Oh what we have missed by not paying attention to the strange minds who expressed the deep truth concerning life, the universe ,and eternity behind the coded messages of mythology.

 The very Bible that so many cherish and consider the actual word of God is beautiful mythology written by the strangers from a higher dimension that we understand as the Classic Greeks.

Spend some time here and you will begin to unravel the mystery of the earth, the cosmos, and yourself.


We say Amen at the end of our prayers.

The Preacher says  " Can I get an Amen ?".

The Pastor says, "And everybody  said Amen".

Yet no one has a clue as to what the word means.

Now you say, Amen means "so be it".

 Not true.

We stole the word from an ancient culture and changed it's meaning to suit our purpose.

 That's how we got most of our religious traditions.

Amen is the Egyptian God of life and reproduction, represented as a man with a ram's head.

Amen, Amon, Ammon, and Atum are all the same.

Amen-Ra, Amon-Ra, Atum-Ra, the Sun.



If the God of the Christians and Jews, (Jehovah), takes away the land of the Arabs and gives it to the Jews, doesn't it make sense that the God of the Arabs, (Allah), is going to get it back.?

We always have a way of justifying our misbehavior don't we.

What better way to explain our aggressions against others, "its Gods word", its Gods will.

The Old Testament is filled with admonitions from the God Jehovah to break down the walls of the city, pillage, loot, kill all the men, keep the virgins for yourself and on and on.

The amazing thing is that to this very day, people flock to churches and admire the God who ordered the raping, looting, and pillaging.

How can this be ?

Thus in actuality we do not have war between Arabs and Jews, we have confrontation between the two war Gods, Jehovah and Allah.

The logic is so simple.

If your God is going to take land away from me, my God is going to take it back.

That's what happened and that's whats happening.

 It has never stopped and in all honesty it never will until the war Gods are killed. 

So how do we kill the war Gods.

In meditation when we rise above thought we rise above the influences of the war Gods.

At that point there is only one God and that God is God.

That God is love. That God is peace.



Osiris , the great God of Egypt who dwelled in the constellation Orion.

(Do you see ION there ?)

 But what does Osiris mean to you ?.

The single eye, the Pineal Gland of the brain, the prime organ of meditation that brings forth melatonin.  

If you look in your medical dictionary, the word OS means OPEN, the word IRIS means EYE.






That statement is enough to call forth the stoners to take aim, yet it is a provable fact.

 And if Jesus is indeed Zeus, then that opens to us the whole world of mythology in which to seek ,that we may find the secret of life itself.

So let us look at the evidence, and you decide.





This statement is proved by the Bible.

 In Revelation 3:14 , Jesus is speaking, and refers to himself as "the Amen".  

Amen Ra is the name of an Egyptian Sun God.

This is borne out in Matthew 2:15.

 The scripture states that Joseph took Jesus to Egypt to fulfill the prophecy, " out of Egypt have I called my son".

In other discussions with you ,I have shown you how the life of Jesus duplicates the trajectory of the Sun in the sky. 

Also the fact that in Greek, the name Jesus has the numerical value of 888, which is the number of the mythical Sun.


Amen Ra is a specific Egyptian Sun God.

It is the Ram Head Sun God.

The part that is interesting here is that the Ram Head Sun God, in Greece, is connected with Zeus.

In the Bible, Jesus is the Lamb of God.



Now that we have established a connection between Jesus, Amen Ra, and Zeus, let us look into the mythology of Greece and see some striking similarities.


When Jesus was born, the wicked King Herod was killing all the children because he was afraid that Jesus would overthrow his kingdom. 

When Zeus was born, his wicked father Kronos was swallowing the newborns because he was afraid that Zeus was going to overthrow his kingdom.

Jesus was taken to Egypt to escape from Herod.

Zeus was taken to Crete to escape from Kronos.


The New Testament was written in Greek.

Jesus is a Greek word.

In Greek each letter has a numerical value.

 In Greek the letters for the word Jesus add up to 888.

888 is the number for the mythical sun  in Greek.

Jesus and the symbol of the sun are one in the same.

In you it is the solar plexus energy which rises up the spine to the brain.

There it must ascend to the right to open up the cells in the right hemisphere, that you may pass from the winter of your soul to the springtime.

It's curious . 

The Bible says no one could buy or sell without the mark of the beast and his number was 666.

Now many cannot  call long distance without the mark of
the Christ and his number is 888.

He's baack .!


A woman who enters a religious order is called a Nun

Exodus 33:11 says Joshua was Son of Nun.

Now this becomes very interesting as you look at a Christian Dictionary.

The Christian Dictionary will simply say " Nothing is known of Nun other then the fact that he was father of Joshua.

In the " Dictionary of World Mythology", Nun is identified.

 " Nun comes from the primeval waters of Egyptian Mythology.

The Egyptian Atum/Atom arose from Nun.

 Nun is the water God.

First God.

He is portrayed standing waist deep in water, his arms raised to support the sun."

Amazing isn't it.

In the Bible the mythological God of Gods,  is Nun.

Listed as Joshuas father and namesake of the gentle female order of Nuns.

Yet they have no idea.




 In their intimate role of giving spiritual advice, the clergy have now been overtaken by the scientific psychiatrists and have indeed to such a degree that many clergymen are themselves turning to psychologists to be taught how best to serve their pastoral function.

The magic of their own traditional symbols works no longer to heal but only to confuse.


A traveler in ancient Greece was seeking the Holy Place, Mount Olympus.

He came upon an old man seated by the side of the road.

He asked, " Sir, how can I reach Mount Olympus".

The old man who was Socrates looked at him deeply and said,

 " Just make every step you take go in that direction ".

So we must also find the Holy Place.

No one can give us directions

We must simply enter within and it will find us.


Narcissus would not accept the friendship of anyone.

He rejected everyone.

He said he would only consider someone who was a beautiful as he himself.

The beautiful nymph Echo loved him but he rejected her as well.

The God's felt he was being too selective and was too in love with himself. 

So he was sent to Mt. Helicon to find himself.

Mt Helicon was on Hippocrene and was the place where Pegasus kicked the fountain and became sacred to the goddess of memory.

Echo’s problem developed by her constant chattering.

She was always talking and the Goddess Hera made it so that Echo could only repeat what was said to her.

 So she was in distress and followed Narcissus to Mt Helicon.

When Narcissus was sent to Mt Helicon, the nymph Echo followed him and hid herself in the woods where she could see him but he could not see her.

As Narcissus became bored with Mt Helicon he would yell out.

"Does anyone know the way out of the woods?" 

Echo softly cried, "The woods!"

 "Yes, I'm lost and need to know the way out of the woods." 

Echo "The woods!" 

Help me find the way out of the woods."

Echo "The woods!"

Echo ran to him and threw herself at his feet! Narcissus, confused, picked her up and said,

"Oh, you are just like all the other nymphs who try to kiss me and tell me 'I love you.'"

Echo " I Love you!"

Her pushed her away, turned and went on his way.

Echo prayed for help silently.

Nemesis, the goddess of righteous anger, heard Echo's prayer, for prayers do not have to be spoken to be heard, and replied,

"May he who loves not others love himself."

Day after day Narcissus lay beside the pool gazing lovingly at his reflection until he wasted away and died.

Just before he died, he screamed out FAREWELL ! 

 Echos voice came from the woods   "Farewell"

Echo also wasted away as she became lost in the woods and she became a voice in the woods that you can hear this very day.

When searchers went to look for Narcissus they found only a flower , a flower that is now called Narcissus.

Yes Narcissus became a very handsome flower whose head bends toward the water rather than the sun.

The flower, narcissus, is a daffodil, one whose flowers have a short corona and are usually borne separately.

The word "narcissism" means egoism, love of oneself.

The psychological condition known as narcissism is an obsession with ones own self.

That of course is an illness but you see what we are trying to build here.

It is contemplation or meditation on ones self that will cause one to reach the point of cosmic Passover.

The flesh becomes a flower.

It passes over to a new realm because through meditation it has overcome the self.

The deep concentration on ones self in meditation.

Elevating one to the second level of consciousness which is water, and one separates to become one with nature, one with God.

This is what was meant, when Jesus in the Bible said,

"What I Say To You I Say To All, Watch "


And sometimes when you are in a wooded area and call out " Hello"

Echo may respond  and say hello to you.



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