A  significant reason as to why there is so much difficulty in the world

is because of the total control exercised over people by religion,

and the willingness of people to submit to the literal interpretations

of ancient scripture to explain the workings of existence.

If you kill somebody you'll be rewarded with 7 virgins,

If you repeat some words you will fly up to the sky and live on streets of gold.

All of the religious points concerning life's meaning eliminates

any understanding of the scientific principals upon which existence is based.

What is so bizarre about this is that the overwhelming number of

very intelligent people who populate the planet earth accept the wild rantings

of religion as having merit of some kind to help them get to a grand heavenly

abode after they die, which incidentally is reserved only for members of their

particular religious cult.


How does the grass grow,

How do the leaves return to the trees, why does it rain, why does it snow,

why does the sun travel through the 12 constellations of the zodiac.


No matter what question you ask there has to be a scientific answer,

and religion will not argue with you except when it comes

to living human beings.

At that point, all science is dropped, and instead stories of Gods,

and Angels, and Devils, and Demons are made up,

and the reality of living beings as electro chemical entities who operate

under the same rules as all of the rest of nature are not considered.


We have words such as Gods, Devils, Angels, Spirits, Souls,

to describe some kind of invisible people of good, and evil

who absolutely do not exist.


In the middle ages the superstitious people who controlled government

and religion did not know how to explain the workings of the sub atomic realm,

And so these forces became devils, and gods, and angels, and souls,

and spirits and all sorts of crazy things, and the rest of us bowed our knee

and claimed our belief in this dark ages lunacy.

And we still do.


There is nothing on the face of the earth that does not operate according

to scientific principles of electro chemical activity including human beings

like you and me, and there is no hocus pocus of angels, or spirits, or gods,

and demons, that can do one thing to alter that.


The same scientific rules that apply to elephants and trees and microbes

and ants apply to you.

You are an entity of meat and bone filled with chemicals and

operated by electricity.


Everything about you is totally dependent on the scientific principles

governing electro chemical activity.

There is absolutely no way anything can touch you,

or involve itself with you unless it is formed of electricity and electrical activity.


You want God to come into your heart,

You want Jesus to come into your heart,

You want the Holy Spirit to come into your heart,

then they must enter and operate within you via electricity because

that is how you are made, and you do not respond any other way .


Can you pray to see some light in your home?

You may want to say some prayers over your lamps to get them to light,

or you may want to pour oil on them, or holy water, or lay hands on the bulbs,

or implore intervention of a Holy Spirit or Jesus or whatever you wish

but guess what?


The lights will not light unless you follow the scientific rules and

throw the switch.

Unless you operate the equipment according to the scientific principles

under which they were designed they will not work.

Unless you operate your body according to the scientific principles

under which it was designed it will not work .


When we discuss the subject of human beings with religious people

all common sense, and understanding of the operation of these

created elements goes out the window, and they express their beliefs in devils,

demons, spirits and all kinds of strange things which are not part of the

electro magnetic creation we exist in.


If you are not willing to accept these principles of creation,

and instead wish to cling to the teachings that came out of the dark ages

which have no understanding at all of the principles of creation

then you will end your days totally unaware of how you live,

and how you communicate, and interact with all beings of existence

on earth and beyond earth.


The body is electro chemical.

That has nothing to do with religion or spirituality or new age or old age.

It works on frequencies, and when you allow yourself to be consumed

within in meditation, your frequency will be changed and you will

see things that are new ,and hear things that are new ,

nd as the scripture says, you will know the truth

and the truth will set you free.



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