This is an issue of Time Magazine whose cover peaked interest and led

to a rather lengthy discussion concerning DNA and God. 

 One point of the study that stuck with me was the conclusive proof

of the electrical properties of DNA.

The fact that change can be made to DNA through electricity.

This to me was vitally important because when one tries to connect DNA

with what we call God and then arrives at the fact

of the electrical properties of DNA the connection is made,

at least as far as the Bible is concerned.





 Numbers 23:19 God is not a man

1 John 1:5 God is light

The Bible makes it very clear that what we call God is not human,

but photon light.

And of course the Bible also says  that we are created in the image and likeness of God

suggesting that we too are photon light.




DNA is not totally ours.

DNA has two aspects to it.

 One is the physical DNA which the body we use is equipped with

through the heredity of our parents.


The other is what the Buddhists suggest is a spiritual DNA.

That which comes through the electrical elements and stays with us from body to body.


 So even though we are uniquely different in each body there is a basic sameness

that we carry with us in each incarnation .

Again that is why I have such strong feelings against executing people.

Their spiritual DNA will go into a new body with them and do the same evil again.


 The Time Magazine article was not equating DNA with God but simply asking

the question as to whether there is a gene in each one of us that draws us to God.

This would fit well with my concerns because basically DNA is a physical element

that has nothing to do with the electrical person that we really are.





 We have just come off a study of the ancient Coptic Gnostic book of IEOU.

 IEOU according to that legend being the name or identity of God.

 What is so interesting about that is the fact that IEOU are international symbols.

Symbols that stand for the same thing throughout the world.


    I---I2. 2. Electricity . The symbol for current.


   E---e2 abbr. 1. Electron


   O---ohm (½m) n. Abbr. o A unit of electrical resistance equal to that

   of a conductor in which a current of one ampere is produced by a potential

   of one volt across its terminals. [After Georg Simon Ohm.]


   U---U3. 1. The symbol for the element uranium. (Uranus)

   2. The symbol for internal energy.






Current, electric, electron, ohm resistance, internal energy. 

God is light, invisible sub atomic electrical power and being made in the

 image and likeness of God so are we.

 But because of our attachment to superstitious religious doctrines

and principles we are never able to think in terms of what and who we truly are.

This causes all kinds of bizarre behavior which become traditions

and result in bitterness, and deep longing and sadness.





 I received an E Mail from someone who was deeply saddened by the fact

that her mother who was suffering with cancer was being sent home

by hospice because she wanted to be there with the end coming upon her.

 The person writing the E Mail who was her daughter asked for prayers etc. 

Her mother was brought home and within a day she died.

 Or at least that is what I was told.


 I add that because we have never ever because of religion,

been able to assess what death is or what happens to our loved ones .


 Instead we are forced to end a particular loving relationship

with the nonsensical encouragement that he/she is in a better place,

that God needed a good cook up in heaven or something equally bizarre.





There is no common sense ever found between religion and reality,

between religion and life, or between religion and death.


I just lost my sister of many many years. It too prompted a deep sadness.

Of course.

Emotions run high within the mind and feelings when this occurs.

She was 79 when she died of lung cancer.

 I knew her by the person inside but it became more and more difficult

for me to realize her by her physical appearance.

She was a tower of strength to me in the early years.


 So after she died as I was going through pictures

I saw her as a young person and I immediately was able

to relate to the life and energy that she was.


It brought me to the point of coming to grips that she always

was this person portrayed by a body of life and not

any different because of the age and the cancer.


So when I think of her, I think of her personality and

who and what she was.

 I see it in a picture of youth and not of age and sickness.

 I see it in this picture of her from long ago.



The deterioration of the physical body takes that totally away.

It leaves the same person to struggle within the physical deterioration

in the same way that we struggle in a deteriorating car.

 Once we get rid of that car we forget about it.

Oh on occasion we will mention what a good car it was.


 But once someone gets rid of their deteriorating body

we make visits to the place where the body was buried and place flowers on it.



We file into funeral homes and make contact with people

we haven't seen in a long while.

 It’s a quasi party while the deceased lays in a box that cost about $5,000 dollars.

A box that is going to be buried in the ground.


We are encouraged that the box is water proofed

and we never even question for what ?





But do you know why we go through all of this.

Because our religion teaches us that one day those bodies are going to rise again.

 One day those bodies are going to come out of their graves.

And worst of all we buy it.


Some of us even construct concrete buildings to hold the remains.

 Because of attention is on the dead body instead of the living person

who has moved to a new life.


The person who has moved on is totally frustrated because

instead of being at peace and meditating to make contact with them,

we run around trying to protect the dead physical remains.


 There is an interesting scripture in the Bible concerning Jesus

and an encounter with someone who has just lost a loved one.

The person says that they would like to follow along with Jesus

 but their loved one just died and they have to bury the person.


Look at Jesus response.




Matthew 8:21.  And another of his disciples said unto him,

Lord, allow me first to go and bury my father. 

22.  But Jesus said unto him, Follow me; and let the dead bury their dead.


 Do you see the point here?

 Let the people who are absorbed with dead bodies bury dead bodies.

Follow the one who is concerned with the living within and without.


 In other words why are you concerned about a body with nothing in it.

 Be concerned about the person who was in that body but no longer is.


 The Jesus of the Bible knew of the endless nature of life

and the complexities involved  in moving from body to body.






John 9:2.  And his disciples asked him, saying,

Master, who did sin, this man, or his parents, that he was born blind?

3.   Jesus answered, Neither has this man sinned, nor his parents:

but that the works of God should be made manifest in him.


Do you see what is being asked here?


What happened to this person with the defective body

 before he was born.


Was it something that the person had done wrong in a previous body,

was it a genetic defect through the parents.


 Jesus leaves that up in the air with the statement that

here is a purpose for this person to be occupying a defective body.


But there is no doubt that the discussion centered around 

the persons activities and those of his parents before he occupied the present body.


The person who no longer can occupy a damaged physical body

moves immediately into a realm of the sub atomic that is teeming with life.








Trying to discuss this in a superstitious religious culture such as we

have is difficult because the mass mind believes that people shoot up

into the sky and go to a heaven with mansions and streets of gold etc etc.

It is totally detached from reality.




The sub atomic simply is an invisible realm that exists

on a frequency separate from ours.









If these people that we supposed to be dead are indeed living,

can they respond or communicate or materialize.


To all 3 questions the answer is yes and they have.


My  hesitancy to believe such stuff has been

eliminated by my understanding

 of the sub atomic realm where life exists

beyond our ability to perceive it.


 Thus since it is definitely there what is the reason to be apprehensive.


And if the person is definitely there what is the reason

for us to be obsessed with the dead body ?


Over and over again I have showed you scientific experiments

by prestigious scientists showing that thought , love, fear etc

is not in the physical body but in the non physical photon that operates the body.


 In other words everything you are is not in your body but in the photon person which you are.










There was a very famous scientist by the name of William Crookes

who lived from 1832 to 1919.


 He was an eminent scientist who had received all kinds of awards in the field of science.






Sir William Crookes was one of the most respected scientists of his time.


 He decided to study that which was very taboo in England as it is in this country.


The paranormal.


He decided to look into the reports of mediums and people who communicate

with the dead and do it from a strictly scientific position.


People expected that he would return and support the religious position

that all of this was of the devil and against God and was

nothing more then quackery etc etc.











Because he did not report that this was quackery.


 What he did do, was demonstrate the existence of life beyond

what we know as death,

and when he published his results he was set upon

by the scientific community, as well as religion.



In his written report to the British Association in 1898 Sir William Crookes prefaced

the report by quoting a scientists who had come before him

Luigi Galvani (September 9, 1737 – December 4, 1798).


Luigi Galvani was an Italian physician and physicist who lived and died in Bologna.


 In 1791, Galvani discovered that the muscles of dead frogs legs twitched

when struck by a spark.[1]


This was one of the first forays into the study of bioelectricity,

a field that still today studies the electrical

patterns and signals of the nervous system.  


Galvani suffered the attacks of critics and was made fun of

in the same way Sir William Crookes was.


Galvani said this, and Sir WIlliam Crookes put it into his statement as if to say, "me too".


"I am attacked by two very opposite sects - the scientists and the know-nothings.

 Both laugh at me, calling me 'the frogs' dancing master'.

Yet I know I have discovered one of the greatest forces in nature".


Copying Galvani's statement for himself, leaves us to ponder

what great force in nature, Sir. William Crookes was referring to.







In order to consider William Crookes work you must consider his credibility.


He is finding something in séances and with mediums etc and the religious

and the rest of the scientific community is attacking him.


So let us look at his credentials.




William Crookes was born on 17 June, 1832 in London.


He studied at the Royal College of Chemistry and became one of the most

important scientists of the XIX century,

both in the field of Physics and in Chemistry.


He combined private experimental research with business.

He also edited several photographic and scientific journals.


Having inherited a large fortune from his father, he devoted himself from 1856

entirely to scientific work of various kinds

at his private laboratory in London.

 In 1861, he discovered the metallic chemical element thallium.

This led him indirectly to the invention of the radiometer in 1875.

He later developed a vacuum tube (the precursor of the X-ray tube).

His studies of cathode rays were fundamental in the development of atomic physics.


Sir William Crookes, identified a fourth state of matter, now called plasma, in 1879.

He was knighted in 1897 and received the Order of Merit in 1910.

He was also a Fellow of the Royal Society, becoming its president

between 1913 and 1915.


 He obviously is someone who would normally be taken very seriously

but in this case what he has discovered goes against religious beliefs

and that is not politically correct and thus he has these people

come against him as they would today.


William Crookes, as a scientist of international repute, decided to investigate Spiritualism.

He was initially very skeptical about it.


 He explained the reasons for his inquiry:

'I consider it the duty of scientific men who have learned exact modes

of working to examine phenomena which attract the attention of the public,

in order to confirm their genuineness or to explain, if possible,

the delusions of the dishonest and to expose the tricks of deceivers'.


 So as you can see he goes into this work with an open mind

but as a scientist either to confirm that communicating with those

who we perceive to be dead is genuine or to expose those

as delusional or dishonest who do such things.


He began by studying one of the most famous mediums of all time,

Daniel Dunglas Home, and was soon convinced that Home was endowed

with a powerful psychic force.


 Many believed that Crookes would expose the phenomena he witnessed,

ut this rapid conversion to the ranks of believers surprised the public

and shocked his scientific colleagues.


Yet he undertook all his experiments under strict scientific conditions.








What is being said here is that one of the most prestigious scientists of his time

has been convinced that communicating with those thought to be dead is real.


They are absolutely alive.


The experiments that made him really famous were with the medium

Florence Cook, at the time, only a teenager.

Through her mediumship, there occurred a series of materializations

of the Spirit Katie King, which lasted almost three years.

Just before the Spirit stopped appearing, Crookes obtained a total of 44 photographs,

among which were, according to him, 'some inferior,

some indifferent, and some excellent'.  


When Crookes started to report about his experiments to the scientific community,

he found unrestrained hostility.


He was even accused of complicity with Florence Cook, and of having an affair with her.


Yet, he never changed his mind about the reality of Spirit phenomena.



In his presidential address to the British Association, in 1898, he said:


Thirty years have passed since I published an account of experiments

tending to show that outside our scientific knowledge there exists

 a Force exercised by intelligence differing from the ordinary

intelligence common to mortals.

I have nothing to retract.

I adhere to my already published statements. Indeed, I might add much thereto."


Sir William Crookes died in London on 4 April 1919.

Here is a man whose credentials as a renowned scientist are beyond question.

Yet, because he dared go where others fear to go he was attacked.


 Religion has such a tight control over the minds of people,

and it was even worse then, that even someone as brilliant as William Crookes

cannot be listened to when he says, he has proof that people who we think

have died are actually very much alive.







You would think that this would produce much joy, but instead of listening

to a person of such stature as William Crookes the people instead chose

 to listen to the robed ones of religion and their power aligned politicians.

You see what we have lost.




We have lost the very ones we loved so much not because they are gone

beyond our ability to communicate with them but we have lost

because we have chosen to live our lives in the fears religion

 has placed on our head.






We will get back to specifics of William Crookes contacts as well as some

others but first let us look again at the event of death and

where and how the person would leave.


Let us go to a subject we covered before but one that becomes very important

when discussing this matter of how someone leaves a broken body

at what we call death.


This is a Time Magazine article from their web site

 It is titled Hit the O Spot for Out of Body.

 So lets zoom in for the interesting parts of this article.




Hit The O-Spot For Out-of-Body

Had an out-of-body experience?

Scientists believe they know why

Monday, Sep. 23, 2002
Shamans teach that out-of-body experiences are best achieved through meditation,

reflection and transcendental calm.

Scientists believe they have found a less celestial source:

the right angular gyrus of the brain.

The new thinking is the result of the case of a woman, 43,

who was undergoing treatment for epilepsy originating in her brain's right hemisphere.

 A team of researchers at the University Hospitals of Geneva and Lausanne

wrote in Nature last week that to pinpoint the problem,

it implanted electrodes in the suspect region to record seizures

and used a weak current to map the brain.

The doctors — and the patient — then got a surprise.


When the current was applied to a particular spot,

the woman experienced a sense of lightness,

as if she were floating above herself.


More remarkably, she seemed to see part of her body as if

she were viewing it from the ceiling.


When the doctors asked her to move her limbs, she experienced other illusions:

one arm seemed shorter than the other; her legs seemed to fly toward her face;

if she closed her eyes, her upper body felt as if it

were flying toward her legs.


The doctors believe her sensations were caused by a failure of the brain

to integrate tactile sensations and balance.

Transient out-of-body experiences can occur in anyone,

but a glance around is usually all it takes to ground

the brain in reality again.


 The right angular gyrus, however, sits quite near the vestibular cortex,

the seat of balance.

Jolting the Swiss patient's gyrus apparently threw the delicate feedback system

out of synch — creating a state of neural chaos that was exacerbated

when she moved her eyes and body.


Whether shamans achieve the same state through meditation is impossible to say.

But if they do, they have certainly found a more pleasant way to get there.

So here we have the out of body experience proved.


When the right angular gyrus of the brain was stimulated,

something happened to transport this person out of her body and up to the ceiling.


 Would it then be out of the question to consider that when the body no longer

can support the person that the right angular gyrus activates

and the person leaves in the same way ?



The problem with all of this is that in the New Age as well as in Religion

 there are bizarre responses to everything.


 People in the New Age claiming to be spiritual are really involved in the

same emphasis on the body as are religious people.


The right angular gyrus event that happened in Switzerland

does not mean you can or should try to stimulate a part of your brain to go out of body.


You should not.


All it means is that science has found a door created by nature God,

to provide an escape from a broken body at the proper time.



An out of body experience is nature-God created for a specific reason.


An out of body experience is to free the person from the body for a reason.











Getting back to William Crookes and proving that death does not exist and

that the person we thought was dead is very much alive

in the sub atomic or frequency realm.


There are two quotes I want you to consider.


 One is from Albert Einststein which I believe would apply to William Crookes

and the other is from William Crookes when he was asked by a screaming scientist

if he thought it was possible for a dead person to communicate with the living.


They are interesting.


"Great Spirits have always encountered violent opposition

from mediocre minds." Prof Albert Einstein


 "I did not say it was possible, I said it happened." Sir William Crookes.

What a great answer that is.

He is not saying that he can explain how this happened.

He is just saying that it happened.

There is a web site you may wish to visit.

It is an attorney by the name of Victor Zammit who has a page

defending William Crookes.


You can fine it at


 Anyhow he raises some points to counter those who accuse

William Crookes as taking part in fraud concerning contacting the “dead”.


 Victor Zammit says of William Crookes

Undoubtedly, Sir William Crookes, the discoverer of thallium and one of the world's

greatest scientists, is also one of the most controversial

and maligned figures in psychic history.


 Scientists from all over the world have showered him with honors

for his brilliant scientific investigations.

Critics have tried insidiously to destroy his credibility.


Anti-psychic, anti-afterlife, conservative negatively prejudiced scientists unconscionably

and most unfairly tried to dismiss his great psychic achievements.


Yet over the last 125 years his experiments have been successfully repeated

and his impact on the worldwide investigation of psychic phenomena

has been most impressive.


What  Mr Zammit says about William Crookes difficulties with the system

over his findings is very important because the same element exists today.


Further, historical persecution against Sir William Crookes occurred because

as one of the greatest scientists ever in history with very high international reputation,

enormously high credibility, authority, power and influence, he went public with

substantive information that would have destabilized the contemporaneous establishment's

orthodoxy in science and religion.


 Consistent with the historical adage, one extreme created by Crookes

elicited an opposite extreme, the powerful retaliation of those who had

a great deal to lose - the establishment.


Probably in the history of the world there has never been such a prestigious

scientist as William Crookes who crossed that line to what we call the after life

and testified to things such as materialization where those deceased actually

materialized before his eyes.


 Mr Zammit goes on.

 This problem is augmented by the fact that in the Victorian age,

there was the "presumption of fraud" in relation to psychic phenomena.


There was an assumption by many in Victorian society that since psychic

phenomena do not exist, anyone who claimed success in demonstrating it

must be committing fraud.


One can understand the huge problems which faced Crookes

and other psychic empiricists in his time.


Again, whilst the mediocre skeptics and dilettantes can poke fun at genius,

defame the dead, ridicule by imputation, repeat other skeptics' venom against Crookes,

those who accept Crookes' contribution know that one day,

when all the world accepts the existence of non-physical energy,

a new era in science will emerge, a new global perception will welcome psychic phenomena

 and more importantly, the non-physical energy will irretrievably

remove the cancer of materialism.


Crookes' legacy of having the courage to make public his investigations

of psychic phenomena had global impact.


The increase in the acceptance of "psychic force" and afterlife evidence is universal;

foreign governments including those in China, Russia and the US sponsor

experiments into psychic phenomena.


Psychic research is being conducted at universities by professors,

some physical scientists, many psi scientists and other psi researchers.

Grass roots level support for psychic force around the world is just huge

and is dramatically increasing.

By all objective criteria, Crookes' discovery has and is having global impact.


Crookes' experiments into the afterlife add to the cumulative objective

and subjective evidence that we survive death

and that communication between those who passed on and us

here on earth is possible.


 This I believe is the greatest discovery in human history

and will give mankind the confidence that love will survive and that inevitably

we will be reunited with our loved ones -

love being the most powerful force in the universe.


Or as the Bible says, now abides faith hope and love and the greatest of these is love.


Let me show you a picture of William Crookes and a deceased person

by the earth name of Katie King.

Remember this man is a revered scientist of the highest repute.







                   ABOVE: William Crookes with Katie King who allegedly  came back from the dead.                     

I am impressed by the scientific credentials of William Crookes.

Therefore since the outside world as well as the religious community attacked him .

There is reason for us to continue this work and consider it as truth.




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