I feel that this information is extremely important to go over because of the cosmic and human implications.


When you hear of activity in the constellation Pegasus why should you pay attention.?

Revelation 19:11 says that the change to a new earth is heralded by a sign. 

"  heaven opened and I saw a white horse".

Something would happen in the sign of the white horse that never happened before.

The white horse in the sky is Pegasus.

Around July 1995 Didier Queloz and Michael Mayor ,astronomers in

Switzerland discovered a sun that was a twin of ours with a planet orbiting it.

 This had never been seen before.

The scripture in Rev 19:14 says and thousands followed on white horses.

In 1995 the Associated Press from Washington reported, "Hubble has d

iscovered thousands of stars rushing toward a globular cluster.

Like bees swarming to their hive.

Spectra cant  tell if they are coming toward us or going away.

They seem to be under the control of one giant central object,

they are located in the constellation Pegasus."




1. It fulfills a Biblical prophecy of Jesus coming back on a white horse.

You may define Jesus as you wish.

2. Pegasus is a white horse.

His father is Poseidon the God of the sea which makes him a white sea horse.

 He is sacred to the Muses.

The Muses lived on Mt. Helicon.

The word Helicon means spiral or vortex.

The mother of the Muses was Mnesoyme.

She is the Goddess of Memory.

3.Now the connection.

In your brain is an organ called The Hippocampus.

The word hippocampus means sea horse. Stedman's medical dictionary says it is white in color.

 It is a white sea horse. It is Pegasus within you.

The Hippocampus is reached in meditation through the energy winding

up the spine to the Pineal in a spiral motion.

 In your brain the Hippocampus is responsible for MEMORY.

This great event will culminate in electro magnetic fields coming to

the earth which will impact the Pineal and Hippocampus

of those who are watching (meditating).

This will restore your memory of who you really are,

what your purpose here is, and where you are going.




The words in Revelation say Jesus returns on the white horse.

 In the center of the Hippocampus of the Brain is an organ called Ammons Horn.

Ammon is an Egyptian Sun God who has another name.

 It is Amen.

In Revelation 3:14 Jesus is called The Amen.


 Riding the white horse is Amen.

Returning to restore you to the cosmic truth and remembrance of your true self.

Amen on the white horse.

 Ammon on the hippocampus. (The white horse)

Keep your eyes and ears tuned to the white horse Pegasus.




What have we missed by not understanding the ancient symbols ?.


Hebrews 6:1 of the Bible says, leaving the principles of the doctrines

of Christ let us go on to perfection, not laying again

the foundation of faith in God and Baptism.

Why did it say that.

Because we have never been able to get beyond the symbol in Baptism.

The same for anointing the head with oil.

 Look what happens when you understand the symbol.

Traditional Baptism:

They put our head in the water, bring us up into the air and tell us we have been touched by the spirit and we feel good.

But what has really happened.

We got our head wet.




Baptism is built around the Greek realms of consciousness which are five in number.

 Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and the Renewed Mind.

Real Baptism happens in meditation.

You take your mind (Earth) into meditation

You begin your concentration (Water).

You rise to the 3rd stage (Air),

You are then touched by the 4th which is Fire and then experience the renewed mind.

That's what the Bible means when it says we will rise to meet Christ in the air.

Consider what is more profitable.

To get ones head wet

Or to enter within and experience, Earth, Water, Air and Fire and then the renewed mind.

Just about every person in jail or death row has been Baptized because

t meant nothing more then a wet head.




The Bible speaks of anointing the head with olive oil.

 What do we do.

Someone takes their thumb and rubs oil on our forehead.

 Honestly , what could that possibly do?

But go beyond the symbol to what it means. 

 The oil is the spinal fluid which carries the electrical energy which

is Kundalini through the 7 chakras or seals.

As it reaches the head it passes between the 12th nerve on one side,

( the hypoglossal ) and on the other side an organ called


To be  exact olivara.

Thus when the energy ascends via meditation through the oil to the olive,

you have been anointed with olive oil and your mind has been renewed.

In both cases.

Either a wet head or an oily forehead, or a renewed and enlightened mind.

You take your choice.

That is what we have missed by following literalism and the results

in the affairs of the world are obvious.




While we are all looking at the universe for the fulfillment of ancient

prophecies as well as for the arrival of intelligent signals etc, let me place

in your mind another date that may have some rather significant implications.

 Beware The Ides Of March.

In Greek mythology this story has its origin.

If you are to consider that the Greeks who wrote these stories were not

the ordinary folks that we understand as earthlings but a very special

group from a different dimension, then there are very interesting implications.


 It centers around Hades which is the last stop before one goes on to the next world.

 It was also known as Pluto.

To get to Hades or Pluto one had to be taken by the ferry boatman, a very small

gray man named Charon. Keep in mind he was very small and gray.

 He would take you past Hades or Pluto and then on to Elysium.

In 1930 a Planet was discovered which was the farthest most  planet.

It was named Pluto.

In 1978 a very small gray satellite was discovered orbiting Pluto. 

It was named Charon.

The myth is fulfilled.

 Keep in mind when this myth was written Pluto and Charon were not known

to be in the universe, at least by us mere earthlings.

 Obviously the ones who wrote this knew.

Here is the interesting part.

Pluto was contained within the orbit of Neptune.

But on March 15 1999 it moved out of Neptune's orbit and placed itself at the gateway to the next world.

There they are, Pluto or Hades and the small gray one Charon.

 On March 15 1999.

Now doesn't that phrase take on a new meaning, beware the Ides of March ?.

Without fear we anticipate this wondrous change.

The change to lift all life to a higher realm of consciousness.

To all who will adjust to the still small voice, the light within, will come

n understanding to the new angle of light that touches the human mind.




 Now I want you to consider the Eye in The Sky, Supernova 1987a

In 1995 Didier Queloz and Michael Mayor of Switzerland discovered a planet

orbiting a sun star that was a twin of ours.

This was 51 Pegasi.

After that 6 additional planets were discovered mostly by Geoffrey Marcy and

Paul Butler of San Francisco State University.

The 7th planet discovered was Lelande 21185 Leo, by George Gatewood of Baltimore.

Leo corresponds to the 7th chakra which is the Pineal or head chakra.

Thus it appeared as if the universe was experiencing a Kundalini  as does

the human being in meditation.

The planet discovered after Pegasus, was in Virgo, and then culminated in Leo.

 The riddle of the Sphinx and a cosmic Kundalini.







If the7 planets were the 7 chakras (cosmically) then one would expect

the lighting of the Pineal or Single eye in the sky to take place similar

as to what  we experience during Kundalini.

The April 1997 edition of National Geographic showed

us in all  its magnificent color, Supernova 1987a.

There were two outer rings (the eyes?), and in the center a small ring containing a green eye.

(The Pineal ?).

So all was in place.

The 7 planets discovered aligning with the 7 chakras and then the 3rd eye

in the person of Supernova 1987a on fire.

Just as happens in the Kundalini experience, the center eye of Supernova 1987a is on fire.

The center ring has begun to go on fire and scientists state that eventually

the entire center eye will be aglow.

Robert Kirshner of the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics said "

"This a celestial ring of fire, we are beginning to see the  hammer hitting the bell."

Chris Burrows of the European Space agency said,

" We have never seen anything behave like this before"

What does it mean to us?

From Hubble Space Telescope News. " The debris is expected to collide with

the inner ring (the eye) as early as 2002. This will light up the dark nebulosity

surrounding the supernova.

George Sonneborn of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt Md

" The gas is expected to soon glow at thousands of degrees causing a

final burst of light that will touch the earth .

The angles of light are coming to the earth.

The single eye, the Pineal Gland of God is on fire.

A cosmic Kundalini is about to take place

 Jesus said in Matthew 6:22 , "if your eye be single your body will fill with light".

Well now the cosmos displays it's single eye and the universe is about to fill with light.



Have you ever heard the story in the Book of Daniel of Daniel in the Lions Den,and Shedrach, Mesach and Abednigo in the furnace. ?

Shedrach, Mesach, and Abednigo were joined by the fourth person (God /Spirit) through the fire of the furnace.

In your body the Pineal Gland is Leo or the Lion, and the Fornix of the brain is the vault or furnace.

In the universe the Pineal Gland is now displayed by Supernova 1987a which is presently on fire.

 If you will look at a picture of it you will clearly see the center single eye which is on fire.

(April 1997 edition National Geographic.)

The Fornix of the brain is represented by the constellation  Fornax which is the furnace.

In the body the energy or fire from the Pineal travels along the

stria Pinealis (straight line of the Pineal) to the Fornix where it ignites

he fire of the furnace bringing to us the fourth person or

Christ/Spirit consciousness.

You may confirm the connection of the Pineal and Fornix via stria pinealis

in Stedman's Medical Dictionary.


 In the universe Supernova 1987a is on fire .

 The fire from Supernova 1987a will travel as a fuse to Fornax the furnace,

and bring to the universe the new mind, the new consciousness,

the Christ consciousness.


In the story the 4th man appeared in the furnace when it was heated

7 times hotter which represents the 7 chakras or 7 seals.

 What is a confirming fact is that on 6-10-98 there was an article from

the Associated Press that  astronomers had for the first time

cracked the curtain of interstellar dust known as the Zone of Avoidance

that blocked earths view of a FOURTH of the universe.


 The ancient myth is being acted out in the sky.

 As well as in the human brain.

The coming fire has been misinterpreted by many as an Armageddon to destroy the earth.

Not so.

The fire is actually the light to destroy that which is destroying the earth.

 To burn away the dross so as to  reveal the gold.





Today we place our hand over our heart or on the Bible  when we are about to give witness.

In ancient times that was not the case.

The hand was placed on the male genital area.

Let us look at a Bible scripture where we see this.

Genesis 24:2 And Abraham said unto his eldest servant of his house,

that ruled over all that he had, Put, your hand under my thigh

And I will make you swear by the LORD.


Now look up the word "testi" in your dictionary.

 You will see it has two meanings.

The male sexual organ, and to give witness.

Do you suppose that is why the Bible did not allow women to "testify" in church.?




The Holiday season brings us close to the Christian Holy Day called Epiphany.

 It celebrates the manifestation of the divine nature of Jesus to the gentiles as represented by the Magi.

It is celebrated on January 6.

The word Epiphany means a revelatory manifestation of a divine being.

 A sudden manifestation of the essence or meaning of something, enlightenment.

We understand enlightenment to take place through meditation as the energy rises

up the spine and through the chakras or seals, impacting at the Pineal Gland of the brain.

The word Epiphany has it's roots in the word epiphysis.

 It you will look in Stedman's Medical Dictionary you will find an amazing fact.

The Pineal Gland of the brain (The Single Eye) is also called epiphysis. !!

Now we know what Epiphany really means.



In the Bible it says that in the temple inside of the Mercy Seat you would

find Aarons Rod that bloomed almonds.

The temple is actually the human brain.

 The rod is the spine, and it bloomed almonds because as the

Kundalini energy moves up the spine or rod, it reaches the laryingeal area

and touches something called amygdala

which is the almond.


 Near the area of the throat is the amygdala or the almond.

The rod blooms almonds through meditation and one is then enlightened to

speak and lead others to the inner pathway of light.

 Everything has a wonderful meaning.




The Bible Story: A woman with an issue of blood 12 years touches

the hem of Jesus garment and is healed.

The issue of blood is a gradual loss of the inner life force.

It refers to sliding deeper and deeper into emotional depression.

Here the number 12 refers to the 12 cranial nerves in the human brain.

Thus overcoming the gradual loss of the inner life force will occur in the mind.

The word woman refers to the human spirit or emotions.

Notice how the healing comes from touching the hem of the garment.

Stedman's medical dictionary defines the hippocampus of the brain (the place of memory), as the medial margin (hem), of the cortical (outer), mantle (garment) of the cerebral hemisphere.


Thus we rise to Christ consciousness by entering in meditation, the place

of the 12, which is the brain.

There the energy will touch the hem of the garment which is the hippocampus

of the brain and our memory of our true cosmic nature will be restored and

the wasting away of our inner life force will end.

Try it, touch the hem and see for yourself.





How wonderful it is when we peek beyond the literal meaning in ancient scripture

and look for the dark sayings or hidden meanings.

We are generally familiar with Kundalini meditation.

 The energy rises up the spine to the Pineal Gland etc.

There is a wonderful encounter in the Bible between God and Moses.

 Exodus 4:3, Moses is not sure of himself, he doesn't  know what to do or what to say.

God says to Moses. Throw down your rod.

 When he does the rod becomes a serpent.

Of course this is a myth with a deep meaning.

Obviously a rod cannot become a serpent.

Oh yes it can.

Now look beyond the words.

The rod is the spine.

It is the symbol of the self.

 It holds us up and directs our path.

Here we are told to throw down the rod.

In other words do not depend on the self.

Seek a higher consciousness above the self.

Enter into meditation.

And what happens when we do.

When we enter into meditation and attain cosmic consciousness, we are no longer

dependent on the rod or self, and the rod or (spine)  becomes the coiled serpent, Kundalini.

At that point we who have been confused and unsure, become enlightened

and are able to lead others to the glorious promised land of the new millennium mind.

So throw down your rod and guaranteed, it will become a serpent .!!



If you check the Cosmic Connection page of the web site you will see the reference to 4555.

Thousands of years ago the Coptics of Egypt in the Book of IEOU gave

us this number to hold close to us. 4555

In the Book of Daniel Chapter 5, a hand without an arm writes on the wall MENE.

The word means number and the numerical value of the word is 4555.

This number would appear as a sign to everyone.

Well 4555 is a galaxy in the constellation Coma, mother and child.

It is in the Zodiacal sign Virgo, the Virgin.

 As the Bible says, a Virgin shall conceive.

I feel strongly that 4555 is the galaxy from which the intelligent ones who

guide this earth are located.

Those who come to this earth, come from 4555.

I managed a Cable TV system 23 years.

I no longer do, but recently had to register the tower where that system is located

with the Federal Aeronautics Administration.

I was shown the coordinates of the location of that tower  and the latitude was 40 05 55.

 For 23 years I had been bringing signals to the earth via satellite at 4555.



I have made reference in the web site to "The Watchers" and to the nature of God.

I wanted to try and explain my concepts here.

The "Watchers" are an advanced civilization who have been given responsibility

for the development of the earth race.

Consider this. The human race on earth invented a light bulb 100 years ago.

 The "Watchers" invented their light bulb 10,000 years ago.

Thus they have evolved far beyond us and are able to use the human brain and mind in a way that induces teleportation and other startling things that seem as fairy tales to us.

In other words, they are people like us who have evolved long before us simply because the cosmic light reached them thousands of years before it reached us.

There are other locations where the people have not invented their light bulb yet.

We will be the "Watchers" for them.

Now as far as the deciding factor that originated it all.

 Or what we call God.

 The Sufi Muslims have the best understanding of this.

It is called Allah.


For us we have God and the Devil.

God being of the word Good and Evil being of the word Devil.

 In Islam to the mystics is the word Allah being of the word All.

When we consider a "God" somewhere whom we pray to, we immediately

eliminate the entity from being God because we limit "him/her/it".

If there is a God somewhere other then where you are then it cannot be God because it is limited.

In Allah, we understand that All is the creator.

 As the Bible says, Christ is all and in all.

Thus being part of the All we evolved from the very essence of the first

point of all and then grew as All grew.

In other words, when we finally eliminate a separation between ourselves

and God, we find that we are part of the origination of all things because we are part of the All.

As part of the all, some parts are located here and some there.

As on your body, your hand is one place and your foot is another,

and your eye is another, and your neck is another.

In the universe, the All which is life having emanated from the center, is located in various places.

 Some places receive cosmic light before others and thus develop quicker.

For instance.

 Now we see Supernova 1987a.

We first saw it in 1987.

Yet the supernova has been up there for over 200,000 years.

Where was it?

 The light traveling from its location did not reach us until 1987.

 Yet that same light reached others thousands of years ago which allowed

writings about the universal eye that we consider to be ancient text.

There is no separation between you and God.

You and God are one.


It is the teachings of the systems that have convinced us of the existence of something separate from us and thus we have missed the true potential that is within each.

But the "Watchers", (by the way, for Earth, the watchers reside in the Galaxy known by science as NGC 4555), are about to make a giant move in changing the brain waves of the people of the earth to bring them to a more peaceful and accommodating  social order.

The reason this action had to wait so long is because of the need to wait until the angles of light were conducive to higher consciousness which comes to pass in Aquarius.

Which begins December 21 2012 at 11:11am

 Now since we invented our light bulb 100 years ago and are primitive, and the Watchers invented their light bulb 10,000 years ago and have responsibility for the earth, you might ask who assigned the earth to the Watchers.

The answer is, the Watchers who invented their light bulb 25,000 years ago.

So you see.

It goes on and on beyond infinity.



Did you ever see the old Biblical story of Jacob wrestling with the man.?

 The man puts Jacobs thigh out and when he does, Jacobs name is changed from Jacob to Israel.

Breaking the code reveals a pretty neat truth.

Jacob wrestling with a man is you and me wrestling with ourselves.

 You know the inner struggles we have.

When Jacobs thigh is put out it means desire to control the issue is gone.

 The thigh is a symbol of desire (for obvious reasons).

Now we submit to divine mind.

As soon as Jacob no longer is in control,  divine mind rules.

His name is changed from Jacob to Israel.

 What is Israel ?

 No it's not a country.

IS = Isis. The feminine principle. Spirit

RA = Ra. The light, masculine, Mind

EL = God. The supreme universal light.

Thus by allowing his own desires to be broken.

Jacob is now Israel.

 Is-Spirit and Ra-Mind come together and produce El. God within.

And you know the great part of this?

In Genesis 32.30 Jacob says.

 " I have seen God face to face and I shall call this place Peniel".

The Pineal Gland of the brain.

 The single eye.

The receptor of light.

The fire of meditation.

 The true pathway to IS RA EL.




The word Ghost has taken on a negative connotation because it is connected

with haunting and mischief etc.

 Maybe apparition would be a better word, but regardless, you understand the nature of the subject.

There are no such things as ghosts that linger after death to make a mystic

residence at a location of particular attachment.

What we experience as ghosts are the teleportation of photon thought and sub

conscious thought from people particularly close to the story or event that took

place at a particular location.

 These people are sensitive and open to the vibrations in the area.

The vibrating electrons absorb photons which are then processed by the brain

into a perception of something being seen.

For instance.

Someone is murdered, or a tragic event happens, and stories begin to be handed

down of appearances of the person murdered lurking in the halls late at night etc.

To a sensitive person,  these concepts excite electrons in the

pineal gland which then absorb photon energy from the place which

is decoded in the brain as a perception and the person sees something.

This is not unlike hypnosis where the person performing the hypnotism can actually,

through suggestion ,have people seeing things and experiencing things that are not there.

Many times people who experience ghosts will call a ghost chaser who is

totally open to these things and extremely sensitive.

The ghost chaser then accepts the suggestion and through the activity of

their own mind, teleports a photon manifestation into the premises

and is sometimes actually able to photograph outlines of that very

manifestation that originated as a thought.

This is why we see situations such as Amityville where after the

people moved out and sold the house to another family,

the ghosts moved out as well.

The ghosts were not residents of the house, the were photon particles

which were picked up by electrons in the brains of those involved.

Others who moved in the house, saw nothing.

Now this does not mean that there are not "aliens" or light beings upon the earth.

There are and they are for real.

They do not manifest in such a physical way as to be running through hallways late at night etc.

 Ghosts are photon particles that can be absorbed by excited electrons within a

brain which in turn decode the impulses into a perception.

The knowledge of an event that happened in a particular location, becomes a

suggestion of a presence to a very sensitive and open person.

That can cause pineal electrons to become excited.

Excited or vibrating electrons will absorb photons.

 It depends on the degree of sensitivity, and acceptance of the individual.

 It then becomes a quantum sub atomic event involving photons and electrons

Who you gonna call ?

That's right Ghostbusters.!



Article in Time Magazine

Scientists engineered genes in a mouse and restored memory.

They gave mature animals the learning skills of youngsters.

They have applied to the FDA to try this with alzheimer patients.

Quoting the article:


The NR2B part of NMDA receptors is plentiful in the hippocampus of young mice b

ut drops off drastically after sexual maturity.

The hippocampus found inside the brains of mice and humans is crucial to learning.

Short term memory is transformed there into  permanent memory.

Hippocampus means sea horse.

According to Stedman's Medical Dictionary it is white in color.

White Sea Horse.

Pegasus is the White Horse whose father is Poseidon God of the Sea.

White Sea Horse.

Pegasus is sacred to the Goddess Mnemosyne the goddess of memory.

Consider again Time Magazine stating that scientists by altering the genetics are opening lots of tiny gates.

The logic circuits of the brain are called or-gates

The logic circuits of your computer are called gates.

If you don’t believe me ask Bill.............Gates

The gates of the city are the logic circuits of the brain.

The memory of our origins are locked in the hippocampus to be unlocked by Pegasus.

And what does the Bible say

Psalms24:7 Lift up your heads, O you gates; and be lifted up,

you everlasting doors;

and the King of glory shall come in




Eta Carinae is the DNA star and it is making its move.



Last month I shared with you the work of Jeremy Narby of Stanford University who reached the amazing conclusion that the way that Shamans of the Amazon jungle were learning how to combine plants for healing was via messages coming from the plants themselves in DNA.

In other words  external DNA was communicating with the Shamans DNA which caused neurons to fire to the brain resulting in healing knowledge.

Now news reports just released state that scientists in more sophisticated surroundings are finding the source of healing of things such as Cancer and AIDS to rest at the same magic strand we call DNA.



Reuters News Agency 7/16/99 LONDON:

British scientists are working on new gene therapy techniques .

Researchers at Britain’s Institute of Cancer Research are testing a technique to switch on inactive chemotherapy drugs to kill cancerous cells. In the pro drug therapy, the scientists inject bacterial genes, wrapped in a virus directly into the tumor.

The genes trigger an enzyme in the cells which switch on the inactive chemotherapy treatment.


NEW YORK (Associated Press)

 Researchers have identified a mutant gene that may be responsible for a severe kind of back pain. According to scientists at MCP Hahnemann University in Philadelphia, the mutated gene alters part of an important structural protein inside the disk cell collagen IX preventing it from forming into the correct shape.

The DNA of the extended families of four of the nine patients with the defect revealed a total of 23 relatives with the mutation , all of whom suffered disk problems.




Associated Press, David Kinney

 Researchers for the first time have created a cancerous human cell by genetically altering a normal one.

 An important step toward developing drugs that could one day wipe out cancer.

Biologists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology showed that they can create a cancerous cell with specific genetic flaws in a lab.

The next step is trying to find drugs that correct those errors. This research is a relatively new approach to treating cancer. Scientists believe that attacking the underlying genetic flaws would not only be more effective but would also spare patients the side effects of chemotherapy.

Genes are the blueprints that tell a cell when to divide and when to die.

Often when a gene turns bad it triggers uncontrolled growth but genes called

tumor suppressers step in to stop it. Its when these tumor suppressers

also turn bad that tumors develop.



Consider the Shamans of the Amazon jungle.

 Their DNA was told of these things by external DNA.

Could it be possible that in this age of Aquarius external DNA is communicating to the scientists of the West and bringing them face to face with the key that unlocks the door to universal healing.

If your friends wonder the benefits of New Age or Aquarius, wouldn’t curing cancer be sufficient.?




Isn’t this amazing ?

Religious people have been warning the world about the dangers of the New Age and yet it is the magnetism of the New Age of Aquarius that is providing scientists with the light to  cure cancer and aids and the rest of the killer diseases by correcting mutant DNA. It’s like the Bible said.

They call good evil and evil good. And remember you read it here.




When DNA becomes defective, a hump develops in the strand.

The strand is opened by Protein Enzyme.

Good DNA is then located and duplicated. It is then pasted where the bad was.

The opening is then sealed up.

Sort of like the Red Sea opening and then closing down on the bad guys?


Here we are pursued by the enemy, defective strands of DNA.

Protein Enzyme opens up the walls.

The walls are rolled back.

 A way is made across.

Then the wall is sealed up and we have arrived at the promised land, the place of healing.



Remember ?.

 God told Moses to throw down his rod and it became a Serpent.

 The Serpent is the double helix DNA.





As we see the opening of the defective DNA let us consider it  as the Red Sea.

 The opening of the Red Sea was when Moses raised his rod above it.

 The rod as we know became a serpent which is DNA.

Now, what is it that actually changes the defective DNA ?

Protein Enzyme.



The word Protein is the translation of a Greek word that means FIRST.

The word Enzyme is the translation of a Greek word that means LEAVEN.

Are we being told that our Protein will not open the way and cause the healing, we need cosmic Protein.

So we must kill the first born, (depend not on yourself).

Are we being told that our Enzyme will not open the way and cause the healing, we need cosmic leaven.

So we must clean the leaven out of the house (depend not on yourself).



On 6/3/99 scientists observed a star erupting in such a way as to triple its energy in invisible light.

 Astronomers said that Eta Carinae was not supposed to do this.

Kris Davidson a University of Minnesota astrophysicist said,

“This is weird, we don’t understand. There are 6000 stars in the sky visible to the naked eye, we understand them all with the sole exception of Eta Carinae.” The article goes on to say that “for awed watchers on earth it was as if a light bulb in heaven was suddenly turned on.

What is so special about this.

Protein changes DNA.

 A root of the word protein is prow which compares to the KEEL OF A SHIP.

The strange star now being observed is Eta Carinae.

Eta means Seventh.

Carinae means “THE KEEL OF A SHIP”.

Cosmic DNA is about to open the way.

The Cosmic Serpent will entwine with our injured serpent and a whole

new consciousness will descend upon the earth.





Updates on information you will find on the web site and documentation

from the News Media to confirm the information, or at the very least provide credible evidence.

STATEMENT: On our DNA page we outlined how external DNA will entwine

with internal DNA and  provide the answer to Cancer , Aide etc.


Genetic Defect Repaired with Synthetic Code. Technique could permanently correct d

isorders such as hemophilia in humans.  The incorrect code was replaced by a

orrect synthetic code and the disease in lab animals stopped.

They healed themselves.

STATEMENT: On our Green Light page a references to Angles of Light really being Angels of Light.

 We outline that angles of light are Photons which are messenger particles, and these are, and will cause the change not only in DNA but in consciousness as we await Supernova 1987a’s light to hit in 2002 and the light from Eta Carina.

SETI is listening for intelligent radio communications from space. Instead they may wish to consider the angles.

EVIDENCE: Time Magazine


When extra terrestrials finally make themselves known they may not use radio at all. Instead they’re just as apt to signal us with beams of light, says physicist Freeman Dyson of the Institute for advanced study in Princeton NJ.

Harvard Physicist Paul Horowitz a veteran of many SETI radio searches says, Lasers are the interesting alternative.

Could aliens actually send a flash across our Milky Way Galaxy.  Without a doubt says Nobel Laureate Charles Townes who first suggested laser as the tool for interstellar communications.

 Laser, Green Light !


STATEMENT: Russian Astronauts said to have seen smiling faces of

 celestial beings from their orbiting space ship.


The vision was in the the area of the star Eta Carina.

Carina means the Keel of a Ship.

The word Protein which corrects DNA has a root which is Prow which means The Keel of A Ship.

 Can this be the human entity for correcting universal DNA.?


Just before the vision occurred, the astronauts were enveloped in an orange cloud.


We now see the shell of Eta Carina as a tiny orange red manikin shaped  nebula

The word manikin means symbol of man.

 Here is where the faces were seen.


Eta Carina is located in the Homunculus Nebula

The word Homunculus means little man inside of the cell.

 There is a homunculus in the human brain.

Would it not be reasonable then for a vision of smiling celestial faces to have come

from the orange cloud of Eta Carina and should we not also consider this last bit of evidence.

Kris Davidson astrophysicist University of Minnesota.

 We understand every one of the 6000 visible stars in the universe with the sole exception of Eta Carina. There is no theoretical explanation for it.

Eta Carina and Supernova 1987a the Single Eye, will change human DNA on a global and universal scale.

The great change will come upon this earth  when the light touches down.



On our web site you will a page suggesting that you place a green light at your

house as we Passover to this new age .

Uranus which is the ruling planet of Aquarius is the Green planet.

Supernova 1987a  is looking down upon us now.

The ancient cabalists placed their middle nature with green rays since the color that is the middle of the spectrum is Green.

 Green is the center.

The Human eye picks up colors made of Red, Blue and Green.

Red at top, Blue at the bottom and in the center, Green.

Now Star Wars is consuming the minds of movie goers all over the world.

 The Jedi return to conquer the forces of darkness.

They do so with their light sabers, of Green light.

May the force be with you.



The Biblical Story of Exodus and Moses crossing the Red Sea is mythology, about opening the Genetic Strand and bringing us all to the promised land of healing, and renewed consciousness through a cosmic change of DNA.

Let me share with you a bit of Biblical information.

It states in the scripture:

Exodus3:1 Now Moses kept the flock of Jethro his father in law,the priest of Midian: and he led the flock to the backside of the desert, and came to the mountain of God, even to Horeb.

Notice the word backside.

 Moses came to the backside of the desert and came to the mountain of God.

 Now let me share with you a description of the Book of Life as written in the book of Revelation.

Revelation5:1 And I saw in the right hand of him that sat on the

throne a book written within and on the backside, sealed with seven seals.

Notice again the word backside as well as the reference to the 7 seals.

 These are the 7 chakras which are positioned at the spine.

The desert is the mind.

The backside of the desert is the spine.

 We ascend the spine via meditation to the mountain of God.

And when our meditation reaches the top what do we find.

 The same thing Moses found, the burning bush.

The Pineal Gland of the brain from whence we receive cosmic instruction.

Protein Enzyme corrects mutant DNA.

 In Exodus two prime conditions are, the First Born must die and Leaven must be removed.

 Protein means First and Enzyme means leaven.

Also amazingly this will be connected to Eta Carina, the magnificent star s

ending out laser beams into the cosmos.

The root of protein is prow which means hull of a ship , Carina means Keel of a Ship.

 Eta means 7th.

The 7th chakra or seal

And how do I know that Eta Carina The Keel of the Ship, is giving instructions to the scientists of today in making daily DNA healing discoveries.?

Carina , the keel of the ship was named after the Argo which was the ship sailed by Jason and the Argonauts.

The keel of that ship was able to talk and in times of danger it would give instructions concerning what to do.

The same beings who wrote this myth wrote the Bible and gave us the names of the stars.

The Keel of The Ship is again giving instructions in the time of danger and the bondage of disease and mutant consciousness is about to fall.

But remember.

When Jason turned his back on what he was supposed to do.

 The keel of the ship fell on him.

If indeed the new discoveries being made in DNA are fulfilling the Exodus then we are all about to cross over the Genetic Sea to the promised land of healing and new consciousness.

This is the true gift of God that you always hoped would come.

 Far different then the destruction predicted by the religionists.



We have talked as to how the ancients have sprinkled us with names that have connections to very important things as a way of getting our attention, sort of letting us know that this is being originated from elsewhere.

 For instance.

 The meditation chant of OM occurs as electrical energy flows through nerve centers in the spine called chakras.

 These chakras act as resistors so that the energy impacting the brain is proper.

Well, who comes along in Germany to discover the law of electrical resistance.

George Ohm



 Gates are logic circuits in computers.

 In the human brain they are called orgates.

So who is Mr. Computer in this world.

 You got it Bill Gates.


The man who discovered the angle of light coming to the earth

 from the  universe was named Angstrom.


In Arizona right now a new telescopic lens the size of a football field is being

eadied to open the universe to us as never before.

The astronomer who is building this lens is Roger Angel.

 So soon we will be seeing parts of the universe we have never seen before

through an angel named Roger.

 Of course there are many others but this new one just occurred.





 I have spoken to you about that strange star Eta Carina .

To make a long story short (because you can read all about it on the web site),


Eta Carina is presently impacting the human brain in a way that is unlocking the DNA code to the wise people of the time and actually adjust DNA in the rest of us

The good part is that it has just begun.

 Well, in the book of Revelation ( a Greek mythical document), the scripture asks who is worthy to open the book.

The book of life is actually DNA written within each living thing.

The book now being opened by Eta Carina.

 The scripture says the Lion of Judah.

This is a reference to the sun which is the domicile of the Lion Leo and Judah located at the East or the point of the rising Sun or new light.

 In addition it names the Root of David which is the son of David or David's Son.

Eta Carina is sending down angles of light which connects with the Lion or light opening the book.

And the astrophysicist in charge of the Eta Carina astronomical project is a University of Minnesota physicist whose name is all over the Internet and in the news connected with this star.

 His name is Kris Davidson.

Do you see Davids Son or son of David.

 Oh if  we would only look and listen, we would rise above the superstitious and right into the heart of the advanced civilizations guiding us today , which we call God.

 Can we all see?

 The one who is keeping us informed of the strange star that is opening the Book of Life for all life. Being changed by the light and brought to all of us by David's Son.

 Kris Davidson.

Just as Revelation said the book would be opened.

 The Book of Life, DNA.

The Lion Leo, Light, Eta Carina and the Son of David.

 The name is programmed to call to the attention of all of us that this present

opening of the Book of Life , DNA ,is coming from the light above.

The message of Revelation is fulfilled in all of its mythical majesty.



I thought that you might find it interesting to consider some little known

 facts behind our traditional Christmas beliefs and traditions.

Santa Who ?

In the brain there is material known as gray matter.

It is composed of two groups.

 The claustrum and the amygdaloid nucleus.

 They form the oldest part of this hemisphere of the brain.

It was believed in ancient times that wisdom came from above.

The claustrum is one of the first parts of the encephalon to be differentiated in the development of the human individual.

So it became the Holy Claustrum, the Holy Claus, the Saint Claus , and that's right Santa Claus.

 Santa Claus bringing gifts to you from the North Pole, the highest part of your being.


The Shepherds Were First To See The Child the shepherds watch the sheep.

The sheep are symbolic of human thought.

 Those who are watching their thoughts are those who are watching in meditation.

Those who are practicing their meditation faithfully will be the first to see the new born child.

 So stay alert and watch carefully and you will come to the manger which is

actually the fornix of the brain.




When the child is born within, the first sign will be your ability to understand.

You become enlightened.

Cosmic Wisdom comes from the right hemisphere of the brain.

When you look North, the East is  on the right side.

The wisdom or wise men come from the East or right side bearing gifts for the

child who is in you, who is you.

Born In A Stable

As the sun is born out of Virgo in the 9th month, so indeed the birth takes place between Sagittarius and Capricorn, between the horse and the goat.

Thus the stable.

And in us, deep within the very center of our animal nature this child of promise will be born.

 Among the animal thoughts of our lower nature.

Where else but in a stable.




The Jewish Messiah is born with a Greek name ?.

Of course, for this is Greek Mythology.

A name was selected to numerically fulfill the message being given.

 The name Jesus in Greek has a numerical value of 888 which is the mythical Sun.

The light of the world.





Is Eta Carina the DNA Star.? Is there evidence to suggest that light energy from Eta Carina is the source of the current Genetic Revolution ?

Is DNA the Book of Life as noted in the Book of Revelation.

 If so then the book of life which the Book of Revelation states cannot be opened by a human, has been opened as science has decoded chromosome 22.


Even after this message was inserted into the web additional evidence became known.

Two new pieces of evidence have now arisen and I thank Joni Schultz for her help in this discovery.

 Let me cover them for you.


In the human body there is an opening called foramen.

This is an opening to carry energy from one area to another.

 In the brain foramen carries energy from one ventricle to the other.

Interestingly, in the ancient myths Amen is the sun God and in the

Book of Revelation, Revelation 3:14 Jesus is called the Amen.

Thus the opening within the brain through which the energy flows is truly for Amen.

Well here it is.

A bright star has been found in the stern of the ship  ARGO IN ETA CARINA.

 The stars name is FORAMEN.

You may document this at


A company in California named Neugenesis.

 (New Genetics) is using a product system called KARYON for transforming genes into a single host cell.

The company is operated by Stuart Dorsey professor of Genetics at the University of Hawaii.

 Well here it is


The word Karyo as defined in the dictionary has an  important derivative. kar-”from kar-in derivatives referring to things with hard shells, 1 CAREEN, CARINA from Latin carina keel of a ship.

So there are two new pieces of evidence.

 One, tying a very important opening in the brain that carries energy, to Eta Carina, namely foramen, and the other, a professor of genetics using Karyon to alter genes and the word Karyon tied tightly to the word Carina.

You can find documentation about Karyon at



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