, looking every day to see if it has happened yet.

If what has happened ?

  I mean  by that, you know that something is coming, you don't know what it is but you know its coming.  

Has the irreversible change occurred.

Has the great explosion has taken place?

Have the societies of the world which are spinning out of control finally crashed?

All these things will be put in motion by the invisible ones who do their planning in secret, out of sight of everyone.

For they are invisible and dwell in the realm of the mind, the realm of light. Inside of bodies and outside of bodies.



Even when people sit around a table and make plans, the invisible ones inside of bodies are thinking other things and making other plans that the other invisible ones in bodies around that table know nothing of.

Everything is done in the invisible realm.

What you are thinking right this minute? 

What were you  thinking a minute ago?

What will you be thinking a minute from now?

It is all done in the realm  of the shadow and beyond the knowledge of anyone no matter how close they are to you.

And when you next look at someone close to you consider that  you have no idea what the invisible one inside that body is planning or thinking about you.

And they have no idea what the invisible one who is inside of your body, (namely you) is thinking or planning concerning them.

Everything that happens is orchestrated by the invisible.



We constantly interact with the invisible ones on the lower plane when we talk with people.

Of course we see their physical bodies, but we have never seen them because they cannot be seen in the same way that they have only seen your body.

They have never seen the you that operates that body.

As far as the invisible ones on the higher place  we only interact with them when we go into meditation.

The invisible ones on the lower plane orchestrate the things that involve confrontation and violence which we see so evident in the world events that we are currently living in and have lived in all of our lives.

Plans are made by the invisible ones inside of their bodies and then carried out via the physical body and it becomes what we call a physical reality.





The invisible ones on the higher plane are the God kind, the angelic kind ,and they orchestrate by involvement with the electrical energies of the invisible ones on the lower plane.

 They are not contaminated by the earth mind and so their energies are towards peace, love, healing, nature and all that good stuff that  the lower plane invisible ones claim to want, but destroy with their need to do violence and hate etc.

Unfortunately as soon as the invisible ones without bodies do take on bodies they become subjected to mutant DNA, and training carried out by the invisible ones who proceeded them to earth and who have already fallen deeply into the clutches of the lower.

So it is only a matter of time before the higher invisible becomes the lower invisible.




The Super Bowl was on television.

This draws millions and millions of viewers.

What a way for the higher plane to get a message across.

All the invisible ones on the higher have to do is communicate with the invisible ones on the lower who are open to the higher and by integrating electrical impulses through the pineal set up a new thought process to effect change.

 One organization submitted an ad  to CBS which was against the national debt and showing that the attack on Iraq was a bad thing.

CBS rejected that ad as being too controversial.

 In other words the higher realm against killing, was rejected as being too controversial.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals submitted an ad for animal welfare and against cruelty to animals.

CBS rejected that ad as being too controversial.

Again the higher realm against brutality towards nature and animals was considered too controversial.

 Yet CBS showed a number of ads that had to do with male erection medicine and some other pretty wacky stuff such as a horse drawing a carriage passing gas and almost knocking out a female passenger in the carriage .

In other words CBS was perfectly comfortable with the lower but uncomfortable with the higher, and thus rejected the higher altogether.

 Well you know what occurred with Janet Jackson.

 You may find it hard to believe that an invisible force caused this situation to occur at the Super Bowl.

 Yet, you know without a doubt that people at CBS made the decisions as to what kind of advertising they would accept.

The point is that those people at CBS are invisible people inside of visible bodies.

In other words the invisible minds on the lower plane created one situation, thus why does anyone find it difficult that the invisible minds on the higher place created the other?

This is not invisible people against visible people.

Both are invisible.

The ones in bodies cannot be seen inside those bodies.

Only their coverings, their shell can be seen.

The ones not in bodies are exactly the same as the ones in bodies, they cannot be seen either though they do not have shells or coverings.



Was there an invisible angelic being who forced Justin Timberlake to tear Janets top off?

Of course not.

Was there an angelic being that tried to make this happen ?


I will tell you exactly how it happened.

The invisible higher beings put the idea into the heads of those who wanted to advertise against the war and against cruelty to animals and gave them the impulse to put those ads on the Super Bowl where they would get the largest audience.

The invisible beings inside of CBS refused any consideration of the higher and went with the lower.

They were determined to stay away from anything that would in any way disturb the commercial crowd with things that they considered minority views.

And so they totally abandoned any connection to the higher and were totally consumed by the lower.

The result.

The very controversy they wanted to avoid crashed down all around them.

 You had better begin to pay more attention to what is going on because we are drawing closer and closer to the Shadow and the Twin and soon it will be face to face.

The invisible ones are more and more involved with the things we see and think are coincidences.



That is why the meditation with the invisible higher is so important.

It is the only way for you to move with the invisible higher.

For when it is face to face you may be completely immersed in the activities of the invisible lower and things can happen to you just as happened to CBS.

Not because the invisible higher would attack you but because your activity, or lack of it on the higher plane would simply put you into the same position that CBS found themselves in.

They took a position based on their lower invisible senses and the very thing they were trying to avoid turned out to be what they suffered.

 This can happen on the individual personal level as well as on the corporate our national level.

 Let’s look for a minute as we consider this, at the rendezvous that is taking place with the invisible higher.




Subatomic Tracking Finds Clues to the Unseen Universe


 New York Times 
Published: January 9, 2004

An experiment that tracks subtle motions of subatomic particles called muons has found tantalizing evidence for a vast shadow universe of normally unseen matter existing side by side with ours, scientists at the Brookhaven National Laboratory said yesterday

 I keep repeating those key words, “unseen matter”.

That means there are physical bodies which we just can't see.

Every bit as physical as ours but invisible to us.

 So now we are approaching the Shadow.

We have found that the Shadow is there.

We are tracking it like you might track a tiger in the jungle.

As you get closer you are going to see and feel more signs of its presence.

 If you open your eyes you will see its presence in what is going on right now.

 We had talked about the myths of our lives concerning the stranger who helps others and will not take any credit , who wants no praise and rides a white horse.

Just like Jesus, the Lone Ranger.

And we talked about the woman who was friends with the 7 but ate the forbidden fruit and then had to be rescued by the Prince on the white horse.

Snow White.

 Last week we discussed another famous one for us who were around then.

The program went, who knows what evil lurks in the minds of men, The Shadow Knows.

 When we talk of the twin and the shadow , last week we showed something interesting that you may have seen here before.

Side be side we showed a picture of the universe web and the the human cerebral cortex web.

The universal brain and the human brain are almost exactly alike.


Human Cerebral Cortex      Cosmic Dark Matter

You see, absolutely everything is interconnected.

Thus when you are active electrically in the invisible mind it registers in the universe in the realm of the shadow and the realm of the twin.

 The same with the invisible higher which interconnects with the invisible lower and is capable of making things happen by flowing in the same circuitry.

 Then last week we returned via NASA to something that we had discussed some years ago.

The Twin.

Spooky action at a distance.


Spooky Atomic Clocks

NASA-supported researchers hope to improve high precision clocks by entangling their atoms.

NASA is working on Spooky Atomic Clocks.

 Spooky ?

January 23 2004: Einstein called it " spooky action at a distance".

Now NASA funded researchers are using an astonishing property of quantum mechanics called "entanglement" to improve atomic clocks--humanity's most precise way to measure time.

Entangled counterparts

There is the reference to what actually forced Albert Einstein into retirement

He could not deal with what he called Spooky action at a distance, the existence of the twin.



Teleportation, the things that Star Wars showed us in what we thought at the time was science fiction.

 As we get closer to the invisible we find it was not fiction at all but indeed was science.

Particles Entwined: Einstein never liked entanglement. It seemed to run counter to a central tenet of his theory of relativity.

Nothing, not even information can travel faster then the speed of light. In quantum mechanics, all the forces of nature are mediated by the exchange of particles such as photons, and these particles must obey this cosmic speed limit.

So an action " here" can cause no effect "over there" any sooner than it would take light to travel there in a vacuum.

But two entangled particles can appear to influence one another instantaneously, whether they're in the same room or at opposite ends of the universe.

Pretty spooky indeed.

There is the reference to the invisible twin that science is now working with.

In other words science is now creating or trying to create, and copy the interaction between twins that can operate with one another at opposite ends of the universe even though they have no visible connection.

 Now we are closer to Star Wars in reality then ever before.



When physicists teleported photons for the first time in 1997 they had to destroy the photons to be sure that the teleportation had been successful.

Now a team at the Universithy of Vienna has managed to teleport photons without destroying them.

Jian-Wei Pan and colleagues believe that their method could be the next step towards long distance quantum communication. (J-W Pan et al. 2003 Nature 421 721)

You remember when we first discussed teleportation and how science had to destroy the properties of a photon in order to teleport it somewhere else.

Look at this.

Now the photons are being teleported just like in Star Wars.

Beam me up Scotty.


Synchronicity, or coincidence with a purpose is amazing and so wonderful in so many ways.

I always look for confirmation from the invisible that what I am saying is correct because I have a responsibility to be absolutely sure and to provide scientific or other kinds of documentation to prove these things.

 For myself I always need subtle assurance from the shadow and twin the we are correct in discussing their involvement.

 NASA proclaiming the reality of the twin and becoming involved in the cosmic operating of the twin is confirmation..

Initially when I saw the reference to the twin, not only in the scientific realm described by NASA and Albert Einstein but also in the cosmic form in the constellation Gemini.


So here is Gemini and right to the left you can see the twins Castor and Pollux.

 Looking again at scripture for the things that have been inserted by the shadow if you will.

There is something interesting here.

KJV Acts 28:11 And after three months we departed in a ship of Alexandria, which had wintered in the Isle, whose sign was Castor and Pollux.

 The Hebrews identified this star with Simeon (hearing) and Levi (adhesion) Teomim - the brethren Gen49:5 Simeon and Levi are brothers, tools of violence their weapons.

 Note that the Hebrews connected Castor and Pollux to Simeon and Levi, brothers, whose weapons were tools of violence.

This is interesting because the ancient Greek myth continues that theme.


There were times when they were known for raiding cattle belonging to others and abducting young women.


In other words Castor and Pollux would sneak into the realm of existence and do things not considered pleasant or good. 





Whenever you have situations that arise and are connected to in some way to another and you view it as coincidence, you have to stop and take a close look because the chances are, the invisible is talking to you.


 Trying to get your attention because something is happening to you that happened before and because the matter was never resolved it is happening again.


It was curious to me that last  week we talked about the twins and the NASA attempt to duplicate the action of the twins.


 Everything has a twin and if something happens to one entity on one side of the universe its twin on the other side will instantly feel it.





We learned that everything has a twin.

Mani the philosopher of many years ago got in trouble with religion when he questioned the Book of genesis.

He told the religious court that the serpent in the story was really God and God was really the devil.

He said that the serpent told the truth and that Adam and Eve would become like God when they at the fruit and not die as God said. 

Of course the religious court was screaming and asked Mani who told him such a thing. He said an Angel.

 He was then asked what was the angels name and he said, The Twin.

 NASA having brought this matter back to life interested me greatly because we had discussed the nature of the twin we all have before. 

I began to research and look and see just what the reappearance of the twin in our work meant.


 She expressed concern to me over the discovery in Washington DC political offices of the white deadly powder Ricin. 


 What she then said, really got me looking. 

Keep in mind that I am looking for confirmation about the twins and the shadow universe etc, another situation takes place in Washington involving an anthrax type scare but this time it is Ricin.


When Joni told me what she had found I immediately went to look for myself.



Ricinus communis


Ricin is one of the most poisonous naturally occuring substances known

 I was really excited when I saw this because a synchronous event had occurred.

We had been studying about the twin and then an event takes place in Washington which connects Ricin toxin to the Castor bean plant.

 I stared at that word Castor, and I knew that I had heard again from the light.

 The constellation Gemini is the twins.



Here you can see why I felt there was synchronicity involved.

The constellation Gemini and the twins, Castor and Pollux.

The word Castor which is the name of the bean which produces the poison Ricin.

 In the myth Castor and Pollux were known to sneak into places at night and run off with cattle etc.

 In other words they would do some bad things but sneaking around when no one was looking.

This was curious as it involved the powder that showed up at a government office.

 But that itself was not when I considered the important part of this.

What came to be as very important was this.

 In the myth of Castor and Pollux we see that they set sail on a very important boat.


1.Later the twins accompanied Jason on the Argo; during the voyage, Pollux distinguished himself by killing the belligerent king Amycus,

 The Argo is the constellation containing very important signs of the Bible.

In particular the 7th angel Eta Carina.





 CNN:Astronomers Perplexed by stars weird behavior-June 3 1999

Chicago AP: A star that erupted in a famous stellar observation 150 years ago has suddenly brightened again and astronomers are watching closely for what might be a colossal celestial fireworks show.

Eta Carina was one of the brightest stars in the Southern night sky but then it dimmed for decades. Now instruments monitoring the star have detected a doubling and tripling of energy , mostly in invisible light.

What puzzles astronomers is that Eta Carina was not supposed to do this.

"Occasionally something happens in astronomy that is so bewildering that it makes astronomers nervous", said Kris Davidson, a University of Minnesota astrophysicist.  "This is weird. We don't understand".

We have been waiting for activity from Eta Carina. 


What I am driving at here is we have the Ricin incident in Washington making headlines and the NASA announcement about the Twin, and now we find that one of the cosmic twins is Castor from which comes Ricin.


And the twins Castor and Pollux sailed with Jason in the Argo looking for the Golden Fleece and cosmically the Argo is Eta Carina.


The reason that I connect Eta Carina with the 7th Angel of the Book of Revelation is


1. because it looks like an angel


 2 the word Eta is the 7th letter


But there is also a 3rd and important reason.


The scripture speaks of the 7 Angels connected to the Son of David.


The astro physicist who has handled the Eta Carina project is Kris Davidson an astrophysicist at the University of Minnesota.


There are a couple of  points that the news release on Eta Carina makes that will be worth our reviewing.


I call you attention to the fact the in the  piece you will notice that the astrophysicists name is Kris Davidson which means "son of David".


Also notice the comment " it makes astronomers nervous, this is weird, we don't understand".




 There is one more point that this news article on Eta Carina makes that is worth looking at.

 This is a comment from astrophysicist Kris Davidson.

"Such bursts might even be hazardous to the earth at 7,500 light years, the distance f rom Eta Carina to Earth", Davidson said.

The burst from Eta Carina could be hazardous on earth.


Now I am not suggesting some kind of explosion that will obliterate earth, I

am suggesting that the 7th Angel may be about to unleash electro

magnetism that will have startling effects on life on earth and the

thinking process.


Is the 7th Angel ready ?







My curiosity came from the fact that  NASA just announced their

project on the cosmic twins.


The cosmic twins mythologically are Castor and Pollux from Gemini .


There was just an anthrax type scare in Washington involving

Ricin which we find comes from the Castor bean.


And we also find that in the mythological story Castor and Pollux

joined with Jason on board the Argo which in the sky is Eta Carina

as the keel of the ship and Vela as the sail.


The plot thickened a little more as I continued to work with this information.


Since yesterday was Valentines day and since I had purchased a dozen roses

for Joan for Valentines day, I looked toward the cosmos for the Rosebud nebula

and a new picture just taken by the Spitzer telescope from NASA .






A  telescope in space has sent back a cosmic Valentine picture - a stellar nursery resembling a pink rosebud.

 The Spitzer Space Telescope, launched last year, looked at a group of newborn stars embedded in a cloud of gas and dust called a reflection nebula.

"The picture is more than just pretty," says astronomer Thomas Megeath. "It helps us understand how stars form in the crowded environments of stellar nurseriesspanning 10 light-years across, the rosebud-shaped nebula is home to about 130 young stars.

 The pink rosebud contains adolescent stars that have blown away blankets of hot dust, while the green stem holds newborn stars whose radiation has excited surrounding gas.




This is Valentines day.


At least it was yesterday and the Spitzer telescope of NASA sent back this picture.


Now I will show you my further interest in Eta Carina the 7th angel.


The Rosebud Nebula is located in the constellation Cepheus






Cephus, King of Ethiopia, was married to the beautiful Cassiopeia, and together they had a daudhter Andromeda.


Although his name is most well known in connection with his daughter, Cepheus was placed in the sky of his own right:


He voyaged as an Argonaut with Jason on the quest for the Golden Fleece.


Castor came to us as a result of the Ricin incident and we found him aboard the Argo which is the 7th Angel Eta Carina.


 Now Valentines day and an amazing picture from the Spitzer telescope of the Rosebud nebula in Cepheus and lo and behold we find Cepheus also was aboard the Argo, Eta Carina.


So we have two situations that occur, the Ricin incident in Washington and Valentines Day, and in both we find connections to Eta Carina.


A coincidence you say, of course.


But is it a coincidence with a purpose ?


And remember both Eta Carina and the Rosebud are forms created by invisible energy.


 So it is not the form itself that is as important as the energy that created it.


Eta Carina the 7th Angel of the Book of Revelation holds much for the world and us if indeed as I say the evidence suggests that it is in the process of touching the earth.





If we look at the book of Revelation and consider Eta Carina as the 7th Angel, we see.


KJV Revelation 10:7

1.     But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.

 The mystery of God is already being unraveled in breaking of the DNA code of the human genome.

Scientists in South Korea have extracted stem cells from embryonic tissue which is a first and will lead to healings of Diabetes and Alzheimers etc. while this country is returned to the dark ages mentality of religious ignorance.



But the mystery of God is the very essence of existence primarily located in the realm of the invisible.

When you talk about the mystery of God you are talking about things such as the shadow universe which is now being approached by science every so slowly, as well as things such as the existence of the twin.

 You see all of these remarkable discoveries cannot be separated from the startling activity of Eta Carina, the 7th Angel along with the Biblical comments as we have shown.

 You read where Kris Davidson (son of David) said that the possibilities of and explosion of light from Eta Carina are very real and this could effect earth even at 7500 light years away in distance.

 KJV Revelation 16:17-18

17.  And the seventh angel poured out his vial into the air; and there came a great voice out of the temple of heaven, from the throne, saying, It is done.

18.     And there were voices, and thunders, and lightnings; and there was a great earthquake, such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake, and so great.

 Considering that scripture and the possibilities with Eta Carina we have to read deeply into verse 18. 

Voices, thunders, lightnings, earthquake.

 The first thing you have to do is realize this is mythology.

It is not literal.

 It is not talking of literal, voices, thunders, lightnings and earthquakes.

It is talking about a great shaking.

 We have gone over this in the past weeks.

 The shakings that are going on around the world.

The revolution of nature and the animals taking place in the plagues beginning around the world of sars, mad cow, bird flue, and aids which had its origin in the realm of the monkey. etc.

 And truly the leaders of the world cannot count on tomorrow because of the upheaval that is orchestrated from Eta Carina and taking place in all parts of the globe now.



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